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The Latino/a condition : a critical reader

Autor: Richard Delgado; Jean Stefancic
Editorial: New York : New York University Press, 1998.
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Addresses the historical origins of Spanish-speaking people in the United States, the rise of stereotypes, the growth of efforts at self-definition, and related matters.

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Tipo de material: Recurso en Internet
Tipo de documento: Libro/Texto, Recurso en Internet
Todos autores / colaboradores: Richard Delgado; Jean Stefancic
ISBN: 0814718949 9780814718940 0814718957 9780814718957
Número OCLC: 38521475
Descripción: xix, 715 pages ; 26 cm
Contenido: Hispanics? that's what they call us / Suzanne Oboler --
Welcome to the old world / Earl Shorris --
Chance, context, and choice in the social construction of race / Ian F. Haney López --
Latino/a identity and multi-identity : community and culture / Leslie G. Espinoza --
Building bridges : Latinas and Latinos at the crossroads / Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol --
Life in the hyphen / Ilan Stavans --
Masks and identity / Margaret E. Montoya --
Who counts? Title VII and the Hispanic classification / Alex M. Saragoza, Concepcíon R. Juarez, Abel Valenzuela, Jr., and Oscar Gonzalez --
Race, identity, and "box checking": the Hispanic classification in OMB Directive No. 15 / Luis Angel Toro --
Re-imagining the Latino/a race / Angel R. Oquendo --
Latinos in the United States : invitation and exile / Gilbert Paul Carrasco --
Greasers go home : Mexican immigration, the 1920s / Rodolfo Acuña --
How much responsibility does the U.S. bear for undocumented Mexican Migration? / Linda S. Bosniak --
Hispanic children and their families / Linda Chavez --
Immigration politics, popular democracy, and California's Proposition 187 / Kevin R. Johnson --
The racial politics of Proposition 187 / Ruben J. Garcia --
Natives and newcomers / Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol --
The Latino challenge to civil rights and immigration policy in the 1990s and beyond / Rachel F. Moran --
Anglo-Saxons and Mexicans / Reginald Horsman --
"Occupied" Mexico / Ronald Takaki --
Initial contacts : niggers, redskins, and greasers / Arnoldo de León --
The master narrative of white supremacy in California / Tomás Almaguer --
Occupied America / Rodolfo Acuña --
Race and erasure: the salience of race to Latinos/as / Ian F. Haney López --
"The Mexican problem" / Carey McWilliams --
Citizens as "foreigners" / Kevin R. Johnson --
Racial depiction in American law and culture / Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic --
Bordertown: from assimilation narrative to social "problem" / Charles Ramírez Berg --
The border according to Hollywood: the three Caballeros, Pancho, and the Latin Señoritas / David R. Maciel --
Born in East L.A.: an exercise in cultural schizophrenia / Alicia Gaspar de Alba --
Lone star and the faces of despair in INS raids / Elvia R. Arriola --
Big time players / Gerald P. López --
Still looking for America: beyond the Latino National Political Survey / Luis Fraga, Herman Gallegos, Gerald P. López, Mary Louise Pratt, Renato Rosaldo, José Saldivar, Ramon Saldivar, and Guadalupe Valdés --
My grandfather's stories and immigration law / Michael A. Olivas --
Storytelling for oppositionists and others / Richard Delgado --
Lay lawyering / Gerald P. López --
Masks and resistance / Margaret E. Montoya --
Mexican Americans as a legally cognizable class / Richard Delgado and Vicky Palacios --
American apocalypse / Richard Delgado --
The idea of a constitution in the Chicano tradition / Gerald P. López --
Early Chicano activism : zoot suits, sleepy lagoon, and the road to Delano / Rodolfo Acuña --
"Breaking the law" on principle / Michael A. Olivas --
Life in the trenches / Oscar "Zeta" Acosta --
The work we know so little about / Gerald P. López --
Revolutionary art and artists / Margaret E. Montoya --
The Mexican-American litigation experience: 1930-1980 / George A. Martinez --
The black/white binary paradigm of race / Juan F. Perea --
The black/white binary : how does it work? / Richard Delgado --
The intersection of immigration status, ethnicity, gender, and class / Kevin R. Johnson --
Bringing international human rights home / Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol --
Chicano Indianism / Martha Menchaca --
Rodrigo's chronicle / Richard Delgado --
Choosing the future / Ian F. Haney López --
The well-defended academic identity / Gerald P. López --
A scholarship boy / Richard Rodriguez --
LULAC and the assimilationist perspective / David G. Gutiérrez --
Melting pot or ring of fire? / Kevin R. Johnson --
Out of the barrio / Linda Chavez --
Masks and acculturation / Margaret E. Montoya --
Straddling separate worlds / Ruben Navarrette, Jr. --
Neither here nor there / Earl Shorris --
Harvard homeboy / Ruben Navarrette, Jr. --
Origins of black/brown conflict / Bill Piatt --
Beyond black/white: the racisms of our time / Elizabeth Martínez --
It's not just black and white anymore / Deborah A. Ramirez --
Tensions and differences within the Latino community / Kevin R. Johnson --
A long-standing commitment / Linda Chavez --
Mexican gender ideology / Adelaida R. del Castillo --
Domestic violence against Latinas by Latino males / Jenny Rivera --
Maternal power and the deconstruction of male supremacy / Elizabeth M. Iglesias --
What's in a name? retention and loss of the maternal surname / Yvonne M. Cherena Pacheco --
A chicana perspective on feminism / Beatriz M. Pesquera and Denise A. Segura --
Three perspectives on workplace harassment of women of color / Maria L. Ontiveros --
Culture and economic violence / Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol --
Gendered inequality / Elvia R. Arriola --
Notes on the conflation of sex, gender, and sexual orientation: a QueerCrit and LatCrit perspective / Francisco Valdes --
Hold your tongue / James Crawford --
A bilingual-education as a Prop. 187 in disguise? / Ruben Navarrette, Jr. --
American languages, cultural pluralism, and official English / Juan F. Perea --
How the García cousins lost their accents / Christopher David Ruiz Cameron --
Death by English / Juan F. Perea --
Lawyers, linguists, story-tellers, and limited English-speaking witnesses / Miguel A. Méndez --
Hernandez : the wrong message at the wrong time / Miguel A. Méndez --
Attorney as interpreter / Bill Piatt --
The politics of discretion: federal intervention in bilingual education / Rachel F. Moran --
Borderlands / Gloria Anzaldúa --
Surveying law and borders / Renato Rosaldo --
Border crossings / Margaret E. Montoya --
Sandra Cisneros: the fading of the warrior hero / Renato Rosaldo --
Voices/voces in the borderlands / Melissa Harrison and Margaret E. Montoya --
Street vendors: the battle over cultural interpretation / David R. Diaz.
Otros títulos: Latino condition
Latina condition
Responsabilidad: edited by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic.
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"The authors of these essays explore the theme of Latino/a identity by presenting popular media images of Latino/as and by examining the issues of representation that these images raise...instructive Leer más

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