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Papers / Retirement series. 9

Auteur : Thomas Jefferson; J Jefferson Looney
Éditeur: Princeton, N.J. [u.a.] : Princeton Univ. Press, 2012.
Édition/format:   Livre imprimé : AnglaisVoir toutes les éditions et tous les formats
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Documenting Thomas Jefferson's last year's, this title presents 523 documents from 1 September 1815 to 30 April 1816. In this period, Jefferson makes three trips to Poplar Forest.


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Type de document: Livre
Tous les auteurs / collaborateurs: Thomas Jefferson; J Jefferson Looney
ISBN: 9780691156705 0691156700
Numéro OCLC: 785862445
Contenu: Foreword viiAcknowledgments ixEditorial Method and Apparatus xiMaps xxxixIllustrations xliiiJefferson Chronology 21 8 1 5Deposition of James Lewis in Jefferson v. Michie, 1 September 3From Joseph Miller, 1 September 3From Benjamin Waterhouse, 1 September 4From Edward Bancroft, 5 September 6From Albert Gallatin, 6 September 8From Alden Partridge, enclosing Table of Altitudes of Northern Mountains, 6 September 9From A. Baudon, [by 8 September] 12From Lafayette, 8 September 13From George W. Campbell, 9 September 14From James Maury, 9 September 16 Jefferson's Travel receipts 18I. Guerrant & Staples's Bill for Food, [12 September] 19 II. Henry Flood's Bill for Food and Lodging, [13 September] 19 III. Robert Hunter's Bill for Food, [13 September] 20 IV. Charles Hoyle's Bill for Food, [13 September] 20 V. Bill for Food at a Tavern in Liberty, Virginia, [17 September] 21 VI. Robert Douthat's Bill for Food and Lodging, 21 September 21 From Samuel K. Jennings, 13 September 22To William Steptoe, 13 September 26To Christopher Clark, 14 September 26To Mary Blair Andrews, 15 September 27From Joseph Coppinger, 15 September 29Deposition Regarding Randolph Jefferson's Estate, 15 September 30From Christopher Clark, 17 September 33To Thaddeus Norris, 17 September 34Notes on Distances between Poplar Forest and Natural Bridge, [ca. 17-21 September] 35Calculations of Latitudes of the Sharp Peak of Otter and Natural Bridge, 18 September-10 November 36From Patrick Gibson, 21 September 37To Jose Correa da Serra, 22 September 37To John Milledge, 22 September 38To John Rhea, 22 September 39Account with William Steptoe, 22 September 40From Mathew Carey, 23 September 40To John Holmes, 23 September 41From John Jefferson, 23 September 42To Samuel K. Jennings, 23 September 43From James Monroe, 23 September 44From Henry Dearborn, 26 September 46From Charles Yancey, 26 September 47From John Glendy, 28 September 48To Randolph Harrison, 28 September 49From Nicolas G. Dufief, 29 September 50To Patrick Gibson, 29 September 50To Archibald Robertson, 29 September 51From James Penn (for Archibald Robertson), 29 September 52Deposition of Elizabeth Henderson in Jefferson v. Michie, 30 September 52From James Mease, 1 October 54From Thomas Addis Emmet, 2 October 55From Richard S. Hackley, 3 October 57Promissory Note from Joel Yancey to Charles Clay on Behalf of Thomas Jefferson, 3 October 58From Mathew Carey, 4 October 58To Joseph Milligan, 5 October 59Book List, [after 6 October] 60From Peter Stephen Chazotte, 6 October 61To Patrick Gibson, 6 October 62Notes on a Conversation with Henry Dearborn, 7 October 62To Henry Dearborn, 7 October 63From Christopher Greenup, 9 October 63From Caspar Wistar, 9 October 64From Lafayette, 10 October 67To George Watterston, 10 October 69Observations at Monticello Related to Calculation of Latitude, 11 October-31 January 1816 70To Alden Partridge, 12 October 71To Spencer Roane, 12 October 72To Mathew Carey, 13 October 74To Tristram Dalton, 13 October 75To Robert Patterson, 13 October 76To Henry Sheaff, 13 October 77To Benjamin Waterhouse, 13 October 78From George Watterston, 13 October, enclosing Notes on Etienne Bezout's Cours de Mathematiques, [before April] 79From George Ticknor, 14 October 82To George W. Campbell, 15 October 88To Peter Stephen Chazotte, 15 October 90To George Logan, 15 October 90To James Mease, 15 October 91To Charles Yancey, 15 October 92From Mary Blair Andrews, 16 October 93To Albert Gallatin, 16 October 94From John Manesca and Victor Value, 16 October 97From J. Sheaff (for Henry sheaff), 16 October 98To Patrick Gibson, 17 October 99From David M. Randolph, 17 October 100From John Martin Baker, 18 October 102From Arsene Lacarriere Latour, 18 October 103From noah Worcester, 18 October 104Account with William Ballard, [ca. 20 October] 105To Patrick Gibson, 20 October 106To Thomas Ritchie, 20 October 106From Richard Rush, 20 October 107To George Watterston, 20 October 107To Louis H. Girardin, 21 October 108From George Logan, 21 October 109To Martin Dawson, 22 October, with Jesse Abell's receipt, 23 October 111To John Glendy, 22 October 112From Philip Mazzei, [22] October 112From Spencer Roane, 22 October 120To Caspar Wistar, 22 October 121To John Bracken, 23 October 122To Robert Saunders, 23 October 123From Patrick Gibson, 24 October 124To Charles Massie, 24 [October] 124From John Minor, 24 October 125From Robert Patterson, 24 October 125From Thomas Appleton, 25 October 126To Arsene Lacarriere Latour, 26 October 128To John Manesca and Victor Value, 26 October 129To Richard Rush, 26 October 129To Henry Sheaff, 26 October 130To Joseph Milligan, 27 October 130To John Bankhead, 28 October 131To Patrick Gibson, 28 October 133From John Guillemard, 28 October 134From Robert Saunders, 29 October 136From William Bentley, 30 October 137From George Fleming, enclosing Drawing and Description of a Steam Engine, 30 October 138From Sir John Sinclair, 1 November 143To Christopher Clark, 2 November 144From Christopher Clark, 2 November 145From the Citizens of Lynchburg, 4 November 145To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 4 November 147To Christopher Clark, 5 November 148From Christopher Clark, 5 November 148From Claude Alexandre Ruelle, enclosing Claude Alexandre Ruelle to James Madison, 5 November 149From Edmund Bacon, 8 November 151From Henry Jackson, 9 November 152 Jefferson's Calculations of Altitude of the Peaks of Otter 153 I. Labeled Diagrams Related to Calculations of Altitude of the Peaks of Otter, [before 10 November] 154 II. Field notes and Calculations of Altitude of the Peaks of Otter, [10-ca. 17 November] 156 III. Summary Comments on the Peaks of Otter, [before 2 December] 173From John Adams, 13 November 174From Peter S. Du Ponceau, 14 November, enclosing Resolution by the Historical and Literary Committee of the American Philosophical Society, 30 October 177From James Madison, [15 November] 180From John Barnes, 18 November, enclosing Baring Brothers & Company to John Barnes, 14 September 181To Charles Clay, 18 November 183From Horatio G. Spafford, 18 November 183From John Rhea, 20 November 184From John Vaughan, 21 November 186From William R. Gray, 22 November 187From Alden Partridge, 23 November, enclosing Observations on the Use of Barometers to Compute Altitudes, 20 August 1811, and Table of Altitudes of the Blue Ridge and Alleghany Mountains, [by 5 November 1810] 187From Horatio G. Spafford, 23 November 194From Robert Patterson, 24 November 194From George Ticknor, 25 November 195From Jean David, 26 November 197From Albert Gallatin, 27 November 201From Robert Patterson, 28 November 204From Carlo Botta, 29 November 207From Stephen Cathalan, 29 November 209From Alexander Murray, 29 November 212From Lady Virginia Murray, [before 29 November] 213Conveyance of Sally Goodman to Jeremiah A. Goodman, 30 November 215From Thomas Leiper, 30 November 216From Dabney Carr, 1 December 219From Robert Patterson, 2 December, enclosing Ferdinand R. Hassler's List of Scientific Instruments Procured for the United States Coast Survey, November 220From Henry Dearborn, 3 December 226Trigonometry Exercise, 4 December 227From Charles Clay, 5 December 229From Philip I. Barziza, 6 December 230From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, enclosing Victor du Pont's Notes on Samuel F. Du Pont, 7 December 231From George Watterston, 7 December 237To William Steptoe, 8 December 238From Alden Partridge, enclosing Summary of Meteorological Observations, 9 December 238Calculations of Latitude of Poplar Forest, 6 August-10 December 245From Benjamin Austin, 11 December 247From John Wayles Eppes, 11 December 250From Peter Derieux, 12 December 251To Patrick Gibson, 12 December 254To Archibald Robertson, 12 December 254From Benjamin Waterhouse, 14 December 255Petition of Joseph Miller to the Virginia General Assembly, [presented 15 December] 258To Fanny Brand, 16 December 262From Sarah Bowdoin Dearborn, 16 December 262To John F. Oliveira Fernandes, 16 December 263From Amos J. Cook, 18 December 264To Charles Massie, 18 December 267From Andre Thouin, 18 December 267From James Gibbon, 19 December 269From Charles Massie, 19 December 269From Joseph Delaplaine, 20 December 270From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 20 December 270From James Gibbon, 22 December 272From Patrick Gibson, 22 December 272To James Madison, 22 December 273To Joseph Milligan, 22 December 274To Robert Patterson, 22 December 275To Horatio G. Spafford, 22 December 276To John Vaughan, 22 December 276To Jerman Baker, 23 December 277To Joseph C. Cabell, 23 December 279From Charles Willson Peale, 23 December 280To Philip I. Barziza, 24 December, enclosing Abstract of Marriage Settlement of John Paradise and Lucy Ludwell Paradise, [after 10 May 1769], and Sir William Jones's Notes on Marriage Settlement of John Paradise and Lucy Ludwell Paradise, [after 10 May 1769] 282To James Gibbon, 24 December 286From Charles Yancey, 24 December 286To Jean David, 25 December 287To Louis H. Girardin, 25 December 288To David Higginbotham, 25 December 289To Robert Saunders, 25 December, enclosing Power of AttorneyFrom Giovanni Battista Fancelli to Thomas Jefferson, 29 August 1814, and Transfer of Power of Attorney for Giovanni Battista Fancelli from Thomas Jefferson to Robert Saunders, 25 December 290From Horatio G. Spafford, 25 December 297From Charles Yancey, 27 December 298To William Bentley, 28 December 299From Lafayette, 28 December 300From Martin Dawson, 29 December 301To George Fleming, 29 December 302To Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 31 December 304From Hosea Humphrey, 31 December 3071 8 1 6To Jose Correa da Serra, 1 January 308From Jean David, 1 January 311To Patrick Gibson, 2 January 312To Alden Partridge, 2 January 313To Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 3 January 317To George Watterston, 3 January 318From James Gibbon, 5 January 318From William Short, 5 January 319From Philip I. Barziza, 6 January 322From Stephen Cathalan, 6 January 323To James Gibbon, 6 January 324From John f. Oliveira Fernandes, 6 January 324From Madame de Stael Holstein, 6 January 326To Charles Yancey, 6 January 328From Jerman Baker, 7 January 331From Nathaniel Macon, 7 January 332From David Gelston, 8 January 333To Benjamin Austin, 9 January 333From John Bradbury, 9 January 337From Horatio G. Spafford, 9 January 339To Charles Thomson, 9 January 340From Carlo Botta, 10 January 343To Horatio G. Spafford, 10 January 343To John Adams, 11 January 345To John Adlum, 13 January 348To Jean David, 13 January 348To Thomas Appleton, 14 January 349From Joseph Delaplaine, 14 January 351To George Ticknor, 14 January 353From Joseph Fox, [ca. 15] January 355From Joshua Norvell, 15 January 356To William Short, 15 January 357To Elisha Ticknor, 15 January 359To John Vaughan, 15 January 359From Joseph C. Cabell, 16 January 360To Henry Jackson, 16 January 362To James Monroe, 16 January 362From Philip Doddridge, [17] January 363From Thomas W. Maury, 17 January 365From Charles Yancey, 17 January 366From John F. Oliveira Fernandes, 18 January 366From John Barnes, 19 January 367To Dabney Carr, 19 January 367To David Gelston, 20 January 369To Patrick Gibson, 20 January 370To Bernard Peyton, 20 January 371To Peter Wilson, 20 January 372To Amos J. Cook, 21 January 374From Lafayette, 21 January 376Jefferson's Essay on New England Religious Intolerance 378I. To Thomas Ritchie, 21 January 378 II. Essay on New England Religious Intolerance (Draft),[ca. 10 January] 380 III. Essay on New England Religious Intolerance (As Published), [27 January] 381To Peter S. Du Ponceau, 22 January 383To Nathaniel Macon, 22 January 384From James Monroe, [22] January, enclosing Winfield Scott to James Monroe, 18 November 1815 388To Philip I. Barziza, 23 January 394From Joseph C. Cabell, 23 January 394To Joseph C. Cabell, 24 January 396From Joseph C. Cabell, 24 January 398To Peter Derieux, 24 January 399From Thomas W. Maury, 24 January 400To John F. Oliveira Fernandes, 24 January 401From Philip Thornton, 24 January 402From Benjamin Austin, 25 January 403From Elisha Ticknor, 26 January 403To Sarah Bowdoin Dearborn, 27 January 404From Joseph Delaplaine, 27 January 405To Philip Doddridge, 27 January 405To Patrick Gibson, 27 January 406To Thomas W. Maury, 27 January 406From Dabney Carr, 29 January 407From Thomas Eston Randolph, 29 January 408From George Watterston, 29 January 409To Noah Worcester, 29 January 410To Benjamin W. Crowninshield, 30 January 412To Albert Gallatin, 30 January 413From Gilbert J. Hunt, 30 January 414Observations for Calculating the Latitude of Monticello, 30 January-4 February 415To Thomas Eston Randolph, 30 January 415To Thomas Appleton, 31 January 416To Joseph C. Cabell, 31 January 416To Henry Jackson, 31 January 417From Bernard Peyton, 31 January 418To Marc Auguste Pictet, 31 January 419To George Ticknor, 31 January 420To Stephen Cathalan, 1 February 420From Jean David, enclosing Petition and Memorial to Congress on American Viticulture, 1 February 422To Henry Jackson, 1 February 429From Jeremiah Platt, 1 February 429Statement of Taxable Property in Albemarle County, 1 February 430To David Bailie Warden, 1 February 431From John Adams, with Postscript by Abigail Adams, 2 February 431To Joseph C. Cabell, 2 February 435From John B. Smyth (for William Duane), enclosing Account with William Duane, 2 February 439To Thomas W. Maury, 3 February 439From Destutt de Tracy, 4 February 441To Christopher Greenup, 4 February 443To James Monroe, 4 February 444From John F. Watson, 5 February 447To Joseph Fox, 6 February 447To John Barnes, 7 February 448To Patrick Gibson, 7 February 449To William Marshall, 7 February 449To Philip Thornton, 7 February 450From Peter Derieux, 8 February 451From Peter S. Du Ponceau, 8 February 453To Henry Jackson, 8 February 454To George Ticknor, 8 February 454From Elizabeth Trist, 8 February 456To Benjamin Austin, 9 February 457From Benjamin W. Crowninshield, 9 February 458To Joseph Delaplaine, 9 February 459To Elisha Ticknor, 9 February 460From Joseph Delaplaine, 10 February 460From George Fleming, 10 February 461To Joseph Milligan, 11 February 463From John Barnes, 12 February, enclosing Tadeusz Kosciuszko to John Barnes, 26 November 1815 465From Jose Correa da Serra, 12 February 466From George P. Stevenson, 12 February 469From Joseph C. Cabell, 14 February 469From Stephen Cathalan, 15 February, enclosing Amant Spreafico to Stephen Cathalan, 9 January 470Notes on Wine Consumption, 15 February-21 July 474From Isaac Briggs, 16 February 474From Alexander J. Dallas, 16 February 477From Francis W. Gilmer, 16 February 478From Wilson Cary Nicholas, 16 February 480From Dabney C. Terrell, 16 February 481Notes for a Settlement with William D. Fitch, 17 February 482From Lafayette, 17 February, enclosing Destutt de Tracy to Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 30 January 484To Joseph Miller, 17 February 487To James Monroe, 17 February 487To Isaac A. Coles, 18 February 488To James L. Jefferson, 18 February 488From James L. Jefferson, 18 February 489From Robert Saunders, enclosing Charles Bellini Estate Account, 20 February 490From David Bailie Warden, 20 February 492To Joel Yancey, 20 February 493Auditor's Report on the Purchase of Thomas Jefferson's Library, 21 February 494From Joseph C. Cabell, 21 February 495From Thomas Eston Randolph, 21 February 498From John G. Robert (for Patrick Gibson), 22 February 499From John Barnes, 23 February 500 Isaac A. Coles's Account of a Conversation with Thomas Jefferson, [before 23 February] 500From Robert Ould, 23 February 502From Garrit Storm, 23 February 503From Joel Yancey, 24 February 505From Joseph C. Cabell, 26 February 506To Alexander J. Dallas, 26 February 507To Alexander J. Dallas, 26 February 511To Alexander J. Dallas, 26 February 512From John Vaughan, 26 February 514From John Adlum, 27 February 514To Isaac Briggs, 27 February 515From James Monroe, 27 February 516To Joseph C. Cabell, 28 February 517To Francis W. Gilmer, 28 February 518To David Higginbotham, 28 February 519To James Monroe, 28 February 519To William Short, 28 February 519To John Bradbury, 29 February 521To William H. Crawford, 29 February 521To Gilbert J. Hunt, 29 February 522From Joseph Miller, 29 February 523To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 29 February 523To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 29 February 524To James Oram, 29 February 525To John F. Watson, 29 February 525From Josiah Meigs, 1 March 526From John Adams, 2 March 526To Robert Ould, 2 March 529To Robert Saunders, 2 March 530To Garrit Storm, 2 March 531To George Watterston, 2 March 531From James Barbour, 4 March 532To James Barbour, 5 March 532From Anonymous, [ca. 6 March] 535From Joseph Milligan, 6 March 537To Richard Peters, 6 March 538From Mary B. Briggs, 7 March 540To Patrick Gibson, 8 March 541From Christopher Hudson, 8 March 542To Bernard Peyton, 8 March 542To Thomas Ritchie, 8 March 543Receipt from John F. Watson, 8 March 544From George Watterston, 8 March 544From Isaac A. Coles, 9 March 544From John Tayloe Lomax, 11 March 545From Thomas M. Randolph & Company, enclosing Account of Flour Shipped by Thomas M. Randolph & Company, 12 March 546"A" (Thomas Jefferson) to the Washington Daily National Intelligencer, 13 March 548From Patrick Gibson, 13 March 552From John Vaughan, 13 March 552To John Barnes, 14 March 553To Ellen W. Randolph (Coolidge), 14 March 553From William F. Gray, 14 March 555From William Annesley, [received 15 March] 555From George Ticknor, 15 March 559To Joel Yancey, 15 March 562From James Barbour, 16 March 563From Benjamin J. Campbell, 16 March 564Account with James Leitch, 16 March 565From John Wood, 16 March 566From Frank Carr, [received 18 March] 567To Patrick Gibson, 18 March 567From Patrick Gibson, 18 March 568From Stephen Cathalan, 19 March, enclosing Amant Spreafico to Stephen Cathalan, 23 February, and Stephen Cathalan to James Madison, 25 September 1814 569From Ellen W. Randolph (Coolidge), 19 March 578From Leroy, Bayard & Mcevers, 19 March, enclosing Account with N. & J. & R. van Staphorst, 31 December 1815 579From Bernard Peyton, 19 March 581From Thomas Appleton, 20 March 583From Christopher Clark, 20 March 583From Gideon Fitz, 20 March 584From John Barnes, 21 March 587Account with George Cabell, [ca. 21 March] 588From Emmor Kimber, 22 March 589From Wilson Cary Nicholas, 22 March 590From William Thornton, 22 March 592To Patrick Gibson, 24 March 593From Francis Adrian Van der Kemp, 24 March 595From Joseph Fox, 25 March 597Account with James Leitch, 25 March 597From Richard Peters, 25 March 598To William Annesley, 26 March 601To Benjamin J. Campbell, 26 March 601To John f. Oliveira Fernandes, 26 March 602From Bernard Peyton, 27 March 602From Thomas Ritchie, 27 March 603To Archibald Robertson, 28 March 604From Jose Correa da Serra, 29 March 605From Isaac Briggs, 30 March 606To John Wayles Eppes, 30 [March] 607From Levin Gale, 30 March 609From Susan Maria Bruff, 31 March 610From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, enclosing Notes on the Encouragement of American Manufactures, 31 March 611From Albert Gallatin, 1 April 620To John Wood, 1 April 621To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 2 April 623Notes on Popular Election of Juries, [ca. 2 April] 629From Archibald Robertson, 3 April 630Title and Prospectus for Destutt de Tracy's Treatise on Political Economy, [ca. 6 April] 630Note for Destutt de Tracy's Treatise on Political Economy, [ca. 6 April] 633From William McIlhenney, 6 April 635To Joseph Milligan, 6 April 638To Thomas Ritchie, 6 April 640From Jesse Torrey, 6 April 641From John Wood, 6 April 642From Giovanni Carmignani, 7 April 644To Nicolas G. Dufief, 7 April 645To Leroy, Bayard & Mcevers, 7 April 646To John Tayloe Lomax, 7 April 647To Josiah Meigs, 7 April 647To William short, 7 April 648To John Vaughan, 7 April 649To John Adams, 8 April 649From William Wingate, 8 April 653From Francois Gard, 9 April 654From James Leitch, 9 April 656From Louis Philippe Gallot de Lormerie, 9 April 656To James Monroe, 9 April 658From John f. Oliveira Fernandes, 9 April, enclosing Joseph de Monteverde to John f. Oliveira Fernandes, 2 December 1815 659To William Short, 9 April, enclosing William Woods's Survey of Land in Dispute between James Monroe and William Short, 21 February 661From Leroy, Bayard & Mcevers, 10 April 662To Albert Gallatin, 11 April 663Promissory Note to John Neilson, 11 April 665To Thomas Eston Randolph, 11 April 665From John f. Dumoulin, 12 April 665From Charles P. De Lasteyrie, 14 April 667From Thomas Appleton, 15 April, enclosing Will of Philip Mazzei, 3 December 1814 669From Lafayette, 16 April 679From Leroy, Bayard & Mcevers, 16 April 679To Isaac Briggs, 17 April 680To Mary B. Briggs, 17 April 682To Susan Maria Bruff, 17 April 682To James Monroe, 17 April 683From James L. Jefferson, 19 April 683To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 19 April 684From William Short, 23 April 693From George Ticknor, 23 April 696To Pierre Samuel Du Pont de nemours, 24 April 699To Charles Clay, 25 April 702To Francis Adrian Van der Kemp, 25 April 703To Jose Correa da Serra, 26 April 704From Eusebio Valli, 26 April 707From James Ligon (for Patrick Gibson), with Thomas Jefferson's Notes, 27 April 708From George Logan, 27 April 708From James Monroe, 28 April 710To Elizabeth Trist, 28 April 710To John Wayles Eppes, 30 April 712From Tadeusz Kosciuszko, April 714List of Slave Vaccinations, April-May 717Appendix: Supplemental List of Documents Not Found 719Index 721
Responsabilité: J. Jefferson Looney, ed.


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