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The papers of Thomas Jefferson / Retirement series. Vol. 8, 1 October 1814 to 31 August 1815 / Thomas Jefferson; edited by J. Jefferson Looney. Preview this item
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The papers of Thomas Jefferson / Retirement series. Vol. 8, 1 October 1814 to 31 August 1815 / Thomas Jefferson; edited by J. Jefferson Looney.

Author: J Jefferson Looney
Publisher: Princeton, N.J. ; Woodstock : Princeton University Press, 2011.
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Thomas Jefferson is overjoyed by American victories late in the War of 1812 and highly interested in the treaty negotiations that ultimately end the conflict. This title presents 591 documents of  Read more...


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Document Type: Book
All Authors / Contributors: J Jefferson Looney
ISBN: 9780691153186 0691153183
OCLC Number: 780400541
Description: 1 v. : ill., maps. ; 23 cm.
Contents: Foreword viiAcknowledgments ixEditorial Method and Apparatus xiMaps xliIllustrations xlvJefferson Chronology 218 1 4From "Johannes Vonderpuff," 1 October 3From Joseph Delaplaine, 3 October 8From Gabriel Penn, 3 October 9To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 4 October 10From James Monroe, 4 October 11Notes on Bottle and Beverage Supplies, [6 October 1814-February 1816] 11To Thomas Cooper, 7 October 12From Samuel H. Smith, 7 October 13From Thomas Ritchie, 9 October 15From James Madison, 10 October 16From James Monroe, 10 October 18From John Barnes, 11 October 19From Isaac A. Coles, 11 October 21From James Oldham, 11 October 21To Samuel H. Smith, 11 October 22From Joseph Milligan, 12 October 22To James Madison, 13 October 23From John L. E. W. Shecut, 13 October 24From William F. Gray, 14 October 25From Samuel H. Smith, 14 October 26To James Madison, 15 October 26To Joseph C. Cabell, 16 October 29Notes on Household Consumption, [ca. 16 October] 30To James Monroe, 16 October 31To Joseph Milligan, 17 October 33To Joseph Delaplaine, 18 October 34To Andrew Moore, 18 October 34From Joseph C. Cabell, 19 October 35From Samuel H. Smith, 19 October 36From David Bailie Warden, 20 October 36From William C. C. Claiborne, 21 October 38From Samuel H. Smith, 21 October 39From Jonathan Williams, 21 October 40To John H. Cocke, 23 October 41From James Cutbush, 23 October 42From James Madison, 23 October 44From James Madison, 23 October 45From Charles Yancey, 23 October 46To Patrick Gibson, 25 October 47To William F. Gray, 25 October 48From James Leitch, 26 October 48From Patrick Gibson, 27 October 49From John Adams, 28 October 49From William Short, 28 October 50To Joseph Milligan, 29 October 54To Samuel H. Smith, 29 October 55From Thomas A. Pellet, 31 October 57Notes on the Peacock Plow, October 57From Francis W. Gilmer, 1 November 58From Leonard Sargent, 1 November 59List of Slaves at Poplar Forest, [ca. 2-13 November] 60To Patrick Gibson, 3 November 63To Reuben Perry, 3 November 63From William C. C. Claiborne, 4 November 64From Enoch Jones, 5 November 65From John H. Cocke, 6 November 66To Andrew Jamieson, 7 November 67From Abram R. North (for Andrew Jamieson), 7 November 68To Francis Eppes, 11 November 68From William & Reuben Mitchell, 11 November 69Instructions for Poplar Forest Management, 11 November 69To Archibald Robertson, 11 November 73From Archibald Robertson, 11 November 73From Thomas Jefferson Abbott, 12 November 74To Charles Clay, 12 November 74From William Fleming, 12 November 75From John Melish, 12 November 75From Francis W. Gilmer, 13 November 78To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 14 November 78From Joseph Miller, 14 November 79From Charles Willson Peale, 14 November 80From Joseph Milligan, 16 November 83From Elizabeth Trist, 17 November 84Estimate and Plans for Albemarle Academy/Central College, [ca. 18 November] 86Draft Bill to Create Central College and Amend the 1796 Public Schools Act, [ca. 18 November] 90From Anonymous, [received 19 November] 94To David Higginbotham, 19 November 95From Philip Thornton, 19 November 96To Patrick Gibson, 21 November 96From William Caruthers, 22 November 97From Edward Coles, 23 November 99From William Duane, 23 November 99From Francis Eppes, 23 November 99From Patrick Gibson, 23 November 100To Francis W. Gilmer, 23 November 101To Robert Patterson, 23 November 101To Robert M. Patterson, 23 November 102To Caspar Wistar, 23 November 103To James Cutbush, 24 November 104To William Duane, 24 November 105To Joseph Milligan, 24 November 106From Horatio G. Spafford, 25 November 106To William Short, 28 November 107From Jason Chamberlain, 30 November 111From James Monroe, 30 November 112From James Ogilvie, November 113From John Wilson, November 114To Joseph Milligan, 1 December 118William Mitchell's Agreement to Grind Wheat, 2 December 118Agreement to Lease Natural Bridge to Philip Thornton, 2 December 119To William Caruthers, 3 December 120To Louis H. Girardin, 3 December 121From Robert M. Patterson, 3 December 122To Philip Thornton, 3 December 123To John Wilson, 4 December 123From John H. Carr, 5 December 124From John Barnes, 6 December, enclosing Baring Brothers & Company to John Barnes, 20 October 125To Alexander J. Dallas, 7 December 126From Patrick Gibson, 7 December 127To James Monroe, 7 December 128To Thomas Taylor, 7 December 129From Jose Correa da Serra, 9 December 130To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 10 December 132To John Melish, 10 December 133From John Adams, 11 December 135From William Thornton, 11 December 135From William H. Crawford, 12 December 137From Greenberry Dorsey, 13 December 139To Louis H. Girardin, 13 December 140From Alexander J. Dallas, 14 December 141From Patrick Gibson, 14 December 142From Joseph Milligan, 14 December 142From James Oldham, 14 December 142To Horatio G. Spafford, 16 December 143From John Garnett, 17 December 144From John Barnes, 18 December 145From Thomas Taylor, 19 December 145From Samuel Thurber, 19 December 146From John Adams, 20 December 148From Charles Clay, 20 December 149From William Lee, 20 December 150From John B. Colvin, 21 December 151To Louis H. Girardin, 21 December 152From James Monroe, 21 December 153From James Savage, 21 December 156To Patrick Gibson, 23 December 157To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 23 December 157To John McAllister (1753-1830), 24 December 159To William Thornton, 24 December 160From Thomas Appleton, 26 December 161To Elizabeth Trist, 26 December 163From Joseph C. Cabell, 27 December 164To Jose Correa da Serra, 27 December 166From Charles Yancey, 27 December 169To Thomas Taylor, 28 December 169To John Barnes, enclosing Power of Attorney to John Barnes, 29 December 172From Randolph Jefferson, 29 December 173From Jeremiah A. Goodman, 30 December 173From William Plumer, 30 December 17418 1 5To James Monroe, 1 January 176To John B. Colvin, 2 January 179To Samuel Thurber, 2 January 179From Patrick Gibson, 3 January 180To John Garnett, 4 January 181From James Ligon (for Patrick Gibson), 4 January 182To Joseph C. Cabell, 5 January 182To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 6 January 184To Patrick Gibson, 7 January 186From Abraham O. Stansbury, 7 January 187From John McAllister & Son, 9 January 192From John Vaughan, 9 January 193From John Barnes, 10 January 194From William Thornton, 11 January 195From John Seabrook, 12 January 196From Mathew Carey, 14 January 198From Lancelot Minor, 14 January 198To Louis H. Girardin, 15 January 200From Charles W. Goldsborough, 19 January 201From the American Philosophical Society, 20 January 202To Louis H. Girardin, 20 January 203To William P. Newby, 20 January 203To Thomas Eston Randolph, 20 January 204To James Monroe, 21 January 205From Robert M. Patterson, 21 January 206From Thomas Eston Randolph, 21 January 207From Samuel M. Burnside, 23 January 207From Horatio G. Spafford, 23 January 208From John B. Spargella, 24 January 209From James Cutbush, 28 January 210From Horatio G. Spafford, 28 January 211To Charles Clay, 29 January 211To Samuel H. Smith, 30 January 213From Samuel H. Smith, 30 January 214From John Strachan, 30 January 214From Peter H. Wendover, 30 January 228To William Plumer, 31 January 229From Thomas Law, [ca. January] 231From Peter Carr, 2 February 232Francis C. Gray's Account of a Visit to Monticello, [4-7 February] 232George Ticknor's Account of a Visit to Monticello, [4-7 February] 238From Caspar Wistar, [received 4 February] 243From Caspar Wistar, 5 February 243From David Bailie Warden, 7 February 244From Charles Clay, 8 February 245To Robert M. Patterson, 8 February 246To John Vaughan, 8 February 247To Mathew Carey, 9 February 248To Charles W. Goldsborough, 9 February 249From Francis De Masson, 9 February 249To James Savage, 9 February 252To William Thornton, 9 February 252To William Duane, 10 February 253To John B. Spargella, 10 February 254Statement of Bedford and Campbell County Property Subject to Federal Tax, 11 February 255Statement of Bedford and Campbell CountyProperty Subject to State Tax, 11 February 256To William Caruthers, 11 February 256To the Federal Assessor for Rockbridge County, 11 February 257From Randolph Jefferson, 13 February 257To William H. Crawford, 14 February 258To Lafayette, 14 February 261From Joseph Dougherty, 15 February 268From James Monroe, 15 February 269From Samuel H. Smith, 15 February 270From Horatio G. Spafford, 15 February 271To Randolph Jefferson, 16 February 272From Josiah Meigs, 16 February 273From Horatio G. Spafford, 18 February 273From Benjamin Smith Barton, 19 February 274From Caesar A. Rodney, 19 February 275To John Bankhead, 20 February 277To Charles Clay, 21 February 279From Alexander J. Dallas, 21 February 279Notes on Household Consumption, 21 February 280To Horatio G. Spafford, 21 February 280From William Caruthers, 22 February 281From Hugh Nelson, 22 February 282From Horatio G. Spafford, 24 February 282To Patrick Gibson, 25 February 284To Benjamin Smith Barton, 26 February 284To George Hay, 26 February 285From Henry Dearborn, 27 February 286To Joseph Dougherty, 27 February 287To Joseph Milligan, 27 February 287To Samuel H. Smith, 27 February 288Observations on the Transportation of the Monticello Library, [ca. 27 February] 289To David Bailie Warden, 27 February 291To Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 28 February 293From Elizabeth Trist, 28 February 295Francis W. Gilmer's Description of Thomas Jefferson and Monticello, [ca. February] 296To Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 1 March 300To John Vaughan, 1 March 301To Jean Baptiste Say, 2 March 303From William Caruthers, 4 March 308To Louis H. Girardin, 4 March 309To Francis C. Gray, 4 March 310To Benjamin Jones, 4 March 313To Thomas Munroe, 4 March 313From the Seventy-Six Association, [after 4 March] 315From Joseph C. Cabell, 5 March 316To Thomas Appleton, 6 March 318From Benjamin Smith Barton, 6 March 319To Stephen Cathalan, 6 March 319To Jose Correa da Serra, 6 March 320To William H. Crawford, 6 March 321To Adamo Fabbroni, Antoine Gouan, Lacepede,Marc Auguste Pictet, and Andre Thouin, 6 March 321From Patrick Gibson, 6 March 323To Philip Mazzei, 6 March 323To John A. Morton, 6 March 324From George Ticknor, 6 March 324To Benjamin Smith Barton, 7 March 325To Antonio Dugnani, 7 March 327From George Hay, 8 March 328From John Rhea, 9 March 329To William W. Hening, 11 March 329From William Short, 11 March 330From Samuel H. Smith, 11 March 333To William Wirt, 11 March 333To Louis H. Girardin, 12 March 334From James Madison, 12 March 338Jefferson's Letter to Peter H. Wendover 340I. Thomas Jefferson to Peter H. Wendover (Draft), 13 March 340II. Thomas Jefferson to Peter H. Wendover (Final State), 13 March 344From Tadeusz Kosciuszko, [14 March], enclosing Power of Attorney from Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 13 March 344To William Caruthers, 15 March 347To DeWitt Clinton, 15 March 347From William W. Hening, 15 March 348To Horatio G. Spafford, 15 March 350From William Wirt, 15 March 351To Josiah Meigs, 16 March 351To Return J. Meigs, 16 March 352From James Ogilvie, 16 March 352To Caesar A. Rodney, 16 March 354From Benjamin Shackelford, 16 March 357To Henry Dearborn, 17 March 357To Louis H. Girardin, 18 March 359To Albert Gallatin, 19 March 360To George Ticknor, 19 March 361From John Vaughan, 19 March 362From David Barrow, 20 March 364From Joseph Milligan, 20 March 366To Charles Willson Peale, 21 March 366From Samuel H. Smith, 21 March 369From George Ticknor, 21 March 370To James Madison, 23 March 371From Francis C. Gray, 24 March 374To James Madison, 24 March 376From John Vaughan, 24 March 377From Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte, 25 March 378To William W. Hening, 25 March 379From Benjamin Jones, 25 March 380To James Leitch, 25 March 380From George Logan, 25 March 380To James Madison, 25 March 381To William Short, 25 March 382To John Watts, 25 March 383From John M. Carter, 27 March 383To Louis H. Girardin, 27 March 384To Joseph Milligan, enclosing List of Books to be Acquired by Joseph Milligan, 28 March 386From Joseph Delaplaine, 29 March 388From Patrick Gibson, 29 March 389To Thomas Jefferson Randolph, 31 March 390From William Wingate, 31 March 391Statement of Albemarle County Property Subject to State Tax, March 392Conveyance of Carlton by Charles L. Bankhead andAnn C. Bankhead to their Trustees, 1 April 394Conveyance of Land Adjoining Carlton by Thomas Jefferson to Trustees of Charles L. Bankhead and Ann C. Bankhead, 1 April 397From William W. Hening, 1 April 399From Randolph Jefferson, 2 April 400From George N. Ralls, 2 April 400From William Thornton, enclosing Drawing and Description of a Water and Cider Filter, 3 April 402From William Wingate, 3 April 405From William Thornton, 4 April 408From DeWitt Clinton, 6 April 409From Joseph Coppinger, enclosing Plan for a Brewing Company, 6 April 409From Horatio G. Spafford, 6 April 413From Joseph Dougherty, 7 April 416From Jeremiah A. Goodman, 7 April 417To William W. Hening, 8 April 418From Benjamin Galloway, 9 April 419From David Bailie Warden, 9 April 420From John Hollins, 10 April 421From Benjamin Smith Barton, 13 [April] 422To Louis H. Girardin, 14 April 423From William Wingate, 14 April 423From William W. Hening, 15 April 424To John Barnes, enclosing Order on United States Treasury, 18 April 425To Alexander J. Dallas, 18 April 426Notes on Thomas Jefferson's Library at the Time of Sale, [by 18 April] 428To William Short, 18 April 428From Louis H. Girardin, 19 April 429From John Barnes, 22 April 430To Louis H. Girardin, 22 April 431To John Hollins, 22 April 432From William P. Newby, 22 April 432To Benjamin Galloway, 23 April 433Receipt for Sale of Library, 23 April 434To Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte, 24 April 434To Joseph Delaplaine, 24 April 435To Nicolas G. Dufief, 24 April 435To Albert Gallatin, 24 April 436To Albert Gallatin, 24 April 437From John Barnes, 25 April 437To Joseph Coppinger, 25 April 438To William W. Hening, 25 April 439From Thomas T. Tucker, 25 April 440To William Wingate, 25 April 441To John M. Carter, 26 April 442From James Monroe, 26 April 442From George Watterston, 26 April 444From Caspar Wistar, 27 April 445From Thomas Branagan, 28 April 450From Alexander J. Dallas, 28 April 451From George P. Stevenson, 28 April 452From Joseph Dougherty, 29 April 453From James Maury, 29 April 453From George Divers, 30 April 454To David Barrow, 1 May 454To Nathaniel Bowditch, 2 May 455To DeWitt Clinton, 2 May 456From Charles Willson Peale, 2 May 457From Patrick Gibson, 3 May 466To David Hosack, 3 May 467From Nicolas G. Dufief, 4 May 468Account with Nicolas G. Dufief, [ca. 4 May] 469From Horatio G. Spafford, 4 [May] 470From Patrick Gibson, 6 May 471From Joseph Milligan, enclosing Invoice for Books, 6 May 471To John Barnes, 7 May 472To George Watterston, 7 May 473From Thomas Law, 8 May 475To Samuel H. Smith, 8 May 476To George P. Stevenson, 9 May 476From Patrick Gibson, 10 May 477To Albert Gallatin, 11 [May] 478To Lafayette, 11 May 478To Benjamin Henry Latrobe, 11 May 479To Andre Thouin, 11 May 480To John Barnes, 12 May 480To Louis H. Girardin, 12 May 481To James Madison, 12 May 482To Thomas T. Tucker, 12 May 483To William Wirt, 12 May 483From Baring Brothers & Company, 13 May 484Statement of Albemarle County Property Subject to Federal Tax, 14 May 485From Joseph Cabell Breckinridge, 14 May 486To John Graham, 14 May 488To Horatio G. Spafford, 14 May 488To Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 15 May 489To William Short, 15 May 490From Patrick Gibson, enclosing Account with Patrick Gibson for Flour and Tobacco Sales, 17 May 491From Sackville King, 17 May 493From John Porter, 17 May 494From Daniel Brent, 20 May 495From Charles Clay, 23 May 496To Archibald Robertson, 23 May 496From Archibald Robertson, 23 May 497From John Barnes, 25 May, enclosing John Barnes's accounts with Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 25 June and 8 September 1814, 8 April, and 26 April 497To Charles Clay, 25 May 501From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 26 May 501From John Fowler, 27 May 509To Archibald Robertson, 27 May 509From James Penn (for Archibald Robertson), 27 May 510To James Penn (for Archibald Robertson), 28 May 511From James Penn, 28 May 511To John Watts, 28 May 511From John Watts, 28 May 512To Thomas A. Holcombe, 31 May 512To John Wayles Eppes, 1 June 513To Joseph Milligan, 1 June 514To Archibald Robertson, 1 June 515From Archibald Robertson, 1 June 515To Elizabeth Trist, 1 June 515From Benjamin Galloway, 2 June 517To Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 6 June 519To Benjamin Jones, 6 June 519To Joel Yancey, 7 June 520From Isaac A. Coles, 9 June 521To John Adams, 10 June 522From Samuel H. Smith, 11 June 524To William H. Torrance, 11 June 524To Mr. Brand, 12 June 528To Joseph Cabell Breckinridge, 12 June 529From Charles Jouett, 12 June 530To Thomas Leiper, 12 June 531From John Mason, 13 June 534To Charles Willson Peale, 13 June 534To Joseph Darmsdatt, 15 June 536To Charles Jouett, 15 June 536To James Madison, 15 June 537Jefferson's Letter to James Maury 538I. Thomas Jefferson to James Maury (Partial Draft), [15 June] 538II. Thomas Jefferson to James Maury (Final State), 15 June 539From Jeremiah A. Goodman, 16 June 542To James Maury, 16 June 542From Charles Willson Peale, 18 June 545From George Ticknor, 18 June 549From John Adams, 19 June 550From John Adams, with postscript by Abigail Adams, 20 June 552From Joseph Cabell Breckinridge, 20 June 554To William P. Newby, 21 June 555From William Short, 21 June 556From John Adams, 22 June 558To Randolph Jefferson, 23 June 563From Randolph Jefferson, 23 June 563From Andrew C. Mitchell, 23 June 564To Joseph Miller, 26 June 565To Joseph Milligan, 26 June 566To Hezekiah Niles, 26 June 566To William Short, 27 June 567To Jose Correa da Serra, 28 June 568From Hezekiah Niles, 30 June 569To James Leitch, 2 July 570To Stephen Cathalan, 3 July 570Notes on the Cost of French Merchandise, [ca. 3 July] 572From Henry Dearborn, 3 July 573To Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 3 July 573To Madame de Stael Holstein, 3 July 576From William Rush, 4 July 577To George Ticknor, enclosing Notes on London Book Prices, 4 July 578From Patrick Gibson, 5 July 582To Henry Jackson, 5 July 582To Elisha Ticknor, 5 July 583From John Wayles Eppes, 6 July 585From James T. Austin, 8 July 585From John Vaughan, 8 July 586To Stephen Girard, 10 July 586From James Monroe, 10 July 588To John Vaughan, 11 July 589From Peter A. Guestier, 12 July 590From Benjamin Henry Latrobe, 12 July 591From Wilson Cary Nicholas, 14 July 597From Samuel Smith (of Maryland), 14 July 598To James Monroe, 15 July 598To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 15 July 599From Obadiah Rich, 15 July 601To John Vaughan, 15 July 603From Hugh Williamson and Samuel L. Mitchill, 15 July 603To John George Baxter, 16 July 605To Joseph Cabell Breckinridge, 16 July 606To James Madison, 16 July 606To Andrew C. Mitchell, 16 July 608From James Ligon (for Patrick Gibson), 17 July 608From John Wood, 18 July 609To Joel Yancey, 18 July 610To Michael Atkinson, [ca. 21 July] 612From Frank Carr, 21 July 612To Joel Yancey, 21 July 613From William Wardlaw, 22 July 613To James T. Austin, 23 July 614To Samuel Berrian, 23 July 614To Peter A. Guestier, 23 July 615To Bernard McMahon, 23 July 615To James Madison, 23 July 616To Obadiah Rich, 23 July 616To Samuel Smith (of Maryland), 23 July 617From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 24 July 618From William Wirt, enclosing Notes on Membership in the Virginia House of Burgesses and the Rhode Island Stamp Act Resolves, 24 July 619From John M. Carter, 25 July 623From John Robertson, 27 July 624To Patrick Gibson, 28 July 624From John Vaughan, 28 July 625From John Adams, 30 July 625From Stephen Girard, 30 July 627To William Wardlaw, 30 July 627From Fontaine Maury, 31 July 628From Joseph Milligan, enclosing List of Books Bound and To Be Bound, 31 July 628From John Vaughan, 31 July 632From Mason L. Weems, 31 July 633From John George Baxter, 1 August 634To Mitchie B. Pryor Jefferson, 2 August 636Joseph Milligan's Statement on the Size of Thomas Jefferson's Library, [ca. 2 August] 637From Joseph Milligan, 2 August 638To Mason L. Weems, 2 August 638From Wilson Cary Nicholas, 3 August 639From Peter A. Guestier, 4 August 640From Nicolas G. Dufief, 5 August 640From William Wardlaw, 5 August 641To William Wirt, 5 August 641To John Wood, 5 August 646From Martha A. C. Lewis Monroe, 6 August 647From Wilson Cary Nicholas, 6 August 648From John Holmes, 7 August 648From Elisha Ticknor, 7 August 650From Dabney Carr, 9 August 652To Christopher Hudson, 9 August 652To Philip Mazzei, 9 August 653To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 9 August 655To John Adams, 10 August 656From James Monroe, 10 August 659From Mr. Pell, [10 August] 659From George P. Stevenson, 10 August 659To Joseph Milligan, 11 August 660To Hardin Perkins, 11 August 661To Henry Sheaff, 11 August 662From Thomas Paine McMahon, 12 August 663From John Vaughan, 12 August 663From Martha Jefferson Randolph, 13 August 664To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 13 August 664From William Wingate, 14 August 665From Jesse Torrey, 15 August 668To Stephen Cathalan, 16 August 670To Nicolas G. Dufief, 16 August 670From George Logan, 16 August 671Account with Joseph Milligan, [ca. 16 August] 671To George Ticknor, 16 August 673To John Graham, 17 August 673To Joseph Milligan, 17 August 674To Hugh Williamson and Samuel L. Mitchill, 17 August 675From Robert Brent, 18 August 675To Patrick Gibson, 19 August 676To James L. Jefferson, 19 August 676From Joseph Milligan, 20 August 677From Tristram Dalton, 21 August 678From Louis Philippe Gallot de Lormerie, 22 August 680From John Adams, 24 August 682From Elisha Ticknor, 24 August 684To Charles Clay, 25 August 685From Nicolas G. Dufief, enclosing Account with Nicolas G. Dufief, 25 August 685From Robert Patterson, 25 August 687From William Short, 25 August 687From Thomas Appleton, 26 August 689Deposition of Dabney Carr in Jefferson v. Michie, 26 August 692From Patrick Gibson, 28 August 694From Joseph Milligan, 28 August 694From William Radford, [received 29] August 695From David J. Thompson, 30 August 695From Christopher Clark, 31 August 696To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 31 August 697Appendix: Supplemental List of Documents Not Found 699Index 701
Responsibility: Julian P. Boyd, ed.


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