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Landslide science and practice Volume 6, Risk assessment, management and mitigation Titelvorschau

Landslide science and practice Volume 6, Risk assessment, management and mitigation

Verfasser/in: Paolo Canuti; Kyoji Sassa
Verlag: Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2013.
Serien: Landslide science and practice, v. 6
Ausgabe/Format   E-Book : Dokument : EnglischAlle Ausgaben und Formate anzeigen
Veröffentichung:Landslide science and practice
This book contains peer-reviewed papers from the Second World Landslide Forum, organised by the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL), that took place in September 2011. The entire material from the conference has been split into seven volumes, this one is the seventh: "Landslide Inventory and Susceptibility and Hazard Zoning", "Early Warning, Instrumentation and Monitoring", "Spatial Analysis and Modelling",  Weiterlesen…

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Gattung/Form: Electronic books
Physisches Format Landslide science and practice
Medientyp: Dokument, Internetquelle
Dokumenttyp: Internet-Ressource, Computer-Datei
Alle Autoren: Paolo Canuti; Kyoji Sassa
ISBN: 9783642313196 3642313191 9462390029 9789462390027 9783642313189 3642313183
OCLC-Nummer: 859159075
Anmerkungen: "IPL, ISDR, ICL."
Beschreibung: 1 online resource (xx, 789 pages :) : illustrations, maps.
Inhalt: Part I: Landslides and Reservoirs. Rockslide Dams in Møre og Romsdal County, Norway / Reginald L. Hermanns ... et al. --
The Origin of the Mountain River Dams in Tajikistan / Nikolai Ischuk --
Landsliding Caused by Water Level Variation in China Three Gorges Reservoir / Fawu Wang ... et al. --
Earthquakes, Landslides, Dams and Reservoirs in the Tien Shan, Central Asia / Hans-Balder Havenith ... et al. --
Rock Slope Stability Assessment in the Fernando Hiriart Arch Dam Reservoir / Erast Gaziev --
Impact of 3000-t Blast on Unstable Slopes Near the Kambarata-2 HPP Site, Kyrgyzstan / Isakbek Torgoev, Hans-Balder Havenith, Alexander Strom --
Evolution of an Overflow Channel Across the Young River Landslide Dam, New Zealand / Chris Massey, Mauri McSaveney, Tim Davies --
Displacement Calculations of the Waterside Slope After a Seismic Impact / Vladimir Prokopovich, Tatyana Sozinova --
Recent Cases and Geomorphic Evidence of Landslide-Dammed Lakes and Related Hazards in the Mountains of Central Asia / Jean F. Schneider, Fabian E. Gruber, Martin Mergili --
Inverse Analysis of an Active Landslide Along the Banks of a Reservoir / Michele Calvello, Francesco Silvestri, Dario Andreotti --
Landslide Risk Investigations in Environmental Impact Assessment / Nanda Wipula Bandara Balasooriya --
A Preliminary Perspective on Landslide Dams of Campania Region, Italy / Pompeo Coico ... et al. --
Influence of Landslide and Glacial Blockages on the Rogun HPP Safety / Vladimir Besstrashnov ... et al. --
A Coupled Seepage-Stability Model to Analyze the Vajont Reservoir Influence / Paolo Paronuzzi, Elia Rigo, Alberto Bolla --
Glacial Lake Outburst Flood in the Chuchún Watershed, Cordillera Blanca, Peru / Jan Klimeš ... et al. --
A Geomechanical Evaluation of the Rock Mass Involved in the 1963 Vajont Landslide (NE Italy) / Laura Superchi ... et al. --
The Impact of Deep-Seated Landslides on Reservoirs and Rivers in Vrancea Seismic Region / Micu Mihai, Bălteanu Dan --
A New Interpretation of the Geotechnical Context of the Vajont Rockslide / Paolo Paronuzzi, Alberto Bolla --
Impacts of the 2007 Landslide-Generated Tsunami in Chehalis Lake, Canada / Nicholas J. Roberts ... et al. --
Sliding Phenomena at Zagorsk PSP / Elina Nesynova, Alexander Yudkevich, Igor Parabuchev --
Pore Water Pressure Distribution for Use in Stability Analyses of Earth Dams / Augusto Desideri, Enzo Fontanella, Luca Pagano --
Engineering-Geological Estimation of Unstable Massif Downstream from the Chirkey Hydropower Station / D.K. Fedorov, N.F. Krivonogova, O.Y. Somonova. Part II: Landslide, Transportation Network and Lifelines Landslide Transportation Network and Lifelines: Rockfall and Debris Flow / Anna Maria Ferrero, Maria Migliazza --
Damages to Transport Facilities by Rainfall Induced Landslides During November 2009 in Nilgiris, India / S.S. Chandrasekaran, S. Elayaraja, S. Renugadevi --
Rockfall Run-Out Estimate Comparing Empirical and Trajectographic Approaches / Michele Nappi ... et al. --
Cutting D15: Stabilization of a Large Landslide in Marrakesh / Joan Torrebadella ... et al. --
Determining and Managing Rockfall Risk in the Road Network of Andorra / Joan Torrebadella, Joan Altimir, Jordi Amigó --
The Scascoli Case Study: Design and Safety Measures for a Landslide Area / Gianfranco Marchi ... et al. --
Laser Scanning Analysis and Landslide Risk Assessment on Transportation Network: The Lugnano in Teverina (Umbria Region, Italy), Landslide Case Study / Giuseppe Delmonaco ... et al. --
Landslide Inventory and Susceptibility Mapping for a Proposed Pipeline Route, Yukon Alaska Highway Corridor, Canada / Andrée Blais-Stevens ... et al. --
Rockfall and Debris Flow Hazard Assessment of the Coastal Road of Gipuzkoa (Northern Spain) / Jordi Corominas ... et al. --
Large-Scale Slope Instability Affecting SS63 Near the Cerreto Pass (Northern Apennines, Italy) / Alessandro Corsini ... et al. --
Fragility of Territory and Infrastructures Resulting from Rainstorms in Northern Tuscany (Italy) / Giacomo D'Amato Avanzi ... et al. --
Forecasting Methods for Landslides Interacting with Infrastructures / Francesca Bozzano ... et al. --
Preliminary Assessment of Rockfall Risk Mitigation in Access Infrastructures to Montserrat / Joan Palau ... et al. --
Seismic Analysis of the Gran Sasso Catastrophic Rockfall (Central Italy) / Gianluca Bianchi-Fasani ... et al. --
The Cassas Landslide and Its Impacts on an International and Olympic Transportation Corridor: Studies, Monitoring, Solution and Crisis Plans / Franco Oboni, Claudio Angelino, Bartolomeo Visconti --
Slope Instability Problems in the Jonica Highway Construction / Giuseppe Scarpelli ... et al. Part III: Landslides and Urban Risk Reduction. Managing the Uncertainties of Natural Terrain Landslides and Extreme Rainfall in Hong Kong / K.K.S. Ho --
Minimising Losses Due to Landslides / Abd Rahman Pandi, Suhaimi Jamaludin --
Landslide Prediction Based on Neural Network Modelling / Yuri Aleshin, Isakbek Torgoev --
Assessment of Actual Morphodynamic Activity of Landslide Slopes in Odessa / Olena Dragomyretska, Oleksandr Dragomyretskyy, Mikhail Skipa --
El Forn Landslide. An Example of Geological Risk Management in Large Sliding Inhabited Areas / Joan Torrebadella, Joan Altimir, Ivan Villaró --
The Case Study of Cancia (Dolomites, Italy), a Mountain Village Threatened by a Debris Flow / Andrea M. Deganutti, Pia Tecca --
Evaluation of the Rockfall Potential of Kastamonu Castle Using 3-D Analysis / Mutluhan Akin, Tamer Topal, Muge K. Akin --
The 2006 and 2009 Landslide and Flood Events in the Tartagal River Basin (Argentina) / José Daniel Brea, Pablo Spalletti, Gabriel Amores --
Mapping Geological at-Risk Areas in the City of São Paulo: Issues and Results from the Largest Risk Survey in Brazil / Luciana Pascarelli ... et al. --
Landslide Hazard and Risk in the Dessie Town Area (Ethiopia) / Giandomenico Fubelli ... et al. --
Landslide Hazard Assessment Project in the Messina Municipality Area (Sicily, Italy) / Claudio Puglisi ... et al. --
New Technologies Employed in Studying, Monitoring and Stabilizing the San Fratello Landslide (Sicily, Italy) / Fabio Cafiso --
January 2011: The Extreme Landslide Disaster in Brazil / Ana Luiza Coelho Netto, Anderson Mululo Sato, André de Souza Avelar --
Japanese-Croatian Project: Preliminary Investigations of the Kostanjek Landslide / Martin Krkač ... et al. --
Debris-Flow Risk Assessment and Land Management at Municipal Scale / Davide Murgese ... et al. --
Methodological Procedures to Landslide Risk Mapping in Brazilian Slums / Eduardo Soares de Macedo, Kátia Canil, Fabiana Checchinato Silva --
Geotechnical Properties and Stability of a Landslide Site in South Eastern Nigeria / Ogbonnaya Igwe, Hiroshi Fukuoka, Anthony Diyokeugwu. Part IV: Landslides and Cultural Heritage. On the Protection of Cultural Heritages from Landslides / Claudio Margottini --
Assessment of Geomorphological Risks and Attractiveness for Recreational Purposes in Areas with High Contemporary Relief Dynamics / Iuliia Blinova, Andrey Bredikhin --
Static and Pseudo Static Stability Analysis of the Medieval Castle Rock Slopes in Slovakia / Vladimir Greif, Tomas Drotar --
Rock-Fall Hazard Assessment in the Siq of Petra, Jordan / Giuseppe Delmonaco, Claudio Margottini, Daniele Spizzichino --
Coastal Erosion and Landsliding Impact on Historic Sites in SE Britain / Deodato Tapete ... et al. --
Geomorphological Processes and Cultural Heritage of Maca and Lari Villages: An Opportunity for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Colca Valley (Province of Caylloma, Arequipa, South Perù) / Luca Falconi ... et al. --
Monitoring and Modelling Slope Instability in Cultural Heritage Sites / Riccardo Fanti ... et al. --
Landslide Impacts on Agrigento's Cathedral Imaged with Radar Interferometry / Francesca Cigna ... et al. --
Passive Seismic Survey for Cultural Heritage Landslide Risk Assessment / Daniele Spizzichino ... et al. --
Cultural Heritage, Landslide Risk and Remote Sensing in Italy / Carla Iadanza ... et al. --
Large Rock Slide and Falls in the Cradle of Christianity: Maaloula (Damascus, Syria) / Claudio Margottini --
The Monsters Grove of Bomarzo (Central Italy): From Rock Fall to Landscape Architecture / Claudio Margottini --
Surface Erosion and Mass Movement Constrains in the Conservation of Akapana Pyramid Mound (Tiwanaku, Bolivia) / Claudio Margottini --
San Leo: Centuries of Coexistence with Landslides / Gianluca Benedetti ... et al. --
Evolution of the Velabrum Valley and of the Palatine W Slope: Instabilities and Mitigation / Alberto Bretschneider ... et al. --
The Orvieto Observatory / Filippo Maria Soccodato ... et al. --
Integration of Geophysical Investigation to Landslide Analysis in the Archaeological Site of Stabiae (Italy) / Giuseppe Delmonaco ... et al. --
Failure of Embankment of Moat of Angkor Wat and Its Restoration / Yoshinori Iwasaki, Valter M. Santoro. Part V. Advanced Technologies for Landslide Stabilization. Subsurface Drainage for Slope Stabilization / Gianfranco Urciuoli, Marianna Pirone --
Research on the Mechanism and Mitigation for an Old Landslide Reactivated by Underground Coal Mining / Yangqing Xu, Xichen Wu, Xiangjun Zhong --
Finite Element Modelling and Parametric Analyses of a Long-span Pocket-type Rockfall Interceptive Cable-Net Structure / Shanker Dhakal ... et al. --
Effectiveness of Anti-sliding Piles for Wulidui Landslide Under Rainfall Condition / Xinli Hu, Huiming Tang, Chunguang Zhang --
Methods of the Ulianovsk City Landslide-prone Slopes Stabilization / V.G. Tishin --
Effectiveness of Deep Drainage Wells as a Slope Stabilization Measure: The Reactivation of the Diezma Landslide (Southern Spain) / Martín Jesús Rodríguez-Peces, José Miguel Azañón, Julián García-Mayordomo --
Surface Protection of Slopes by Grass Covering Techniques / Tiziana Verrascina --
High Capacity Flexible Systems for Slope Stabilization in La Gomera (Spain) / Luis Miguel Laguna ... et al. --
Low Environmental Impact Consolidation Works in the Rock Cliff of Civita di Bagnoregio (Central Italy) / Claudio Margottini --
Soil Nailing with Flexible Structural Facing: Design and Experiences / Giorgio Giacchetti, Alberto Grimod, David Cheer --
A Marble Open Pit Quarry in Carrara: An Enhanced and Integrated Monitoring System of Rock Mass Static Conditions / Mario Marchisio, Orlando Pandolfi, Daniele Valentino --
The Large Acqualoreto (TR) Landslide: Stabilization Projects Through Integrated Use of Consolidates and Innovative Techniques / Marco Balducci ... et al. --
Landfill Slip Failure Repair with Geogrids Using Waste Fill Material at Danylan, Wales / Chaido Doulala-Rigby, Andrew Stone --
The SafeLand Compendium of Landslide Risk Mitigation Measures / Giovanni Vaciago. Part VI: Integrated Approach to Landslide Risk Mitigation. Lessons Learned from the 2006 Flashfloods and Landslide in Uttaradit and Sukhothai Provinces: Implication for Effective Landslide Disaster Risk Management in Thailand / Muhibuddin Usamah, NMSi Arambepola --
Analysis of Risk Induced by Rockfall on Roads. Proposal of Management Procedure / Claudia Mignelli, Daniele Peila, Stefano Lo Russo --
Engineering and Geological Grounds of Landslide Protection Reliability of Structures / Ekaterina Bezuglova, Sergey Matsiy --
Landslide Susceptibility in Archaeological and Natural Historic Park of Rupestrian Churches / Stefania Pascale ... et al. --
A GIS Model for Systemic Vulnerability Assessment in Urbanized Areas Supporting the Landslide Risk Management / Raffaele Albano ... et al. --
High Detailed Debris Flows Hazard Maps by a Cellular Automata Approach / Federica Lucà ... et al. --
Hot Spots for Simplified Risk Scenarios of the Trafoi Rockslide (South Tyrol) / Alessandro Corsini ... et al. --
Sinkhole Monitoring to Support Landslide Management / Riccardo Torri, Davide Murgese, Costanza Morino --
New Investigations to Update the Model of the Premana (LC) Landslide / Diego Arosio ... et al. --
Coupling Root Reinforcement and Subsurface Flow Modeling in Shallow Landslides Triggering Assessment / Giovanni Battista Chirico, Andrea Dani, Federico Preti --
Shallow Landslides Risk Mitigation by Early Warning: The Sarno Case / Giovanna Capparelli, Massimiliano Giorgio, Roberto Greco --
On Verification of Forecasting Capability of the FlaIR Regional Model in Landslide Early Warning / Giovanna Capparelli, Pasquale Versace --
Environmental Risk Assessment on a Hill Site Development in Penang Malaysia / Ahmad Shukri Yahaya, Fauziah Ahmad, Wan Nur Aishah Meor Hussein --
Joint Technical Emergency Operation Experiences on Landslide Disaster Mitigation Event 2003, Sri Lanka / A.A. Virajh Dias, Nihal Rupasinghe, Jagath Gunathilaka.
Serientitel: Landslide science and practice, v. 6
Verfasserangabe: Claudio Margottini, Paolo Canuti, Kyoji Sassa, editors.
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   schema:description "This book contains peer-reviewed papers from the Second World Landslide Forum, organised by the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL), that took place in September 2011. The entire material from the conference has been split into seven volumes, this one is the seventh: "Landslide Inventory and Susceptibility and Hazard Zoning", "Early Warning, Instrumentation and Monitoring", "Spatial Analysis and Modelling", "Global Environmental Change", "Complex Environment", "Risk Assessment", "Management and Mitigation", and "Social and Economic Impact and Policies.""@en ;
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