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Into the garden : a wedding anthology : poetry and prose on love and marriage Titelvorschau

Into the garden : a wedding anthology : poetry and prose on love and marriage

Verfasser/in: Robert Hass; Stephen Mitchell
Verlag: New York, NY : HarperCollins, ©1993.
Ausgabe/Format   book_printbook : Englisch : 1st edAlle Ausgaben und Formate anzeigen

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Gattung/Form: Literary collections
Dokumenttyp: Buch
Alle Autoren: Robert Hass; Stephen Mitchell
ISBN: 0060169192 9780060169190
OCLC-Nummer: 26673886
Beschreibung: xxxiii, 193 pages ; 25 cm
Inhalt: Readings : [Pt.]I : from Love song / Rainer Maria Rilke --
The two of you / Czeslaw Milosz --
Wild nights, wild nights! / Emily Dickinson --
Of all the souls that stand create / Emily Dickinson --
At the wedding march / Gerard Manley Hopkins --
Song / John Fletcher --
Now you will feel no rain / Apache Song --
Sonnet XVII / Pablo Neruda --
You that love lovers / Rumi --
I'll give my love an apple without a core / Anonymous --
Married love / Kuan Tao-Sheng --
We two, how long we were fool'd / Walt Whitman --
A wedding toast / Richard Wilbur --
from The imitation of Christ / Thomas À Kempis --
Is it for now or for always / Philip Larkin --
The owl and the pussy-cat / Edward Lear --
Psalm I (adapted) / The Book of Psalms --
from Letters to a young poet / Rainer Maria Rilke --
from Letters to a young poet / Rainer Maria Rilke --
from Letters / Rainer Maria Rilke --
from A wedding (adapted) / Boris Pasternak. [Pt.]2 : Come, my beloved, let us go up the shining mountain (adapted) / Abanaki song --
The tongues of the lightning snakes flicker and twist (adapted) / Aboriginal Australian song --
Lavender's blue, dilly, dilly, lavender's green / Anonymous --
Sukey, you shall be my wife / Anonymous --
The peace : a wedding song (adapted) / Aristophanes --
Variation on the word sleep / Margaret Atwood --
Shoshone wedding song (adapted) / Mary Austin --
The dance / Wendell Berry --
from Several questions answered / William Blake --
In the month of May / Robert Bly --
Psalm 100 (adapted) / The Book of Psalms --
Psalm 148 (adapted) / The Book of Psalms --
All night the cicada chirps (adapted) / The Book of Songs --
Unlimited friendliness / The Buddha --
O, my luve's like a red, red rose / Robert Burns --
Roman epithalamion (adapted) / Catullus --
Epithalamion (adapted) / Richard Crashaw --
if everything happens that can't be done / e.e. cummings --
love is more thicker than forget / e.e. cummings --
from The divine comedy / Dante --
It was a quiet way / Emily Dickinson --
I gave myself to him / Emily Dickinson --
Alter! When the hills do / Emily Dickinson --
The good-morrow / John Donne --
from The anniversary / John Donne --
A wedding song on St. Valentine's Day (adapted) / John Donne --
An epithalamion for lawyers (adapted) / John Donne --
No love, to love of man and wife / Richard Eedes --
This love is as good (adapted) / Ancient Egyptian --
from Iphigeneia at Aulis / Euripides --
The master speed / Robert Frost --
The creation / Eduardo Galeano --
The world / Eduardo Galeano --
Whole love / Robert Graves --
from Everywhere is here / Robert Graves --
Here all seeking is over (adapted) / Hawaiian song. Love / George Herbert --
Pale clouds, away! and welcome, day! / Thomas Heywood --
As I dig for wild orchids / Izumi Shikibu --
Butterfly wine / Japanese song --
I unpetalled you, like a rose / Juan Ramón Jiménez --
To the bridge of love / Juan Ramón Jiménez --
Now, bride and bridegroom, help to sing (adapted) / Ben Jonson --
The flute of interior time is played whether we hear it or not / Kabir --
Wedding-wind / Philip Larkin --
from Know deeply, know thyself more deeply / D.H. Lawrence --
from Fidelity / D.H. Lawrence --
The ache of marriage / Denise Levertov --
from The garden of earthly delights / Czeslaw Milosz --
Adam and Eve in the garden (adapted) / John Milton --
The night chant (adapted) / Navajo song --
from Sonnet XII / Pablo Neruda --
from Sonnet XLVIII / Pablo Neruda --
Calling-one's-own (adapted) / Ojibway song --
The wedding vow / Sharon Olds --
The knowing / Sharon Olds --
from The first letter to the Corinthians / Paul of Tarsus --
Wreath for a bridal / Sylvia Plath --
from The second Duino elegy / Rainer Maria Rilke --
from The third Duino elegy / Rainer Maria Rilke --
from The seventh Duino elegy / Rainer Maria Rilke --
The sonnets to Orpheus I, 4 / Rainer Maria Rilke --
The sonnets to Orpheus I, 12 / Rainer Maria Rilke --
My heart is like a singing bird / Christina Rossetti --
Turn me like a waterwheel turning a millstone / Rumi --
This marriage be wine with halvah, honey dissolving in milk / Rumi --
The minute I heard my first love story / Rumi. Song for the goddess of love (adapted) / Sappho --
Prothalamion for an autumn wedding / May Sarton --
from The mind of absolute trust (adapted) / Seng-Ts'an --
Sonnet 116 / William Shakespeare --
from Romeo and Juliet / William Shakespeare --
O fair! O sweet! when I do look on thee / Sir Philip Sidney --
Long their coupled joys maintain (adapted) / Sir Philip Sidney --
Now touch the air softly / William Jay Smith --
I have come into my garden / The Song of Songs --
Wake up, my love, my companion / The Song of Songs --
Bind me as a seal upon your heart / The Song of Songs --
from Epithalamion (adapted) / Edmund Spenser --
Re-statement of romance / Wallace Stevens --
I will make you brooches and toys for your delight / Robert Louis Stevenson --
Wedding song : lullaby for sleepy lovers (adapted) / Theocritus --
from When I heard at the close of day / Walt Whitman --
Marriage / William Carlos Williams --
The rewaking / William Carlos Williams --
Where will you and I sleep? (adapted) / Wintu song --
A blessing / James Wright --
I want to be your friend (adapted) / The Yüeh-Fu. Longer readings : from Poetry and marriage / Wendell Berry --
from Love / Ralph Waldo Emerson --
from The imitation of Christ / Thomas À Kempis --
from Women in love / D.H. Lawrence --
from The sacred marriage of Shiva and Parvati / Parañcoti Munivar --
from Letters to a young poet / Rainer Maria Rilke --
from Letters / Rainer Maria Rilke --
from The courtship of Inanna and Dumuzi / Ancient Sumerian --
from Forms of the implicit love of God / Simone Weil. Ceremonies : Preface / Robert Hass --
A Protestant ceremony --
A Catholic ceremony --
A Jewish ceremony (adapted) --
A non-theistic Judeo-Christian ceremony (adapted) --
A Zen ceremony (adapted) --
A Zen-Unitarian-Catholic-American-Transcendentalist ceremony --
Afterword : The Tao of marriage / Stephen Mitchell.
Andere Titel Wedding anthology
Poetry and prose on love and marriage
Verfasserangabe: edited by Robert Hass and Stephen Mitchell.


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schema:bookEdition"1st ed."
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schema:name"Into the garden : a wedding anthology : poetry and prose on love and marriage"@en

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