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The known world

by Edward P Jones
Type:   Print book : Fiction
Publisher: New York : Amistad, ©2003.

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1. Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
Items: 76
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2017-02-16
2. National Book Award Finalists: Fiction
Items: 131
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2017-02-16
Items: 37
Updated: 2016-11-25
4. Pulitzer Prize for Fiction since 2000
Items: 20
Updated: 2016-08-02
5. Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
Awarded for distinguished fiction by an American author. This guide provides a list of just the most recent winners. Visit the award website to...
Items: 54
Updated: 2016-06-27
6. National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction
Items: 39
Updated: 2016-03-30
7. National Book Critics Circle Award (fiction)
Awarded for the finest books and reviews published in English. The National Book Critics Circle is a nonprofit organization consisting of nearly 700...
Items: 12
Updated: 2016-03-22
8. Celebration of African-American Fiction - African American History Month
Items: 155
Updated: 2016-02-26
9. New Fiction
Items: 42
Updated: 2016-01-26
10. #CharlestonSyllabus
In response to the horrific massacre in Charleston, SC on June 17, 2015, historians from inside and outside of the academy shared suggested readings...
Items: 310
Watchers: 6
Updated: 2015-08-13
11. 21st Century's 12 Greatest Reads
What are the greatest novels of the opening years of this tumultuous century? In search of a collective critical assessment, BBC Culture polled...
Items: 12
Updated: 2015-01-20
12. books read 2013
Items: 23
Updated: 2014-07-19
13. Award Winners in Fiction
Includes all Man Booker Prize and Pulitzer Prize Fiction winners. (If we don't have it yet, it's on order.)
Items: 106
Updated: 2014-04-30
14. What We've Read
Books our little book group has read.
Items: 122
Updated: 2014-01-08
15. Pulitzer/Booker Prize Winners and other novels
Items: 55
Updated: 2013-12-05
16. Good Reads for College
The American Library Association lists best books for the college bound so that teens can read across the disciplines and genres. Here is the best of...
Items: 119
Watchers: 2
Updated: 2012-11-19
17. 50 books that every African American should read
50 Books That Every African American Should Read as listed by By Huffington Post BlackVoices ...
by jakahr
Items: 50
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2012-09-11
18. American history fiction and popular fiction - VU Library
Items: 106
Updated: 2012-08-10
19. here
Items: 1
Updated: 2011-05-31
20. Things to Check Out
Items: 3
Updated: 2011-01-02
21. Things I Want to Read
Items: 14
Updated: 2010-11-08
22. church additions
Items: 63
Updated: 2010-06-29
23. American South Paper
Items: 3
Updated: 2010-02-27
24. Bradley's home library
by bcn
Items: 207
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2009-11-19
25. I-Q Bradley's home library
by bcn
Items: 65
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2009-11-19
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