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International Asia Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management (IEMI2012) proceedings : core areas of industrial engineering Aperçu de cet ouvrage
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International Asia Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management (IEMI2012) proceedings : core areas of industrial engineering

Auteur : Ershi Qi; Jiang Shen; Runliang Dou
Éditeur : Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2013.
Édition/format :   Livre électronique : Document : Publication de conférence : Anglais
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Genre/forme : Electronic books
Conference proceedings
Format – détails additionnels : Print version:
International asia conference on industrial engineering and management.
[S.l.] : Springer-Verlag Berlin An, 2013
Type d’ouvrage : Publication de conférence, Document, Ressource Internet
Format : Ressource Internet, Fichier informatique
Tous les auteurs / collaborateurs : Ershi Qi; Jiang Shen; Runliang Dou
ISBN : 9783642384455 3642384455
Numéro OCLC : 846694452
Notes : International conference proceedings.
Description : 1 online resource.
Contenu : A Study on Improvement Design Based on TRIZ and Extension Method --
From Open Source Software and Open Innovation to Open Manufacturing --
Research on Design of an Elevator in the Controlled Environment of Clean Room --
Research on Re-Designing the Shape of Chopsticks --
The Caring Identification of Button Indicator of Elevator for Security --
The Design of PDC Bit for the Gas Field of Southern Songliao Basin --
The Research of Caring Design for Hand Injury --
A Study of Human Error Prevention Mechanism Based on the Theory of Individual Information Processing --
Man-Machine-Environment System Evaluation of Building Operations in Our Country --
The Determining Method of Cashiers Working Fatigue Point Based on Performance Measurement --
The Quantitative Effects of Mattress and Sleep Postures on Sleep Quality --
A Research on Manufacturing Grid Resource Pricing Strategy Based on the Option Contract --
An Empirical Research on Coordination Degree of Industrial Economy-Ecology System Evolution in China --
Analysis of Two Kinds of Technology in the Production System --
ASP Based Resource Sharing Model for Networked Manufacturing --
Design of NC Code Interpreter with C Language in Embedded NC System --
Empirical Researches (Based on SEM) on the Factors that Affect Manufacturing Performance --
Extraction of Energy Unit for Electromechanical Products Based on Extension Theory --
Fuzzy Appraisal on Implementation Effect of MES Based on New Membership Degree Conversion Algorithm --
Line Balance Wall Used in Production Process: An Assembly Line as an Example --
Performance Analysis for a Repair System with Double Interchangeable Components Under Precedence Constraints --
Prediction of Erp Success Before the Implementation --
Research on Allocation of Resource in Manufacturing Grid Based on Bi-level Programming --
Research on Textile Industry Development Strategy and Industrial Distribution in Binhai New Area --
Service Scheduling Optimization in the Next Generation Networked Manufacturing Systems --
Study on Comprehensive Evaluation of Iron and Steel Enterprises Production System's Basic Capacities --
A Research into a Method of Enlarging the Cutting Range by Five-Axis Linkage --
System Design for Solar Ground Source Heat Pump in Aquaculture --
The Heuristic Balance Design in LCD Display Assembly Line --
Research on Framework Model of Real-Time Scheduling System for Cluster Tool Controller --
Application of Remote Network Control Based on Internet for a Kind of Improved Shiplock of Port --
Life-Cycle Analysis on Acid-Gases Emissions of the Lightweight to Passenger Cars Using Aluminum Alloy and Advanced High Strength Steel --
Evaluation of WMEP Disassembly Sequence Based on Entropy-TOPSIS Method --
Research of Method to Achieve a Personnel Quantity Optimization Through Reasonable Number of Production Shift in Manufacturing Enterprises --
Green Packaging Material: The Application Study and Market Prospect of Molded Pulp Technology --
Discussion on Visual Management in Apparel Production Controlling --
A Hybrid Sliding Mode Torque Controller for Switched Reluctance Motor --
Research on Approach of Implementation of New-Type Construction Industrialization in China --
A Case Study on One-Piece-Flow Production Mode Designing --
An Algorithm of Production Scheduling for Pulling Production Systems with Resource Constraints --
An Improved Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm for Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Optimization --
Application of Niche Cellular Genetic Algorithm in Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows --
Capacity Linear Evaluation for Production Line Based on Production Course --
Classification and Balancing of an Automotive Assembly Line --
Disruption Management for the Single Level Capacitated Dynamic Lot-Sizing Problem --
Joint Production Planning and Recycle Pricing for a Hybrid Manufacturing and Remanufacturing System --
Key Performance Indicator for ERP Developed in the Solar Cell Industry --
Lean Development: How to Reach Higher Effectiveness and Efficiency --
Mixed-Model U-Line Balancing and Sequencing in Lean Production --
Production Cycle of the Single-Piece and Small-Batch Mechanical Processing Based on Learning Curve --
Research on Disassembly Line Balancing Problem in the Presence of Uncertain Cycle Time --
Research on Just in Time Plan of High-Tech Products Based on Uncertain Delivery Period --
Research on Milk-Run Routing Problem of Automotive Supply Logistics Based on Genetic Algorithm --
Research on Modeling and Optimization Algorithm for Hot Rolling Batch Planning of DHCR Production --
Research on the Location of Shenyang Guanghui Logistics Center of Agricultural Products --
Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Jobshop Scheduling System --
The Lean Optimization Design of the Performance Evaluation Index System of Small and Medium Manufacturing in Lean Revolution --
The overall Merit of Master Production Schedule Based on Rolling Planning Cycles and Freezing Parameters --
The Research of Multiobjective Bottleneck Scheduling Based on Genetic Algorithm --
The Study on Multi-Period Procurement of Building Materials Under the Variable Price --
The Exploration of Practice Schema on Clothing Major by Gradual, Divided and Multivariant Way: With Clothing Design and Engineer Major for Example --
Study on Modular Teaching Mode for the Course of Advertising Design Basis --
Strategic Selection Based on Industry Environment Analysis: Case Study on Ningbo FOTILE Kitchenware Co., Ltd. --
Research on Control Scheme of Coordinate Data Based on Multivariate SPC --
A New Method to Estimate Software Size --
A New Model-Free Control Chart for Monitoring Univariate Autocorrelated Processes --
Application of Quality Management Maturity Assessment System in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises --
Application Research on SPC in Automobile Parts Enterprise --
Comparing the Statistical Properties of T2 Control Chart with VSSI and MEWMA Chart --
Evaluation of the Degree of Customer Satisfaction of Auto Maintaining Industry Based on Quality Function Deployment --
Fault Diagnosis Based on Fast Independent Component Analysis and Optimized Support Vector Machines --
Information Management System for Engineering Equipment Quality Supervision Based on the Quality Files --
Leadership, Organizational Support, Shaping Process and Staffs' Behavior in Quality Works: An Empirical Study --
On Fault Identification of MEWMA Control Charts Using Support Vector Machine Models --
Operation and Maintenance of Coal Conveying System Screening and Crushing Coal Machinery in Thermal Power Plant --
Quality Management System in the Application of High Purity Quartz Sand Enterprise --
Real Estate Project Quality Control Mechanism Based on Stackelberg Game --
Research on Quality Inspection and Reliability for the Loudspeaker of a Voice Box --
Research on the Capacity Fluctuation Analysis of Compressor Blade Production Line --
Standardization of Government Supervision Business Decisions for Construction Quality --
Study on Integrated Design Quality Mode Based on QFD and DOE --
Study on Product Lifecycle Oriented Product Design Quality Control System --
Temperature and Humidity Precise Control of Greenhouse Based on Nonlinear Model --
The Application of Six Sigma Management in Product Service System --
The Detection Device for Large Diameter Roll's Quality and the Design of System --
The Quality Control for Hydraulic Cylinder Based on QFD --
An Application Study of Lean Six Sigma in Logistic Service Quality Management --
A COPQ-Based VOC and Core-Process Analysis --
Quality Evaluation of Waste Electromechanical Remanufactured Product Based on the User's Satisfaction --
A Study on Synergic Quality Management in Bags Enterprise Supply Chain --
Optimization of Recycling Network of Waste Mechanical and Electrical Products Based on GAHP --
Does Quality Management Support Innovation? A Resource-Based View --
Signaling Game Model of Safety Management on Construction --
Research of On-Line Quality Management System for Filter Tips Based on MES --
A Research on the Capacity Development of Chinese Construction Project Manager Based on Theory of Competency Model --
A Comparative Study of Supplier Selection Based on Support Vector Machine and RBF Neural Networks --
A Multi-Objective Fuzzy Programming Model for Coordinate Operations of a Supply Chain with Uncertain Demands --
A Study of Supply Chain Theory Applied in the Water Resource Market Allocation --
An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Location Problem of Logistic Distribution Center for Perishable Products --
Analysis of Supply Chain System Optimization on the Basis of Quality Function Deployment --
Analysis on a Competitive Cooperative Game of Electric Power Supply Chain --
City Logistics Hierarchy of Jiangxi Province Based on Grey Clustering Model --
Construction Project Procurement Method Based on the Theory of Lean Construction --
Design of Lean Supply Chain for Real Estate Operations --
Emergency Procurement Decisions Research of the Supply Chain Based on the Stochastic Programming --
Empirical Study on Influencing Factors of Regional Imports in China --
Hybrid Positioning Mode of VOP and OPP in Demand-Supply Chains --
Implementing Supply Chain Operation Reference (SCOR) Model in Manufacturing Firm of a Developing Country --
Information Sharing of Jointly Managed Inventory (JMI) Under the Environment of Supply Chain Management --
Inventory Control of Dangerous Goods in Materials Reserve for Circulation --
Optimization of Library Distribution Network of Singapore --
Optimizing Logistics System of ZQ Ceramic --
Pricing Strategy Research of Green Supply Chain Based on Products Substitution --
Recent Heuristics and Algorithms for Solving the Vehicle Routing Problems --
Research and Analysis for Transport Packaging Based on the Modern Logistics --
Research of Mass Customization Logistics Service Supply Chain Coordination Measure Based on Entropy --
Research on Business Model of Internet of Things Based on MOP --
Research on Control of Passing Priority in Logistics Nodes Among the Distribution Centers --
Research on Development Path of Low-Carbon Logistics Based on Principal Component Analysis --
Research on Logistics Cost Management and Control of Commercial Union Supermarket Based on the Saving Mileage Model --
Research on Multi-Stage Stochastic Location-Routing Problem of Logistics System Optimization --
Research on Purchase and Sale Equilibrium of Supermarkets' Vegetables Based on Marginal Analysis --
Research on Reliability Allocation and Optimization of Logistics Supply Chain --
Research on the Application of Mobile Agent in Supply Chain Management System --
Research on the Supplier Selection Based on Multi-Target Semi-Structure Fuzzy Recognition Decision Theory --
Research on the Model of Enterprise Full Property Management Based on Value Chain Theory --
Research on the Strategic Alliance Between Hospitals and Suppliers Based on Evolutionary Game Theory --
Review of Researches on Logistics Industry Clusters Sustainable Development --
Study on Supply Chain Management Model with the Perspective of Revenue Sharing --
Supply Chain Factors Determining Customer Satisfaction in Iron & Steel Companies in China --
System Dynamics Simulation of Pork Supply Chain from the Perspective of Government --
The Evaluation on the Regional Logistics Infrastructure Carrying Capacity Based on the Industrial Agglomeration Externalities --
The Integration Model of Supply Chain Resource Allocation: LRP --
The Inventory Demand Forecasting Model of the Regional Logistics Network in Supply Chain --
The Optimization Model of Airline Network on the Basis of Hub-and-Spoke --
The Research for Supply Chain Partner Selection of Real Estate Enterprise --
The Research of Inventory Management Modes Based on Supply Chain Management --
The Study of Decision-Making Mechanism of Knowledge Sharing in Supply Chain Enterprises --
The Time-Based Order Decision-Making in the Supply Chain with the Nonlinear Lead Time Cost --
The Vertical Division of Agricultural Industrial Chain and Its Selection of Institutional Arrangements: From the View of Transaction Cost Economics --
An Analysis for Multi Plant Location Problem Under Concurrent Implementation of Different Carbon Policies --
The Stock and the Purchase Strategy on the Nonlinear Diversification of Price to Time with Retailer Dominating --
Research on Allocation of Port Cargo Handling Machinery Based on Production Efficiency of Handling System and Energy Consumption --
Research on a Circular Economy Index System Frame of Manufacturing Industrial Chain --
Strengthening the Construction of Logistics Parks and Promoting the Competitiveness of Logistics Industry --
Constructing Agricultural Products Logistics System to Ease Inflationary Pressure --
Research on Environmental Logistics Distribution Problems --
Analysis of Risk Dependencies in Project Supply Chain --
Research of Network Expansion Model of Logistics Enterprise Based on Chain Operation --
The Operating System of Logistics Center Simulation and Optimization Research --
Emergency Logistics Management of Public Sector Organizations Treating Incident --
Construction of the Supplier Evaluation Index System Based on Supply Chain --
Supply Chain Finance Credit Risk Evaluation Based on Trapezoid Fuzzy Number --
Research on Vehicle Material Support Model Based on "Internet of Things" --
"Transportation Management Practices" Systematic Course Model Based on the Integration of School and Enterprise --
The Existing Problems and Construction Scheme of the Green Supply Chain in Coal Chemical Enterprise --
Analysis of Untraditional Risks Based on Data Mining --
Analysis of Transaction between Famers and Agents in Agricultural Market --
The Operation Data Analysis Research Based on the Queuing Theory of the D Cigarette Factory Product Warehouse System --
Drop-Shipping in Retailer-Oriented Dual-Channel Supply Chain Based on Customer Channel Preferences --
Study on Quick Response Distribution Task Management in Agricultural Products Logistics Based on E-commerce --
Control Policies for a Markov Queueing-Inventory System with Two Demand Classes --
Study on the Role of Supplier and Customer Expectation Difference in Relational Satisfaction --
The Study on the Synergy of Corporate Stakeholders in the Corporate Governance: Based on the Theory of Complex Systems --
The Research of Cash Flow Management in Group Enterprise --
The Study of Drop and Pull Transport Mode Based on Low-Carbon Transport Organization --
Absolute Delay Calibration of Antenna for Inter-Satellite Communication --
An Intelligent Public Transportation Dispatching System Based on MAS --
Dynamic Condition-Based Maintenance Scheduling Using Bee Colony Algorithm (BCA) --
Food CPS: A Healthy Diet Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things --
Multi-Functional Music Auxiliary System Based on Voice Recognition on Tablet PC --
Research on Path Planning of Intelligent Transport System Based on Improved Bidirectional Search --
Review-Based Personalized Recommendation System in Emergency Management --
The Application Research of Smarter Tourism Management Platform Based on Cloud Computing --
Traffic Forecasting at Non-Detector Roads Based on City Road Network --
Study on Framework and Integrated Optimization of Standard View for Dynamic Management of Complex System --
Metro Project Design and Development of Evaluation System --
Analysis of Professional Practice Ability Training of the Student Based on the Extracurricular Activities --
The Effect of Entrepreneurial Network on New Venture Growth: The Regulatory Role of Entrepreneurial Learning --
Research on Education System for Information Management and Information System Based on Three-Dimensional Model of Practice --
Research on the Mechanism and Conditions of the System Stability of the Banking Under the Competition Effect --
Education Image Retrieval Method Using Moment Invariants --
Research on Emergency Warning System for Natural Disasters Based on Multi-Sensor Information Fusion.
Responsabilité : Ershi Qi, Jiang Shen, Runliang Dou, editors.
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