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The papers of Thomas Jefferson / Retirement series. Vol. 5, 1 May 1812 to 10 March 1813 / J. Jefferson Looney, ed.

Editora: Princeton, NJ [u.a.] : Princeton Univ. Press, 2008.
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Contains Thomas Jefferson's papers from the end of his presidency until his death. This work includes 592 documents from 1 May 1812 to 10 March 1813.


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Tipo de Documento Livro
ISBN: 9780691137711 0691137714
Número OCLC: 698958884
Descrição: L, 737 S., [4] Bl. : ill., Kt.
Conteúdos: Foreword viiAcknowledgments ixEditorial Method and Apparatus xiiiMaps xliiiIllustrations xlviiJefferson Chronology 21812From John Adams, 1 May 3Account with Isham Chisholm, [ca. 1 May] 5Notes on Expenses, [ca. 1 May] 5From Elbridge Gerry, 1 May 6From John Vaughan, 1 May 7From John Armstrong, 2 May 8To William C. C. Claiborne, 2 May 9To John Dawson, 2 May 9To William Eustis, 2 May 10To James Madison, 2 May 11From John Adams, 3 May 11To Nicolas G. Dufief, 3 May 14To James Hamilton, 4 May 14From William J. Stone, 4 May 15From George Hay, 5 May 16To William McClure, 5 May 17To Lancelot Minor, 5 May 17From John Redman Coxe, 6 May 18From Valentin de Foronda, 6 May 19From William Thornton, 8 May, enclosing William Cranch to William Thornton, 9 May, and William Thornton to Thomas Jefferson, [ca. 9 May] 21From Caspar Wistar, 9 May 25To Elizabeth Trist, 10 May 26From John Barnes, 11 May 27From Lewis Bryant, [received 11 May] 28From Peter Derieux, enclosing Notes on Tarragon by an UnidentiAed Author, 11 May 29Memorandum to Jeremiah A. Goodman, 12 May 31To Samuel J. Harrison, 12 May 31To William Mitchell, 12 May 32Notes on a Conversation with James Steptoe, [ca. 12 May] 32Notes on Poplar Forest and on Scott v. Jefferson and Harrison, [ca. 12 May] 33From Nicolas G. Dufief, 13 May 36From Chandler Price, 13 May 36From Earl Sturtevant, 13 May 38To Bowling Clark, 14 May 39To William P. Martin, 14 May 40From John Williams, 14 May 41From Samuel B. Malcom, 15 May 42From Littleton W. Tazewell, 15 May 43From Cyrus B. Clay, [received 16 May] 48From William P. Martin, [received 16 May] 48From William & Reuben Mitchell, 16 May 50From Archibald Robertson, 16 May 51From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 17 May 51To Joseph Slaughter, 17 May 56From John Tyler, 17 May 57From John Barnes, 18 May 59Mortgage of Campbell County Land to Samuel J. Harrison, 18 May 61James C. Steptoe to James Steptoe, 18 May 62To Samuel J. Harrison, 19 May 63From Nathaniel G. M. Senter, 19 May 64From Lafayette, 20 May 68From John Adams, 21 May 70From Madame Bureaux de Pusy, 23 May 71From John Graham, 23 May 72To Lancelot Minor, 23 May 73To John Jacob Astor, 24 May 74To David Higginbotham, [24 May] 75From Alexander Quarrier, 24 May 76Richard Rush's Proposal that Thomas Jefferson become Secretary of State, 24 May 78To William Thornton, 24 May 80From Colin Buckner, 25 May 81To James Madison, 25 May 81From James Madison, 25 May 82To John Vaughan, 25 May 83From Charles Clay, 26 May 84To James Monroe, 26 May 84To Charles Blagrove, 27 May 87From Bowling Clark, 27 May 88Notes on Samuel Scott's Bill of Complaint, [ca. 27 May] 89To Archibald Thweatt, 27 May 90To Patrick Gibson, 29 May 91To Robert Patterson, 29 May 92To John Staples, 29 May 93To Caspar Wistar, 29 May 94To James Madison, 30 May 95To Lancelot Minor, 30 May 95To William J. Stone, 30 May 97From Anonymous ("Goodwill"), 1 June 97To Peter Derieux, 1 June 98To Lewis A. Pauly, 1 June 99To John Redman Coxe, 2 June 100From Andrew Ellicott, 3 June 100To John Wayles Eppes, 3 June 102From Charles Blagrove, 4 June 103From John Daingerfield, 5 June 103To William Eustis, 6 June 104To Charles J. Ingersoll, 6 June 106To James Madison, 6 June 107To Thomas BruC, 7 June 108To William Burns, enclosing Certificate of Acquaintance with Alexander Quarrier, 7 June 108To Abraham Howard Quincy, 7 June 109To Earl Sturtevant, 7 June 111From Elizabeth Trist, 7 June 111From Robert Mills, 8 June 114From John Vaughan, 8 June 114From Gibson & Jefferson, enclosing Flour Account with Gibson & Jefferson, 9 June 115From Lewis A. Pauly, 9 June 116To James Leitch, 10 June 119Account with Randolph & McKinney, [ca. 10 June] 120To John Adams, 11 June 122To Elbridge Gerry, 11 June 125From Elbridge Gerry, 12 June 127To Charles Blagrove, 15 June 128To Zachariah Morris, 15 June 128To Eleuthere I. du Pont de Nemours, 16 June 129From Eleuthere I. du Pont de Nemours, 16 June 130To Ebenezer Herrick, 16 June 131To Patrick Gibson, 17 June 132To Benjamin Jones, 17 June 133To James Leitch, 17 June 133To William Thornton, 17 June 134To John Tyler, 17 June 134From Gibson & Jefferson, 18 June 138From David Michie, 18 June 138From William Thornton, 18 June 141From Ebenezer Herrick, 19 June 142To Littleton W. Tazewell, 19 June 143To John Barnes, 20 June 145From Joseph St. Leger d'Happart, 20 June 145To David Michie, 20 June 147To William Thornton, 20 June 148From David Michie, 21 June 149To Ezra Sargeant, 21 June 151From Charles Artzt, 22 June, enclosing George Sullivan's Recommendation of Charles Artzt, 25 May 1811 151To Joseph Darmsdatt, 22 June 155From James Madison, 22 June 156To David Michie, 22 June 156Statement of Joseph Jones Monroe, 22 June 158From Charles Blagrove, 23 June 159From Donald Fraser, 23 June 159From Gibson & Jefferson, 23 June 161From Archibald Thweatt, 23 June, enclosing Richard Stith's Receipt for John Wayles's Land Purchase, 11 Jan. 1771 161From Henry Wheaton, 23 June 163To Madame Bureaux de Pusy, 24 June 163From Joseph Darmsdatt, 24 June 164To Sarah Bowdoin (Dearborn), 24 June 165To Andrew Ellicott, 24 June 165To Robert Mills, 24 June 166From Abraham Howard Quincy, 24 June 167From Abraham Howard Quincy, 24 June 167To John Wayles Eppes, 25 June 171From Charles Hall, 25 June 172To James Hamilton, 25 June 174From David Gelston, 26 June 175From John E. Hall, 26 June 175From John Barnes, 27 June 177From Peter Lenox, 27 June 177To David Michie, 27 June 179From David Michie, 27 June 180From William Pinkney, 27 June 180From William Thornton, 27 June 181From John Adams, 28 June 182To Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 28 June 186From Madame de Tesse, 28 June 188To James Madison, 29 June 191Deposition by James Lewis, with Queries Posed by Thomas Jefferson and David Michie, 1 July 192From Victor du Pont, 2 July 198To David Gelston, 2 July 201To Ebenezer Herrick, 2 July 202From Alexander L. Joncherez, 2 July 202From Honore Julien, 2 July 204From Benjamin Henry Latrobe, 2 July 205To John S. Ravenscroft, 3 July 207To William Thornton, 3 July 209To Archibald Thweatt, 3 July 210To John Vaughan, 3 July 211From Lafayette, 4 July 212To Charles Artzt, 5 July 215To Martin Oster, 5 July 216To Lewis A. Pauly, 5 July 216To Nathaniel G. M. Senter, 5 July 218To Henry Wheaton, 5 July 219To John E. Hall, 6 July 219From Robert Wright, 6 [July] 220From David Gelston, 7 July 220From William Birch, 8 July 221To Charles Blagrove, 8 July 222To William Prichard, 8 July 222To Thomas Cooper, 10 July 223From Harrison Dance, 10 July 224To Patrick Gibson, 10 July 225From Charles J. Ingersoll, 10 July 225From James Jones Wilmer, 10 [July] 226Peter Minor to Thomas Mann Randolph, 11 July 227From Lewis A. Pauly, 11 July 228Notes on Evidence Needed in Scott v. Jefferson and Harrison, [before 11 July] 229Answer to Bill of Complaint in Scott v. Jefferson and Harrison, 11 July 230To Benjamin Henry Latrobe, 12 July 238To George Hay, 13 July 239To William Marshall, 13 July 240From William Thornton, 13 July 241To William Wirt, 13 July 242From Thomas Lehre, 14 July 243To George Hay, 16 July 245From William Lambert, 16 July 245From James Maury, 16 July 251To Samuel Pleasants, 16 July 253From William Prichard, 16 July 254From William Duane, 17 July 254From Fontaine Maury, 18 July 258From Richard Rush, 18 July 259From William P. Newby, 19 [July] 260From David Michie, 20 July 260From William Wirt, 20 July 263From Theodorus Bailey, 21 July 263From Gibson & Jefferson, 21 July 264From George Hay, 21 July 264From Louis Philippe Gallot de Lormerie, 21 July 265From John S. Ravenscroft, 21 July 268From William F. Gordon, 22 July 269From Baron Karl von Moll, 22 July, enclosing Membership Diploma in the Agricultural Society of Bavaria, 13 February 270John Watson's Writ to Summon a Jury regarding Land Seized by David Michie, 23 July 274To John L. Thomas, 24 July 274From Thomas Cooper, 25 July 275From Norborne K. Thomas, 25 July 277From Samuel Pleasants, 27 July 278Jury Findings regarding Land Seized by David Michie, 30 July 278Warrant for Restitution of Land Seized by David Michie, 30 July 280From John B. Colvin, 1 August 282Samuel J. Harrison's Answer to Bill of Complaint in Scott v. Jefferson and Harrison, [by 1 August] 282From Thomas Lehre, 1 August 284From William Foushee, 2 August 286To Richard Rush, 2 August 286From Archibald Thweatt, 2 August, enclosing Extracts from John Wayles's Records, 21 March-27 December 1770 287To James Jones Wilmer, 2 August 288To William Birch, 3 August 288From Patrick Gibson, 3 August 289To Joseph St. Leger d'Happart, 3 August 290From Benjamin James Harris, 3 August 291To Alexander L. Joncherez, 3 August 292To William Duane, 4 August 293From Sergeant Hall, 5 August 294To Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 5 August 295To James Madison, 5 August 296From Josiah Meigs, 5 August 297Notes on Outstanding Debts, [before 5 August] 298Recommendation of John Neilson, 7 August 299From Nicholas B. Pryor, 7 August 300From Alexis Marie Rochon, 7 August 301To John B. Colvin, 8 August 303To Thomas Lehre, 8 August 303To Louis Philippe Gallot de Lormerie, 8 August 304To Robert Wright, 8 August 305To Theodorus Bailey, 9 August 305To Patrick Gibson, 9 August 306To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 9 August 306To Benjamin James Harris, 9 August 307To Fontaine Maury, 9 August 309From James Monroe, 9 August 309To James Monroe, 9 August 310To Robert Patterson, 9 August 311To Reuben Perry, 9 August 311To Jacob Alrichs, 10 August 312To James Madison, 10 August 313To James Madison, 10 August 313From Benjamin Morgan, 10 August 314From Benjamin Brown, with Jefferson's Note, 12 August 315From Gibson & Jefferson, 12 August 316From Elbridge Gerry, 15 August 316From James Madison, 17 August 319From Alrichs & Dixon, 19 August 321From Charles Willson Peale, 19 August 323To Thomas Eston Randolph, 20 August 325Memorandum by Thomas Eston Randolph, 23 [August?] 325From Anonymous ("Goodwill"), 24 August 326To William Eustis, 24 August 327To Nicholas B. Pryor, 24 August 328To James Hamilton, 26 August 328From Thomas Lehre, 28 August 329From Thomas C. Flournoy, 29 August 330From Thomas Lehre, 29 August 332From Martin Oster, 29 August, enclosing Littleton W. Tazewell to Martin Oster, 4 August 332To Alrichs & Dixon, 30 August 335To James Madison, 30 August 336From James Monroe, 31 August 336To Samuel J. Harrison, 2 September 337From Samuel J. Harrison, 2 September 337To Reuben Perry, 2 September 338To Joseph Slaughter, 2 September 338From Joseph Slaughter, 2 September 339To Burgess GriDn, 4 September 339To William P. Martin, 4 September 339Agreement with William & Reuben Mitchell, 4 September 340To Thomas Whittington, 4 September 341From Burgess GriDn, 5 September 342To James Steptoe, 10 September 342To Reuben Perry, 12 September 343Subscription to Equip an Albemarle County Volunteer Company, [ca. 14 September] 344To John Hollins, 16 September 345From Bernard McMahon, 16 September 346To Craven Peyton, 16 September 346To John Wayles Eppes, 18 September 347To Patrick Gibson, 18 September 350To Lewis A. Pauly, 18 September 351To Craven Peyton, 18 September 351To Martin Wanscher, 18 September 352From William Duane, 20 September 352From Thomas Lehre, 21 September 355To Alrichs & Dixon, 22 September 356From John Hollins, 22 September 356From Mary Lewis, 23 September 357From Bernard McMahon, 23 September 358From Bernard McMahon, 24 September 358To Paul Hamilton, 27 September 359From Cunningham Harris, 30 September 360To George Hay, 30 September 361Notes on Layout of Fields at Lego, [on or after 30 September] 362To William Short, 30 September 362From John L. Thomas, 30 September 364From Samuel Brown, 1 October 364To William Duane, 1 October 366To Thomas C. Flournoy, 1 October 368From James Ronaldson, 1 October 369To John L. Thomas, 1 October 371To William Barton, 2 October 371To James Madison, 2 October 372To Josiah Meigs, 2 October 373To James Semple, 2 October 373From John Barnes, 3 October 374From Louis Philippe Gallot de Lormerie, 5 October 375From Lewis A. Pauly, 5 October 378Petition of Rivanna Company to Virginia General Assembly, [ca. 5 October] 378To John Barnes, 8 October 380From Gibson & Jefferson, 9 October 381To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 10 October 381To Bernard McMahon, 11 October 382To Benjamin Morgan, 11 October 383To James Ronaldson, 11 October 384To Charles Yancey, 11 October 385From John Adams, 12 October 386To Philip P. Barbour, 12 October 391From Thomas H. Williams, 12 October 392From John Barnes, 13 October 393From Thomas Lehre, 13 October 393From James Leitch, 13 October 394To James Leitch, 13 October 394From Christopher Clark, 14 October 395From James Madison, 14 October 395From Charles Yancey, 14 October 397From Nathaniel G. M. Senter, 15 October 398To William Short, 17 October 399From Madame Bureaux de Pusy, 18 October 402To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 18 October 403From John Hollins, 18 October 404To John Hollins, 18 October 404To Peter Minor, 18 October 404From Jean Guillaume Hyde de Neuville, 19 October 405From Peter Minor, 19 October 406From Nathaniel G. M. Senter, 19 October 407From Charles Clay, [received 22 October] 408To Paul Hamilton, 22 October 408To Gibson & Jefferson, 23 October 409From Isaac A. Coles, 24 October 410From Bernard McMahon, 24 October 412From Gibson & Jefferson, 26 October 413From James Carver, 27 October 413To Nicolas G. Dufief, 27 October 416To Louis Philippe Gallot de Lormerie, 27 October 417To Josiah Meigs, 27 October 417Agreement with Richard Durrett, 28 October 418To Craven Peyton, enclosing Account with Craven Peyton for his Lease of Shadwell, Account with Craven Peyton for Purchase of Henderson Lands, Account with Craven Peyton for Corn, and Account with Craven Peyton for Rents and Profits from Henderson Lands, 28 October 419To Lancelot Minor, 29 October 428To Nathaniel G. M. Senter, 30 October 429To Jean Guillaume Hyde de Neuville, 31 October 430From Louis Philippe Gallot de Lormerie, 31 October 431To James Madison, 31 October 435From David Bailie Warden, 1 November 436From Gibson & Jefferson, 2 November 438From James Ronaldson, 2 November 438To James Monroe, 3 November 440To Madame Bureaux de Pusy, 4 November 441To William B. Arbuckle, 5 November 441From Nicolas G. Dufief, 5 November 442To William Eustis, 5 November 443To David Higginbotham, 5 November 443To Cunningham Harris, 6 November 444To James Madison, 6 November 445To William Short, 6 November 446From John Dortic, 7 November 447To Samuel Pleasants, 7 November 447To Eleuthere I. du Pont de Nemours, 8 November 448To Albert Gallatin, 9 November 449From Madame de Sta--l Holstein, 10 November 449From James Monroe, 11 November 453From John Speyer, 12 November 454From Joseph Dougherty, 13 November 454From Samuel Pleasants, 13 November 455From Eli Alexander, 14 November 455From John Woodside, 14 November 456To Charles Johnston, 15 November 457From George Tucker, 15 November 458From Francis Adrian Van der Kemp, 16 November 459List of Blankets and Cloth Distributed to Poplar Forest Slaves, [ca. 17 November-14 December] 460From Isaac Cox Barnet, 21 November 463From Charles Clay, 21 November 464To Matthew Pate, 23 November 465From Bernard McMahon, 24 November 465From Regnault de Becourt, 25 November 466From Abner E. Callaway, 25 November 468From Charles G. Paleske, 27 November 468From James Semple, [28 November] 469To Benjamin Johnson, 29 November 470To Archibald Robertson, 29 November 470From Robert Patterson, enclosing Drawing of Charles RedheCer's Perpetual Motion Machine, 30 November 471From Archibald Robertson, 30 November 475Notes on Benjamin Johnson's Lands Adjacent to Poplar Forest, [ca. 1 December] 475From Bernard McMahon, 1 December 476From Alrichs & Dixon, 2 December 477From Samuel R. Demaree, 2 December 478To Benjamin Johnson, 2 December 479Notes on Wheat Shipments from Poplar Forest, [ca. 4 December] 481Joseph Slaughter's Survey of the Poplar Forest Curtilage, 5 December 482From Gibson & Jefferson, 7 December 483From Burgess GriDn, 8 December 483From John Barnes, 9 December 483To Reuben Perry, 10 December 485To Robert Richardson, 10 December 485From Jeremiah A. Goodman, [ca. 13 December?] 486Agreement with Benjamin Johnson for Exchange of Poplar Forest Lands, 13 December 486Instructions for Poplar Forest Management, 13 December 488To Charles Clay, 14 December 490From Frederic Tudor, 14 December 491From Donald Fraser, 15 December 492From John Melish, 15 December 492From Samuel Pleasants, 16 December 493From Albert Gallatin, 18 December 493From Thomas Williamson, 19 December 494To Paul Hamilton, 21 December 495From Arnold BuCum, 22 December 495To Davis Durrett, 22 December 497From Davis Durrett, 22 [December] 497To Davis Durrett, 24 December 498From Davis Durrett, 24 [December] 499To John Barnes, 25 December 499To John T. Barraud, 25 December 499To Joseph Dougherty, 25 December 500To Nicolas G. Dufief, 25 December 501To Eleuthere I. du Pont de Nemours, 25 December 501To Paul Hamilton, 25 December 502From Samuel J. Harrison, 25 December 503To John Taggart, 25 December 503To Thomas Williamson, 25 December 503To John Woodside, 25 December 504From Thomas L. Dillehay, 26 December 504To Reuben Perry, 26 December 505To William Short, 26 December 505To Robert Patterson, 27 December 506To John Adams, 28 December 508From William Vaughan, 29 December 5131813From Alrichs & Dixon, 1 January 515From Paul Hamilton, 2 January 515To Philip P. Barbour, 4 January 516From Nicolas G. Dufief, 4 January 523From Edward F. Bond, 5 January 524To Nimrod Bramham, 5 January 526To Joseph C. Cabell, 5 January 528To Chapman Johnson, 5 January 529From John Barnes, 6 January 530To Samuel J. Harrison, 7 January 531From Isaac A. Coles, 8 January, enclosing Isaac A. Coles to a Young Friend in Virginia, 30 December 1812 531To Donald Fraser, 8 January 545To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 8 January 545To Henry Middleton, 8 January 546To John Taggart, 8 January 547To Archibald Thweatt, 8 January 548To Frederic Tudor, 8 January 548To Nicolas G. Dufief, 9 January 549From Chapman Johnson, 9 January 549From Louis Philippe Gallot de Lormerie, enclosing Proposal for the Military Use of Sugar, 9 January 550To Bernard McMahon, 11 January 553To Abel Morgan, 11 January 553From Regnault de Becourt, 12 January 554From Joseph C. Cabell, 12 January 556To Samuel R. Demaree, 12 January 557From Robert Patterson, 12 January 558To James Ronaldson, 12 January 560From Gibson & Jefferson, 13 January 561To John Melish, 13 January 562To Alrichs & Dixon, 14 January 566From Alexander Garrett, 14 January 567To William Champe Carter, 16 January 568To John Barnes, 17 January 570From Samuel J. Harrison, 17 January 571From Benjamin Shackelford, 17 January 571To Francis Adrian Van der Kemp, 17 January 572To William Champe Carter, 19 January 573From Peter Minor, 19 January 574From John Chambers, 20 January 574To Peter Minor, 20 January 574To Patrick Gibson, 21 January 575From David Bailie Warden, 21 January 576To William Duane, 22 January 577From Robert Morrell, 22 January 579From Thomas C. Flournoy, 23 January 580From Theodorus Bailey, 25 January 581From John Taggart, 25 January 583From John Adams, 26 January 583To Richard M. Johnson, 26 January 586From Gibson & Jefferson, 27 January 587From James Madison, 27 January 587From Abraham Howard Quincy, 27 January 588To Richard M. Johnson, 29 January 591From Richard M. Johnson, 30 January 592To Jeremiah A. Goodman and Nimrod Darnil, 31 January 593To Samuel J. Harrison, 31 January 593From Nicolas G. Dufief, 1 February 594From John Adams, 2 February 595From William Champe Carter, 2 February 596From William Caruthers, 3 February 596To Sarah Bowdoin (Dearborn), 4 February 597To Patrick Gibson, 4 February 597To Patrick Gibson, 4 February 599To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 5 February 600To Robert Morrell, 5 February 600From No--l de la Moriniere, enclosing Questionnaire on River Fishes, 5 February 601To Theodorus Bailey, 6 February 606To Regnault de Becourt, 6 February 607Lease of Firewood Rights to James Marr, 6 February 607To John Armstrong, 8 February 608To James Madison, 8 February 609From Richard M. Johnson, 9 February 611From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, enclosing Obituary Notice for Joel Barlow by Konrad E. Oelsner and Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 10 February 612From Patrick Gibson, 10 February 621To William Short, 10 February, enclosing Bond from David Higginbotham to William Short, 31 January 622To Nicolas G. Dufief, 11 February 625From John Melish, 11 February 625From James Carver, 12 February 630From William P. Gardner, 13 February 631From James Cutbush, 14 February 633From William Duane, 14 February 634From Samuel J. Harrison, 14 February 638From Joseph C. Cabell, 17 February 638To James Hamilton, 17 February 639From Benjamin Waterhouse, 17 February 640From William A. Burwell, 19 February 642To William P. Gardner, 19 February 643From Anonymous, 21 February 644To John Armstrong, 21 February 645To James Madison, 21 February 646From Thomas H. Palmer, 22 February 649To John L. Thomas, 23 February 651From William Cocke, 24 February 651From Randolph Jefferson, 24 February 653From Lewis Brown, 25 February 653From Joseph Delaplaine and from Murray, Draper, Fairman & Company, 25 February 654To Alrichs & Dixon, 26 February 655To Patrick Gibson, 26 February 656To Dabney Carr, 27 February 657From Bernard McMahon, 27 February 657From John L. Thomas, 1 March 658To Randolph Jefferson, 2 March 658From George P. Stevenson, 2 March 659From Patrick Gibson, 3 March 660To John Chambers, 4 March 660To James Cutbush, 4 March 661To Joseph Delaplaine and to Murray, Draper, Fairman & Company, 4 March 662From John Rhea, 4 March 662To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 5 March 663From Joseph St. Leger d'Happart, 5 March 664From Louis Philippe Gallot de Lormerie, 5 March 665To Thomas H. Palmer, 6 March 667To Benjamin Rush, 6 March 668To Patrick Gibson, 7 March 670To Samuel J. Harrison, 7 March 673To Robert Fulton, 8 March 673To Abraham Howard Quincy, 8 March 674From John Clarke, 9 March 675From Thomas Lehre, 9 March 680To Benjamin Waterhouse, 9 March 682From Alrichs & Dixon, 10 March 683From James Madison, 10 March 684Appendix: Supplemental List of Documents Not Found 687Index 689
Responsabilidade: Julian P. Boyd, ed.


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