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Papers / Retirement series 6 11 March to 27 November 1813.

Author: Thomas Jefferson; J Jefferson Looney
Publisher: Princeton, N.J. [u.a.] Princeton Univ. Press 2009.
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Includes Thomas Jefferson's papers from the end of his presidency until his death that presents 516 documents from 11 March to 27 November 1813. This volume records the most intense period of  Read more...


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Genre/Form: Quelle
Named Person: Thomas Jefferson
Document Type: Book
All Authors / Contributors: Thomas Jefferson; J Jefferson Looney
ISBN: 9780691137728 0691137722
OCLC Number: 643735749
Description: XLVI, 705 S. : Ill., Kt.
Contents: Foreword viiAcknowledgments ixEditorial Method and Apparatus xiMaps xxxixIllustrations xliiiJefferson Chronology 21813To Alrichs & Dixon, 11 March 3To Lewis Brown, 11 March 3To Patrick Gibson, 11 March 4To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 11 March 4To Samuel J. Harrison, 11 March 5To John L. Thomas, 11 March 5To William Caruthers, 12 March 6From John H. Cocke, 12 March 7To John H. Cocke, 12 March 7From Margaret B. Bonneville, 13 March 8From William A. Burwell, enclosing Instructions for the Use of a Carding Machine, 13 March 9From Dabney Carr, 14 March 12From Sarah Grotjan, 15 March 12From Benjamin Rush, 15 March 13From Andre Thouin, 15 March 17Will of Thomas Mann Randolph, 16 March 18From Patrick Gibson, 17 March 20From Charles Rogers, [ca. 17 March] 21From Alrichs & Dixon, 18 March 24From Samuel J. Harrison, 19 March 24List of 1812 Tobacco Crop Sold to Samuel J. Harrison, with Thomas Jefferson's Notes, [after 19 March] 25George Poindexter to James Monroe, [before 20 March] 26From Benjamin Smith Barton, 23 March 27From Thomas Lehre, 23 March 28From Thomas Paine McMahon, 24 March 29From Samuel J. Harrison, 25 March 31From Robert Patterson, 25 March 31From William Caruthers, 26 March 31From John B. Colvin, 26 March 32From Louis Philippe Gallot de Lormerie, 26 March 33Will of Anne Scott Marks, 26 March 34Conveyance of Part of Shadwell to Thomas Jefferson Randolph, 26 March 35Conveyance of Slaves to Thomas Jefferson Randolph, 26 March 36From Benjamin Waterhouse, 26 March 37From Samuel & James Leitch, 27 March 40From John Waldo, 27 March 40From Edward Bolling, 29 March 42From Alexander Garrett, 29 March 43To Patrick Gibson, 29 March 43From Rodolphus Dickinson, 30 March 44To Louis H. Girardin, 31 March 44From David Bailie Warden, 1 April 45To Benjamin Smith Barton, 3 April 46To Margaret B. Bonneville, 3 April 47To Sarah Grotjan, 3 April 47To Samuel J. Harrison, 3 April 48To Louis Philippe Gallot de Lormerie, 3 April 49To Thomas Paine McMahon, 3 April 49To Craven Peyton, 3 April 50From Isaac A. Coles, 4 April 51To William Duane, 4 April 52Promissory Note to Edmund Bacon, 7 April 54To Anthony Finley, 7 April 55From Robert Fulton, 7 April 55To John Clarke, 8 April 57To John B. Colvin, 8 April 58To Robert Patterson, 8 April 59To Benjamin Rush, 8 April 60To Thomas Voigt, 9 April 61To John Devereux DeLacy, 10 April 62To William Foushee, 10 April 63To Thomas Lehre, 10 April 63To James Madison, 10 April 64From John Wayles Baker, 11 April 64From Francis Eppes, 11 April 65To Patrick Gibson, 16 April 66To Samuel Brown, 17 April 66To William Cocke, 17 April 67To Charles Willson Peale, 17 April 68To James Walker, 17 April 70To John Wayles Eppes, 18 April 71From Elijah Griffiths, 19 April 73From John Vaughan, 19 April 75To William DuVal, 20 April 75To David Michie, 20 April 76From Thomas H. Palmer, 20 April 77To Joseph Hornsby, 21 April 78From Thomas Lehre, 22 April 80From Valentin de Foronda, 23 April 80From David Michie, 23 April 81To Samuel Brown, 24 April 81To Rodolphus Dickinson, 24 April 82From Robert Patterson, 24 April 82To John Vaughan, 24 April 84To John Barnes, 25 April 84To John Brown, 25 April 85To Richard Fitzhugh, 25 April 86To William Short, 25 April 86To John Wayles Eppes, 26 April 88From the Seventy-Six Association, 26 April 88From Patrick Gibson, 28 April 90From John Barnes, 29 April 91From John Barnes, 29 April 91From John Mason, 30 April 92To Archibald Robertson, 30 April 92To Charles Clay, 1 May 93From Charles Clay, 1 May 94From Archibald Robertson, 1 May 94From Benjamin Waterhouse, 1 May 95From Louis Philippe Gallot de Lormerie, [ca. 2 May] 102From Patrick Gibson, 4 May 106To Charles Clay, 6 May 106To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 6 May 106From William DuVal, 7 May 107From Edmund Randolph, 8 May 108From Richard Fitzhugh, 9 May 109To Robert Richardson, 10 May 109To Elizabeth Trist, 10 May 110From John Winn, 10 May 111From Charles Clay, 13 May 111From William Cocke, 15 May 112From Thomas Lehre, 15 May 113From Patrick Gibson, 17 May 113From Hugh Holmes, 17 May 114To Edmund Randolph, 17 May 115To John Vaughan, 17 May 115From James P. Cocke, 18 May 116To Patrick Gibson, 20 May 116To Thomas Voigt, 20 May 117To John Barnes, 21 May 118To Nicolas G. Dufief, 21 May 119To James Madison, 21 May 119To Samuel Pleasants, 21 May 122To James P. Cocke, 22 May 122From John Eliason, 22 May 123To Elijah Griffiths, 22 May 123To Thomas H. Palmer, 22 May 124To the Seventy-Six Association, 22 May 124To James Walker, 22 May 125From Joseph Delaplaine, 23 May 125From Lucy F. Smith, 23 May 126From Samuel Brown, 25 May 127From John Wayles Eppes, 25 May 129To Randolph Jefferson, 25 May 132From Regnault de Becourt, 26 May 133From Randolph Jefferson, 26 May 134To Lancelot Minor, 26 May 135To John Adams, 27 May 137To Richard Fitzhugh, 27 May 139To Madame de Stael Holstein, 28 May 140From John Adams, 29 May 145From Patrick Gibson, 29 May 147To John Graham, 29 May 147From John L. Thomas, 29 May 148To Joseph Delaplaine, 30 May 148To John Eliason, 30 May 149From Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 30 May 150To Bernard McMahon, 30 May 152To David Michie, 30 May 152From David Michie, 30 May 153To James Monroe, 30 May 154To William Short, 30 May 155From Nicolas G. Dufief, enclosing Account for Books, 31 May 156From Tobias Lear, 31 May 157To Richard Rush, 31 May 160To Lucy F. Smith, 31 May 161Account with Reuben Perry for Work on Main House at Poplar Forest, [ca. May] 162From John Martin Baker, 1 June 163From Thomas Clark, 1 June 165From John Barnes, 3 June, enclosing Account with John Barnes, 31 May 166From Mathew Carey, 3 June 167From John Barnes, 4 June 168From Patrick Gibson, 5 June 168From James Madison, 6 June 169From John Taggart, 6 June 170From James Monroe, 7 June 171From John L. E. W. Shecut, 8 June 179From John Adams, 10 June 180To Eli Alexander, 10 June 181From Chapman Johnson, 10 June 182From John Adams, 11 June 183From Elbridge Gerry, 11 June 184To Patrick Gibson, 12 June 185From Richard Rush, 12 June 186From Samuel Brown, 13 June 187From Louis Philippe Gallot de Lormerie, 13 June 190From John Adams, 14 June 191To John Adams, 15 June 193To Bernard McMahon, 15 June 195Bill of Complaint in Jefferson v. Michie, 16 June 196From James Monroe, 16 June 201To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 17 June 203To Richard Rush, 17 June 203To William Short, 18 June 204To Mathew Carey, 19 June 206To Elbridge Gerry, 19 June 207To Tobias Lear, 19 June 208To James Monroe, 19 June 209To John Taggart, 19 June 211From John Barnes, 20 June 211To Regnault de Becourt, 20 June 213To Joseph Hunter, 20 June 213From Joseph Hunter, 20 June 213To Randolph Jefferson, 20 June 214From Randolph Jefferson, 21 June 215From Chapman Johnson, 21 June 215To James Madison, 21 June 216From Benjamin Romaine, 23 June 218To Nicolas G. Dufief, 24 June 219To John Wayles Eppes, 24 June 220To James Monroe, 24 June 226From John Adams, 25 June 226From John Strode, 25 June 229From Frank Carr, 26 June 230From John Hopkins, 26 June 231To John Adams, 27 June 231From Richard Rush, 27 June 235From John Adams, 28 June 236To John Barnes, 28 June 239From John Graham, 28 June 240From James Monroe, 28 June 241From Robert Fulton, 29 June 243From Thomas Lehre, 29 June 250To John L. E. W. Shecut, 29 June 251From Caspar Wistar, 29 June 252From John Adams, 30 June 253From James Monroe, 30 June 256Account with Reuben Perry for Work on Barn at Monticello, 1 July 257From Thomas Voigt, 1 July 258From John Adams, [ca. 3-5] July 258From Englehart Cruse, enclosing Drawing and Explanation of an Apparatus for Blowing Up Ships, 3 July 260From John Barnes, 6 July 262From Elbridge Gerry, 6 July 263From Elizabeth Trist, 7 July 264From Dabney Carr, 8 July 268From John Devereux DeLacy, 8 July 268From Peter Derieux, 8 July 269From Robert Fulton, 8 July, enclosing Stephen Decatur's Opinion of Robert Fulton's Experiments with Underwater Artillery, 6 May 272From William Short, 8 July 274From John Adams, 9 July 277From Nicolas G. Dufief, 10 July 280To John Graham, 11 July 281From Randolph Jefferson, 11 July 282To Benjamin Romaine, 11 July 282To Richard Rush, 11 July 283From John Adams, 12 July 283To Randolph Jefferson, 12 July 285From John Adams, 13 July 286To James Barbour, 13 July 288From Mathew Carey, 13 July 289To James Madison, 13 July 289From Rembrandt Peale, 13 July 291To John Strode, 13 July 292To Samuel Brown, 14 July 292To Patrick Gibson, 14 July 294From Patrick Gibson, 14 July 295From John Adams, with Postscript from Abigail Adams, 15 July 296From John Adams, 16 July 298From John Strode, 17 July 301From John Adams, 18 July 301Agreement with William Ballard, 18 July 304From John G. Gamble, 20 July 304To Patrick Gibson, 20 July 305To John Barnes, 21 July 307From William A. Burwell, 21 July 307Clothing and Bedding Distribution List for Poplar Forest Slaves, [after 21 July] 308From John Wayles Eppes, 21 July 311To Robert Fulton, 21 July 313To Hugh Holmes, 21 July 314To Nathaniel H. Hooe, 21 July 314From Thomas Hornsby, 21 July 315From Thomas Lehre, 21 July 317From John Adams, 22 July 317To Englehart Cruse, 23 July 319To John Devereux DeLacy, 23 July 319To Peter Derieux, 23 July 320From Patrick Gibson, 24 July 321From George M. Troup, 24 July 321From Henry M. Brackenridge, 25 July 322From Robert Fulton, 25 July 330To Jeremiah A. Goodman, 26 July 331To George Hay, 26 July 332From Peter Derieux, 27 July 332From John Tayloe, 27 July 333From Patrick Gibson, 29 July 334From Hugh Holmes, 29 July 335From James Barbour, 30 July 336To Joseph Darmsdatt, 30 July 336To Patrick Gibson, 30 July 337To Thomas Voigt, 30 July 338From Tunis Wortman, 30 July 339From Edward Hansford and John L. Clarke, 31 July 340To Samuel & James Leitch, 31 July 341From Ferdinand R. Hassler, 1 August 342Account with David Higginbotham, 1 August 343To Robert Richardson, 1 August 349To David Ross, 1 August 350To William Wirt, 1 August 351Account with the Mutual Assurance Society, [ca. 2 August] 351From Horatio G. Spafford, 2 August 352From Isaac McPherson, 3 August 353From John Wilson, 3 August 354From Elbridge Gerry, 4 August 355From Patrick Gibson, 4 August 356To Paul Allen, 5 August 357From Charles L. Lewis, 5 August 358From John Rhea, 5 August 358From Isaac A. Coles, 6 August 359To Josef Yznardy, 6 August 359Account with the Mutual Assurance Society, [ca. 7 August] 360To Clifton Garland, 7 August 361From John Graham, 7 August 362From Randolph Jefferson, [7] August 363From Thomas Newton, 7 August 364From David Ross, 7 August 364From Joseph Dougherty, 8 August 365To David Higginbotham, 8 August 365To Randolph Jefferson, 8 August 366To Craven Peyton, 8 August 367From John Adams, 9 August 367From Regnault de Becourt, 9 August 368From Harry Innes, 9 August 369To John G. Gamble, 10 August 371To Craven Peyton, 10 August 372From Alexander H. Stevens, 10 August 372To John Hopkins, 11 August 373To Rembrandt Peale, 11 August 373To Samuel Pleasants, 11 August 374From Richard Rush, 12 August 375From John L. E. W. Shecut, 12 August 376From Francis Smith, 12 August 378To Isaac McPherson, 13 August 379From John Adams, [ca. 14] August 386From William C. C. Claiborne, 14 August, enclosing Decrees of theNew Orleans City Council, 7 August and 9 August, andClaiborne's Address to the New Orleans City Council, 9 August 388From Patrick Gibson, 14 August 396To Joseph Dougherty, 15 August 396To James Madison, 15 August 397To Peter Minor, 15 August 398To Samuel H. Smith, 15 August 399To Horatio G. Spafford, 15 August 400To Tunis Wortman, 15 August 400From Peter Minor, 16 August 401To John Waldo, 16 August 402From Augustus B. Woodward, 16 August 407To George Divers, 17 August 411From George Divers, 17 August 412From Samuel Pleasants, 17 August 412To Francis Smith, 17 August 413To John Wilson, 17 August 413To Caspar Wistar, 17 August 415Biography of Meriwether Lewis 417I. Thomas Jefferson to Paul Allen, 18 August 418II. Unidentified Author's Short Biography of Meriwether Lewis, [before 18 August] 426III. Paul Allen to Thomas Jefferson, 18 August 427From Lucy Cooley, 18 August 428From Samuel H. Smith, 18 August 428To Paul Allen, 20 August 429To Nicholas Biddle, 20 August 430To Youen Carden, 20 August 430From James Leitch, 20 August 431From James Martin (of New York), 20 August 431From William C. C. Claiborne, 21 August, enclosing Francois Xavier Martin's Motion for an Injunction against Edward Livingston, 14 August 433To Abigail Adams, 22 August 437To John Adams, 22 August 438To Nicolas G. Dufief, 22 August 441To Peter Derieux, 23 August 442From James McKinney, 23 August 442To James Madison, 23 August 442To Richard Rush, 23 August 443To Samuel H. Smith, 23 August 444To Alexander H. Stevens, 23 August 445To Augustus B. Woodward, 24 August 445From Josiah Meigs, 25 August 445From William Canby, 27 August 447To Archibald Robertson, 27 August 448From Horatio G. Spafford, 27 August 449From Brown & Robertson, 28 August 450To Francis Eppes, 28 August 451To Thomas A. Holcombe, 28 August 451James McKinney's Description of a Hemp Brake, [ca. 28 August] 452From Isaac McPherson, 28 August, enclosing Extract of a Letter from Jonathan Ellicott to Thomas Worthington, [ca. January-February?] 453From Destutt de Tracy, 29 August 458From William P. DuVal, 29 August 460From Samuel H. Smith, 29 August 461Judith Lomax's Poem: "Monticello," [ca. August] 463Deposition of Martin Dawson in Jefferson v. Michie, 1 September 464From John Adams, 2 September 465From Thomas Voigt, 3 September 467From Jose Correa da Serra, 6 September, enclosing Georges Cuvier to Correa da Serra, [before 6 September] 468From Nicolas G. Dufief, 6 September 471From Nathaniel H. Hooe, 6 September 471David Michie's Plea and Answer in Jefferson v. Michie,[by 6 September] 472To Charles Johnston, 7 September 482From John Sen Trescot, 7 September 483From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 8 September 484To Henry Flood, 8 September 486Memorandum to Jeremiah A. Goodman, 8 September 486To Randolph Jefferson, 8 September 487To Joseph Slaughter, 8 September 488From Isaac Doolittle, 11 September 489To John Wayles Eppes, 11 September 490From John Adams, 14 September 499From "A Man of Years & A Citizen," [received 14 September] 503From John Adams, 15 September 503From Gales & Seaton, enclosing Account with the National Intelligencer, 15 September 505To William D. Meriwether, 17 September 507To John Barnes, 18 September 507To William Canby, 18 September 508To Isaac Doolittle, 18 September 509To William Duane, 18 September 509To Nicolas G. Dufief, [18] September 510To Harry Innes, 18 September 511From George Logan, 18 September 512To Isaac McPherson, 18 September 514To Josiah Meigs, 18 September 515To Thomas Ritchie, 19 September 515To Caspar Wistar, 19 September 516From Abigail Adams, 20 September 516From Charles L. Bankhead, [20 September] 517To Henry M. Brackenridge, 20 September 518To James Martin (of New York), 20 September 518From John Adams, [22] September 520To William Champe Carter, 23 September 522To James Monroe, 23 September 524From James Monroe, 23 September 524From James Monroe, [23 September] 525From Donald Fraser, 24 September 525From William Duane, 26 September 526From John Wayles Eppes, 26 September 530From Nicholas Biddle, 28 September 531To James Monroe, 28 September 532From Nicolas G. Dufief, 29 September 533From Thomas Law, 1 October 534From James Monroe, 1 October 534From Edmund M. Blunt, 2 October 535To Andrew Moore, 2 October 536To George Logan, 3 October 538From John Adams, [ca. 4 October] 540From Charles Yancey, 4 October 543To Patrick Gibson, 6 October 543From Andrew Moore, 8 October 545From John Barnes, 10 October 546From Frederick Jordy, 11 October 546To John Adams, 12 October 548From Patrick Gibson, 13 October 552Contract to Purchase Corn from Craven Peyton, 13 October,with Subsequent Receipts 553Robert B. Sthreshly to Edmund Bacon, 13 October 554From William F. Gordon, 15 October 554Archibald Stuart's Decision in Jefferson v. Michie, [15 October] 555To William McClure, 16 October 556From John Jacob Astor, 18 October 556From John Barnes, 19 October 558To Edmund M. Blunt, 19 October 559To Burgess Allison, 20 October 559To Gales & Seaton, 20 October 560To John Sen Trescot, 20 October 561From Thomas Voigt, 20 October 561To Patrick Gibson, 21 October 561To John Adams, 28 October 562From Horatio Turpin, 28 October 568To Thomas Voigt, 29 October 569From Samuel K. Jennings, 30 October 569From James Cutbush, 31 October 571From Joseph Graham, 1 November 572To George Hay, 2 November 572
Responsibility: J. Jefferson Looney, ed.


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