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The Oxford book of English traditional verse Titelvorschau

The Oxford book of English traditional verse

Verfasser/in: Fred Woods
Verlag: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1983.
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Gattung/Form: Texts
Physisches Format Online version:
Oxford book of English traditional verse.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1983
Dokumenttyp: Buch
Alle Autoren: Fred Woods
ISBN: 0192141325 9780192141323
OCLC-Nummer: 8785747
Beschreibung: xxvi, 397 pages ; 23 cm
Inhalt: History for the people. Queen Eleanor's confession --
Robin Hood's progress to Nottingham --
Robin Hood's death --
Chevy Chase --
Henry V's conquest of France --
The Agincourt carol --
Six dukes went a-fishing --
The death of Queen Jane --
The young Earl of Essex's victory over the emperor of Germany --
Captain Ward and the rainbow --
George Ridler's oven --
The Duke of Marlborough --
Bold General Wolfe --
Under the rose --
Grand conversation on Brave Nelson --
Nelson's death --
Lamentation on the death of the Duke of Wellington --
Balaclava --
Grace darling. The pain of love. Lady Maisry --
Child Waters --
Lord Thomas and Fair Ellinor --
The gypsy countess --
Fair Margaret and Sweet William --
The brown girl --
The trees they do grow high --
Let the wind blow high or low --
My Johnny --
The grey cock --
The unquiet grave --
Picking lilies --
I live not where I love --
The willow tree --
Cupid the ploughboy --
Ellen Taylor --
Molly of the North Country --
The lamenting maid --
Arise, arise --
Whistle, daughter, whistle --
The seeds of love --
A brisk young widow --
The wandering shepherdess --
The betrayed maiden --
The blacksmith --
Love is teasing --
An old man he courted me --
An ape, lion, fox, and ass --
Come all you young ladies and gentlemen --
The shoemakker [i.e. shoemaker] --
A poor man's work is never done --
The fox and the hare --
Household remedies. The joys of love. Lord Bateman --
The famous flower of serving-men --
Searching for lambs --
The banks of Claudy --
The only daughter --
The streams of lovely Nancy --
The rifles --
To milk in the valley below --
New garden fields --
Grandma's advice --
Blackberry fold --
The pride of Kildare --
My man John --
The sign of the bonny blue bell --
The green mossy banks of Lee --
The foggy dew (a) --
The foggy dew (b) --
Seventeen come Sunday --
A farmer's son so sweet --
William and Phyllis --
Locks and bolts --
Young Barnswell --
Billy boy --
Oh no John --
Arise and pick a posy --
Polly Oliver's rambles --
Johnny Sands --
The shepherd and shepherdess --
I know where I'm going --
Old Brown's daughter --
The bailiff's daughter of Islington --
The queen of hearts --
The three ravens --
Spencer the rover --
When Adam was first created --
The jolly shilling --
Nine times a night --
My old wife's a good old cratur --
Wedding song --
Dance to thee daddy. Seduction and betrayal. Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard --
Barbara Allen --
The carpenter's wife --
The wanton seed --
Rosemary Lane --
As I walked through the meadows --
I wish, I wish --
The Broomfield wager --
Blow away the morning dew --
Early in the springtime --
The buxom young dairy maid --
The buck's elegy --
The sailor cut down in his prime --
Died of love --
Down by the riverside --
Abroad as I was walking --
Love it is pleasing --
The mower --
Strawberry Fair --
The cuckoo (a) --
The cuckoo (b) --
The brickster --
Gently Johnny my jingalo --
Hares on the mountain --
The false bride --
The Leicester chambermaid --
In Oxford city --
The posy of thyme --
Saw you my father --
Bushes and briars --
The water is wide --
The new Bury loom. Soldiers and sailors. The Golden Vanity --
The female sailor --
Early, early in the spring --
Our captain cried all hands --
Adieu my lovely Nancy --
Our ship she lies in harbour --
The shepherdess and the sailor --
Just as the tide was a-flowing --
Pleasant and delightful --
William Taylor --
The saucy sailor --
Sweet William --
The Flying Cloud --
The Indian lass --
The Greenland whale fishery --
A British man-of-war --
Blooming Sally --
Jack Robinson --
Rude Boreas --
The Manchester ship canal --
The sound of the drum --
Bonnets so blue --
The trooper's horse --
The royal light dragoon --
A bold dragoon --
The bold dragoon --
High Germany --
Why, soldiers, why? --
Arthur McBride --
The recruiting sergeant --
The rambling soldier --
The girl I left behind --
The banks of the Nile --
The plains of Waterloo --
The recruited collier --
The orphan boy --
The old battalion. Crime and punishment. Little Sir Hugh --
The outlandish knight --
Geordie --
Young Edwin in the Lowlands low --
The constant farmer's son --
Mary in the silvery tide --
Gilderoy --
Lambkin --
The cruel mother --
Henry my son --
Green and yellow --
The swan swims so bonny --
The execution of Luke Hutton --
Dick Turpin's ride --
Jack Hall --
The Sheffield apprentice --
The rambling boy --
Limbo --
Van Dieman's land (a) --
Van Dieman's land (b) --
The murder of Maria Marten --
Constance Kent --
Mary Arnold the female monster --
McCaffery. Christian and other festivals. The holy well --
The bitter withy --
God made a trance --
The seven virgins --
The leaves of life --
Dives and Lazarus --
Jacob's well --
Christchurch bells --
The man that lives --
Our saviour's love --
The dilly song --
The new dial --
Down in the forest --
The truth from above --
The moon shines bright --
The carnal and the crane --
The cherry-tree carol --
The virgin unspotted --
The holly and the ivy --
Christmas now is drawing near --
On Christmas day --
Softly the night --
New Year's carol --
May song --
May carol --
Thames Head wassailer's song --
Gloucestershire wassail --
Somerset wassail --
Apple wassail --
Bee wassail --
Souling song. The country year. The cuckoo --
John Barleycorn --
What's the life of a man? --
A sweet country life --
The north country maid --
Lace tell --
A-begging buttermilk I will go --
The nobleman and the thresherman --
Good company --
How happy the man --
The beggar --
Now we've met --
The Dunmow flitch of bacon --
Ground for the floor --
Country statutes --
Country hirings --
The farmer's boy --
A Lincolnshire shepherd --
Sheep shearing --
All jolly fellows that follow the plough --
Once I was a shepherd boy --
The jolly waggoner --
The husbandman and the serving-man --
The carter --
The miller and his sons --
Poor old horse --
Bold Reynard the fox --
We'll all go a-hunting today --
The Nottingham poacher --
The three tall men --
The cock of the game --
Master McGrath --
The bullard's song --
When this old hat was new --
The new-fashioned farmer --
The cottager's complaint --
My master and I --
Pity poor labourers --
The labouring man --
The painful plough --
An old man's advice --
Adieu to Old England --
The English labourer --
The Owslebury lads. The rise of industry. The poor man pays for all --
Poverty knock --
The poor cotton weaver --
The carpet-weaver's lament --
The weaver and the factory maid --
The jute mill song --
Funny rigs of good and tender-hearted masters --
General Ludd's triumph --
The cropper lads --
July wakes --
Brave collier lads --
The collier lad's lament --
Call the horse, marrow --
Fourpence a day --
The Oakey Stree evictions --
The Blantyre explosion --
The Trimdon Grange explosion --
The Gresford disaster --
The old miner --
The strike --
The colliers' march --
The collier's rant --
A miner's life --
Jowl, jowl, and listen --
The blackleg miner --
Striking times --
The Manchester ship canal --
The new navigation --
The Oxford and Hampton Railway --
The dalesman's litany --
The dandy horse --
My grandfather's days --
Humphrey Hardfeature's description of cast-iron inventions --
A new hunting song --
London adulterations --
How five and twenty shillings were expended in a week --
An appeal to unemployed ex-service men. Tradition in the making. Unaccompanied / Harvey Andrews --
Sweet loving friendship / Peter Bellamy --
Now I'm easy ; No man's land ; The band played Waltzing Matilda / Eric Bogle --
The first of my lovers ; Lord of the dance / Sydney Carter --
The wizard of Alderley Edge / Peter Coe --
Song for Ireland ; Blood on the sails / Phil and June Colclough --
Grey October / The Critics --
Mr. Gunman / Vin Garbutt --
The escalator ; Little Tommy Yesterday ; Hands / Alex Glasgow --
January man ; The long and lonely winter / Dave Goulder --
Christmas 1914 / Mike Harding --
Freeborn man ; The dove / Ewan MacColl --
First and last man / Ralph McTell --
Dancing at Whitsun / Austin John Marshall --
Palaces of gold / Leon Rosselson --
Sally free and easy ; On a Monday morning ; The Grey Funnel Line ; Reunion / Cyril Tawney --
Time ; Ballad for the unknown soldier ; Still he sings / Allan Taylor.
Verfasserangabe: chosen and edited by Frederick Woods.


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