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Unexpected Chicagoland

저자: Camilo J Vergara; Tim Samuelson
출판사: New York : New Press, ©2001.
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장르/형태: Illustrated works
Pictorial works
자료 유형: 인터넷 자료
문서 형식: 책, 인터넷 자원
모든 저자 / 참여자: Camilo J Vergara; Tim Samuelson
ISBN: 1565847016 9781565847019
OCLC 번호: 47100641
설명: xxii, 164 pages : color illustrations ; 29 cm
내용: Nineteenth-Century Survivors --
Raber House, 1874, now the Fishbowl House, stranded on the South Side of Chicago 1 --
Muddy Waters House, South Side, Chicago, 1889 2 --
Neo-Gothic entrance, a fragment of a Louis Sullivan building from 1891 4 --
Neo-Gothic monument with a bronze statue of the youthful Christopher Columbus cast in Rome, South Chicago, 1892 5 --
Jim's Original on Maxwell Street, Chicago, "World Famous Since 1939" 6 --
Turrets commanding the corner 7 --
Distinctive Popular Housing --
Samuel Eberly Gross, the high priest of home ownership, Chicago 24 --
Marktown, East Chicago, Indiana, founded in 1917, Howard van Doren Shaw, architect 27 --
George Pullman's Dream in Ruins, Pullman, Chicago --
"A spectacular ruin," Pullman's main building and clock tower, Solon S. Beman, architect, 1880 28 --
Pullman Trust and Savings Bank, by Howard Van Doren Shaw, 1924. Now True Vine Holiness M.B. Church 32 --
Terra-cotta horse head decorating a former beer distributing warehouse in Pullman 35 --
Hammond's Second Coming: "Not Quite What City Hall Had in Mind" --
"The world's largest Sunday school," State Street, Hammond, Indiana 36 --
Former Werth's appliance center, now part of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana 38 --
Chicagoland's Rust Belt: Bridges and Boats --
Golden rust: Vertical lift bridge over the Calumet River by 96th Street, South Chicago 42 --
J.B. Ford, "the boat that never leaves the dock," Calumet Harbor by 130th Street, ca. 1904 44 --
Bohemian National Cemetery --
Columbarium niches, Bohemian National Cemetery, 1919: Ordinary life as Paradise 47 --
Art Moderne --
Art Moderne office building on Lake Street, Abel Faidy and Julius Floto, architects, West Side, Chicago, 1938 54 --
Lithuanian Art Deco --
Office building, Lithuanian National Cemetery, Justice, Illinois, 1937 57 --
Preserving traces of Lithuania: Traditional wayside crosses in New World guises 58 --
Monument to Darius and Girenas, Lithuanian heroes, designed by Raoul Josset, Marquette Park, Chicago, 1935 60 --
1950s: "It Broke the Old Rules" 63 --
Motels by the "Lost Highway" --
Avenue Motel (demolished in 2000), downtown, Chicago 64 --
Seville Motel, The Modern Motel for the Modern Family, Stony Island Avenue, Chicago 65 --
Commercial Buildings and Extinguished Neon Signs --
Pride Cleaners, a structural tour de force, Gerald A. Siegwart, architect, 1959, 79th Street, Chicago 67 --
A former Carroll Hamburgers, "a franchise that didn't make it," Gary, Indiana 69 --
An American windmill, Benton Harbor, Michigan, late 1950s 72 --
End of the Neon Age 73 --
Hardheaded Practicality: "You Have a Need, You Get to the Point" --
"Mexican Food," Chicago Avenue, Chicago 81 --
"Chicago's Pinocchio," Apollo 2000 sign, Cermak Road, Chicago 82 --
Cherub with industrial light fixture mounted in its belly, apartment building, West Side, Chicago 83 --
Terra-cotta --
"Chinatown City Hall," On Leong Chinese Merchants Association Building, Chicago, 1927 85 --
Egyptian Lacquer Works, West Side, Chicago, 1926 86 --
Uptown Broadway Building, Chicago, 1927 88 --
Former Laramie State Bank, remodeled by Meyer and Cook, architects, Chicago Avenue, Chicago, 1928 90 --
Sullivanesque decorations on the facade of New Life M.B. Church, Roseland, Chicago 92 --
Wright on the Ropes: "Why Shouldn't Frank Lloyd Wright Be Abandoned? Everyone Else Is." --
Waller Apartments, West Side, Chicago, 1895 95 --
Wynant House, a Frank Lloyd Wright American System Built House, Gary, Indiana, 1916 96 --
Snowflake Crystal Motel in St. Joseph, Michigan; renamed Villager Lodge, 1959 98 --
Modernism and Postmodernism --
Modernism among the junk piles: "Cornell Store and Flats," Walter Burley Griffin, architect, Grand Crossing, Chicago, 1908 101 --
Bruce Goff's Myron Bachman House, remodeled in 1948, North Side, Chicago 103 --
A postmodern relic: Stanley Tigerman's Pensacola Place, North Side, Chicago, g 1981 104 --
"That Is Where Poor People Went": CHA Family High-Rises 107 --
"Da Bone Yard!!!" 3615 South Federal Street, Stateway Gardens (1959), 2000 110 --
Unto dust: Lake Park Houses, South Side, Chicago 114 --
Robert Taylor Homes, Chicago: "It was fun while it lasted, now it is time to move on. Power to the People!" 116 --
Churches --
Pilgrim Baptist Church, South Chicago, ca. 1890 121 --
"A Monument to Robbins," Growing in Grace Ministry Church of God, Robbins, Illinois, 2000 122 --
Two former synagogues, Lawndale, Chicago 124 --
Truth, purity, and beauty: Christ Temple Mission Church, Gary, Indiana 126 --
Billboards --
Street furnishings of segregation: Public service billboards 129 --
Signs from the Heart --
Assorted signs: "A desire for a world of innocence" 135 --
White couch fantasy, advertisement for Seaway Furniture, South Side, Chicago, 1999 138 --
Queen Bee Exquisite Hi-Tech Beauty Salon, 47th Street, Chicago, 2000 140 --
Fading whale, River Slim Live Fish, West Side, Chicago 143 --
"I wish Mom and Dad would take me to Sunday School," Gary, Indiana, 1985 148.
책임: Camilo José Vergara and Timothy J. Samuelson.
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