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The Oxford book of ballads; newly selected and edited, Voorbeeldweergave van dit item
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The Oxford book of ballads; newly selected and edited,

Auteur: James Kinsley
Uitgever: Oxford, Clarendon P., 1969.
Editie/Formaat:   Boek : Engels : [New ed.]Alle edities en materiaalsoorten bekijken.

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Genre/Vorm: Texts
Aanvullende fysieke materiaalsoort: Online version:
Kinsley, James.
Oxford book of ballads.
Oxford, Clarendon P., 1969
Soort document: Boek
Alle auteurs / medewerkers: James Kinsley
ISBN: 0198121334 9780198121336
OCLC-nummer: 58629
Opmerkingen: "Replaces The Oxford book [of ballads] made by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch in 1910."
Beschrijving: xvi, 711 p. music. 19 cm.
Inhoud: The Cherry-tree Carol --
Seynt Steuyn and Herowdes --
Dives and Lazarus --
Thomas the Rhymer --
The Wee Wee Man --
Tam Lin --
Sir Colin --
Sir Aldingar --
The Boy and the Mantle --
Gil Brenton --
Sweet Willie --
May Colven --
The Twa Magicians --
Alison Gross --
Kempion --
The Laily Worm and the Machrel --
King Orfeo --
King Henry --
The Cruel Mother --
The Cruel Sister --
The Broomfield Hill --
Proud Margret --
Clark Sanders --
The Carpenter's Wife (The Daemon Lover) --
Clerk Colvill --
Young Hunting --
The Grey Selchie of Sule Skerry --
The Wife of Usher's Well --
The Unquiet Grave: A Fragment --
Hind Etin --
Young Bekie --
Hynd Horn --
Earl Brand --
The Douglas Tragedy --
Willie and Lady Margerie --
Glasgerion --
King Estmere --
Fair Annie --
Fair Isabell of Rochroyall --
Child Waters --
Gil Morrice --
Brown Adam --
Jellon Grame --
Little Mousgrove and the Lady Barnet --
Fair Janet --
Lord Thomas and Fair Annet --
The Famous Flower of Serving-Men --
The Bents and Broom --
Rose the Red and White Lilly --
Babylon --
The Bonny Heyn --
Prince Robert --
Lord Livingston --
Young Johnstone --
Younge Andrew --
The Gay Goss Hawk --
Brown Robin. Fair Margaret and Sweet William --
The Twa Brothers --
The Cruel Brother --
Edward, Edward --
Son David --
Lord Randal --
The Three Rauens --
The Courteous Knight --
Johny Faa --
Eppie Morrie --
Bonnie Annie Livieston --
Donald of the Isles (Lizie Lindsay) --
The Shepherd's Dochter --
The Laird o' Ochiltree Wa's --
The Baron of Leys --
The Fair Flower of Northumberland --
The False Lover --
Fa'se Footrage --
The Lord of Lorn and the Fals Steward --
Lady Maisry --
Katherine Jaffray --
McNaughtan (Johnny Scot) --
The Bonny Earl of Livingston --
Sir Patrick Spence --
Lamkin --
Hugh of Lincoln --
Young Waters --
Lord Douglas --
Mary Hamilton --
Clyde's Waters --
Young Benjie --
Bonnie George Campbell --
The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington --
The Duke o' Athole's Nurse --
The Lowlands of Holland --
The Trumpeter of Fyvie --
Bonny Barbara Allan --
The Bonny Brown Girl --
The Bewick and the Graeme --
The Outlaw Murray --
Robyn and Gandelyn --
The Birth of Robin Hood --
Adam Bel, Clym of the Cloughe, and Wyllyam of Cloudesle --
Robyn Hode and the Munke --
A Gest of Robyn Hode --
Battle of Otterbourne --
Chevy Chase --
Sir Andrew Bartton. Johnie Armstrang --
The Lament of the Border Widow --
Northumberland betrayd by Dowglas --
Johnie o' Cocklesmuir --
Dick o' the Cow --
Jamie Telfer of the Fair Dodhead --
Geordie --
Kinmont Willie --
Jock o' the Side --
Hobie Noble --
Hughie Graham --
The Lochmaben Harper --
Parcy Reed --
The Braes of Yarrow --
Rare Willy --
The Bonny Earl of Murray --
Burning of Auchindown --
Edom o' Gordon --
The Death of Lord Warriston --
Lord Maxwell's Last Goodnight --
The Fire of Frendraught --
The Bonnie House o' Airlie --
Bessy Bell and Mary Gray --
The Baron of Braikley --
The Battle of Bothwell Bridge --
The Jolly Beggar --
The Gaberlunzie-Man --
Johnie Blunt --
The Cunning Clerk --
Kellyburnbraes --
Room for a Jovial Tinker: Old Brass to Mend --
The Merchant and the Fidler's Wife --
The Unfortunate Miller; Or, The Country Lasses witty Invention --
The Crafty Miss of London; or, The Fryar well Fitted --
The Fair Lass of Islington --Squire and Milkmaid; or, Blackberry Fold --
Verses on Daniel Good --
Bristowe Tragedie Or the Dethe of Syr Charles Bawdin --
Cumnor Hall --
William Bond --
Red Harlaw --
The Three Sailors --
Stratton Water --
Duriesdyke --
Sir Halewyn
Verantwoordelijkheid: by James Kinsley.


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