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Weird science : an expert explains ghosts, voodoo, the UFO conspiracy, and other paranormal phenomena

by Michael White

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All the "Out There" topics    (2010-02-13)


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by DrHBlack

Michael White's 1999 "Weird Science" is a book about scientific and pseudo-scientific opinion on time travel, UFOs, ESP, ghosts, zombies,
spontaneous human combustion, faith healing, cults, stigmata, miracles, out-of-body experiences, alchemy, and various other paranormal
phenomena. He says that ghost sitings like seen on
<a href="" target="_blank">ghosts forum</a>, alien abductions described on are only experienced at night. No reason is known, although
White considers the possibility that ghostly apparitions are holographic scenes stored in some physical matrix. He doesn't put much stock
in out-of-body or near-death experiences, considering them adequately explained by science. He accepts time travel (and precognition) only
in the context of worm holes and massive spatial anomalies, and rejects telekinesis, poltergeists, and spoon bending because electromagnetic
brain waves don't have sufficient power to move furniture around. He is less generous with Biblical miracles, claiming that the parting of the Red
Sea was really traversal of a papyrus swamp known as the Reed Sea. Whatever, it's an interesting book. Not astonishing or inspiring, but worth
a scan. Maybe physics is all there is, but it's fun to keep an open mind.  I'd recommend it. 
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