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The six Enneads.

Autor: Plotinus.; Stephen Mackenna; B S Page
Editorial: Chicago : Encyclopædia Britannica, [1955, ©1952]
Serie: Great books of the Western world, v. 17.
Edición/Formato:   Libro : Inglés (eng)Ver todas las ediciones y todos los formatos
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Tipo de documento: Libro/Texto
Todos autores / colaboradores: Plotinus.; Stephen Mackenna; B S Page
Número OCLC: 912317
Descripción: vii, 360 pages ; 25 cm.
Contenido: First Ennead. --
Tractate: Animate and the man --
On virtue --
On dialectic (the upward way) --
On true happiness --
Happiness and extension of time --
Beauty --
On the primal good and secondary forms of good (otherwise, "On happiness") --
On the nature and source of evil --
"Reasoned dismissal" --
Second ennead. --
On the kosmos or the heavenly system --
Heavenly circuit --
Are the stars causes? --
Matter in its two kinds --
On potentiality and actuality --
Quality and form-idea --
On complete transfusion --
Why distant objects appear small --
Against those that affirm the creator of the kosmos and the kosmos itself to be evil (generally quoted as "Against the Gnostics") --
Third ennead. --
Fate --
On providence (1) --
On providence (2) --
Our tutelary spirit --
On love --
Impassivity of the unembodied Time and eternity --
Nature contemplation and the One --
Detached considerations --
Fourth ennead --
On the essence of the soul (1) --
On the essence of the soul (2) --
Problems of the soul (1) --
Problems of the soul (2) --
Problems of the soul (3) (also entitled "On sight") --
Perception and memory --
Immortality of the soul --
Soul's descent into the body --
Are all souls one? --
Fifth ennead. --
Three initial hypostases --
Origin and order of the beings following on the first --
Knowing hypostases and the transcendent --
How the secondaries arise from the first: and on the One --
That the intellectual beings are not outside the intellectual principle: and on the nature of the good --
That the principle transcending being has no intellectual act; what being has intellection primally and what has it secondarily --
Is there an ideal archetype of particular beings? --
On the intellectual beauty --
Intellectual principle, the ideas, and authentic existence --
Sixth ennead. --
On the kinds of being (1) --
On the kinds of being (2) --
On the kinds of being (3) --
On the integral omnipresence of the authentic existent (1) --
On the integral omnipresence of the authentic existent (2) --
On numbers --
How the multiplicity of Ideal-forms came into being: and upon the good --
On free-will and the will of the One --
On the good, or the One.
Título de la serie: Great books of the Western world, v. 17.
Otros títulos: Enneads.
Responsabilidad: Translated by Stephen MacKenna and B.S. Page.


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