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Selected writings

Verfasser/in: Karl Marx; David McLellan
Verlag: Oxford [England] : Oxford University Press, 1977.
Ausgabe/Format   Buch : EnglischAlle Ausgaben und Formate anzeigen

A comprehensive selection from the whole range of Marx's writings, including some material that has never before been published in English, as well as passages from Marx's letters and substantial  Weiterlesen…


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Physisches Format Online version:
Marx, Karl, 1818-1883.
Selected writings.
Oxford [Eng.] : Oxford University Press, 1977
Dokumenttyp: Buch
Alle Autoren: Karl Marx; David McLellan
ISBN: 019876037X 9780198760375 0198760388 9780198760382
OCLC-Nummer: 2894111
Anmerkungen: Includes indexes.
Beschreibung: ix, 625 pages ; 25 cm
Inhalt: Part I : The early writings 1837-1844 --
Letter to his father --
Doctoral thesis : Preface ; From the notes to the dissertation --
Articles for Rheinische zeitung : On the freedom of the press ; The leading article of the Kölnische zeitung ; Communism and the Augsburger allgemeine zeitung ; The law on thefts of wood ; Letter to Arnold Ruge ; On the estates committees in Prussia ; Defence of the Moselle Correspondent --
Critique of Hegel's 'Philosophy of right' : On Hegel's dialectic ; On democracy ; On bureaucracy ; On voting --
A correspondence of 1843 --
On the Jewish question --
Towards a critique of Hegel's Philosophy of right : introduction --
Economic and philosophic manuscripts : Preface ; Alienated labour ; Private property and communism ; Critique of Hegel's dialectic and general philosophy ; On money --
Letter to Ludwig Feuerbach --
On James Mill --
Critical remarks on the article : 'The King of Prussia and social reform --
Part II : The materialist conception of history 1844-1847 --
The Holy Family : On Proudhon ; Alienation and the proletariat ; On idealist philosophy ; The idealist view of history ; The Jewish question revisited ; The French Revolution ; French materialism and the origins of socialism --
Theses on Feuerbach --
The German ideology : Preface ; The premises of the materialist method ; Private property and communism ; Communism and history ; Communist revolution ; Egoism and communism ; Power as the basis of right ; Utilitarianism ; Artistic talent under communism ; The free development of individuals in communist society --
Letter to Annenkov --
The poverty of philosophy : Value and labour time ; Class antagonism ; Method in political economy ; On strikes --
Moralizing criticism and critical morality --
Part III : 1848 and after --
The communist manifesto : Bourgeois and proletarians ; Proletarians and communists ; Socialist and communist literature ; Position of the communists in relation to the various existing opposition parties --
Wage-labour and capital --
Speech on free trade --
Articles for the New Rheinische zeitung : The revolution in Germany ; England and the revolution ; Taxes ; Marx's defence speech at his trial --
Address to the Communist League --
The class struggles in France --
Speech to the Central Committee of the Communist League --
The eighteenth brumaire of Louis Bonaparte --
Journalism of the 1850s : British political parties ; The future results of British rule in India --
Speech on the anniversary of the People's paper --
Letters 1848-1857 : Prospects for revolution in Europe ; Class struggle and the dictatorship of the proletariat ; The army and historical materialism --
Part IV : The 'economics' 1857-1867 --
Grundrisse : General introduction ; The social character of production ; The rise and downfall of capitalism ; Alienated labour ; Machinery, automation, free time, and communism --
Preface to A critique of political economy --
Theories of surplus value : Alienated labour in capitalist society ; Unproductive labour ; Peasants and artisans in capitalist society ; Ricardo and the value of labour ; Ricardo and surplus value ; Ricardo and the middle class ; Production and consumption ; The unhistorical outlook of classical economy ; The progress of capitalist production : a summary --
Capital : From the prefaces ; Commodities : use value and exchange value ; The fetishism of commodities ; Exchange and money ; The general formula for capital ; The sale of labour power ; The production of surplus value ; Constant and variable capital ; The rate of surplus value ; The working day ; The division of labour ; The general law of formula for capital ; The sale of labour power ; The production of surplus value ; Constant and variable capital ; The rate of surplus value ; The working day ; The division of labour ; The general law of capitalist accumulation ; Primitive accumulation ; The historical tendency of capitalist accumulation ; The tendency of the rate of profit to fall ; The trinity formula ; Classes --
Results of the immediate process of production : Alienation in the productive process ; Capitalism as a stage towards socialism ; Factory worker and artisan ; Productive and unproductive labour ; Alienated labour ; The reproduction of the capitalist relationship --
Letters 1858-1868 : Marx on his 'Economics' ; On Darwin ; On machinery --
Part V : Later political writings 1864-1862 --
Inaugural address to the First International --
On trade unions --
The civil war in France : From the published version ; From the drafts --
Preface to the second German edition of the Communist manifesto --
On Bankunin's Statism and anarchy --
Critique of the Gotha Programme --
Letter to Mikhailovsky --
Circular letter --
Letter to Vera Sassoulitch : Letter ; From the drafts --
Comments on Adolph Wagner --
Preface to the Russian edition of the Communist manifesto --
Letters 1863-1881 : On working-class consciousness ; On Ireland ; On the commune ; On violent revolution.
Andere Titel Works.
Verfasserangabe: Karl Marx ; edited by David McLellan.


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