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Principles of economics.

Autore: N Gregory Mankiw
Editore: Fort Worth : Dryden Press, 1998.
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In writing this textbook, Mankiw tried to put himself in the position of someone coming to economics for the first time.

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Tipo documento: Book
Tutti gli autori / Collaboratori: N Gregory Mankiw
ISBN: 0030982383 9780030982385
Numero OCLC: 477076239
Descrizione: 797 s.
Contenuti: Part I: Introduction. Ten Principles of Economics. Thinking Like an Economist. Interdependence and the Gains from Trade. Part II: Supply and Demand I: How Markets Work. The Market Forces of Supply and Demand. Elasticity and Its Application. Supply, Demand, and Government Policies. Part III: Supply & Demand II: Markets and Welfare. Consumers, Producers, and the Efficiency of Markets. Application: The Costs of Taxation. Application: International Trade. Part IV: The Economics of Public Sector. Externalities. Public Goods and Common Resources. The Design of the Tax System. Part V: Firm Behaviour and the Organisation. The Costs of Production. Firms in Competitive Markets. Monopoly. Oligopoly. Monopolistic Competition. Part VI: The Economics of Labour Markets. The Markets for Factors of Production. Earnings and Discrimination. The Distribution of Income. Part VII: Advanced Topic. The Theory of Consumer Choice. Part VIII: The Data of Macroeconomics. Measuring a Nation's Income. Measuring the Cost of Living. Part IX: The Real Economy in the Long Run. Production and Growth. Saving, Investment, and the Financial System. The Natural Rate of Unemployment. Part X: Money and Prices in the Long Run. The Monetary System. Inflation: Its Causes and Costs. Part XI: The Macroeconomics of Open Economies. Open-Economy Macroeconomics: Basic Concepts. A Macroeconomic Theory of the Open Economy. Part XII: Short-Run Economic Fluctuations. Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply. The Influence of Monetary and Fiscal Policy on Aggregate Demand. The Short-run Tradeoff between Inflation and Unemployment Part XIII: Final Thoughts. Five Debates Over Macroeconomic Policy.
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The Economist August 23rd 1997 "Mr Mankiw has produced something long overdue: an accessible introduction to modern economics. By writing more in the style of a magazine than a stodgy textbook and Per saperne di più…

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