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The Tatler.

저자: Richard Steele, Sir; Joseph Addison
출판사: London, Dent; New York, Dutton [1953]
시리즈: Everyman's library., Essays and belles lettres ;, 993.
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추가적인 물리적 형식: Online version:
Tatler (London, England : 1709).
London, Dent; New York, Dutton [1953]
문서 형식:
모든 저자 / 참여자: Richard Steele, Sir; Joseph Addison
OCLC 번호: 620738
메모: The selections are chiefly Steele's contributions to the Tatler. A few have been assigned, wholly or partly, to Addison. Cf. p. 304.
설명: xiv, 304 pages 19 cm.
내용: Mr. Bickerstaff issues his proposals --
Clarissa and Chloe --
Theatrical intelligence --
Mr. Bickerstaff's wit declining, he makes his last will and testament --
A perfectly new way of writing --
Pious stratagem of Pastorella's aunt --
Miss Jenny Distaaff takes up the pen --
Fine writing --
Autobiography of Mr. Bickerstaff's familiar spirit, who died at the age of one month --
Painful position of the news-writers if peace should come --
Esquires --
France needs peace : 'Authentic' letter from Madame de Maintenon --
The case of the unhappy gentlewoman --
May-fair closed --
No peace after all --
Plain words from Mr. Bickerstaff to Louis XIV --
Concerning toasts --
Duels --
The King of France's reply and other matters --
Miss Toss --
The passionate duellist to his love --
Jack Careless and Colonel Constant --
Duels and duellists further considered --
Marlborough outwits Villars and lays seige to Tournai --
Edifying experience of Jenny Distaff --
Snuff --
Entertainment at the expense of the artillery-company --
Illustrative anecdote --
Selling-up at Drury Lane --
The hero properly celebrated --
Tournai captured --
Tragical passion --
Love and lust, with a portrait of Aspasia --
Delamira resigns her fan --
Conjugal coolness : Osmyn and Delmira --
Clerical bellowing at Saint Paul's --
Charles XII of Sweden defeated by Peter the Great --
Borrowed from La Bruyère --
Russia not unacquainted with honour and humanity --
Sharpers represented as hounds --
Infallible method of prevailing with the fair --
More girding at the train-bands --
Beauty not what it was : with an excursion to the artillery-ground --
More about the sharpers --
The Battle of Malplaquet --
Coffee-house comment on the battle --
Eloquence and action, with particular reference to the clergy of Great Britain --
Wealth and gentility --
More news of Malplaquet --
The mending of manners : Mr. Bickerstaff's tables of fame --
The cause of tears --
Notices --
Mr. Kidney on the late glorious victory : editorial remarks --
Voice and gesture : their misuse in the pulpit --
Sharpers again --
Mr. Bickerstaff threatened and rebuked --
Unsatisfactory conduct of a vicar --
A Quaker's letter --
Concerning the table of fame --
Notice to correspondents --
Marriage of Jenny Distaff --
Flattering letter from a fair admirer --
Attendance of ladies at trials for rape --
Sound advice to Jenny in an early domestic discord --
Sergeant Hall's epistolary style --
Extraordinary behaviour of the gentleman next door --
Reprehensible practice of gagging --
Visit from the fair admirer --
Mr. Bickerstaff prepares to defend himself --
Arrangements for burying those morally dead --
Sufferings of authors from piratical printers --
Mr. Bickerstaff deals firmly with fopperies --
Domestic happiness of Jenny and her husband --
Story of Will Rosen --
The morally dead : cases of Mr. Groggram and Florinda --
Literature and the dignity of man --
Refractory conduct of certain dead persons --
Cases of the aforesaid dead persons heard by Mr. Bickerstaff --
A morally deceased gentleman's effects : burning question of the new-fashioned petticoat --
From a well-wisher --
The case of the petticoat --
Salutary effects of the Tatler --
The humble petition of Penelope Prim --
Mr. Bickerstaff's expectations from the new lottery --
Base conduct of composers of wines --
An old-fashioned major corrects a young officer --
The humble petition of Deborah Hart, etc. --
Letters from Dorothy Drumstick, Lydia, and Chloe --
To all gentlemen, ladies, and others that delight in soft lines --
The complainers --
Mr. Bickerstaff receives an acceptable present --
Concerning the nuptial state --
Unhappy consequences of women's love of finery --
Married happiness, illustrated from Cicero's letters --
Mr. Bickerstaff as the Censor of Great Britain --
Mr. Softly's sonnet --
Mr. Bickerstaff and his correspondents --
Mr. Clayton's new musical entertainment --
Funeral of Thomas Betterton, the actor --
First sorrow --
Pleasures of the playhouse --
Notice to readers --
Pernicious consequences of reading the Tatler --
A coach journey and reflections occasioned by it --
Odds and ends --
Remonstrance from Cato junior, etc. --
Lottery for the relief of the fair sex --
Woman : destroying fiend or guardian angel --
Letter and notices --
The vanity of ambition --
The widow Flavia and her daughter --
Doubtful case of the forlorn virgin --
The masked rider --
The humble petition of the company of linen-drapers --
The Partridge joke continued --
Scolds : with an illustration from the Garden of Eden --
Requests from two readers --
The church thermometer --
Scolds : an ingenious physician's remedy --
Reflections on serenades --
Concerning advertisements --
Curious history of Doctor Young --
Letters --
Corruption of our English tongue --
Bitter words about the Royal Society --
Ithuriel's spear --
Verses on a city shower : by an eminent hand --
Quacks --
England or Great Britain --
Gyges's ring --
Inventory of goods lately stolen from Lady Fardingdale --
Jenny answers a correspondent --
History of a shilling --
Mr. Bickerstaff's Court of Honour --
Thoughts on drinking --
Extract of the Journal of the Court of Honour --
Shabby treatment of the clergy --
English, Scotch, or British? --
Continuation of the Journal of the Court of Honour --
Further proceedings of the Court of Honour --
Later hours kept nowadays --
Last session of the Court of Honour --
Clerical plagiarism --
Elizabeth Slender's petition and Penitence Gentle's letter --
Mr. Steele takes leave of his readers.
일련 제목: Everyman's library., Essays and belles lettres ;, 993.
다른 제목 Tatler (London, England : 1709)
책임: Edited by Lewis Gibbs.


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