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The structure of matter, Náhled dokumentu
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The structure of matter,

Autor Brian G Wybourne; Ernest Rutherford
Vydavatel: [Christchurch, N.Z.] University of Canterbury, 1972.
Vydání/formát:   book_printbook : Biography : Conference publication : EnglishZobrazit všechny vydání a formáty
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Žánr/forma: Conference papers and proceedings
Doplňující formát: Online version:
Rutherford Centennial Symposium (1971 : University of Canterbury).
Structure of matter.
[Christchurch, N.Z.] University of Canterbury, 1972
Osoba: Ernest Rutherford; Ernest Rutherford; Ernest Rutherford
Typ materiálu: Biography, Conference publication
Typ dokumentu: Book
Všichni autoři/tvůrci: Brian G Wybourne; Ernest Rutherford
OCLC číslo: 571881
Poznámky: Symposium held 7-9 July 1971 in honor of the centenary of the birth of Ernest Rutherford.
English or French.
"Distributors for U.S.: International Scholarly Book Services, Portland, Oregon."
Popis: 541 pages illustrations 24 cm
Obsahy: Preface --
List of participants --
Sponsers / B.E. Talbot --
Opening of the Rutherford Centennial Symopsium / A.O. Barut --
Nature of the nuclear bond and the structure of hadrons / P.R. Fields --
The periodic table and its possible extension / A.O. Barut --
Group structure of the periodic system / C.B.A. McCusker --
Nuclear interactions at very high energies / P.C.M. Yock --
Highly charged subnuclear particles / Alladi Ramakrishan --
A new approach to quantum numbers in elementary particle physics / H.J. Efinger --
Magnetic poles and charge quantization / Sir Ernest Titterton --
Developments in accelerating machines for nuclear structure research / C.M. Bartle --
An investigation of the flucuations in the 40 Ca(n, p) 40 K cross-section between 2.4 and 2.9 MeV / P.B. Johnson --
Fast timing techniques and neutron reactions / G.E. Coote --
Isobaric analogue states and their application in nuclear spectroscopy / R.F. Kearn --
The Bethe-Salpeter equation / D.C. Robinson --
The weak interaction vector coupling constant / R.D. Lawson --
Status of the nuclear shell model / I. Talmi --
Seniority number generalizations and applications to nuclei / A.P. Stamp --
Advances in nuclear structure calculations-cranked Hartree-Fock solutions / M.R. Manning --
One and two body structure in atomic nuclei / A. Baiquni --
A spectrum generating current including spin-orbit and Lamb shift for hydrogen / S.J. Prokhovnik --
Mach's principle in the light of modern cosmology / P.C. Waylen --
General relativity and Mach's principle / R.H. Garstang --
Iron in the sun and stars / R.H. Garstang and S.B. Kemic --
Heliumspectra in large magnetic fields / B.R. Judd --
Developments in atomic shell theory / A. Crubellier and S. Freneuille --
Non-compact groups and harmonic oscillator / M.J. Cunningham --
Radial-angular factorized hydrogen atom / W.R. Fimple --
Full correlation in Hartree-Fock theory / F.R. Innes --
Symmetry methods for correlation in atoms / D.F. Walls --
Quantum theory of atomic coherence effects / L. de Broglie --
Sur origines de la mecanique ondulatoire et mes idees actuelles a ce sujet.
Odpovědnost: edited by B.G. Wybourne.
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