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Love and revolution

Autor: Signe Waller
Editorial: Lanham, Md. ; Oxford : Rowman & Littlefield, 2002.
Serie: New critical theory.
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This is the memoir of Signe Waller, whose husband, James, was killed in the Greensboro Massacre in November 1979. The author documents an important period in the Southern struggle against racism and  Leer más

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Género/Forma: Biography
Persona designada: Signe Waller
Tipo de material: Biografía
Tipo de documento: Libro/Texto
Todos autores / colaboradores: Signe Waller
ISBN: 0742513645 9780742513648 0742513653 9780742513655
Número OCLC: 49690218
Descripción: 448 pages
Contenido: Part 1 Heirs to the Radical Sixties Chapter 2 1 The Making of a Radical or How I Became One of Them Chapter 3 2 Jim Waller M.D. in the New Communist Movement Chapter 4 3 Nelson Johnson and the Politics of Black Liberation Chapter 5 4 Durham Activists Tell It Like It Is Part 6 Home-Grown Bolsheviks Chapter 7 5 Organize! Make a Mighty River Chapter 8 6 People, People, Have You Heard? Chapter 9 7 And Cone You Own the Factories, But Us You Do Not Own Chapter 10 8 Something's Rising in the Nation Chapter 11 9 China Grove and the Preparations for November Third Chapter 12 10 Like a Wolf on the Fold: The Greensboro Massacre Part 13 Home-Grown Fascists Chapter 14 11 This Precipitous Hour Chapter 15 12 Resisting Upside Down Justice: The Civil Rights Movement Reawakened Chapter 16 13 A Lesser Crime to Kill a Communist Chapter 17 14 Green Light for Reactionary Violence: The State Trial in 1980 Chapter 18 15 The Blitz Amendment and Other McCarthyisms Chapter 19 16 A Winding Road to Justice: Bringing Federal Charges Chapter 20 17 Victory and a Whitewash: The Grand Jury in 1982-83 Chapter 21 18 No Racial Animus? The Federal Trial in 1984 Part 22 On New Foundations Chapter 23 19 Partners in Crime: The Civil Rights Suit in 1985 Chapter 24 20 Convened by Martyrs
Título de la serie: New critical theory.
Responsabilidad: Signe Waller.
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Waller significantly adds to the historical record of a violent episode that took place in a city that long prided itself on its progressivism... Intimate knowledge enables her to portray the slain Leer más

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