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Time's up! : an uncivilized solution to a global crisis

by Keith Farnish

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All reviews from : Average 4.8 stars (unedited)   (2009-09-07)


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by farnishk

5.0 out of 5 stars "Time's Up", 13 Mar 2009
By     C. Keay - See all my reviews
Considering the rather serious subject matter, this author has managed to produce a fresh, stimulating and highly accessible book. While we all seem to have finally got the idea that we are killing the planet, little thought beyond recycling our newspapers and bottles seems to be spent on what we REALLY need to do now. I defy anyone to not find their perceptions of our society and it's very future seriously challenged after reading this book...

5.0 out of 5 stars "Food for Thought", 7 May 2009
By     mrs ca pennell

This book is certainly the one for a person like me who thought that what I was doing would be enough to do my bit to save the world.I recycle and try to save energy plus I dont have a car. On the down side however I am still a consumer.
The end of the Industrial Civilisation is going to be a huge shock for those who are not ready, so if it happens in my lifetime I want to be ready and this book has taken me by the shoulders, shook me and said you need to change your life! - Caroline Henden

5.0 out of 5 stars "The zeitgeist book.", 14 April 2009
By     livegreen "environmentalist" (uk)
I sort of knew but I've never seen it stated so clearly what's pulling my strings, and that makes it much easier to cut them.
Time's Up levers the rotten tooth of a dying ideology: that economic growth is a necessity; discloses its true face: a mass kamikaze pledge; shows how to take your name off the pledge and tear it up. I will read and reread as a handbook for transition.

4.0 out of 5 stars "once you've read this you will never not have read it...", 16 Mar 2009
By     A. Levy (Oxford, UK)
Farnish's book is a perturbing yet inspiring analysis of why not to ride the middle road as an approach to what we now must all call Climate Breakdown. As someone who takes this whole catastrophe very seriously, he's also given me some hope in thinking about how I want to personally respond in terms of life choices, and political vision. I read this book alongside Vandana Shiva's SOIL NOT OIL and Sharon Asyk's DEPLETION AND ABUNDANCE. The hope is in no hope....

5.0 out of 5 stars "Subversive and timely.", 23 April 2009
By     N. A. Osborne (London United Kingdom)
Farnish has put together a timely and important work that transcends environmental writing and puts itself firmly down in the realm of sociology. We do have a problem and we hear the evidence, but the prevailing politics and our own role as willing partners of the flawed system does not allow us to listen. The solution to climate change and much more lies within us, in the actions we take. We cannot palm our responsibilities off on some leader or the fact we do a bit of recycling. We have to go further.

If your looking for a comforting list of things to do to save the planet you will not find it here. This book is much more radical in its suggestions and it requires a deeper commitment to carry them out. I recommend it to all, but especially to those who are on the cusp of realizing that man as consumer was a stupid idea in the first place.

5.0 out of 5 stars "Extraordinary", 9 April 2009
By     Susan Carolyn Southall "Susannah" (Spain)
This is a highly readable and engaging book on a very serious topic: the realities of environmental destruction and the impacts this is having on life on Earth, including our own. It is full of facts and philosophical observations, and written in a quirky, ironic style that gets you thinking about the issues from a new perspective.
I couldn't put it down, his writing is seductive and compelling and very thought provoking. Read it, you won't regret it

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