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The papers / 31 1 February 1799 to 31 May 1800. Titelvorschau

The papers / 31 1 February 1799 to 31 May 1800.

Verfasser/in: Thomas Jefferson; Barbara B Oberg; Julian P Boyd; John Catanzariti
Herausgeber: Princeton, NJ : Princeton Univ. Press, 2004.
Ausgabe/Format   Gedrucktes Buch : Englisch

Sifting information from rumors and private letters, Jefferson follows events in Europe, including Bonaparte's unexpected rise to power in France, and sees the value of his tobacco crop plummet as US  Weiterlesen…


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Name: Thomas Jefferson; Thomas Jefferson
Dokumenttyp Buch
Alle Autoren: Thomas Jefferson; Barbara B Oberg; Julian P Boyd; John Catanzariti
ISBN: 0691118957 9780691118956
OCLC-Nummer: 230143081
Beschreibung: XLV, 683 S. : ill
Inhalt: Foreword viiEditorial Method and Apparatus xiiiIllustrations xliJefferson Chronology 21799To Elisha Boudinot, 1 February 33From Aaron Burr, 3 February 44From John Cleves Symmes, 3 February 55From James Wood, 4 February 88To James Madison, 5 February 99To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 5 February 11 11To John Wayles Eppes, 7 February 12To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 7 February 13To George Jefferson, enclosing Tobacco Statement, 7 February 14From John C.Ogden, 7 February 16From James Madison, 8 February 18From Martha Jefferson Randolph, 8 February 20From Bishop James Madison, 10 February 21To Aaron Burr, 11 February 22To James Monroe, 11 February 23Notes on the Connecticut Cession, 11 February 25From Daniel Clark, 12 February 27To James Madison, 12 February 29To Thomas Mann Randolph, 12 February 31From John Page, 13 February 32To Archibald Stuart, 13 February 33To Tench Coxe, 14 February 36To Edmund Pendleton, 14 February 36From James Monroe, 15 February 40From John Taylor, 15 February 40From George Jefferson, 16 February 42From George Jefferson, 19 February 43To James Madison, enclosing Extracts on Relations Between United States and France, 19 February 44To James Monroe, 19 February To Edmund Pendleton, 19 February 48To Thomas Mann Randolph, 19 February 50To Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 21 February 51From Cipriano Ribeiro Freire, 22 February 54From Martha Jefferson Randolph, 22 February 54To Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 22 February 55To Robert R. Livingston, 23 February 56To George Jefferson, 24 February 57From Edmund Pendleton, 24 February 58To Elisha Boudinot, 25 February 60To Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 25 February 60To Louis of Parma, 25 February 61From Timothy Pickering, 25 February 62To George Jefferson, 26 February 63To James Madison, 26 February 63To Thomas Mann Randolph, 26 February 65From Thomas Lomax, [before 27] February 66To Bishop James Madison, 27 February 67To William G.Munford, 27 February 68Statement of Account from John Francis, [1 March] 69From Harry Innes, 2 March 69From John C.Ogden, 5 March 72To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 8 March 75From John Barnes, 10 March 75To Thomas Lomax, 12 March 77From Mary Jefferson Eppes, 13 March 78Notes on Postal Service between Philadelphia and Charlottesville, [on or after 13 March] 79To George Jefferson, 16 March 80From John Barnes, 17 March 81To George Jefferson & Company, 18 March 82From George Jefferson, 18 March 82To Samuel Clarke, 21 March 83To John McDowell, 21 March 83From John McDowell, 21 March 84From John Carr, 22 March 84From George Jefferson & Company, 26 March 85From Carlo Bellini, 1 April 85From George Jefferson, 1 April 86From John Barnes, 2 April 87To George Jefferson, 5 April 88From John Barnes, 6 April From John Barnes, 6 April 90From George Jefferson, 8 April 90From Sir John Sinclair, 8 April 91To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 13 April 91From John McDowell, 13 April 92To George Jefferson, 18 April 93From Lafayette, 19 April 94From George Jefferson, 22 April 96To Edmund Pendleton, 22 April 96To Carlo Bellini, 24 April 98From Tench Coxe, 29 April 100From John Barnes, 1 May 102To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 2 May 102From La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, 4 May 104From George Jefferson & Company, 6 May 104To James Lyle, 6 May 105To Henry Remsen, [6 May] 105To John Wickham, 6 May 107From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 12 May 107To James Monroe, 13 May 108To John McDowell, 14 May 109To Archibald Stuart, 14 May 109From John McDowell, 16 May 111To George Jefferson, 18 May 111To Tench Coxe, 21 May 112To John Barnes, 26 May 114From John Barnes, 26 May 115From George Jefferson, 27 May 116To George Jefferson, 29 May 117To George Wythe, 29 May 118From George Jefferson, 3 June 118To John Wayles Eppes, 7 June 119To George Jefferson, 8 June 120To Henry Remsen, 8 June 121From George Jefferson, 10 June 122To John Barnes, 15 June 123To George Jefferson, 15 June 124From George Jefferson & Company, 17 June 125From George Jefferson, 17 June 126To William G. Munford, 18 June 126From John Barnes, 20 June 130To Harry Innes, 20 June From Tench Coxe, 21 June 132To George Jefferson, 21 June 135To Daniel Clark, 23 June 135From George Jefferson, 23 June 136To Tench Coxe, 24 June 137To William Dunbar, 24 June 137From Mary Jefferson Eppes, 26 June 139Indenture for Land Exchange with Nicholas Meriwether Lewis and Mildred Hornsby Lewis, 1 July 140From William Short, 2 July 144To George Jefferson, 3 June [i.e.,July] 145To Thomas Mann Randolph, 3 July 146To John Wayles Eppes, 4 July 146From George Jefferson, 8 July 147To George Jefferson, 12 July 148From George Jefferson, 14 July 149To George Jefferson, 25 July 149From George Jefferson & Company, 29 July 150From Benjamin Rush, 29 July 150To John McDowell, 31 July 151From Elijah Griffths, 4 August 151From William Cobbett, 5 August 153Indenture for the Sale of Elk Hill, 5 August 162From James Thomson Callender, 10 August 163To Daniel Call, 15 August 165To John Barnes, 16 August 166To George Jefferson, 16 August 167To William G. Munford, 16 August 168To Edmund Randolph, 18 August 168To George Jefferson, 19 August 172From Wilson Cary Nicholas, 20 August 172To James Madison, 23 August 172From Joseph Mathias Gerard de Rayneval, 24 August 175From Daniel Call, 26 August 176From George Jefferson, 26 August 177To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 26 August 177From George Jefferson, 27 August 178To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 5 September 178To James Thomson Callender, 6 September 179To George Jefferson, 6 September 182To Benjamin Rush, 12 September 182From Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 15 September 184To John Barnes, enclosing Statement of Account with John Barnes, 16 September 185To William Frederick Ast, [17]September 186To William Bache, 20 September 188From Daniel Call, 23 September 190To Archibald Stuart, 24 September 191To John Coalter, 25 September 192To Daniel Call, 28 September 193From James Thomson Callender, 29 September 194From Morgan Brown, 1 October 195To John McDowell, 1 October 196Indenture with Craven Peyton for the Lease of Fields at Shadwell, 1 October 197From John McDowell, 3 October 200To James Thomson Callender, 6 October 200From William Dunbar, 4 [i.e., 6] October 203From James Thomson Callender, 7 October 203From George Jefferson, 7 October 204From Philip Norborne Nicholas, 8 October 204From Daniel Call, 13 October, enclosing Virginia High Court of Chancery Decree, 1 October 205To Charles Clay, 14 October 208To George Jefferson, 14 October 209To George Jefferson, 14 October 210To Henry Remsen, 14 October 211To John Barnes, 15 October 212To James Brown, 16 October 213To Carter Bassett Harrison, 16 October 213To Peyton Short, 16 October 214To George Jefferson, 17 October 215To Thomas Newton, 17 October 216To Daniel Call, 23 October 217From Thomas Newton, [23 October] 218From Joseph Barnes, 25 October 218From James Brown, 27 October 221To Stevens Thomson Mason, 27 October 222From George Jefferson, 28 October 224To George Ruffn, 28 October 225To Charles Pinckney, 29 October 226From Dugald Stewart, 29 October 228Memorandum to Thomas Mann Randolph, 30 October 229To Littleton W. Tazewell, 30 October 229Notes on Sir William Scott, 1 November 231From James Madison, 2 November 231To Philip Norborne Nicholas, 2 November 232From James Madison, 3 November 233From George Jefferson, 4 November 233To George Jefferson, 8 November 234To George Jefferson, 8 November 234From George Jefferson, 11 November 235From Daniel Clark, 12 November 236From James Thomson Callender, 16 November 238From George Jefferson, 18 November 239To John Coalter, 19 November 240To James Madison, 22 November 240From George Jefferson, 25 November 242To James Madison, 26 November 243To John Taylor, 26 November 244To William Bache, 27 November 245To George Jefferson, 28 November 246Safe Conduct for Three Chickasaw Indians, 28 November 246To James Wood, 28 November 247From John Coalter, 29 November 248From George Ruffn, 30 November 249From George Jefferson, 2 December 250From Thomas Mann Randolph, 3 December 250To George Jefferson, 4 December 251To John Harvie, enclosing Statement for Arbitrators in Land Dispute with John Harvie, 5 December 252From Peyton Short, 5 December 259From Harry Innes, 6 December 260From Jean Xavier Bureaux de Pusy, 9 December 264From Samuel Adams, 11 December 265From John Breckinridge, 13 December 266From James Thomson Callender, 18 December 268To John Coalter, 19 December 268To George Jefferson, 19 December 269Memorandum to Richard Richardson, [ca.21 December] 270To John Wayles Eppes, 21 December 274From Charles Brockden Brown, 25 December 275From George Jefferson, 26 December 276Notes on Treasury Statement, [after 28 December] 277From James Madison, 29 December Memorandum on Attendance of the Vice President, [after 29 December] 280From George Jefferson, 31 December 284Notes on the Doctrine of Epicurus, [ca.1799?] 284BOOKID1800To Tench Coxe, 1 January 285From John Wayles Eppes, 1 January 286To George Jefferson, 1 January 286Notes on a Conversation with Tench Coxe, 2 January 287From James Madison, 4 January 288From James Monroe, 4 January 289To Bishop James Madison, 6 January 291To Jean Xavier Bureaux de Pusy, [7 January] 292American Philosophical Society Memorial to U.S. Congress, [7-10 January] 293From James Madison, 9 January 295To Thomas McKean, 9 January 296Notes on a Conversation with Benjamin Rush, 10 January 296To George Jefferson, 12 January 297From James Madison, 12 January 299To James Monroe, 12 January 300Notes on a Conversation with Samuel Smith, 12 January 301To George Jefferson & Company, 13 January 302Notes on a Conversation with John Nicholas, 13 January 303From Josiah Parker, 13 January 303To Josiah Parker, 13 January 304To Thomas Mann Randolph, 13 January 304To Henry Remsen, 14 January 307To Charles Brockden Brown, 15 January 308To Jonathan Williams, 15 January 308To Morgan Brown, 16 January 309To Daniel Clark, 16 January 309To William Dunbar, 16 January 311To James Wilkinson, 16 January 312To Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, [17 January] 313To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 17 January 314From Bishop James Madison, 17 January 316From George Jefferson, 18 January 318From James Madison, 18 January 319To Joseph Priestley, 18 January 319From Thomas Mann Randolph, 18 January 323Notes on a Conversation with Wilson Cary Nicholas, 19 January 324From James Barbour, 20 January 325From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 20 January 326From George Jefferson, 20 January 329To Angelica Schuyler Church, 21 January 330To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 21 January 331To Catherine Church, 22 January 332To John Wayles Eppes, 22 January 333From Benjamin Hawkins, 23 January 334To Harry Innes, 23 January 335Notes on a Conversation with Mr. Smith of Hamburg, 24 January 337From Henry Remsen, 25 January 338To Joseph Priestley, 27 January 339To Thomas Mann Randolph, 28 January 341To William Wardlaw, 28 January 342To John Breckinridge, 29 January 344From Joseph Priestley, 30 January 346From Martha Jefferson Randolph, 30 January 347To Richard Symonds, 30 January 348From Samuel Adams, 31 January 349To Bishop James Madison, 31 January 349To John McDowell, 1 February 352Notes on a Conversation with Benjamin Rush, 1 February 352To William Bache, 2 February 353To Elisha Boudinot, 2 February 355From Philip Norborne Nicholas, 2 February 356To Thomas Mann Randolph, 2 February 357To Thomas Mann Randolph, 4 February 359From George Jefferson, 5 February 361To George Jefferson, 6 February 361To James Monroe, 6 February 362From John Wayles Eppes, 7 February 362To Richard Richardson, 10 February 363From Bishop James Madison, 11 February 364To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 11 February 365To Aaron Burr, 12 February 367To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 12 February 367To George Jefferson, [12]February 369To Uzal Ogden, 12 February From Samuel Miller, 13 February 370Statement of John Sappington, 13 February 370From James Madison, 14 February 374From John McDowell, 14 February 375From Littleton W. Tazewell, 14 February 375From James Thomson Callender, 15 February 376From John Wayles Eppes, 16 February 377From Baron von Geismar, 16 February 378To James Monroe, 16 February 381To Thomas Mann Randolph, 17 February 382To Richard Richardson, 17 February 383From George Jefferson, 19 February 385From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 20 February 385From John Wayles Eppes, 20 February 386To John Beale Bordley, 21 February 387To George Jefferson, 21 February 388From Thomas Mann Randolph, 22 February 389From George Wythe, 22 February 391To John Barnes, 24 February 392From John Heckewelder, 24 February 393From George Jefferson, 24 February 393To Samuel Miller, 25 February 394To Samuel Adams, 26 February 395To Auguste Belin, 27 February 396From Robert R. Livingston, 28 February 397Statement of William Robinson, 28 February 397To George Wythe, 28 February 400To Benjamin Smith Barton, 1 March 402To William Jackson, 1 March 402From Thomas Mann Randolph, 1 March 403From Joseph Barnes, 4 March 403To George Jefferson, 4 March 406To James Madison, 4 March 407From Samuel Miller, 4 March 411From James Monroe, 4 March 413To Thomas Mann Randolph, 4 March 413To Henry Remsen, 4 March 415Notes on Senate Debates, [after 5 March] 416To Auguste Belin, 6 March 417To John Dickinson, 7 March 417To George Jefferson, 7 March 418From Thomas McKean, 7 March To Thomas Mann Randolph, 7 March 420Notes on John Marshall 's Speech, [after 7 March] 421To John Wayles Eppes, 8 March 421To George Jefferson, 9 March 423From Henry Knox, 9 March 423To Thomas Mann Randolph, 9 March 425To Henry Remsen, 9 March 425From Joseph Barnes, 10 March 426From James Thomson Callender, 10 March 427To George Jefferson, 11 March 428From George Jefferson, 11 March 428Notes on Conversations with Abigail Adams and Edward Dowse, 11 March 429To Thomas Mann Randolph, 11 March 430Notes on Senate Debates, [11-12 March] 430To George Jefferson, 13 March 431To George Meade, 13 March 432From James Thomson Callender, 14 March 432To David Campbell, 14 March 433From John Gibson, 14 March 435To Benjamin Hawkins, 14 March 435From George Jefferson, 14 March 437Notes on Charleston Printers, 14 March 438From William Floyd, 15 March 438From James Madison, 15 March 439From John Wayles Eppes, 16 March 440To James Lyle, 17 March 441From Edmund Pendleton, 17 March 442To Littleton W. Tazewell, 17 March 442From B.D. Armistead, 18 March 443From John Dickinson, [18 March] 445From James Monroe, 18 March 446From George Isham Parkyns, 18 March 446Notes on Senate Debates, 19 March 447To B.D. Armistead, 20 March 448To George Jefferson, 20 March 448To John Gibson, 21 March 449Notes on John Marshall, 21 March 451From Thomas Cooper, [23 March] 451From William Duane, 24 March 453Notes on a Conversation with Perez Morton, 24 March 454To James Madison, 25 March From Robert Patterson, 25 March 456Statement for the Aurora , 25 March 457To James Monroe, 26 March 461From James Monroe, 26 March 463To William Short, 26 March 463From William Duane, 27 March 466From George Jefferson, 27 March 467Notes on a Conversation with Hugh Henry Brackenridge, 27 March 467Notes on a Conversation with Benjamn Rush, [27 March or after] 469From Littleton W. Tazewell, 29 March 470From Bishop James Madison, 30 March 472To Thomas Mann Randolph, 31 March 472To Richard Richardson, 31 March 474From David Campbell, 2 April 475To Peter Carr, 4 April 475Deposition of John Gibson, 4 April 477To James Madison, 4 April 480From James Madison, 4 April 481To Thomas Mann Randolph, 4 April 482To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 6 April 484To Philip Norborne Nicholas, 7 April 485To George Wythe, enclosing Queries on Parliamentary Procedure, 7 April 486To Henry Knox, 8 April 487To Everard Meade, 8 April 488From James Monroe, 8 April 489To Littleton W. Tazewell, 10 April 491From George Wythe, 10 April 494From Edward Livingston, 11 April 494To Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 12 April 495From Thomas Mann Randolph, 12 April 497To Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 12 April 497To James Monroe, 13 April 499Jefferson 's Letter to William Short 500I. To William Short, 13 April 501II. Partial Copy from Memory, 9 May 511III. Statement of Account with William Short, [ca.13 April-May] 513IV. Statement of John Barnes 's Account with William Short, [ca.13 April-May] 516V. Form of Lease, [ca.13 April-May] 518To George Jefferson, 15 April From George Jefferson, 15 April 520To George Jefferson, 19 April 520To Edmund Pendleton, 19 April 520From Thomas Mann Randolph, [ca.19 April] 522From James Madison, 20 April 524From James Thomson Callender, 21 April 525To Martha Jefferson Carr, 21 April 525From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 21 April 527To John Wayles Eppes, 21 April 531From George Jefferson, 21 April 532From John Wayles Eppes, 22 April 533To William Hamilton, 22 April 533To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 22 April 535To Richard Richardson, 22 April 536From James Monroe, 23 April 537From James Monroe, 23 April 538To William Thornton, 23 April 538From George Wythe, 23 April 539From George Jefferson, 24 April 540From James Monroe, 26 April 540From James Madison, 27 April 542From Aaron Burr, 28 April 543From James Thomson Callender, 28 April 543To Philip Mazzei, 29 April 543Notes on Senate Debates, 29 April 545To Richard Richardson, 29 April 546To Edward Livingston, 30 April 546To Robert R. Livingston, 30 April 549Recipients of Appendix to the Notes on the State of Virginia, [ca. April] 551From Edward Livingston, [before 3 May] 554To Edmund Pendleton, 3 May 555From Tench Coxe, 4 May 555From Aaron Burr, [before 5 May] 556To Joseph Anthony, 6 May 556From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 6 May 558To Dugnani, 7 May 559To Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 7 May 560To Thomas Mann Randolph, 7 May 561From William Thornton, 7 May 563From John Dickinson, 8 May From Joseph Priestley, enclosing Thoughts on Education, 8 May 567To Van Staphorst & Hubbard, 8 May 570From William Frederick Ast, 10 May 571To Samuel Brown, 10 May 573From Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 10 May 574Statement of Account from John Barnes, 10 May 575To Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 12 May 578To James Madison, 12 May 579To Samuel A. Otis, 14 May 580To Thomas Mann Randolph, 14 May 581Statement of Account from John Francis, 15 May 582From Martha Jefferson Randolph, 15 May 582Mortgage of Slaves and Goods from Edmund Randolph, 19 May 583From James Wilkinson, 22 May 585From John Barnes, enclosing Statement of Account, 24 May 586From James Monroe, 25 May 588To James Monroe, 26 May 590From Gibson & Jefferson, 27 May 591From Andrew Ellicott, 28 May 592From Daniel Clark, 29 May 593Appendix: Notations by Jefferson on Senate Documents 597Index 613
Verfasserangabe: Julian P. Boyd, ed. [später: Barbara B. Oberg, general ed.].


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