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The papers of Thomas Jefferson : retirement series. Volume 4, 18 June 1811 to 30 April 1812 Aperçu de cet ouvrage
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The papers of Thomas Jefferson : retirement series. Volume 4, 18 June 1811 to 30 April 1812

Auteur : Thomas Jefferson; J Jefferson Looney
Éditeur: Princeton, N.J. ; Oxford : Princeton University Press, 2007.
Édition/format:   Livre imprimé : AnglaisVoir toutes les éditions et tous les formats
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From the end of the author's presidency until his death, this title includes 581 documents from 18 June 1811 to 30 April 1812. It also takes readings of a solar eclipse; attempts to determine  Lire la suite...


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Genre/forme: Archives
Records and correspondence
Personne nommée: Thomas Jefferson; Thomas Jefferson; Thomas Jefferson
Type de document: Livre
Tous les auteurs / collaborateurs: Thomas Jefferson; J Jefferson Looney
ISBN: 9780691135656 0691135657
Numéro OCLC: 316664700
Description: 1 volume : illustrations, maps ; 23 cm
Contenu: Foreword viiAcknowledgments ixEditorial Method and Apparatus xiMaps xxxixIllustrations xliiiJefferson Chronology 21811From John Barnes, 18 June 3To Hugh Chisholm, 18 June 4From John Martin Baker, 19 June 4From Charles L. Bankhead, 20 June 5From George Jefferson, 20 June 6To Peter Minor, 20 June 7From Robert Wash, 20 June 7To William Chamberlayne, 24 June 9To Charles Everette, 24 June 9From Gideon Granger, 24 June 10To George Jefferson, 24 June 10To James Lyle, 24 June 11From William McGehee, 24 June 12From George Jefferson, 27 June 12From Edmund M. Blunt, 28 June 13From James Chamberlain, [received 28 June] 14From Benjamin Rush, 28 June 17To John Barnes, 29 June 17From David Bailie Warden, 1 July 19From Horatio Turpin, 2 July 20To James Madison, 3 July 21From Robert Rives, 3 July 22From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 4 July 22From George Jefferson, 4 July 24From William Duane, 5 July 25From John Barnes, 6 July 26To Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 8 July 28To Lafayette, 8 July 29From James Madison, 8 July 31To David Bailie Warden, 8 July 33To Philip Mazzei, 9 July 34To David Bailie Warden, 9 July 35To Lafayette, 10 July 36To David Bailie Warden, 10 July 36From Benjamin Galloway, 11 July 36From James T. Austin, 12 July 37To Mary Lewis, 12 July 38From John Milledge, 12 July 39From Philip Turpin, 13 July 41From Burwell Bassett, 20 July 42From Jacob Franklin Heston, [before 20 July] 43From Benjamin Morgan, 20 July 48To Robert Rives, 20 July 48From Joel Barlow, [received 21 July] 49From James Walker, 21 July, enclosing Timber List for Thomas Jefferson's Sawmill Wheels, 20 July 50To Joel Barlow, 22 July 51From John L. Thomas, 23 July 52From Robert Wash, 23 July 53From Benjamin Franklin Thompson, 24 July 53From David Bailie Warden, 24 July 54To Edmund M. Blunt, 25 July 55To William Duane, 25 July 56From George Jefferson, 25 July, enclosing Account from Sale of Thomas Jefferson's Flour, 2 July 57From Wilson J. Cary, 26 July 58From John H. Cocke, 26 July 59To William Short, 26 July 59To Wilson J. Cary, 28 July 61To John H. Cocke, 28 July 62To Joel Barlow, 29 July 62From George Jefferson, 1 August 63From Benjamin Henry Latrobe, 1 August 63To James T. Austin, 2 August 67To Burwell Bassett, 2 August 68To John Bracken, 2 August 68To Benjamin Galloway, 2 August 69To Martin Oster, 2 August 70Certificate of Henry Cassidy, 4 August 70To Nicolas G. Dufief, 4 August 71To James Ogilvie, 4 August 72From Robert Rives, 4 August 74To John Jordan, 5 August 75From James Lyle, 5 August, enclosing Account with James Lyle, 6 July 75To Benjamin Franklin Thompson, 5 August 76From Joshua Simmons, 7 August 77To Archibald Stuart, 8 August 77From Nicolas G. Dufief, 9 August 79From John Bracken, 13 August 80From Nathaniel H. Hooe, 13 August 81From Martin Oster, 13 August 81To Henry Dearborn, 14 August 82From John Dortic, 14 August 84To Charles Clay, 16 August 86Preliminary Agreement with William & Reuben Mitchell, [ca. 16 August] 86Final Agreement with William & Reuben Mitchell, 16 August 87To Benjamin Rush, 17 August 87From Palisot de Beauvois, 18 August 89To William A. Burwell, 19 August 90From William J. Harris, 19 August 91From James L. Edwards, 20 August 92To Charles Willson Peale, 20 August 93To Brown & Robertson, 21 August 94To George Jefferson, 21 August 95Calculations for a Horizontal Sundial at Poplar Forest, [ca. 23 August] 96To Charles Clay, 23 August 98From Levett Harris, 23 August 99From George Jefferson, 23 August 99To Levi Lincoln, 25 August 100From Brown & Robertson, 26 August 101To Thomas Mann Randolph, 26 August 101From Benjamin Rush, 26 August 102From George Jefferson, 29 August 104From the Seventy-Six Association, 29 August 105From William C. Rives, 30 August 107From "A Bond Street Lounger," 31 August 109From Peter Carr, 31 August 109To George Hay, 31 August 110From Josef Yznardy, 31 August 111To Gideon Granger, 1 September 112From John Jordan, 1 September 113Mutual Assurance Society Account for Insuring Milton Warehouses, [ca. 1 September] 114From Francis Eppes, 2 September 115From James S. Gaines, enclosing Plan for a New Virginia Constitution and Revised Legal Code, 3 September 116From Paul Hamilton, 3 September 123From Joseph Dougherty, 4 September 124From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 5 September 124To James L. Edwards, 5 September 127From Ralph Granger, 5 September 128From Robert Johnson, 5 September 128To James Lyon, 5 September 130To Francis Eppes, 6 September 131To John Wayles Eppes, 6 September 132To Randolph Jefferson, 6 September 134From David Campbell, 7 September 134To Charles Wingfield, 8 September 135From Charles Wingfield, 8 September 136From Charles Willson Peale, 9 September 136From Nathaniel H. Hooe, 10 September 142To William McClure, 10 September 143From James Walker, enclosing Timber List for Thomas Jefferson's Sawmill and Timber List for Thomas Jefferson's Sawmill Pit Gears, 10 September 144To Benjamin Smith Barton, 11 September 146To Robert Patterson, 11 September 147From Littleton W. Tazewell, 11 September 149From Benjamin Galloway, 12 September 150To David Higginbotham, 12 September 154From Lafayette, 12 September 155From Charles Wingfield, 12 September 155To George Divers, 14 September 156To Archibald Stuart, 14 September 156To Clement Caines, 16 September 157From John Chambers, 16 September 159From Charles G. Paleske, 16 September 160From Peter Minor, 17 September 161To William C. Rives, 18 September 161To Joseph Dougherty, 19 September 163Circular to Certain Republican Senators, 19 September 164To George Calloway, 21 September 165From Martin Oster, 22 September 166From Robert Patterson, 23 September 167From Jonathan Brunt, 24 September 168To Nathaniel Macon, 24 September 169To Peter Minor, 24 September 170From William & Reuben Mitchell, 25 September 170From Samuel Smith (of Maryland), 27 September 171To Paul Hamilton, 28 September 171To John Wayles Eppes, 29 September 172From Michael Leib, 29 September 173To John Chambers, 30 September 175To Charles G. Paleske, 30 September 175To David Campbell, 1 October 176To John Dortic, 1 October 176From Hezekiah Niles, [1 October] 177From Paul Hamilton, 2 October 178From Charles Willson Peale, 3 October 179To James Leitch, 4 October 182To Nathaniel H. Hooe, 6 October 183From Randolph Jefferson, 6 October 183To William & Reuben Mitchell, 6 October 184To John Bracken, 9 October 185To William J. Harris, 9 October 185From Benjamin & Thomas Kite, 10 October 186To James Madison, 10 October 186From Samuel M. Stephenson, 10 October 187To John Payne Todd, 10 October 188From Peter Walsh, 10 October 189To Dudley Burwell, 11 October 190To Caspar Wistar, 11 October 190From Henry Foxall, 12 October 191From Roger C. Weightman, 12 October 192To Edward Coles, 13 October 193From Archibald Stuart, 13 October 194To Littleton W. Tazewell, 13 October 194From Henry A. S. Dearborn, 14 October 195To William Short, 15 October 197From David Gelston, enclosing List of Steamboats, 17 October 199From Joseph Dougherty, 18 October 200From James Walker, 18 October 200To Joseph Milligan, 19 October 201To Roger C. Weightman, 19 October 201From Edmund M. Blunt, 21 October 202From Destutt de Tracy, 21 October 202From Nathaniel Macon, 21 October 209Notes on Household Consumption, 3 June 1809-23 October 209From George Jefferson, 24 October 212From George Jefferson, 24 October 212From Melatiah Nash, 24 October 213From John Bracken, 25 October 214From Edward Coles, 25 October 215From Edward Coles, 30 October 215To Henry Foxall, 31 October 215From George Jefferson, 31 October 216To Nathaniel H. Hooe, 3 November 217To Eleuthere I. du Pont de Nemours, 4 November 218To George Jefferson, 4 November 218To William R. Lee, 4 November 220To Charles Simms, 4 November 220From George Jefferson, 7 November 221To Robert Patterson, 10 November 222To Robert Patterson, 10 November 229From Robert Patterson, 11 November 230From William Mann, 12 November 231From Henry Foxall, 13 November 232To George Jefferson, 13 November 233From Thomas Law, 13 November 234To David Gelston, 14 November 235From William Lambert, 14 November 235To Archibald Stuart, 14 November 236To Henry A. S. Dearborn, 15 November 237From Destutt de Tracy, 15 November 239To Melatiah Nash, 15 November 243Notes on Joseph Fossett's Account for Plating Saddle Trees, 18 November 245From Bishop James Madison, 19 November, enclosing William Lambert's Calculation of Monticello's Longitude from Greenwich, 14 November 246From Oliver Pollock, 19 November 267From William Short, 19 November 268From Sylvanus Bourne, 20 November 274From William Lambert, 22 November 275From James Ogilvie, 24 November 276From George Jefferson, 25 November 277From Nicolas G. Dufief, 26 November 278 Survey of Bear Creek Lands, 26-28 November 279 Account with Reuben Perry, [ca. 28 November] 280From William & Samuel Craig, 29 November 280From John Low, 29 November 281From Valentin de Foronda, 30 November 282From John Fowler, 30 November 285From Thomas Erskine Birch, November 286 Conveyance of Thomas Jefferson's Lot in Richmond to avid Higginbotham, November 287From Joseph Milligan, enclosing Account with Joseph Milligan, 2 December 288From George Jefferson, 3 December 290 The Dismissal of Livingston v. Jefferson 291I. John Tyler's Opinion in Livingston v. Jefferson, [4 December] 293II. John Marshall's Opinion in Livingston v. Jefferson, [4 December] 297III. Littleton W. Tazewell to Thomas Jefferson, 4 December 303IV. Decision of United States Circuit Court in Livingston v. Jefferson, 5 December 304From Donald Fraser, 4 December 305From John Pitman, 4 December 305To Edmund Bacon, 5 December 306To George Callaway, 5 December 307From George Callaway, 5 December 308To Samuel J. Harrison, 5 December 308From George Hay, 5 December 311From Robert Mcffermut, 5 December 311To Benjamin Rush, 5 December 312To Jones & Howell, 6 December 315From Charles G. Paleske, 7 December 315Conveyance of Bear Branch Land to William Radford and Joel Yancey, 7 December 316From Andre Thouin, 7 December 319From George Jefferson, 8 December 321From Madame de Tesse, 8 December 322From George Jefferson, 9 December 325From David Bailie Warden, 10 December 325From Richard Barry, 11 December 326From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 12 December 327From John Low, 15 December 336From John Crawford, 17 December 336From Benjamin Rush, 17 December 338From Charles Clay, 18 December 341To William or Reuben Mitchell, 18 December 341From Charles Pinckney, 18 December 342 Notes on the Latitude of Willis's Mountain, [ca. 19 December] 344Petition of Albemarle County Residents to Virginia General Assembly, [before 19 December] 346From John W. Campbell, 20 December 349From John W. Campbell, 20 December 350From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 20 December 350From Alexander von Humboldt, 20 December 352From Micajah Harrison, 21 December 355From Thomas Sully, 22 December 355To James Leitch, 24 December 358From Lafayette, 26 December 358From James Ronaldson, 26 December 360To William & Samuel Craig, 27 December 364To John Low, 27 December 365To William Mann, 27 December 366From William W. Clayton, 28 December 366To George Hay, 28 December 367To Hugh Nelson, 28 December 367To William Lambert, 29 December 368To Bishop James Madison, 29 December 369From Nicolas G. Dufief, 30 December 370To Gideon Granger, 30 December 371From Andrew Logan, 30 December 371To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 31 December 373To Jean Guillaume Hyde de Neuville, 31 December 374To Irenee Amelot De Lacroix, 31 December 375To James Madison, 31 December 376To Oliver Pollock, 31 December 377Instructions for Poplar Forest Management, December 379Burgess Griffin's List of Blankets and Beds Distributed to Poplar Forest Slaves, [ca. 1811-1812] 382Lists of Slaves at Poplar Forest, [1811-1812] 384 List of Landholdings and Monticello Slaves, [ca. 1811-1812] 3861812Resumption of Correspondence with John Adams 389John Adams to Thomas Jefferson, 1 January 390From Thomas Erskine Birch, 1 January 391From Benjamin Galloway, 1 January 392From Hugh Nelson, 1 January 393To John Crawford, 2 January 394To Donald Fraser, 2 January 395To John Pitman, 2 January 395To Thomas Erskine Birch, 3 January 396To Joseph Hunter, 3 January 396From Joseph Milligan, 3 January 397Notes on a Conversation with Nathaniel H. Hooe, 6 January 397From James Monroe, 6 January 398From Thomas Sully, 6 January 398To Samuel & James Leitch, 7 January 400To Joseph Milligan, 7 January 400Decision of Virginia Court of Appeals in Peyton v. Henderson, 7 January 401From Gideon Granger, 8 January 402From William Lambert, 8 January 402To Thomas Sully, 8 January 407From William Lambert, 9 January 407From John Low, 9 January, enclosing Certificate of Henry Remsen and David Gelston, 11 January 408From Robert Patterson, 10 January 409From Thomas T. Hewson, 11 January 411To James Monroe, 11 January 412From Colin Buckner, 12 January 413From William P. Newby, 13 January 414From James Barbour, 14 January 415To Randolph Jefferson, 14 January 416To William Thornton, 14 January 417From John Barnes, 15 January 418From John Dortic, 15 January 419To John B. Magruder, 15 January 420From Richard Barry, 16 January 422From Samuel J. Harrison, 16 January 422From Henry Wheaton, 17 January 422From John Melish, 18 January 423From Ferdinando Fairfax, [ca. 20 January] 424From William Thornton, 20 January 425To John Adams, 21 January 428From Mathew Carey, 21 January 430To Benjamin Rush, 21 January 431To James Barbour, 22 January 432From Jean Guillaume Hyde de Neuville, 22 January 434To John Adams, 23 January 435From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 25 January 436To William Eustis, 25 January 458To Benjamin H. Latrobe, 25 January 459To Thomas Sully, 25 January 459To Colin Buckner, 26 January 460To Christopher Clark, 26 January 460To Samuel J. Harrison, 26 January 461To Thomas T. Hewson, 26 January 462To John Barnes, 27 January 462To Richard Barry, 27 January 463To Mathew Carey, 27 January 464From John B. Magruder, 27 January 464From George Hay, 29 January 465To Jacob Franklin Heston, 29 January 466From Gibson & Jefferson, 30 January 467To John W. Campbell, 31 January 467From John Moody, January 468From Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 1 February 469To Benjamin Galloway, 2 February 470From Joseph Milligan, 2 February 471To Charles Pinckney, 2 February 472From John Adams, 3 February 473To Albert Gallatin, 3 February 476To James Leitch, 3 February 477To Ezra Sargeant, 3 February 477From Samuel J. Harrison, 5 February 478From Henry Andrews, 7 February 479From James Madison, 7 February 480From Randolph Jefferson, 8 February 481To William Eustis, 9 February 482To Hugh Nelson, 9 February 482To James Pleasants, 9 February 482From John Adams, 10 February 483From Ezra Sargeant, 10 February 485From James Barbour, 11 February 485From Benjamin Rush, 11 February 486From Gibson & Jefferson, 12 February 487From Charles Simms, 12 February 487From John Barnes, 13 February 487From Nathaniel G. Ingraham, Alexander Phoenix, William Nexsen, and John Redfield, 13 February 489From Hugh Nelson, 13 February 492From Mathew Carey, 14 February 493To Samuel J. Harrison, 14 February 493To John Melish, 14 February 494To Henry Wheaton, 14 February 494From John B. Chandler, 15 February 495To James Leitch, 15 February 496To Harmer Gilmer, 16 February 496To Bernard McMahon, 16 February 497To John M. Perry, 16 February 498From John Harvie, 17 February 499From Thomas W. Maury, 18 February 499From Francis Adrian Van der Kemp, enclosing Synopsis of a Proposed Book, 18 February 500To Edward Gantt, 19 February 508To James Madison, 19 February 509To John B. Magruder, 19 February 509To Lancelot Minor, 19 February 510To Oliver Barrett, 20 February 512To Henry Dearborn, 20 February 513To Ebenezer Herrick, 20 February 514From Archibald Robertson, 20 February 514To Henry Flood, 21 February 515To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 21 February 515To William Eustis, 23 February 516To Francis Willis, 23 February 516From Palisot de Beauvois, 23 February 517From Charles Yancey, 23 February 518From Thomas Erskine Birch, 24 February 518From James Pleasants, 25 February 519Preface to Statement on the Batture Case, 25 February 520From John Barnes, 26 February 521To Ezra Sargeant, 26 February 521From Patrick Gibson, 27 February 522From Bernard McMahon, 28 February 523To John B. Magruder, 28 February 525From P. T. Jones (for John B. Magruder), 28 February 525To Patrick Gibson, 1 March 526To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 1 March 526From Joseph Hunter, 1 March 527From Joseph Leonard Poirey, 1 March 527To Archibald Robertson, 1 March 528From Isaac A. Coles, 2 March, enclosing Peter Walsh to Isaac A. Coles, 1 December 1811 528From Gibson & Jefferson, 2 March 530From John Low, 2 March 530From Charles Willson Peale, 2 March 531From John Brockenbrough, 3 March 532From Benjamin Rush, 3 [March] 533From Larkin Smith, 3 March 534From George McIntosh, 4 March 535From John Bradbury, 5 March 535From Joseph St. Leger d'Happart, 5 March 537From Jose Corr-a da Serra, 6 March 538From James Madison, 6 March, enclosing Thomas Gimbrede's Engraving of the First Four American Presidents, [30 January] 539From James Madison, [9 March] 541From James Monroe, 9 March 542From William Watson, 9 March 543From Charles Christian, 10 March 543From Henry Dearborn, 10 March 544From Donald Fraser, [ca. 10 March] 545From Albert Gallatin, 10 March 547From Patrick Gibson, 11 March 547To Matthew Wills, 11 March 548From Samuel J. Harrison, 13 March 549From John Jacob Astor, 14 March 550To John Barnes, 15 March 554To John Brockenbrough, 15 March 555 Account with Mary Daingerfield and Nathaniel H. Hooe, [before 15 March] 556To Patrick Gibson, 15 March 557To Nathaniel H. Hooe, 15 March 558To John Low, 15 March 558To George McIntosh, 15 March 559From James Barbour, 16 March 559To Henry Foxall, 16 March 560To Joseph Milligan, 16 March 560To Roger C. Weightman, 16 March 561To George Divers, 18 March 561From George Divers, 18 March 562From William D. Meriwether, 19 March 562To Thomas Erskine Birch, 21 March 562To John Bradbury, 21 March 563To Charles Christian, 21 March 564To Donald Fraser, 21 March 564From Ezra Sargeant, 21 March 565To James Barbour, 22 March 565From Hugh Nelson, 22 March 566To Larkin Smith, 22 March 569To Francis Adrian Van der Kemp, 22 March 570From Samuel Lukens, 23 March 571From Ebenezer Herrick, 24 March 571From Elizabeth Trist, 24 March 572To James Madison, 26 March 574To Patrick Magruder and Samuel A. Otis, 26 March 575From John Barnes, 27 March 576From Richard Barry, 27 March 577From Charles Christian, 28 March 577From Samuel A. Otis, 28 March 578From Oliver Pollock, 28 March 578To Oliver Barrett, 29 March 579To Patrick Gibson, 29 March 580To Ezra Sargeant, 29 March 581To John Benson, 2 April 581To Gideon Granger, 2 April 582To Samuel J. Harrison, 2 April 583To Hugh Nelson, 2 April 585From James Madison, 3 April 586From Samuel A. Otis, 3 April 588From Theodorus Bailey, 7 April 588To Theodorus Bailey and David Gelston, 9 April 589To John Barnes, 9 April 589From John B. Chandler, 9 April 590To Ebenezer Herrick, 9 April 591To John A. Morton, 9 April 591From Oliver Barrett, 10 April 592From Gibson & Jefferson, [before 12 April] 593To Patrick Gibson, 12 April 593To George Hay, 12 April 594 Recollections of Patrick Henry 595I. Thomas Jefferson to William Wirt, 12 April 596II. Thomas Jefferson's Notes on Patrick Henry, [before 12 April] 598To Littleton W. Tazewell, 12 April 605From Anonymous ("Goodwill"), 13 April 606From Randolph Jefferson, 13 April 607From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 14 April 607From "U.M.," 14 April 611From Francis Adrian Van der Kemp, 14 April 613From William Wirt, 15 April 615From William Bentley, 16 April 617From Gibson & Jefferson, 16 April 618From James Hamilton, 16 April 618To Samuel Lukens, 16 April 619To Reuben Perry, 16 April 620From Hugh White, 16 April 620To John Barnes, 17 April 621To Jose Corr-a da Serra, 17 April 621To Joseph St. Leger d'Happart, 17 April 622To James Madison, 17 April 622From John S. Stake, 17 April 623Non-Congressional Distribution List for Batture Pamphlet, [19 April-23 June] 624To Oliver Pollock, 19 April 625To John Adams, 20 April 626To John Ashlin, 20 April 629From John Barnes, 20 April 629To William C. C. Claiborne, 20 April 631To Derbigny, 20 April 631To William Duane, 20 April 632To Patrick Gibson, 20 April 633To Benjamin Jones, 20 April 634From William Lambert, 20 April 634To Robert R. Livingston, 20 April 637To James Mather, 20 April 639To Louis Moreau Lislet, 20 April 639To Benjamin Morgan, 20 April 640To Thomas B. Robertson, 20 April 641To Benjamin Rush, 20 April 642To Jean Baptiste Simon Thierry, 20 April 643From John Glass, 21 April 644From George Hay, 21 April 646To James Leitch, 21 April 647From John Dawson, 22 April 648From Lafayette, 22 April 649To James P. Cocke, 23 April 650From James P. Cocke, 23 April 651From William Lambert, 23 April 651From J. H. Smith, 23 April 661From James Walker, 23 April 661From John Williams, 23 April 662To James P. Cocke, 24 April 662From Joseph Delaplaine, [ca. 24 April] 663From James Madison, 24 April 664From John A. Morton, 24 April 665To William Thornton, 24 April 666From Matthew Wills, 24 April 668To John Graham, 25 April 668To James Maury, 25 April 669To John Rodman, 25 April 672To Hugh White, 25 April 673From Theodorus Bailey, 26 April 673From Benjamin Rush, 26 April 673To William Short, 26 April 674To Matthew Wills, 26 April 677From Samuel J. Harrison, 27 April 677To George Hay, 27 April 678Samuel Scott's Bill of Complaint in Scott v. Jefferson and Harrison, [before 27 April] 680From James P. Cocke, 29 April 684To John Barnes, 30 April 684To Joseph Delaplaine, 30 April 685To Eleuthere I. du Pont de Nemours, 30 April 686To James Leitch, 30 April 686To John Williams, 30 April 687Appendix: Supplemental List of Documents Not Found 689Index 691
Autres titres: 18 June 1811 to 30 April 1812
Responsabilité: edited by J. Jefferson Looney. Vol. 4, 18 June 1811 to 30 April 1812.


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