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Thanks for the memories

by Cecelia Ahern

  Print book : Fiction  |  1st U.S. ed

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another bestseller    (2009-06-26)


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by AnnetteDunlea

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No Thank-you for the Book Cecelia Ahern

Thanks for The Memories is a paperback fiction novel by Cecelia Ahern. It is published by Harper and its ISBN is 007233698. It is a warm uplifting story, beautifully written . I have read all Cecelia Ahern’s books and I loved them all. This novel marks a new maturity and flexibility in her writing. I think this is her best novel yet. It is a sweet tale of a daughter and father relationship. Joyce Conway suffers a miscarrage and is rushed by her dad to ER.

“I place my hand on my belly. If my child is gone, and I suspect this is so, I’ll join it there.grieve. I’ve landed now, the land of my life. And, still, my heart pumps on.Even when broken it still works. Where . . . where? Wherever. It; a heartless word. He or she so young; who it was to become, stilla question. But there, I will mother it. There, not here. I’ll tell it: I’m sorry, sweetheart, I’m sorry I ruined your chances, my chance – our chance of a life together. But close your eyes and stare into the darkness now, like Mummy is doing, and we’ll find our way together. There’s a noise in the room and I feel a presence. ‘Oh God, Joyce, oh God. Can you hear me, love? Oh God. Oh God. Oh, please no, Good Lord, not my Joyce, don’t take my Joyce. Hold on, love, I’m here. Dad is here.’ I don’t want to hold on and I feel like telling him so. I hear myself groan, an animal-like whimper and it shocks me, scares me. I have a plan, I want to tell him. I want to go, only then can I be with my baby. Then, not now. He’s stopped me from falling but I haven’t landed yet. Instead he helps me balance on nothing, hover while I’m forced to make the decision. I want to keep falling but he’s calling the ambulance and he’s gripping my hand with such ferocity it’s as though it is though I’m all he has. He’s brushing the hair from my forehead and weeping loudly. I’ve never heard him weep. Not even when Mum died. He clings to my hand with all of the strength I never knew his old body had and I remember that I am all he has and that he, once again just like before, is my whole world. The blood continues to rush through me. Rushing, rushing, rushing. We are always rushing. Maybe I’m rushing again. Maybe it’s not my time to go. I feel the rough skin of old hands squeezing mine, and their intensity and their familiarity force me to open my eyes. Light fills them and I glimpse his face, a look I never want to see again. He clings to his baby. I know I’ve lost mine; I can’t let him lose his. In making my decision I already begin to grieve.”

She receives an emergancy blood transfusion and the donor’s Justin’s memories. Joyce and Justin meet up occassionally and are instantly attracted to one another. A unique relationship is formed. Joyce is grieving from a divorce and miscarriage and Clever Justin is looking for meaning in his life. If you love romance and feel good stories you will love this book. Cecelia Ahern fans will be rewarded with another bestseller.I highly recommend this book. Reviewed by Annette Dunlea author of Always and Forever and The Honey Trap.

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