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The papers of Thomas Jefferson / Vol. 35, 1 August to 30 November 1801 / Barbara B. Oberg, ed. ; James P. McClure ... [et al.]. Preview this item
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The papers of Thomas Jefferson / Vol. 35, 1 August to 30 November 1801 / Barbara B. Oberg, ed. ; James P. McClure ... [et al.].

Author: Barbara Oberg
Publisher: Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2008.
Series: Papers of Thomas Jefferson, 35.
Edition/Format:   Print book : EnglishView all editions and formats

Thomas Jefferson is residing at Monticello, avoiding the 'rather sickly' season in the nation's capital. In mid-November, he enters a period of intense activity in the preparation of his first annual  Read more...


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Document Type: Book
All Authors / Contributors: Barbara Oberg
ISBN: 9780691137735 0691137730
OCLC Number: 717583321
Description: 825 p., [8] p. de pl. : ill
Contents: Foreword viiEditorial Method and Apparatus xvIllustrations xlvJefferson Chronology 21801From "Nicholas GeCroy," 1 August 3From Philippe de Letombe, 1 August 6From Peyton Short, 1 August 7From Benjamin Waterhouse, 1 August 8From George Douglas, 2 August 8From Lyon Lehman, 2 August 10From John Barnes, 3 August 11From Albert Gallatin, 3 August 12From Thomas Heyward, Jr., 3 August 14From Robert Leslie, 3 August 15From Lewis Littlepage, 3 August 17From William C. C. Claiborne, 4 August 17From Nicolas Gouin DuAef, 4 August 20From John W. Maddux, 4 August 21To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 4 August 21From Samuel Smith, 4 August 22From Sarah Franklin Bache, 5 August 23From Thomas Claxton, 5 August 23From Philippe de Letombe, 5 August 24To Andrew Moore, 5 August 26From Andrew Moore, 5 August 27To Archibald Stuart, 5 August 27To John Barnes, 6 August 28From Philippe de Letombe, 6 August 28To Robert Maxwell, 6 August 30To John Barnes, 7 August 30To Albert Gallatin, 7 August 31From Ephraim Kirby, 7 August 33List of Inoculations, 7 August-17 September 34To James Madison, 7 August 36From Elijah Russell, 7 August 36From Robert Smith, 7 August 37From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 7 August 39To William Duane, 8 August 41From Albert Gallatin, 8 August 41From Samuel Hanson, 8 August 42To Benjamin Waterhouse, 8 August 47From Alexander White, 8 August 47To Andrew Moore, 9 August 49From John Barnes, 10 August 49From David Fergusson, 10 August 51From Albert Gallatin, 10 August 52From Benjamin Homans, 10 August 57From Philippe de Letombe, 10 August 60From Robert R. Livingston, 10 August 62From Thomas McKean, 10 August 64From Joseph Rapin, 10 August 66From John Thomson, 10 August 67From Jean Xavier Bureaux de Pusy, 11 August 68From Caesar A. Rodney, 11 August 69From Philo Andrews, 12 August 71From Abraham Baldwin, 12 August 71From Henry Dearborn, 12 August 74From Matthew Lyon, 12 August 74From James Madison, [12 August] 79To James Madison, 13 August 80From Elizabeth House Trist, 13 August 82To John Barnes, 14 August 83To Henry Dearborn, 14 August 83To Albert Gallatin, 14 August 84To "Nicholas GeCroy," 14 August 87To George JeCerson, 14 August 87From Levi Lincoln, 14 August 88To James Madison, 14 August 88To Thomas Newton, 14 August 89To Joseph Rapin, 14 August 89To Robert Smith, 14 August 90To Benjamin Waterhouse, 14 August 91From Albert Gallatin, 15 August 91To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 15 August 92From Jacob Nixon, 15 August 93From James Currie, 16 August 93From James Madison, 16 August 94From John Barnes, 17 August 95From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 17 August 97From Albert Gallatin, 17 August 100From Edward Gantt, 17 August 102From George JeCerson, 17 August 103From Robert Smith, 17 August 104From John Dawson, 18 August 105From Andrew Ellicott, 18 August 106From Albert Gallatin, 18 August 107From James Madison, 18 August 110From Wilson Cary Nicholas, 18 August 112From Benjamin Stoddert, 18 August 113From John Drayton, 20 August 114From Enoch Edwards, 20 August 115To Henry Dearborn, 21 August 116To Albert Gallatin, 21 August 117To George JeCerson, 21 August 118From Samuel Quarrier, 21 August 119To Samuel Sheild, 21 August 119To Benjamin Waterhouse, 21 August 120From William Dunbar, 22 August 121To James Madison, 22 August 124From Thomas Newton, 22 August 126From Thomas Newton, 22 August 127From John Barnes, 24 August 127To the District of Columbia Commissioners, 24 August 129From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 24 August 131From Albert Gallatin, 24 August 132From George Hay, 24 August 136From George JeCerson, 24 August 137From Ignatius Palyart, 24 August 137From David Austin, 25 August 138From Joel Barlow, 25 August 141From Samuel Broome, 25 August 142From Henry Remsen, 25 August 143From Josiah Tattnall, Jr., 25 August 144To Pierce Butler, 26 August 145To Levi Lincoln, 26 August 145From James Madison, 26 August 148From James Blair, 27 August 149From Thomas Claxton, 27 August 152From James Madison, 27 August 153From Thomas T. Davis, [28 August] 154To Enoch Edwards, 28 August 155From Christopher Ellery, 28 August 156To Albert Gallatin, 28 August 157To Levi Lincoln, 28 August 159To Robert R. Livingston, 28 August 161To James Madison, 28 August 162From Timothy Matlack, 28 August 164To James Taylor, Jr., 28 August 165From Benjamin Waterhouse, 28 August 166To Thomas Willing, 28 August 166To the District of Columbia Commissioners, 29 August 167From Albert Gallatin, 29 August 168To Edward Gantt, 29 August 170To George JeCerson, 29 August 171From George JeCerson, 29 August 171From Samuel Meredith, 29 August 172To Robert Smith, 29 August 172From Samuel Smith, 29 August 173To James Currie, 30 August 174From George Izard, 30 August 175To Benjamin Stoddert, 30 August 175From David Austin, 31 August 176From John Barnes, 31 August 178From John Davis, 31 August 179From Enoch Edwards, 31 August, enclosingConrad Hanse's Account, 29 August 181From John Hurt, 31 August 182From Meriwether Lewis, 31 August 183From Samuel Sheild, 31 August 185From Robert Smith, 31 August 186From Jacob Wagner, 31 August 188John Thomson Mason's Notes on Candidates for Bank Director, [ca. August] 190From Thomas Paine, [August] 191From Henry Dearborn, 1 September 195From James Wilkinson and Benjamin Hawkins, 1 September 196From William Gardiner, 2 September 197From Benjamin Waterhouse, 2 September 198To Jean Xavier Bureaux de Pusy, 3 September 201From Pierce Butler, 3 September 201To John Carroll, 3 September 202To Jean Chas, 3 September 203From Aaron Burr, 4 September 204To Thomas Claxton, 4 September 204From Tench Coxe, 4 September 205From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 4 September 208To Joseph Habersham, 4 September 209To George JeCerson, 4 September 210To Samuel Meredith, 4 September 210From Robert Smith, 4 September 211From Samuel Harrison Smith, 4 September 212From Benjamin Waterhouse, 4 September 213From Turner Richardson Whitlock, 4 September 214To Henry Dearborn, 5 September 215To Albert Gallatin, 5 September 216To Robert Smith, 5 September 217From Samuel Smith, 5 September 219From St. George Tucker, 5 September 219From James Warren, 5 September 221From John Thomson Mason, 6 September 223From John Barnes, 7 September 224From Albert Gallatin, 7 September 226From Edward Gantt, 7 September 230From George JeCerson, 7 September 232From Isaac Ledyard, 7 September 233From Anthony Lispenard, 7 September 234From William Stephens Smith, 7 September 235From Marinus Willett, 7 September 238From Charles Pinckney, 8 September 239To Hammuda Pasha, Bey of Tunis, 9 September 240To Robert R. Livingston, 9 September 241From Anonymous, [before 10 September] 246From Isaac Cox Barnet, 10 September 247From Robert Brent, 10 September 253From Henry Dearborn, 10 September 254From Andrew Moore, 10 August [i.e. September] 255From James Taylor, Jr., 10 September 255From "Tru Federalist," 10 September 256From Hugh Williamson, 10 September 257To John Davis, 11 September 258To John Drayton, 11 September 258From Pierpont Edwards, 11 September 259To Theodore Foster, 11 September 260From Peter Freneau, 11 September, enclosing From David Hopkins, 31 August 261To Albert Gallatin, 11 September, enclosingMemorandum from Tench Coxe, [before 10 September] 263To William Gardiner, 11 September 264To Anthony Haswell, 11 September 265To James Madison, 11 September 265From James Madison, 11 September 266To Ignatius Palyart, 11 September 267To Joseph T. Scott, 11 September 267To Robert Smith, 11 September 268From Robert Smith, 11 September 269To Samuel Harrison Smith, 11 September 269To John Barnes, 12 September 270To Napoleon Bonaparte, 12 September 270To Henry Dearborn, 12 September 271From Albert Gallatin, 12 September 272To George JeCerson, 12 September 275To James Madison, 12 September 276To John Shore, 12 September 277From William Foushee, 13 September 278From David Meade Randolph, 13 September 279From Thomas Auldjo, 14 September 280From David Austin, 14 September 281From John Barnes, 14 September 282From DeWitt Clinton, 14 September 283From Albert Gallatin, 14 September 284From Edward Gantt, 14 September 289From Joseph Habersham, 14 September 291From Robert R. Livingston, 14 September 291From Arnold Oelrichs, 14 September 292From Charles Pinckney, 14 September 295From Alexander White, 14 September 297From Solomon Bartlett, 15 September 298From Tench Coxe, [ca. 15 September] 298From Levi Lincoln, 15 September 299From Beriah Norton, 15 September 301From Samuel Smith, 15 September 303From Thomas Willing, 15 September 303To Benjamin Hawkins, 16 September 305From Levi Lincoln, 16 September 305From James Madison, 16 September 306To James Wilkinson, Benjamin Hawkins, and Andrew Pickens, 16 September 307To Enoch Edwards, 17 September 309To Christopher Ellery, 17 September 309To James Hopkins, 17 September 310From James Madison, 17 September 311To Benjamin Waterhouse, 17 September 311From Bartholomew Dandridge, Jr., 18 September 312To Albert Gallatin, 18 September 314From William Heath, 18 September 315To James Madison, 18 September 316To Thomas Newton, 18 September 317From John Shore, 18 September 318From John Syme, 18 September 318From Pierce Butler, 19 September 319To William Fleming, 19 September 320To Edward Gantt, 19 September 321To Samuel Hanson, 19 September 321From Tobias Lear, 19 September 322From Levi McKeen, 19 September 323To Robert Smith, 19 September 324From De Chanlas, 20 September 325From Oliver Pollock, 20 September 326From John Barnes, 21 September 328From Albert Gallatin, 21 September 329From Joseph Habersham, 21 September 330From Levi McKeen, 21 September 331From William Barton, 22 September 334From David Fergusson, 22 September 334Petition from Henry Roberts, 22 September 335From Aaron Burr, 23 September 337From Connecticut ODcers and Soldiers of the 12th Regiment, 23 September 338From James Currie, 23 September 339From James Madison, 23 September 340From James Mease, 23 September 341Declaration of Trust with Craven Peyton, 25 September 342From William Branch Giles, 25 September 344From William Keteltas, 25 September 345From Charles Lewis, 25 September 346From Nathaniel Macon, 25 September 347From Thomas Newton, 25 September 347From James Barry, 26 September 348To Gibson & JeCerson, 26 September 349From Thomas Newton, 26 September 350To Samuel Smith, 26 September 350From Mathias Kin, 28 September 351From William R. Lee, 28 September 352From Philip Mazzei, 28 September 353From James Monroe, 28 September 354Statement of Account with John March, 29 September 355From James Patton Preston, 29 September 356From Thomas Newton, 30 September 357From Robert Smith, 30 September 358From "Philopoemen," September 359Form of Deeds for Henderson Purchases, [September?] 359Valuation of Henderson Property for Dower, [before 1 October] 362From Anonymous, 1 October 364From Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey,Republican Citizens, 1 October 365From Lewis Osmont, 1 October 366From Benjamin Waterhouse, 1 October 369To Jacob Wagner, 2 October 370From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 3 October, enclosing District of Columbia Commissioners' Estimate of Debts, 2 October 371From John Wayles Eppes, 3 October 373To Albert Gallatin, 3 October 374To George JeCerson, 3 October 375From David Ker, 3 October 376To Robert R. Livingston, 3 October 377To Robert R. Livingston, 3 October 377From James Madison, 3 October 378From Craven Peyton, 3 October 379To William Short, 3 October 380From John Tyler, 3 October 383Notes on the District of Columbia Commissioners' Accounts, [after 3 October] 384From Joel Barlow, 4 October 385From Daniel Carroll Brent, [on or before 4 October] 386From Samuel Harrison Smith, 4 October 387From John Thomson Mason, 5 October 387To Elizabeth House Trist, [5 October] 389From Timothy Bloodworth, 6 October 389Statement of Account from Thomas Claxton, 6 October 391From Albert Gallatin, 6 October 391From Carlos Martinez de Irujo, 6 October 392From Robert R. Livingston, 6 October 393Order on John Barnes, 6 October 394From Charles Pinckney, 6 October 395To John Syme, 6 October 399To Thomas Willing, 6 October 399From John Barnes, 7 October 400From Sylvanus Bourne, 7 October 401From William C. C. Claiborne, 7 October 402From Albert Gallatin, 7 October 404To Gideon Granger, 7 October 404From George JeCerson, 7 October 405From Samuel Smith, 7 October 406From the Danbury Baptist Association, [after 7 October] 407To John Coalter, 8 October 409From Albert Gallatin, 8 October 410From Dennis GriDth, 8 October 411To Craven Peyton, 8 October 412To Thomas Mann Randolph, 8 October 414From Benjamin Rittenhouse, 8 October 415From Stephen Sayre, 8 October 416From Robert Smith, 8 October 417From John Barnes, 9 October 418To John Wayles Eppes, 9 October 418To Albert Gallatin, 9 October 420From Conrad Hanse, 9 October 421From Edward Maher, [9 October] 421Order on John Barnes, [9 October] 422To Robert Smith, 9 October 422From William Barton, 10 October 423From Andrew Ellicott, 10 October 423From John Coakley Lettsom, 10 October 424From the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, 10 October 425To Samuel Smith, 10 October 426From Dr. John Vaughan, 10 October 427To Enoch Edwards, 11 October 429From Edward Gantt, 11 October 430From Charles Willson Peale, 11 October 430To Joseph Rapin, 11 October 436From Anthony Campbell, 12 October 437To Joao, Prince Regent of Portugal, 12 October 441From Andrew Marshall, 12 October 442From John Thomson Mason, 12 October 444From John H. Purviance, 12 October 444From William Fleming, 13 October 445From Abishai Thomas, 13 October 446From George Clinton, 14 October 447To Albert Gallatin, 14 October 449To Gideon Granger, 14 October 449From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 15 October 450From Richard Hutton, [on or before 15 October] 451From Richard Willson, 15 October 451From Hary Grant, 16 October 452To Nicholas Lewis, 16 October 453From Thomas Newton, 16 October 453From Craven Peyton, 16 October 454From Johnson Cook, 17 October 455From Thomas Corcoran, 17 October 457From Michael Fry and Nathan Coleman, 17 October 457From Gabriel Phillips, 18 October 458From William Short, 18 October 461From Thomas Claxton, 19 October 466To James Currie, 19 October 466From Albert Gallatin, [19 October] 467To George JeCerson, 19 October 470From Kezia Norris, 19 October 471To Martha JeCerson Randolph, 19 October 471From Henry Rose, 19 October 472From Robert S. Coleman, 20 October 473From Johnson Cook, 20 October 473To Kezia Norris, 20 October 475From Joseph Willcox, 20 October 475From John Woodside, 20 October 476From Johnson Cook, 21 October 477From Samuel Smith, 21 October 478To John Beckley, [22 October] 479To Thomas Claxton, 22 October 480From Denniston & Cheetham, 22 October 480From Nicolas Gouin DuAef, 22 October 482From Pierpont Edwards and Ephraim Kirby, 22 October 484To Michael Fry and Nathan Coleman, 22 October 486From George JeCerson, 22 October 487From James Lyon, 22 October 487Notes on a Cabinet Meeting, 22 October 488From Rapine, Conrad & Co., 22 October 489From John Vaughan, 22 October 490To Robert S. Coleman, 23 October 491Petition of William Hammell, 23 October 492From Gouverneur Morris, 23 October 492From Henry Preble, 23 October 493To Henry Rose, 23 October 495To Samuel Smith, 23 October 496From Albert Gallatin, 24 October 496From Levi Lincoln, 24 October 497From John F. Mercer, 24 October 499From Elizabeth House Trist, 24 October 499To Peter Carr, 25 October 501From Maria Digges, 25 October 502From John Wayles Eppes, 25 October 503From Gideon Granger, 25 October 504To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 25 October 506To Craven Peyton, 25 October 507To Samuel Harrison Smith, 25 October 508From William Stuart, [on or before 25 October] 508From Joel Barlow, 26 October 509To Mary JeCerson Eppes, 26 October 510From Gideon Granger, 26 October 511From Robert Smith, 26 October 512From Robert Smith, 26 October 512From John Beckley, 27 October 513From Pierpont Edwards, 27 October 514From Gideon Granger, 27 October 515From Isaac Story, 27 October 515To Connecticut ODcers and Soldiers of the 12th Regiment, 28 October 517From Benjamin Hawkins, 28 October 518From William Keteltas, 28 October 518To Stevens Thomson Mason, 28 October 519From Theodore Foster, 29 October 520From Henry Rose, 29 October 523From William Barton, 30 October 523From Nicholas Lewis, 30 October 524From Wilson Cary Nicholas, 30 October 525From Fulwar Skipwith, 30 October 526To Gideon Granger, 31 October 528To John F. Mercer, 31 October 529To Thomas Tudor Tucker, 31 October 530Calculation of Population Increase, [October] 531Notes on John Morton, [October] 534From Charles Pinckney, October 534From Charles Pinckney, October 540To Nicolas Gouin DuAef, 1 November 542To William Evans, 1 November 542From John Gardiner, 1 November 543To Edward Livingston, 1 November 543To Gouverneur Morris, 1 November 544To Craven Peyton, 1 November 545From Ledyard Seymour, 1 November 546From Andrew Ellicott, 2 November 548From John Devereux DeLacy, 3 November 549From Pierre Charles L'Enfant, 3 November 562From Thomas Newton, 4 November 568To Henry Rose, 4 November 568From William Evans, 5 November 569From Albert Gallatin, 5 November 570To James Madison, 5 November 571From Thomas Tudor Tucker, 5 November 571To John Vaughan, 5 November 572From the Vermont House of Representatives, [5 November] 574From "The Voice of A Sybil," [before 6 November] 575Circular to the Heads of Departments, 6 November 576From John Wayles Eppes, 6 November 578From Mary JeCerson Eppes, 6 November 579To Albert Gallatin, 6 November 580From Craven Peyton, 6 November 580From Henry Rose, 6 November 581From Tench Coxe, 8 November 582From Gideon Granger, 8 November 584From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 8 November 585From Albert Gallatin, 9 November 586To Thomas Newton, 9 November 588From Ellen Wayles Randolph, [before 10 November] 589From Martha JeCerson Randolph, [before 10 November] 590From Joseph BloomAeld, 10 November 590From Cornelius Coningham, 10 November 592From Samuel Elam, 10 November 593To Albert Gallatin, 10 November 595From Albert Gallatin, 10 November 596From Ephraim Kirby, 10 November 597Notes on Actions for the War Department, 10 November 599Notes on Patronage in New Hampshire, 10 November 601Notes on the Bank of the United Statesand Internal Revenues, [10 November] 602From John Vaughan, 10 November 604To Albert Gallatin, 11 November 606From Edward Livingston, 11 November 607From Benjamin Nones, 11 November 608Notes on a Cabinet Meeting, 11 November 609To William Barton, 12 November 609From George Clymer, 12 November 610To Cornelius Coningham, 12 November 611Drafting the Annual Message to Congress, 12 November 611I. Preliminary Draft: Naturalization, [before 12 November] 618II. Partial Draft: Appointments and Post ODce, [before 12 November] 618III. Partial Draft: Judiciary, Juries, and Naturalization, [before 12 November] 620IV. To James Madison, 12 November 621V. To Albert Gallatin, 14 November 622VI. From Albert Gallatin, [ca. 14-15 November] 622VII. Calculation of Annual Debt Payment, [ca. 15 November] 624VIII. From Albert Gallatin, [on or before 16 November] 626IX. Albert Gallatin's Remarks on the Draft Message, [on or before 16 November] 630X. Albert Gallatin's Memorandum on Reporting of Expenses, [on or before 16 November] 636XI. To James Madison, [16 November or after?] 638XII. Robert Smith's Remarks on the Draft Message, [on or before 21 November] 638XIII. Fair Copy, First Annual Message, [by 27 November] 641XIV. To Levi Lincoln, 27 November 650XV. Levi Lincoln's Remarks on the Message,[ca. 27 November-8 December] 651From Albert Gallatin, [12 November], enclosingPetition from Hopley Yeaton, 1 August 652To Albert Gallatin, 12 November, enclosingDraft of Message to the Senate, [before 12 November] 655From Nicholas King, 12 November 657Notes on Circuit Court Cases, 12 November 658From Bowling Clark, 13 November 659From Gouverneur Morris, 13 November 660From Robert Smith, 13 November 661From Willie Blount, 14 November 662To James Monroe, 14 November 662From Samuel Smith, 14 November 663From Samuel Smith, 14 November 665From Philip Mazzei, 15 November 666Notes on a Consultation with Robert Smith, 15 November 668From James Workman, 15 November 669Notes on the Funded Debt, [15 November or after] 672To Albert Gallatin, 16 November 674From Elisha Hinman, 16 November 674From George JeCerson, 16 November 676From James Madison, [16 November] 677To Thomas Mann Randolph, 16 November 677From David Turner, 16 November 678From Benjamin Waterhouse, 16 November 680From Thomas Digges, 17 November 681From James Monroe, 17 November 683From Moses Robinson, 17 November 684From James Sullivan, 17 November 686From Samuel Adams, 18 November 687To Aaron Burr, 18 November 687From a "Citizen," 18 November 689From Thomas Newton, 18 November 689From Martha JeCerson Randolph, 18 November 690From Philip B. Bradley, 19 November 691To Aaron Burr, 19 November 692To Thomas Digges, 19 November 692From Albert Gallatin, 19 November 693From Philip Mazzei, 19 November 694Memorandum on the Seneca Annuity, [19 November] 695I. John Steele to Albert Gallatin, [19 November] 696II. Albert Gallatin's Referral, [19 November] 697III. JeCerson's Memorandum, 19 November 697From John Vaughan, 19 November 698From William P. Gardner, 20 November 699From Lewis Littlepage, 20 November 706From William Maclure, 20 November 706To Amos Marsh, 20 November 708From John Vaughan, 20 November 709From Thomas Leiper, [before 21] November 710From Albert Gallatin, 20 [i.e. 21] November 711From Lewis Littlepage, [21 November] 712To James Madison, 22 November 712From "An Observer & Friend to Justice," 23 November 713From Samuel Harrison Smith, [23 November] 714From Joseph Elgar, Jr., 24 November 715From B. T. Longbothom, 24 November 717To James Monroe, 24 November 718To James Monroe, 24 November 718To John Vaughan, 24 November 722From Samuel Smith, 25 November 723From Giuseppe Caracciolo di Brienza, 26 November 724From Albert Gallatin, [26 November] 725To Peter Lyons, 26 November 726From John Monroe, 26 November 727From Benjamin Vaughan, 26 November 728Albert Gallatin's Statement on theBank of the United States, [after 26 November] 731From William C. C. Claiborne, 27 November 732To Thomas Newton, 27 November 734To Ellen Wayles Randolph, 27 November 734To Martha JeCerson Randolph, 27 November 735From Benjamin Rush, 27 November 736From David Austin, 28 November 736From Albert Gallatin, 28 November 738From Albert Gallatin, 28 November 738To Albert Gallatin, 28 November 740To John G. Ladd, 28 November 740From George Latimer, 28 November 741From Albert Gallatin, 29 November 741James L. Henderson and Elizabeth HendersonDeed to Craven Peyton, 29 November 743From Thomas Mann Randolph, 29 November 744From Nathan Burrowes, 30 November 745From John G. Ladd, 30 November 746Proclamation OCering a Reward for Murderers of a Cherokee Woman, 30 November 747APPENDICESAppendix I : Letters Not Printed in Full 749Appendix II: Letters Not Found 752Appendix III: Financial Documents 757Index 761
Series Title: Papers of Thomas Jefferson, 35.
Responsibility: Julian P. Boyd, [contin.: Barbara B. Oberg].


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