Orpheus Britannicus : a collection of all the choicest songs for one, two, and three voices 预览资料

Orpheus Britannicus : a collection of all the choicest songs for one, two, and three voices

著者: Henry Purcell
出版商: [Ridgewood, N.J. : Gregg Press, 1965]
版本/格式:   乐谱 : 英语 : The 3rd edition with large additions; and placed in their several keys according to the order of the gamut查看所有的版本和格式
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类型/形式: Songs
附加的形体格式: Online version:
Purcell, Henry, 1659-1695.
Orpheus Britannicus.
[Ridgewood, N.J., Gregg Press, 1965]
文件类型: 乐谱
所有的著者/提供者: Henry Purcell
OCLC号码: 775166
注意: Facsimile edition "slightly reduced from the original."
描述: score (2 volumes) ; 28 cm.
内容: Book 1. Celia has a thousand charms --
Ah! how sweet it is to love --
Whilst I with grief did on you look --
If musick be the food of love --
I look'd and saw within the book of fate --
I see she fly's me --
The cares of lovers --
Two daughters of this aged stream are we --
Leave these useless arts in loving --
Love thou art best of humane joys --
Tho' my mistress be fair yet froward she's too --
When Teucer from his father fled --
For love ev'ry creature is form'd --
You twice ten hundred deities --
Seek not to know what must not be reveal'd --
Why then will mortals dare to urge a fate --
Charon the peaceful shade invites --
Tell me why my charming fair --
You say 'tis loves creates the pain --
I sigh'd and own'd my love --
Cinthia frowns when e're I woe her --
When first I saw the bright Aurelia's eyes --
Dear, dear, pritty, pritty youth --
Fairest isle of isles excelling --
Oh! lead me to some peaceful gloom --
Sweeter than roses --
Lucinda is bewitching fair --
From rosie bow'rs where sleep's the god of love --
In vain 'gainst love I strove --
Celebrate this festival --
When Myrna sings --
To arms, your ensigns straight display --
Britains strike home --
Since the toils and the hazards of war --
Lovely Albina's come a shore --
Come let us leave the town --
Lost is my quest for ever --
There ne're was so wretched a lover as I / words by Mr. Congreve --
This poet sings the Trojan wars --
I'll sail upon the Dog Star --
Fair Cloe my breast so alarms --
From silent shades and elizium groves --
Thy genius so from his sweet bed of rest --
Sing all ye muses --
Hark my Doridcar, hark we're call'd --
No, resistance is but vain --
Let Hector, Achilles and each brave commander --
Love arms himself in Celia's eyes --
Sound a parley ye fair and surrender --
Since times are so bad --
Strike the viol touch the lute --
What a sad fate --
The fife and all the harmony of war --
Bacchus is a pow'r divine --
'Tis nature's voice --
Ah! me to many deaths --
Fly swift ye hours --
Blow Boreas blow --
Ah! Belinda I am prest with torment --
O, O let me weep --
See, see where repenting Celia lies --
Dulcibella when e're I sue for a kiss / words by Mr. Henly --
Since from my dear Astrea's sight --
Were I to choose the greatest bliss --
And in each track of glory --
Nestor who did to thrice men's age attain --
Let sullen discord smile --
Let Caesar and Urania live --
Celemene pray tell me --
For folded flocks --
Love thou can'st hear / words by Sir Robert Howard --
Turn then thine eyes --
See how the fading glories of the year --
Here the deities approve --
As soon as the chaos --
I attempt from love's sickness to fly --
Now the maids and the men are making of hay --
Behold the man that with gigantick might --
Let the dreadful engines of eternal will --
High on a throne --
I call you all to Wooden's hall --
Corinna is divinely fair --
Nymphs and shepherds come away --
Shepherd leave decoying --
In all our Cinthia's shining sphear --
While bolts and bars my day controul --
In these delightful pleasant groves --
While for a righteous cause he arms --
Return fond muse --
Sound the trumpet till around --
Thou tun'st this world below --
Happy realm beyond expressing --
The airy violin and lofty viol --
Go tell Amynto gentle swain --
And now the renown'd Nassaw --
They did no storms --
Sound trumpet sound, beat ev'ry drum --
The sparrow and the gentle dove --
With him he brings the partner of his throne --
What ho! thou genious of this isle --
What power art thou --
Thou doating fool forbear --
Great love I know the now --
Hither this way, this way bend. Book 2. Crown the year and crown the day --
Thrice happy lovers --
Ah! cruel nymph --
Crown the altar deck the shrine --
Come all ye songsters of the sky --
May the god of witt inspire the sacred nine --
Thus the gloomy world began to shine --
Yes Daphne in your face --
Hark! how all things in one sound rejoyce --
Hark! the ecchoing air a triumph sings --
Let the fifes and the clarions --
Thus the ever grateful spring --
Here's the summer sprightly gay --
See my many colour'd feilds --
Next winter comes slowly, pale meager and old --
April who till now has mourn'd --
The fatal hour comes on a pace --
Britain now thy cares beguile --
Young Thirsis fate ye hills and groves --
To arms heroick prince --
Ye gentle spirits of the air --
What can we poor females do --
Beneath a poplers shadow lay me --
My prayers are heard --
As Amoret and Thirsis lay --
Wake Quivera, wake --
Why shou'd men quarrel here --
They tell us that you mighty pow'rs above --
Scorn'd envy here's nothing that thou canst blast --
Their looks are such that mercy flows --
Ah! how happy are we --
Pious Celinda goes to prayers --
When a cruel long winter has frozen the earth --
Who can from joy refrain --
For tho' the sun has all the summers glory --
A prince of glorious race descended --
The father brave as e'er was Dane --
Sound the trumpet beat the warlike drum --
Hark! how the songsters of the grove --
Hence with your trifling deity --
Love in their little veins inspires --
But Ah! how much are our delights --
Come all to me --
Return revolting rebels --
Come let us agree --
Here ye gods of Britain --
Sing ye druids, all your voices raise --
Brigantium honour'd with a race divine --
The bashfull Thames --
The pale and the purple rose --
So when the glittering queen of night --
When my Acmelia smiles, she wounds me --
When lovely Phillis thou art kind --
Wonderous machine --
Genius of England --
Musick for a while, shall all our cares beguile --
On the brow of Richmond hill --
Sound fame thy brazen trumpet sound --
Why my Daphne , why complaining --
And low a sacred fury sweel'd her breast --
Many, many days may she behold --
Underneath this myrtle shade --
Julia, Julia, your unjust disdain --
Oh! fair Cederia --
I lov'd fair Celia --
May her blest example chase --
Let us dance, let us sing --
Fair Iris and her swain --
Hark each tree it's silence breaks --
I spy Celia --
'Tis wine was made to rule the day --
Oh! the sweet delights of love --
We the spirits of the air --
What flattering noise is this --
To Woden thanks we render --
Let all mankind the pleasure share --
When the cock begins to crow --
They shall be as happy as they are fair --
If for your goodness may your power express --
With this sacred charming wand --
In vain the amourous flute.
其他题名: Vocal music.
责任: compos'd by Mr. Henry Purcell. Together with such symphonies for violins or flutes as were by him design'd for any of them and a through-bass to each song, figur'd for the organ, harpsicord or theorbo-lute.
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