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The ultimate CSS reference

Autore: Tommy Olsson; Paul O'Brien
Editore: Collingwood, Vic. : Sitepoint ; Farnham : O'Reilly [distributor], ©2008.
Edizione/Formato:   Libro : EnglishVedi tutte le edizioni e i formati
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A first reference book will be simultaneously released online and in print in order to get publicity, user buy-in, and interaction. A well thought out presentation and organization of the book will  Per saperne di più…


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Tipo materiale: Risorsa internet
Tipo documento: Book, Internet Resource
Tutti gli autori / Collaboratori: Tommy Olsson; Paul O'Brien
ISBN: 0980285852 9780980285857
Numero OCLC: 176956403
Note: Includes index.
Descrizione: xiv, 420 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Contenuti: 0. What Is CSS? * CSS Versions * Linking CSS to a Web Document o Media Queries * Standards Mode, Quirks Mode, and Doctype Sniffing 1. General Syntax and Nomenclature * Statements * At-rules * Rule Sets * Selectors * Declaration Blocks * Declarations, Properties, and Values o Keywords o Lengths and Units o Percentages o Colors o Numbers o Strings o URIs o Initial Values o Shorthand Properties * CSS Comments * CSS Identifiers * CSS Escape Notation * CSS Syntax Errors 2. At-rules Reference * charset * import * media * page * font-face * namespace 3. Selector Reference * Universal Selector * Element Type Selector * Class Selector * ID Selector * Attribute Selector o CSS3 Attribute Selectors * Selector Grouping * Combinators o Descendant Selector o Child Selector o Adjacent Sibling Selector o General Sibling Selector * Pseudo-classes o :link o :visited o :active o :hover o :focus o :first-child o :lang(C) o CSS3 Pseudo-classes + :nth-child(N) + :nth-last-child(N) + :nth-of-type(N) + :nth-last-of-type(N) + Understanding :nth-child Pseudo-class Expressions + :last-child + :first-of-type + :last-of-type + :only-child + :only-of-type + :root + :empty + :target + :enabled + :disabled + :checked Pseudo-class + :not(S) * Pseudo-elements o :first-letter o :first-line o :before o :after o ::selection 4. The Cascade, Specificity, and Inheritance * The Cascade * !important Declarations * Specificity * Inheritance o The CSS Property Value inherit 5. CSS Layout and Formatting * The Viewport, the Page Box, and the Canvas * The CSS Box Model o Containing Block o Collapsing Margins o The Internet Explorer 5 Box Model o The Internet Explorer hasLayout Property * Formatting Concepts o Block Formatting o Inline Formatting o List Formatting o Table Formatting o Replaced Elements * Positioning o Relative Positioning o Absolute Positioning o Fixed Positioning o Stacking Contexts o Floating and Clearing o The Relationship Between display, position, and float 6. Box Properties * Dimensions o height o min-height o max-height o width o min-width o max-width * Margins o margin-top o margin-right o margin-bottom o margin-left o margin * Padding o padding-top o padding-right o padding-bottom o padding-left o padding * Borders and Outlines o border-top-color o border-top-style o border-top-width o border-top o border-right-color o border-right-style o border-right-width o border-right o border-bottom-color o border-bottom-style o border-bottom-width o border-bottom o border-left-color o border-left-style o border-left-width o border-left o border-color o border-style o border-width o border o outline-color o outline-style o outline-width o outline 7. Layout Properties * display * position * float * clear * visibility * top * right * bottom * left * z-index * overflow * clip 8. List Properties * list-style-type * list-style-position * list-style-image * list-style 9. Table Properties * table-layout * border-collapse * border-spacing * empty-cells * caption-side 10. Color and Backgrounds * background-color * background-image * background-repeat * background-position * background-attachment * background * color 11. Typographical Properties * font-family * font-size * font-weight * font-style * font-variant * font * letter-spacing * word-spacing * line-height * text-align * text-decoration * text-indent * text-transform * text-shadow * vertical-align * white-space * direction * unicode-bidi 12. Generated Content * content * counter-increment * counter-reset * quotes 13. User Interface Properties * cursor 14. Paged Media Properties * page-break-before * page-break-inside * page-break-after * orphans * widows 15. Vendor-specific Properties * Mozilla Extensions o -moz-border-radius o -moz-box-sizing o The display Property Value: -moz-inline-box * Internet Explorer Extensions o zoom o filter o behavior o The expression Property Value 16. Workarounds, Filters, and Hacks * Internet Explorer Conditional Comments * Workarounds and Filters * CSS Hacks 17. Differences Between HTML and XHTML * MIME Types * Case Sensitivity * Optional Tags * Root Element Properties 18. Alphabetic Property Index
Altri titoli: CSS reference
Responsabilità: by Tommy Olsson & Paul O'Brien.


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