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The variorum edition of the poems of W.B. Yeats.

저자: W B Yeats
출판사: New York, Macmillan, 1957.
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장르/형태: Criticism, interpretation, etc
추가적인 물리적 형식: Online version:
Yeats, W.B. (William Butler), 1865-1939.
Variorum edition of the poems of W.B. Yeats.
New York, Macmillan, 1957
명시된 사람: W B Yeats; W B Yeats
문서 유형 도서
모든 저자 / 참여자: W B Yeats
OCLC 번호: 566379
설명: xxxv, 884 pages 25 cm
내용: The wanderings of Oisin --
The song of the happy shepherd --
The sad shepherd --
The cloak, the boat, and the shoes --
Anashuya and Vijaya --
The Indian upon god --
The Indian to his love --
The falling of the leaves --
Ephemera --
The madness of King Goll --
The stolen child --
To an isle in the water --
Down by the Salley gardens --
The meditation of the old fisherman --
The ballad of Father O'Hart --
The ballad of Moll Magee --
The ballad of the foxhunter --
To the rose upon the road of time --
Fergus and the Druid --
Cuchulain's fight with the sea --
The rose of the world --
The rose of peace --
The rose of battle --
A faery song --
The lake isle of Innisfree --
A cradle song --
The pity of love --
The sorrow of love --
When you are old --
The white birds --
A dream of death --
The Countess Cathleen in paradise --
Who goes with Fergus? --
The man who dreamed of faeryland --
The dedication to a book of stories selected from the Irish novelists --
The lamentation of the old pensioner --
The ballad of Father Gilligan --
The two trees --
To some I have talked with by the fire --
To Ireland in the coming times --
The hosting of the Sidhe --
The everlasting voices --
The moods --
The lover tells of the rose in his heart --
The host of the air --
The fish --
The unappeasable host --
Into the twilight --
The song of wandering Aengus --
The song of the old mother --
The heart of the woman --
The lover mourns for the loss of love --
He mourns for the change that has come upon him and his beloved, and longs for the end of the world --
He bids his beloved be at peace --
He reproves the curlew --
He remembers forgotten beauty --
A poet to his beloved --
He gives his beloved certain rhymes --
To his heart, bidding it have no fear --
The cap and bells --
The valley of the black pig --
The lover asks forgiveness because of his many moods --
He tells of a valley full of lovers --
He tells of the perfect beauty --
He hears the cry of the sedge --
He thinks of those who have spoken evil of his beloved --
The blessed --
The secret rose --
Maid quiet --
The travail of passion --
The lover pleads with his friend for old friends --
The lover speaks to the hearers of his songs in coming days --
The poet pleads with the elemental powers --
He wishes his beloved were dead --
He wishes for the cloths of heaven --
He thinks of his past greatness when a part of the constellations of heaven --
The fiddler of Dooney --
The old age of Queen Maeve --
Baile and Aillinn --
In the seven woods --
The arrow --
The folly of being comforted --
Old memory --
Never give all the heart --
The withering of the boughs --
Adam's curse --
Red Hanrahan's song about Ireland --
The old men admiring themselves in the water --
Under the moon --
The ragged wood --
O do not love too long --
The players ask for a blessing on the psalteries and on themselves --
The happy townland --
I walked among the seven woods of Coole --
The harp of Aengus --
The shadowy waters --
His dream --
A woman Homer sung --
Words --
No second Troy --
Reconciliation --
King and no King --
Peace --
Against unworthy praise --
The fascination of what's difficult --
A drinking song --
The coming of wisdom with time --
On hearing that the students of our new university have joined the agitation against immoral literature --
To a poet, who would have me praise certain bad poets, imitators of his and mine --
The mask --
Upon a house shaken by the land agitation --
At the Abbey theatre --
These are the clouds --
At Galway races --
A friend's illness --
All things can tempt me --
Brown penny --
Pardon, old fathers --
The grey rock --
The two kings. To a wealthy man who promised a second subscription ... --
September 1913 --
To a friend whose work has come to nothing --
Paudeen --
To a shade --
When Helen lived --
On those that hated The Playboy of the Western World, 1907 --
The three beggars --
The three hermits --
Running to paradise --
The hour before dawn --
A song from The Player Queen --
The realists --
The witch --
The peacock --
The mountain tomb --
To a child dancing in the wind --
Two years later --
A memory of youth --
Fallen majesty --
Friends --
The cold heaven --
That the night come --
An appointment --
The Magi --
The dolls --
A coat --
While I, from that reed-throated whisperer --
The wild swans at Coole --
In memory of Major Robert Gregory --
An Irish airman foresees his death --
Men improve with the years --
The collar-bone of a hare --
Under the round tower --
Solomon at Sheba --
The living beauty --
A song --
To a young beauty --
To a young girl --
The scholars --
Tom O'Roughley --
Shepherd and goatherd --
Lines written in dejection --
The dawn --
On woman --
The fisherman --
The hawk --
Memory --
Her praise --
The people --
His Phoenix --
A thought from Propertius --
Broken dreams --
A deep-sworn vow --
Presences --
The balloon of the mind --
To a squirrel a Kyle-na-no --
On being asked for a war poem --
In memory of Alfred Pollexfen --
Upon a dying lady --
Her courtesy --
Certain artists bring her dolls and drawings --
She turns the dolls' faces to the wall --
The end of day --
Her race --
Her courage --
Her friends bring her a Christmas tree --
Ego dominus tuus --
A prayer on going into my house --
The phases of the moon --
The saint and the hunchback --
Two songs of a fool --
Another song of a fool --
The double vision of Michael Robartes --
Michael Robartes and the dancer --
Solomon and the witch --
An image from at past life --
Under Saturn --
Easter 1916 --
Sixteen dead men --
The rose tree --
On a political prisoner --
The leaders of the crowd --
Towards break of day --
Demon and beast --
The second coming --
A prayer for my daughter --
A meditation in time of war --
To be carved on a stone at Thoor Ballylee --
Sailing to Byzantium --
The tower --
Meditations in time of civil war --
Ancestral houses --
My house --
My table --
My descendants --
The road to my door --
The stare's nest by my window --
I see phantoms of hatred and of the heart's fullness and of the coming emptiness --
Nineteen hundred and nineteen --
The wheel --
Youth and age --
The new faces --
A prayer for my son --
Two songs from a play --
Fragments --
Wisdom --
Leda and the swan --
On a picture of a black centaur by Edmund Dulac --
Among school children --
Colonus' praise --
The hero, the girl, and the fool --
Owen Aherne and his dancers --
A man young and old --
First love --
Human dignity --
The mermaid --
The death of the hare --
The empty cup --
His memories --
The friends of his youth --
Summer and spring --
The secrets of the old --
His wildness --
From 'Oedipus at Colonus' --
The three monuments --
The gift of Haun Al-Rashid --
All souls' night --
In memory of Eva Gore-Booth and Con Markiewicz --
Death --
A dialogue of self and soul --
Blood and the moon --
Oil and blood --
Veronica's napkin --
Symbols --
Spilt milk --
The nineteenth century and after --
Statistics --
Three movements --
The seven sages --
The crazed moon --
Coole park, 1929 --
Coole park and Ballylee, 1931 --
For Anne Gregory --
Swift's epitaph --
At Algeciras --
A meditation upon death --
The choice --
Mohini Chatterjee --
Byzantium --
The mother of god --
Vacillation --
Quarrel in old age --
The results of thought --
Gratitude to the unknown instructors --
Remorse for intemperate speech --
Stream and sun and Glendalough --
Words for music perhaps --
Crazy Jane and the Bishop --
Crazy Jane reproved --
Crazy Jane on the day of judgment --
Crazy Jane and Jack the journeyman --
Crazy Jane on God --
Crazy Jane talks with the Bishop --
Crazy Jane grown old looks at the dancers --
Girl's song --
Young man's song --
Her anxiety --
His confidence --
Love's loneliness --
Her dream --
His bargain --
Three things --
Lullaby --
After long silence --
Mad as the mist and snow --
Those dancing days are gone --
'I am of Ireland' --
The dancer at Cruachan and Cro-Patrick --
Tom the lunatic --
Tom at Cruachan --
Old Tom again --
The delphic oracle upon Plotinus --
A woman young and old --
Father and child --
Before the world was made --
A first confession --
Her triumph --
Consolation --
Chosen --
Parting --
Her vision in the woods --
A last confession --
Meeting --
From the 'Antigone' Parnell's funeral --
Three songs to the same tune --
Alternative song for the severed head in 'The King of the great clock tower' --
Two songs rewritten for the tune's sake --
A prayer for old age --
Church and state --
Supernatural songs --
Ribh at the tomb of Baile and Aillinn --
Ribh denounces Patrick --
Ribh in ecstasy --
There --
Ribh considers Christian love insufficient --
He and she --
What magic drum? --
Whence had they come? --
The four ages of man --
Conjunctions --
A needle's eye --
Meru --
The Gyres --
Lapis Lazuli --
Imitated from the Japanese --
Sweet dancer --
The three bushes --
The lady's first song --
The lady's second song --
The lady's third song --
The lover's song --
An acre of grass --
What then? --
Beautiful lofty things --
A crazed girl --
To Dorothy Wellesley --
The curse of Cromwell --
Roger Casement --
The ghost of Roger Casement --
The O'Rahilly --
Come gather round me, Parnellites --
The wild old wicked man --
The great day --
Parnell --
What was lost --
The spur --
A drunken man's praise of sobriety --
The pilgrim --
Colonel Martin --
A model for the Laureate --
The old stone cross --
The spirit medium --
Those images --
The Municipal Gallery revisited --
Are you content? --
Three songs to the one burden --
In Tara's halls --
The statues --
News for the Delphic Oracle --
Three marching songs --
Long-legged fly --
A bronze head --
A stick of incense --
John Kinsella's lament for Mrs. Mary Moore --
Hound voice --
High talk --
The apparitions --
A nativity --
Why should not old men be mad? --
The statesman's holiday--
Crazy Jane on a mountain --
The circus animal's desertion --
Politics --
The man and the echo --
Cuchulain comforted --
The black tower --
Under Ben Bulben.
책임: Edited by Peter Allt and Russell K. Alspach.


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