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Remembering Greensboro

Autor Jim Schlosser
Vydavatel: Charleston, SC : History Press, 2009.
Edice: American chronicles (Series)
Vydání/formát:   book_printbook : EnglishZobrazit všechny vydání a formáty
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Žánr/forma: Anecdotes
Local history
Biography Anecdotes
Typ dokumentu: Book
Všichni autoři/tvůrci: Jim Schlosser
ISBN: 9781596298194 1596298197
OCLC číslo: 456977590
Popis: 157 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
Obsahy: Happenings --
A return to where history was made --
The bewildering case of Fritz Klenner and Susie Lynch --
The Hardy Boys take on opposing roles at tank farm strike --
Sleepy brakeman responsible for one of county's worst train wrecks --
Two survivors of the 1948 polio epidemic --
Two Jacksons, one White, one Black, once foes, stand together --
Places --
Guilford's last old-time roadhouse no longer an isolated place on highway --
Mining long gone but an old engine house has new purpose and serves as reminder of Guilford's gold-digging days --
What looks so ordinary now, Blacks and Whites at a dime store lunch counter, was considered unthinkable two decades ago --
House on GTCC campus still stands after 180 years --
Is it "Mon-ti-sel-lo" or "Mon-ti-chel-lo"? --
Oak Ridge Horse Show on an unusual holiday, Easter Monday, keeps Guilford County in touch with old South --
A Guilford County church, founded by a former slave, is linked to poet Longfellow --
The city's piping proudly about its ancient water pipes --
Humphrey's folly fooled everyone by lasting --
A structure architects won awards designing is gone in seconds, but symbol of Burlington Industries building lingers in dust --
Heroes, characters, a celebrity --
A Black hero among White soldiers at Guilford Courthouse --
The MASH man, Dr. John Lydy, served in two wars--and as the model for Trapper John --
A man for all history --
Guilford's first and only first lady --
Greensboro's first Eagle Scout now a centenarian --
A Vietnam tragedy --
Moses was married here --
Rich no more, but happier --
A poet's love letters to his wife --
Sweet memories of High Point's music man --
He lived life his way --
Architect of the White House learned his craft here --
Even in 1914, people deemed terminally ill got a second opinion --
Sports --
Betty Jameson's life landed in rough after a brilliant pro golf career that had its highest moment in Greensboro --
Pleasant Garden baseball team, three-peat state champs of long ago, finally get recognition --
Slammin' Sam returns to Starmount Forest, where he won first Greater Greensboro Open sixty years ago --
A return to tourney sparks memories --
Tom Alston made history as first Black St. Louis Cardinal and then fell from big leagues --
City had Green Bay Packers a week a year --
Concoctions --
Why apinol vanished from city's medicine chest --
Ah, the sweet smell of an El Moro --
A sauce that tastes good and in a bottle that will make you blush --
Construction unearths old Vicks medicine bottles at former factory site.
Název edice: American chronicles (Series)
Odpovědnost: Jim Schlosser.
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