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Unsaturated soil mechanics in engineering practice

Autor: D G Fredlund; H Rahardjo; Murray D Fredlund
Editorial: Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, ©2012.
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"Here is the definitive guide to unsaturated soil by the world's expert in the area of unsaturated soil mechanics. This volume features the latest information and replaces the leading text in the field, also written by this author team. The text offers state-of-the-art information to deal with the practical engineering problems resulting from unsaturated soil. Greater emphasis has been placed on the using the

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Género/Forma: Electronic books
Formato físico adicional: Print version:
Fredlund, D.G. (Delwyn G.), 1940-
Unsaturated soil mechanics in engineering practice.
Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, ©2012
(DLC) 2012013543
Tipo de material: Documento, Recurso en Internet
Tipo de documento: Recurso en Internet, Archivo de computadora
Todos autores / colaboradores: D G Fredlund; H Rahardjo; Murray D Fredlund
ISBN: 9781118280492 1118280490 9781118280515 1118280512
Número OCLC: 793497239
Descripción: 1 online resource (xviii, 926 pages) : illustrations
Contenido: Foreword xiii Preface xv Acknowledgments xvii CHAPTER 1 Theory to Practice of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics 1 1.1 Introduction 1 1.2 Moisture and Thermal Flux Boundary Conditions 6 1.3 Determination of Unsaturated Soil Properties 8 1.4 Stages in Moving Toward Implementation 9 1.5 Need for Unsaturated Soil Mechanics 11 1.6 Partial Differential Equations in Soil Mechanics 17 1.7 Engineering Protocols for Unsaturated Soils 26 CHAPTER 2 Nature and Phase Properties of Unsaturated Soil 29 2.1 Introduction 29 2.2 Soil Classification 34 2.3 Phase Properties 48 2.4 Volume-Mass Variables 66 2.5 Soil Compaction 73 2.6 Volume-Mass Relations When Mass Is Lost from System 76 CHAPTER 3 State Variables for Unsaturated Soils 80 3.1 Introduction 80 3.2 Basis for Stress State Variables 84 3.3 Stress State Variables for Unsaturated Soils 87 3.4 Representation of Stress States 94 3.5 Equations for Mohr Circle 98 3.6 Role of Osmotic Suction 105 CHAPTER 4 Measurement and Estimation of State Variables 109 4.1 Introduction 109 4.2 Measurement of Soil Suction 109 4.3 Measurement of Total Suction 149 4.4 Measurement of Osmotic Suction 164 4.5 Measurement of In Situ Water Content 165 4.6 Estimation of Soil Suction 169 CHAPTER 5 Soil-Water Characteristic Curves for Unsaturated Soils 184 5.1 Introduction 184 5.2 Volume-Mass Constitutive Relations 190 5.3 Equations for SWCC 200 5.4 Regression Analysis on SWCC Equations 214 5.5 Hysteresis, Initialization, and Interpretation of SWCC 217 5.6 Pham and Fredlund (2011) Equation for Entire SWCC 224 5.7 Gitirana and Fredlund (2004) SWCC 231 5.8 Measurement of SWCC Using Pressure Plate Devices 234 5.9 Single-Specimen Pressure Plate Devices for Geotechnical Engineering 242 5.10 Vacuum Desiccators for High Suctions 249 5.11 Use of Chilled-Mirror or Dew-Point Method 251 5.12 Estimation of SWCC 253 5.13 Two-Point Method of Estimating SWCC 263 5.14 Correlation of Fitting Parameters to Soil Properties 265 5.15 Application of SWCC 269 5.16 Guidelines and Recommendations for Engineering Practice 271 CHAPTER 6 Ground Surface Moisture Flux Boundary Conditions 273 6.1 Introduction 273 6.2 Climatic Classification for a Site 274 6.3 Boundary Value Framework for Near-Ground-Surface Design 278 6.4 Challenges of Numerical Modeling Ground Surface Moisture Flux Conditions 321 CHAPTER 7 Theory of Water Flow through Unsaturated Soils 327 7.1 Introduction 327 7.2 Theory of Flow of Water 327 7.3 Darcy's Law for Unsaturated Soils 331 7.4 Partial Differential Equations for Steady-State Water Flow 344 7.5 Partial Differential Equations for Transient Seepage 351 7.6 Direct Measurement of Water Flow Properties 354 CHAPTER 8 Solving Saturated/Unsaturated Water Flow Problems 375 8.1 Introduction 375 8.2 Estimation of Permeability Function 375 8.3 Application to Saturated-Unsaturated Water Flow Problems 397 8.4 Conditions under Which Matric Suction Can Be Maintained 437 CHAPTER 9 Air Flow through Unsaturated Soils 450 9.1 Introduction 450 9.2 Theory of Free Air Flow 450 9.3 Fick's Law and Darcy's Law for Air Flow 451 9.4 Diffusion of Air through Water 458 9.5 Other Components of Air Flow 460 9.6 Partial Differential Equations for Air Flow through Unsaturated Soils 461 9.7 Direct Measurement of Air Coefficient of Permeability 465 9.8 Direct Measurement of Air Diffusion through Water 467 9.9 Indirect Estimation of Air Flow Properties 472 9.10 Applications to Saturated-Unsaturated Air Flow Problems 480 CHAPTER 10 Heat Flow Analysis for Unsaturated Soils 487 10.1 Introduction 487 10.2 Theory of Heat Flow 488 10.3 Theory of Freezing and Thawing Soils 492 10.4 Formulation of Partial Differential Equations for Conductive Heat Flow 495 10.5 Direct Measurement of Thermal Properties 500 10.6 Estimation Procedures for Thermal Properties 505 10.7 Applications to Thermal Problems 510 10.8 One-Dimensional Heat Flow in Unfrozen and Frozen Soils 511 10.9 Two-Dimensional Heat Flow Example Involving Chilled Pipeline 511 10.10 Two-Dimensional Heat Flow Example with Surface Temperatures above and below Freezing 512 10.11 Aldrich (1956) Example of Vertical Column 516 CHAPTER 11 Shear Strength of Unsaturated Soils 520 11.1 Introduction 520 11.2 Theory of Shear Strength 520 11.3 Measurement of Shear Strength 536 11.4 Special Equipment Design Considerations 541 11.5 Triaxial Test Procedures for Unsaturated Soils 551 11.6 Interpretation of Triaxial Test Results 554 11.7 Direct Shear Tests 565 11.8 Typical Laboratory Test Results 567 11.9 Selection of Strain Rate 578 CHAPTER 12 Shear Strength Applications in Plastic and Limit Equilibrium 588 12.1 Introduction 588 12.2 Estimation of Shear Strength Functions for Unsaturated Soils 588 12.3 Application to Practical Shear Strength Problems in Geotechnical Engineering 612 12.4 Bearing Capacity 626 12.5 Slope Stability 632 12.6 Optimization Procedures to Solve for Factor of Safety 642 12.7 Application of Slope Stability Analyses 651 12.8 Hazard Assessment and Decision Analysis Related to Slope Instability 662 CHAPTER 13 Stress-Deformation Analysis for Unsaturated Soils 666 13.1 Introduction 666 13.2 Concepts of Volume Change and Deformation 670 13.3 Volume-Mass Constitutive Relations 673 13.4 Compressibility Form for Unsaturated Soil Constitutive Relations 679 13.5 Relationship Among Volumetric Deformation Coefficients 685 13.6 Pham-Fredlund Volume-Mass Constitutive Model (2011a) 693 13.7 Formulation of Partial Differential Equations for Stress-Deformation in Unsaturated Soils 713 13.8 Measurement of Stress-Deformation Properties for Unsaturated Soils 721 CHAPTER 14 Solving Stress-Deformation Problems with Unsaturated Soils 731 14.1 Introduction 731 14.2 Estimation of Stress-Deformation Properties 731 14.3 Application to Practical Stress-Deformation Problems 735 14.4 Evaluation of Stress History in Unsaturated Soils 738 14.5 One-Dimensional Formulations for Deformation Analysis for Unsaturated Soil 756 14.6 Swelling Theory Formulated in Terms of Incremental Elasticity Parameters 768 14.7 Evaluation of Elasticity Parameter Functions from Volume Change Indices 771 14.8 One-Dimensional Solution Using Incremental Elasticity Formulation 775 14.9 Two-Dimensional Solution Using Incremental Elasticity Formulation 778 14.10 Challenges in Numerically Modeling of Expansive Soil Problems 778 CHAPTER 15 Compressibility and Pore Pressure Parameters 783 15.1 Introduction 783 15.2 Coupled and Uncoupled Solutions 784 15.3 Uncoupled Undrained Loading 786 15.4 Derivation of Pore Pressure Parameters 794 15.5 Drained and Undrained Loading 796 15.6 Solutions of Pore Pressure Equations and Comparisons with Experimental Results 802 15.7 Rheological Model to Represent Relative Compressibilities of Unsaturated Soil 807 CHAPTER 16 Consolidation and Swelling Processes in Unsaturated Soils 809 16.1 Introduction 809 16.2 Stress and Seepage Uncoupled and Coupled Systems 809 16.3 Solution of Consolidation Equations Using Finite Difference Technique 817 16.4 Typical Consolidation Test Results on Unsaturated Soils 819 16.5 Dimensionless Consolidation Parameters 823 16.6 Coupled Formulations and Three-Dimensional Consolidation 825 16.7 Water, Air Flow, and Nonisothermal Systems 829 16.8 Two-Dimensional Stress-Deformation and Saturated-Unsaturated Seepage Analysis 831 16.9 Computer Simulation of Edge Lift and Edge Drop of Slabs-on-Ground 845 16.10 Theory for Simulation of Swelling Pressure Development 848 16.11 Rheological Model for Unsaturated Soils 851 APPENDIX Units and Symbols 858 References 864 Index 911
Responsabilidad: D.G. Fredlund, H. Rahardjo, Murray D. Fredlund.


The definitive guide to unsaturated soil-- from the world's experts on the subject This book builds upon and substantially updates Fredlund and Rahardjo's publication, Soil Mechanics for  Leer más


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schema:description""Here is the definitive guide to unsaturated soil by the world's expert in the area of unsaturated soil mechanics. This volume features the latest information and replaces the leading text in the field, also written by this author team. The text offers state-of-the-art information to deal with the practical engineering problems resulting from unsaturated soil. Greater emphasis has been placed on the using the soil-water characteristic curve in solving practical engineering problems, as well as the quantification of thermal and moisture boundary conditions based on weather data"--"@en
schema:description""Thoroughly covers the state of the art of unsaturated soil behavior and better reflects the manner in which practical unsaturated soil engineering problems are solved. The fundamental physics of unsaturated soil behavior presented in the earlier book has largely been retained in the proposed book while greater emphasis has been placed on the importance of the "soil-water characteristic curve" in solving practical engineering problems"--"@en
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