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Introduction to systems ecology

Autor: Sven Erik Jørgensen
Editorial: Boca Raton : CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, 2012.
Serie: Applied ecology and environmental management.
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Tipo de documento: Libro/Texto
Todos autores / colaboradores: Sven Erik Jørgensen
ISBN: 9781439855010 1439855013
Número OCLC: 651914819
Descripción: xi, 320 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
Contenido: System Ecology: An Ecological Discipline What Is Systems Ecology? The Holistic Approach Outline of the Book PART 1 Conservation of Energy and Matter The Conservation Laws Other Thermodynamic Functions Liebig's Law of Minimum Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification Cycling in Ecosystems and in the Ecosphere Energy Flows in Ecosystems Ecosystems: Growth and Development The Maximum Power Principle Embodied Energy/Emergy Ecosystem as a Biochemical Reactor Technological and Ecological Interpretation of the Thermodynamic Concept Exergy Eco-Exergy and Information Irreversibility and Order: The Second and Third Laws of Thermodynamics Open Systems Physical Openness Ontic Openness The Second Law of Thermodynamics Interpreted for Ecosystems The Third Law of Thermodynamics Applied on Open Systems Dissipative Structure and Eco-Exergy How to Calculate Exergy of Organic Matter and Organisms Why Have Living Systems Such a High Level of Exergy? The Biochemistry of Ecosystems A General Biochemistry for Living Systems The First Steps of the Evolution toward a Biochemistry The Prokaryote Cells The Eukaryote Cells The Temperature Range Needed for Life Processes Natural Conditions for Life Ecological Stoichiometry The Thermodynamic Interpretation of Ecosystem Growth and Development Introduction The Ecosystem Development Described by a Thermodynamic Interpretation of the Three Growth Forms Seasonal Changes New Ecosystems The Ecological Law of Thermodynamics Introduction: Darwin's Theory The Ecological Law of Thermodynamics (ELT) Some Basic Ecological Observations (Rules) That Can Be Explained by ELT Structurally Dynamic Models (SDMs) The Compliance between ELT and Evolutionary Theories PART 2 Ecosystems Are Open Systems Why Must Ecosystems Be Open? The Allometric Principles and Quantification of Openness Ecosystems Have a Hierarchical Organization The Hierarchical Organization Interactions between the Hierarchical Levels The Variations and the Hierarchical Organization The Frequency of Disturbances Ontic Openness and the Hierarchy Theory Ecosystems Have a High Diversity Introduction The Wide Spectrum of Forcing Functions The Molecular Differentiation in Biochemistry The Genetic Differentiation The Diversity of Cells The Diversity of Organs Diversity among Individuals Species Diversity Differentiation of Communities and Ecological Networks Diversity of Ecosystems The Advantages of a High Biodiversity Diversity and Extreme Environment Ecosystems Have a High Buffer Capacity Introduction: Stability Concepts The Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis (IDH) Hysteresis and Buffer Capacities Chaos, Disturbances, and Buffer Capacities The Components of Ecosystems Form Ecological Networks Introduction Ecological Networks Increase Utilization Efficiency of Matter and Energy Cardinal Hypotheses about the Properties of Networks Network Analyses Network Selection by Ecosystems Ecosystems Have a Very High Content of Information The Information Embodied in the Genes The Ascendency Information Embodied in the Networks and Horizontal Evolution Life Is Information Ecosystems Have Emerging Holistic System Properties Introduction Additional Properties of Ecosystems Application of System Ecology in Ecological Subdisciplines and Environmental Management Integrated Ecological and Environmental Management Should Be Based on a Profound Knowledge to System Ecology The Application of Systems Ecology to Explain Ecological Observations and Rules Application of Systems Ecology to Explain the Principles Applied in Ecological Engineering Application of Systems Ecology to Assess Ecosystem Health References Appendix Index Chapters include a summary of important points and exercises or problems.
Título de la serie: Applied ecology and environmental management.
Responsabilidad: Sven Erik Jorgensen.
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"... the first work that is devoted to the presentation of a practically applicable ecosystems theory. It integrates four aspects of systems ecology, namely, thermodynamics, biochemistry, Leer más

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