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A moral military

Auteur : Sidney Axinn
Éditeur : Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 1989.
Édition/format :   Livre : AnglaisVoir toutes les éditions et les formats
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Studies the conduct of war. This title gives a philosophical analysis of the 'Laws of Warfare' as found in the Hague and Geneva Conventions, which have been agreed to by various nations in the world.  Lire la suite...

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Personne nommée : Immanuel Kant; Immanuel Kant; Immanuel Kant
Format : Livre
Tous les auteurs / collaborateurs : Sidney Axinn
ISBN : 0877226156 9780877226154
Numéro OCLC : 18560135
Description : xiv, 230 pages ; 24 cm
Contenu : Preface 1. Introduction The kind of question involved in moral military action Must every order be obeyed? Forbidden weapons? Nuclear weapons? Terrorism? The good soldier Relations between officers and enlisted personnel The moral foundations of soldiering The order of topics The scope and limits of this study 2. Morality: Why Sacrifice Myself? What are moral questions? What is the meaning of duty? The four different theories of morality Universal fairness Social utility Individualism Religious foundations The range and limits of the different moral styles The professional army ethic Choosing among the four moral styles 3. Military Honor and the Laws of Warfare: When Can I Lie to the Enemy? Military education Honor: dual duties Honor and personal risk: hero or coward? Conclusions 4. Hostilities: All Is Not Fair Protecting powers The Hague Rules and some history A declaration of war The nature of law Status of civilians The principle of double effect Hostilities: the general principle The Hague Rules, Article 23 Protected buildings Legitimate and illegitimate strategy 5. Prisoners of War A history of the POW Defining the POW Treatment of POWs Humane treatment Fact vs. fiction 6. Spies Defining a spy Treason Punishment for spying The morality of spying Morality out of uniform Conclusions 7. Non-Hostile Relations with the Enemy Parlementaires Armistices Surrenders Safeguards Military passports, safe-conduct passes, and cartels 8. War Crimes, Remedies, and Retaliation (Dirty Warfare) Defining a war crime Biological experiments Taking hostages: "Surrender, or I'll kill this child!" Remedies and reprisals Punishment for war crimes Terrorism and the concept of war crimes A moral defense for terrorism? 9. The Dirty-Hands Theory of Command Dirty Harry Four styles The so-called moral value of guilt Collective morality A Kantian solution to the problem of dirty hands The principles of publicity The fallacy of many questions 10. Nuclear Devices and Low-Intensity Conflicts Nuclear weapons Low-intensity conflicts, covert actions, and psychological warfare 11. Conclusions The war conventions as a moral code The war conventions as international law Education: military and civilian Military honor: a romantic myth or a serious matter? The need for publicity Enemy morality Summary of themes Appendix A: Are the Hague and Geneva Conventions Obsolete? Appendix B: Topics Not Considered in the Text Appendix C: Text on the Laws of Land Warfare Notes Brief Bibliography Index
Responsabilité : Sidney Axinn.


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"Sidney Axinn addresses the hardest questions raised by the experience of war and argues his way to clear and forthright answers. His book is a virtuoso display of intellectual energy and moral Lire la suite...

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