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Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Engineering and Applications (IEA) 2012. / Volume 2 Náhled dokumentu
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Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Engineering and Applications (IEA) 2012. / Volume 2

Autor Zhicai Zhong
Vydavatel: London ; New York : Springer, ©2013.
Edice: Lecture notes in electrical engineering, v.217.
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Žánr/forma: Electronic books
Conference proceedings
Typ materiálu: Conference publication, Document, Internetový zdroj
Typ dokumentu: Internet Resource, Computer File
Všichni autoři/tvůrci: Zhicai Zhong
ISBN: 9781447148500 1447148509
OCLC číslo: 836776434
Poznámky: International conference proceedings.
Includes author index.
Popis: 1 online resource.
Obsahy: Part I. Business Intelligence and Applications --
Requirement Analysis of Flexible Network Teaching Platform / Xing Xu ... [et al.] --
Cultivation of Autonomous Learning Ability-Essential Requirement for College Students / Yunsheng Cao --
Study of Educational Counseling Based on Context / Wenjuan Xiao, Hua Fan --
Lifelong Education of Physical Education Teachers / Chun Mei Bai --
College Practical Teaching of Civil Engineering / Yuhai Chen, Huabiao Wang, Fengxiao Li --
Teaching Reform for University Computer Information Technology Curriculum / Bin Zhang --
Study of Computer Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges / Hai-mei Liu, Yuan Zhang --
Higher Vocational Education Quality Monitoring System / Changhong Wei --
Universities Teaching Resources Based on Semantic Grid Portal Construction / Changlong Hu, Wei Liu, Jidong Zhang --
Reform and Practice of Course Setting for Music Education in Universities / Kai Cui --
Part II. Knowledge Management Engineering. Continuous Improvement Method of Chinese Enterprises Based on Study of Benchmarking / Yang Yang, Chunsheng Shi, Jian Li --
Research on the Coordinated Development of Chinese Tertiary Industry / Limin Wang --
Project Stakeholders Coordination Management / Yuanbo Zhu, Yunxiu Sai --
Research on Bicycle Rental Business Strategy / Qing Ye, Juanjuan Chen, Chanrong Dai --
Research on Constraint Factors of Group Purchasing Tourism Products Online / Huijun Peng --
Research of Social Function About Government Under Politics and Law / Yong Miao --
Medicine Research Based on Agility Project Management / Quan Yuan, Xiaohui Yu, Yao Zhang --
Customer Segmentation Based on Dual Perspectives of Customer Value / Zhongqun Sun, Xi Sun --
Construct and Scale of Advertising Language Image / Shixiong Liu, Yanxiong Lu --
Undergraduate Employment Situation Analysis / Pan Yang --
Part III. Control Engineering and Applications. A Study on Flood Disaster Risk Vulnerability Assessment and Warning Monitoring System / YuRong Yu, Hua Xiao, Wei-Chen Hao --
Online Regenerative Braking Predictive Control for Hybrid Electric Bus / Hu Yanqing ... [et al.] --
An Extrapolation Method of Crank-Nicolson Finite Difference Scheme for Distributed Control Equation / Jun Zhou, Min Xiong --
Multi-Channel Video Monitoring System Based on ARM11 and FPGA / Qian Zhang, Le Dang --
A Tower Crane Weight Detection and Control System Based on 51 Serial MCU / Jin Shang --
Moving Object Tracking in Intelligent Video Surveillance System / Ping-guang Cheng, Zeng Zheng --
Boiler Temperature Remote Monitoring System Based on Wi-Fi Network / Zhenghua Ma ... [et al.] --
Remote Temperature Monitoring System Based on Embedded Web Technology / Zong Ming ... [et al.] --
Part IV. Bioinformatics and Applications. Analysis of Protean Genomics to Increase Genome Annotation Accuracy / Lina Zhao ... [et al.] --
Statistical Analysis of Risk Factors of Major Occupational Diseases Based on Information Management System / Feng mei Xing ... [et al.] --
Cana Cloning and Plant Expression Vector Construction of Soybean 11s Glycerin Gy3 / Hongyun Huang, Ning Du --
Research on Interpersonal Relations and Mental Health in Teenagers / Ruifang Liu, Jie Yuan, Jun Li --
Information Analysis on Depression in Patients with Parkinson's Disease / Qingwen Wu ... [et al.] --
Study of Cancer Diagnosis Based on Families Attitudes' Analysis / Yuqian Sun ... [et al.] --
Research on Medical Image Processing Method Based on the MATLAB / Shirui Gao --
Electronic Medical Record Retrieval Platform / Pengfei Hu, Jianbiao Chen --
Study of Health Examination Information System / Yun Wang --
Biology Modeling Teaching Method Based on Information Technology / Lin Guodong, Qian Xiaowei --
Clustering Algorithm for Extracting Chinese Herbal Medicine's Chemical Composition / Wei Guang Li --
Part V. Computer Simulation and Modeling. Mobile Device Data Information Processing Research on Based on Queue Algorithm / Feng Pan, GuoRong Chen --
Hash Encryption Algorithm Structure Based on the Three-Dimensional Cat Mapping / Xiang Yu --
Modeling of Complex Production Process Based on Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm / Jike Ge, Taifu Li --
The Extended Multi-Level Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model Based on Fuzzy Set / Liu Yunjie, Hui Xiaolu --
A Revision Approach Based on Decomposition / Dong Chen Jiang, Yi Hua Lou --
Supe-Cube Path-Link Algorithm of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Logistics Organization Structure / Yanyan Li, Wei Long, Jian Gao --
Research on Computer Simulation of Knee Airbag / Liping Dong, Xichan Zhu, Zhixiong Ma --
Dynamic Analysis of Flexible Bionic Pectoral Fin of Labriform Fish / Qiang Liu --
Part VI. Semantic Grid and Natural Language Processing. Research on License Plate Location Algorithm / Qing Yan --
Expression of Temporal Topology Based on GML / Ningning Sui, Shanshan Zhang --
High-Frequency Stratigraphic Cyclicity Identified Based on Blackman-Tukey Correlogram Analysis Method / Fu-qiang Lai --
An Efficient Stereo Matching Algorithm Based on Intensity Weighted Correlation / Xiaoyan Yu, Qinyou Yang, Xianwei Rong --
Event Detection and Recommendation Based on Heterogeneous Information / Bo Yuan ... [et al.] --
Security Analysis of National E-Government Based on Information Systems / Fei Yan --
Investigations of Evolutionary Game between Individual Safety Behavior and Stimulus Mechanism / Weixi Hu ... [et al.] --
A Sequential Multi-Signature Scheme Based on ElGamal Meteorological File / De-Sheng Fu, Jiao Yang --
Research of Website Optimization Strategy Based on Search Engine / Weiming Yang, Pan Mengchen --
A PSVIOQ-CICQ Solution Based on CICQ / Xiuqin Li, Xiliang Yang --
Part VII. Computer Graphics and Image Processing. An Image Recognition Method Based on Scene Semantics / Y Zhang, Y Ma --
A Synthesis Method for Personalized 3D Face Reconstruction / Yu-chen Yan ... [et al.] --
NMF Face Recognition Method Based on Alpha Divergence / Aiming Huang --
A New Denoising Method of SAR Images / Jianguo Zhang --
Compression on Chirped Parabolic Pulse Based on Normal Dispersion-Decreasing with Distributed Amplification / Wenyan Yang --
A Color Image Segmentation Method Based on Improved K-Means Clustering Algorithm / Ran Jin ... [et al.] --
Research of Sub-Pixel Image Registration Based on Local-Phase Correlation / Shiwen Li, Xiaoxiao Liang --
Efficient Big-Size Light Region Splitting Scheme for High-Resolution SAR Imagery / Yongfeng Cao, Caixia Su, Jianjuan Liang --
Research of Image Segmentation Base on PCNN Method / Rong Zhu, Degang Yang --
Linear Data Relocation and Reconstruction Algorithm for Vector Map / Sha Liu, Taolin Ma --
Research on Remote Sensing Image Management Based on Computer Technology / Hong-wei Wang ... [et al.] --
An Improved Key Frame Extraction Algorithm of Compressed Video / Xiaoping Wang --
Part VIII. Mathematics and Computation. 3D Model Simplification Method with Maintaining Local Features / Fangyi Liu ... [et al.] --
Parallel Optimization for Sparse Matrix-Vector on GPU / Meng Jia Yin ... [et al.] --
Research on Adaptability of Human Resource Management in Logistics Enterprise Based on Solow Residual Model / Yi Ming Li ... [et al.] --
Precise Hydrodynamic Numerical Simulation of Sea Area / Haibin Lv ... [et al.] --
Parametric Modeling Based on KBE of CATIA / Gui-yu Zhou, Guan-jun Liu --
Solutions for Discrete Toda Equation with Homotopy Analysis Method / Xiu Rong Chen, Jia Shang Yu --
Modeling for Criminal Case with Large Message Traffic / Jialin Lou, Jiaxin Zhao, Yang Song --
Structure Modeling of Schatz Linkage / Jingfang Liu ... [et al.] --
(k, n) Threshold Secret Sharing Scheme Based on N-Dimensional Cube / Guangming Yang ... [et al.] --
Part IX. Physical Education and Applications. Design and Production of Objects 3D Animation Base on Flash Technology / Ya Chen --
Social Adaptability Cultivation of College Students in Gymnastic Teaching / Zun Li --
Research on Aerobic Computer Music Production / Zun Li --
Kinematics Analysis on Discus Throwing Technique Based on Computer Calculation / Jing Fei Chen ... [et al.] --
Analysis on Smashing Motion in Badminton / Rui Jiang, Zhaonian Wang --
Model Analysis of Cognitive Training in Sports Activities / Linbao Zhang --
Model Analysis of the Impact on Physical Fitness of Taichiquan / Yajing Li --
Survey of the Job Market for College Students Majoring in Sports Performance / Yan Wang --
Formation Mechanism of Taichiquan Culture Based on Space Panel Measurement Analysis / Dongsheng Lv --
Physiological Responses of College Male Basketball Athletes' Sport-Specific Aerobic Interval Training / Jialing Liu --
Coupling Model Analysis of the Psychological Dynamic in Sports / Qing Wang, Niankun Zhang --
Measurement Model of Competition Ability of Basketball Elite Athletes / Pu Jian Wang --
Part X. Project Management and Applications. Research on Tourism Industry Based on SWTO Analysis / Qiufen Zhang, Wuqi Jiang --
Landscape Ecological Planning Management and Ecological Regulation in Small Towns / Xin Zheng --
Ecology Environmental Design of Cold City Waterfront Landscape Based on Regional Ecological Priority / Xin Zheng --
Research on Relations Between Investment and Consumption Model and Transaction Costs / Zhumei Luo --
Development Strategy of Tourism Industry Based on Innovation Mechanism / Yanling Xiao --
Geographical Profile Establishment Based on ANFIS and Fuzzy Matter-Element Analysis / Lijun Cheng ... [et al.] --
Study on Protection of Water Environment in the Three Gorges / Yanfang Zhang --
Study on the Ding Wenjiang's Geological Thoughts / Yanfang Zhang, Zhenmin Jin --
View Chapter --
Analysis of Coal Consumption Intensity / Guangming Li --
Part XI. Database and Data Mining. Information Resource Optimized Allocation Based on Environment Factors and Multi-Stage DEA / Qian Zhang ... [et al.] --
Adaptive Web Wrapper Based on Hybrid Hierarchical Conditional Random Fields for Web Data Integration / Yanhui Ding, Hongguo Wang --
Study of Township per Capita Income Distribution Based on the Spatial Data Mining / ShunMin Wang, Xiaoxiao Liang --
Research on Micro-Blog Search and Sorting Algorithm Based on Improved PageRank / Shiren Ye ... [et al.] --
Frequent Itemsets and Association Rules with a Certain Probability in Data Mining / Shou-Gang Chen, Tie-Song Shen, Yu Xiang --
Mining Microblog Community Based on Clustering Analysis / Changchun Yang ... [et al.] --
Research on the Knowledge Storage Methods of SPF Tree / Guorong Chen ... [et al.] --
Study on Software Failure Data / Jinming Fang, Zhijun Chen, Jungang Lou --
Research on Web Log Mining / Zhen Rong, Yan Tang, --
Assembly Sequence Planning Based on Assembly Knowledge Database / Rong Li, Ying Tian.
Název edice: Lecture notes in electrical engineering, v.217.
Jiné tituly: IEA 2012
Odpovědnost: Zhicai Zhong, editor.
Více informací:


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