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Interplanetary dust

Author: Eberhard Grün
Publisher: Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2001.
Series: Astronomy and astrophysics library.
Edition/Format:   Print book : EnglishView all editions and formats

An excellent handbook on the physics of interplanetary dust, a topic of interest not only to astronomers and space scientists but also to engineers. interstellar dust and circumstellar dust disks. No  Read more...


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Material Type: Internet resource
Document Type: Book, Internet Resource
All Authors / Contributors: Eberhard Grün
ISBN: 3540420673 9783540420675
OCLC Number: 46884191
Description: xxx, 804 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm.
Contents: Color Plates.- Contributors.- Historical Perspectives.- I. Introductory Overview.- II. Early Reports on the Zodiacal Light.- III. Zodiacal Light Observations Until the Beginning of the Space Age.- IV. After the Beginning of the Space Age.- IV.A. Rise and Fall of the Earth's Dust Belt.- IV.B. Zodiacal Light Studied from Near-Earth Space.- V. Microcraters on Lunar Surface Samples and the Lunar Ejecta and Micrometeorite Experiment.- VI. Experiments on Satellites and Space Probes.- VII. Important Results of the Dust Experiments PIA/PUMA and DIDSY on the Missions GIOTTO and VeGa to Comet Halley.- VIII. Outlook.- References.- Optical and Thermal Properties of Interplanetary Dust.- I. Zodiacal Scattered Light.- LA. Historical Survey.- LB. Zodiacal Light Measurements.- I.C. Main Trends in the Data.- I.D. Zodiacal Brightness from 1 AU.- I.E. Zodiacal Polarisation from 1 AU.- II. F-Corona Scattered Light.- II.A. Solar Corona Observations.- II.B. Brightness and Polarisation of the F-Corona.- III. Zodiacal and F -Coronal Thermal Emission.- III.A. Thermal Emission Measurements.- III.B. Zodiacal Thermal Emission from 1 AU.- III.C. Thermal Emission from the F-Corona.- IV. Local Scattering and Thermal Properties.- IV.A. Need for Inversion.- IV.B. Volume Scattering and Emitting Functions.- IV.C. Inversion with Homogeneity Assumption.- IV.D. Local Rigorous Inversion.- IV.E. Local Inversion Through Mathematical Methods.- IV.F Models of the Near Infrared F-Corona.- V. Conclusions and Perspectives.- References.- Cometary Dust.- I. Introduction.- II. Dust Dynamical Properties.- II.A. Ejection and Motion of Dust Grains.- II.B. Dust Features in Cometary Heads.- II.C. Dust Tails and Their Structure.- II.D. Dust in Periodic Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9.- III. Dust Optical and Physical Properties.- lILA. Thermal Emission.- III.B. Silicates.- III.C. Infrared Spectral Features of Hydrocarbons.- III.D. Scattering by Dust.- III.E. Icy Grains.- IV. Dust Chemical and Isotopic Composition.- IV.A. Facts from Ion Spectra.- IV.B. Bulk Composition.- IV.C. Mineralogical Composition.- V. The Future.- References.- Near Earth Environment.- I. Introduction.- II. The Earth as a Target.- II.A. Natural Meteoroids.- II.B. Meteoroid Properties and Dynamics.- II.C. The Sporadic Background.- II.D. The Annual Meteor Showers.- II.E. Atmospheric Effects.- III. Space Debris.- IV. Modelling Tools.- IV.A. The Griin Interplanetary Dust Model at 1 AU.- IV.B. Spacecraft Geometry.- IV.C. The NASA Orbital Debris Environment Model.- IV.D. ESABASE.- IV.E. MASTER.- IV.F. The Divine Interplanetary Dust Model.- V. Measurements.- V.A. Measurement Techniques.- V.B. Results.- VI. Summary.- References.- Discoveries from Observations and Modeling of the 1998/99 Leonids.- I. Introduction.- II. Meteoroid Streams and Meteor Storms.- III. Observing Campaigns.- IV. Meteoroid Morphology and Composition.- V. The Impact Hazard.- VI. Interaction of Meteoroids with the Atmosphere.- VII. Atmospheric Phenomena.- References.- Properties of Interplanetary Dust: Information from Collected Samples.- I. Introduction.- II. Antarctic and Greenland Micrometeorites.- II.A. Mineralogy and Petrography of MMs.- II.B. Major, Minor and Trace Element Chemistry of MMs.- II.C. Isotope Abundances in MMs.- II.D. Rare Gas Abundances in MMs.- II.E. Conclusions from MM Studies.- III. Stratospheric Interplanetary Dust.- III.A. Shape and External Morphology.- III.B. Density.- III.C. Optical and Infrared Properties.- III.D. Classification and Mineralogy.- III.E. Elemental Composition.- III.F. Isotopic Composition.- IV. Origins.- References.- In situ Measurements of Cosmic Dust.- I. Introduction.- II. Characteristics of In-Situ Dust Measurements in Space.- II.A. Dust Missions and Detectors.- II.B. Reliability of Impact Detection and Impact Rate Measurements.- II.C. Small Number Statistics.- II.D. Detection Geometry and Orbit Determination.- III. Measurements at 1 AU.- III.A. Early Meteoroid Flux Measurements in the Earth-Moon System.- III.B. HEOS-2.- III.C. Hiten.- IV. Measurements Within the Zodiacal Cloud.- IV.A. Helios.- IV.B. Pioneers 8 and 9.- IV.C. Galileo.- IV.D. Ulysses.- V. Measurements in the Outer Solar System.- V.A. Pioneers 10 and 11.- V.B. Jupiter Dust Streams.- V.C. Interstellar Dust.- VI. Characteristics of the Interplanetary Dust Complex as Measured by Spacecraft.- VI.A. Gravity and Radiation Pressure Effects.- VI.B. Electromagnetic Effects.- VII. Future Developments.- References.- Synthesis of Observations.- Preamble.- I. Introduction.- LA. Physical Processes.- LB. Properties of Interplanetary Dust.- I.C. Model Assumptions.- II. Early Modeling.- II.A. Cour-Palais (1969).- II.B. Kessler (1970).- II.C. Grun et al. (1985).- II.D. Zook (1991).- ILE. Comparison.- III. Basic Formulation.- III.A. Phase Space Density.- III.B. Orbital Parameter Distributions.- III.C. Concentrations.- IILD. Particle Fluxes.- IILE. Directional Flux and Impact Speed.- IILF. Radiation Pressure Effects and Hyperbolic Orbits.- IV. Meteoroid Data Sets.- IV.A. Meteors.- IV.B. Lunar Microcraters.- IV.C. Zodiacal Light and Thermal Emission.- IV.D. Early Spacecraft Detectors.- IV.E. Ulysses.- IV.F. Galileo.- V. Divine's Original Model Populations.- VI. Comparison of Divine's Model with Observations.- VI.A. Interplanetary Flux Model (Size Distribution).- VI.B. Meteors (Radial Distribution).- VI.C. Zodiacal Light and Thermal Emission.- VII. New Results.- VII.A. Interstellar Dust Population.- VILB. Meteoroid Populations Affected by Radiation Pressure.- VII.C. Predicted Fluxes onto the Cassini Detector.- VIII. Future Developments.- VIII.A. New Meteor Data and Analysis.- VIII.B. Small Meteoroid Populations.- VIII.C. Formulation of the Dust Environment of Earth-Orbiting Satellites.- VIII.D. Directional Flux onto a Satellite Surface.- VIII.E. Meteoroid Fluxes on LDEF.- References.- Instrumentation.- I. Introduction.- II. Detection and Characterization of Dust Particles.- II.A. Detection of Scattered and Emitted Light.- II.B. Charge.- II.C. Impact Light Flash.- II.D. Impact Ionization.- II.E. Thin-Foil Penetration.- II.F. Momentum.- II.G. Velocity, Trajectory, and Orbit.- II.H. Deceleration for Intact Capture.- II.I Mass, Density, and Diameter.- II.J. Chemical and Isotopic Composition.- III. Flight Instrumentation.- III.A. Explorer 16, Pegasus, and Pioneer 10:Large-Area Penetration Detector.- III.B. Pioneer 8: Reliable Coincidence Detector.- III.C. Heos 2: The First Speed-and-Mass Sensor for Small Dust Particle.- III.D. Helios: The First Dust Composition Analyzer.- III.E. VeGa 1/2 and Giotto to Comet Halley.- III.F. Galileo/Ulysses: Large-Area Multi-Coincidence Dust Detector System (DDS).- III.G. Hiten: Dust Counter (MDC) with a Transient Recorder.- III.H. Cassini: Multi-Parameter Cosmic Dust Analyzer (CDA).- III.I. Very-High-Resolution Cometary Dust Composition Analyzer (COSIMA).- IV. Laboratory Simulation.- IV.A. Acceleration of Dust Particles.- IV.B. Dust Charging in an Electrodynamic Quadrupole.- References.- Physical Processes on Interplanetary Dust.- I. Introduction.- II. Collisional Growth of Solid Particles.- II.A. Two-Particle Collisions.- II.B. Aggregation Phenomena.- II.C. Coagulation and Aggregation Studies in the Laboratory.- III. Collisional Fragmentation.- III.A. Impact Process.- III.B. Fragmentation and Strength.- III.C. Size Distribution of Fragments.- III.D. Shape Distribution of Fragments.- III.E. Velocity and Spin Distribution of Fragments.- IV. Sublimation.- IV.A. Equilibrium.- IV.B. Vapor Pressure Versus Temperature.- IV.C. Sublimation Rate.- IV.D. Interplanetary Dust Grain Temperatures.- IV.E. Comets.- IV.F. Reaction Force.- V. Sputtering.- V.A. Plasma Parameters.- V.B. Materials.- V.C. UV Irradiation.- V.D. Plasma-Induced Sputtering and Alteration.- VI. Charging.- VI.A. Charging of Single Isolated Dust Particles.- VI.B. Collective Effects on Dust Charging.- VII. Lifetimes.- References.- Interactions with Electromagnetic Radiation: Theory and Laboratory Simulations.- I. Introduction.- II. A Physical Dust Model.- III. Optical Constants.- III.A. Bulk Materials.- III.B. Aggregates and Other Inhomogeneous Materials.- IV. Scattering Solutions.- IV.A. Mie Theory and Related Boundary Solutions.- IV.B. Extension of Boundary Conditions to N-Spheres.- IV.C. T-Matrix Solutions.- IV.D. Internal Field Solutions.- IV.E. Experiments.- V. Results.- V.A. Theory-based studies.- V.B. Experiment-Based Studies.- V.C. Radiation Pressure.- VI. Closing Remarks.- References.- Orbital Evolution of Interplanetary Dust.- I. Introduction.- II. Forces and Collisions.- II.A. Radiation Forces.- II.B. Poynting-Robertson (P-R) Light Drag.- II.C. Collisions.- III. Orbital Evolution.- III.A. P-R Drag Affected Orbits.- III.B. Numerical Simulations.- III.C. SIMUL - Visualizing the Orbital Distribution.- III.D. Cometary Particles.- IV. Dust Bands.- IV.A. IRAS Observations.- IV.B. Modeling the Dust Bands.- IV.C. The Importance of Secular Perturbations.- IV.D. Equilibrium vs. Non-Equilibrium.- V. Background Cloud.- V.A. Tilt, Warp and Offset.- V.B. Physical Understanding of the Asymmetries.- V.C. Application to Circumstellar Disks.- VI. Resonant Ring.- VII. Accretion of IDPs.- VII.A. Long-Term Variations.- VIII. Conclusions.- References.- Dusty Rings and Circumplanetary Dust: Observations and Simple Physics.- I. Introduction.- II. Description.- II.A. Physical Models.- II.B. Observational Methods.- II.C. Physical Properties of the Dusty Rings.- III. Physical and Dynamical Processes Acting on Circumplanetary Dust.- III.A. Electrical Charging.- III.B. Forces.- III.C. Size Distributions.- III.D. Destruction and Generation of Grains.- III.E. Interactions with Nearby Satellites.- IV. Celestial Mechanics and Orbital Evolution.- IV.A. Introduction.- IV.B. Resonances.- IV.C. Orbit-Averaged Equations of Motion.- IV.D. Approximate Analytic Solutions.- V. Putting It Together.- V.A. Jovian Rings.- V.B. Saturn's E Ring.- V.C. The Dust Bands of Uranus and Neptune.- VI. Expected Advances.- References.- Interstellar Dust and Circumstellar Dust Disks.- I. Landmarks in Interstellar Dust Research.- I.A. From Early Conjectures to a Physical Theory.- I.B. The Classical Dust Model.- I.C. Interstellar Polarization.- I.D. Refractory Dust Grains.- I.E. Diagnostic Dust Bands and Laboratory Astrophysics.- II. Dust and Galactic Evolution.- II.A. The Multi-Phase Interstellar Medium.- II.B. Molecular Clouds and Star-Forming Regions.- II.C. Dust Populations and the Lifecyde of Dust.- III. Dust in Diffuse Interstellar Clouds.- III.A. Basic Observational Phenomena.- III.B. Dust Models.- IV. Dust in Molecular Clouds and Star-Forming Regions.- IV.A. Basic Observational Phenomena.- IV.B. Processes in Molecular Clouds and Star-Forming Regions.- V. Dust in Stellar Outflows.- V.A. Oxidic Stardust.- V.B. Carbonaceous Stardust.- V.C. Other Stardust Components.- VI. Dust in Young Circumstellar Disks and Planetary Systems.- VI.A. Observational Evidence for Young Circumstellar Disks.- VI.B. Vega-Phenomenon Dust.- References.
Series Title: Astronomy and astrophysics library.
Responsibility: Eberhard Grün [and others] (eds.).
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"More than twenty years ago, Tony McDonnel reviewed the subject of cosmic dust very comprehensively. After that beautiful work, no good review book on dusts has been published. Not until the recently Read more...

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