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The world's great speeches

Author: Lewis Copeland; Lawrence W Lamm; Mazal Holocaust Collection.
Publisher: New York : Dover Publications, ©1973.
Edition/Format:   Print book : English : 3rd enl. edView all editions and formats
278 speeches from ancient Greece to 1970, some of the included are: Napoleon's farewell; Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty, or give me death" speech; Washington's farewell; John C. Calhoun's last speech in the Senate; William Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech; Churchill's "Blood, sweat, and tears", "Finest hour", and "Iron curtain" speeches; MacArthur's "Old soldiers never die" speech; Kennedy's inaugural address;  Read more...

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Genre/Form: Speeches, addresses, etc
Additional Physical Format: Online version:
Copeland, Lewis.
World's great speeches.
New York : Dover Publications, ©1973
Document Type: Book
All Authors / Contributors: Lewis Copeland; Lawrence W Lamm; Mazal Holocaust Collection.
ISBN: 0486204685 9780486204680
OCLC Number: 1197199
Description: xxi, 842 pages ; 21 cm
Contents: Part I Great Speeches of Earlier Times --
I. Greece and Rome --
Pericles/ Funeral Oration --
Socrates/ On His Condemnation to Death --
Isocrates/ On the Union of Greece to Resist Persia --
Demosthenes/ On the Crown --
The Second Oration Against Philip --
Cato, the Elder/ In Support of the Oppian Law --
Hannibal/ To His Soldiers --
Cicero/ First Oration Against Catiline --
The Fourth Philippic --
Catiline/ To the Conspirators --
To His Troops --
Julius Ceasar/ On the Treatment of the Conspirators --
Cato, the Younger/ The Catilinarian Conspirators --
Mark Antony/ Oration on the Dead Body of Julius Caesar. II. The European Continent --
St. Bernard/ A Second Crusade --
St. Francis/ Sermon to the Birds --
Martin Luther/ Before the Diet of Worms --
John Calvin/ On Suffering Persecution --
Frederick the Great/ Before Invading Silesia, 1740 --
Before the Battle of Leuthen, 1757 --
Desmoulins/ Advocating the Execution of Louis XVI --
Mirabeau/ Agaist the Charge of Treason --
Danton/ "To Dare again, Ever to Dare!" --
"Let France Be Free!" --
Marat/ Defense Against the Charges --
Robespierre/ The Festival of the Supreme Being --
Napoleon Bonaparte/ At the Beginning of the Italian Campaign --
On Entering Milan --
On Beginning the Russian Campaign --
Farewell to the Old Guard --
Carnot/ Against Imperialism --
Victor Hugo/ Voltaire --
Guiseppe Mazzini/ To the Young Men of Italy --
Guiseppe Garibaldi/ To His Soldiers --
Cavour/ Rome and Italy --
Louis Kossuth/ America's Welcome --
Leon Gambetta/ To the Delegates from Alsace --
Emile Zola/ Appeal for Dreyfus --
Leo XIII/ Christian Democracy --
Otto von Bismarck/ War and Armaments in Europe --
Bethmann-Hollweg/ Germany and the War --
Kaiser Wilhelm II/ Address to the German People --
Jean Jaurès/ Last Speech --
René Viviani/ The Spirit of France --
Cardinal Mercier/ Coronation Day Sermon --
Georges Clemenceau/ One Aim: Victory --
Alexander Kerensky/ To Workingmen and Soldiers --
Leon Trotzky/ To the Red Army --
Nikolai Lenin/ The Dictatorship of the Proletariat --
Marshal Ferdinand Foch/ Napoleon --
Aristide Briand/ Naval Disarmament. III. Great Britain and Ireland --
Oliver Cromwell/ On the Dissolution of Parliament --
Sir Robert Walpole/ On a Moriton for His Removal --
John Wesley/ God's Love to Fallen Man --
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham/ On the right of Taxing America --
Edmund Burke/ Conciliation with America --
Indictment of Warren Hastings --
Richard Brinsley Sheridan/ At the Trial of Warren Hastings --
William Pitt/ On His Refusal to Negotiate with Bonaparte --
Charles James Fox/ On Refusal to Negotiate with Bonaparte --
George Canning/ The Fall of Napoleon --
Thomas Babington Macaulay/ On the Reform Bill --
Richard Cobden/ The Effects of Protection on Agriculture --
John Bright/ The "Trent" Affair --
Benjamin Disraeli/ Peace with Honor --
William Ewart Glastone/ On Domestic and Foreign Affairs --
Cardinal Manning/ Anti-Semitism --
Joseph Chamberlain/ The British Empire --
Emmeline Pankhurst/ Militant Suffragists --
Sir Edward Grey/ England's Position --
David Lloyd George/ An Appeal to the Nation --
Arthur James Balfour/ The Fourth of July --
James Ramsay MacDonald/ Peace --
Lady Astor/ Women in Politics --
George Bernard Shaw/ On His Seventieth Birthday --
Daniel O'Connell/ Justice for Ireland --
Robert Emmet/ Protest Against Sentence as Traitor --
Charles Stewart Parnell/ The Home Rule Bill --
Arthur Griffith/ The Irish Free State. IV. The United States --
Jonathan Edwards/ Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God --
John Hancock/ The Boston Massacre --
Patrick Henry/ "Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death!"--
Samuel Adams/ American Independence --
Benjamin Franklin/ On the Faults of the Constitution --
James Madison/ The States and the Federal Government --
John Marshall/ Justice and the Federal Constitution --
Alexander Hamilton/ The Federal Constitution --
George Washington/ Inaugural Address --
Farewell Address --
Thomas Jefferson/ First Inaugural Address --
Gouverneur Morris/ Alexander Hamilton --
American Indians/ Red Jacket --
Tecumseh --
Edward Everett/ Adams and Jefferson --
Daniel Webster/ Reply to Hayne --
Andrew Jackson/ Second Inaugural Address --
Wendell Phillips/ The Murder of Lovejoy --
Rufus Choate/ The Preservation of the Union --
John Caldwell Calhoun/ Slavery --
Henry Clay/ On the Compromise of 1850 --
Charles Sumner/ The Crime Against Kansas --
William Henry Seward/ The Irrepressible Conflict --
John Brown/ On being Sentenced to Death --
William Lloyd Garrison/ On the Death of John Brown --
Stephen Arnold Douglas/ Reply to Lincoln --
Jefferson Davis/ On Withdrawal from the Union --
Abraham Lincoln/ On His Nomination to the Senate --
Farewell Address at Springfield --
Address at Gettysburg --
Second Inaugural Address --
Henry Ward Beecher/ The System of Slavery --
Susan B. Anthony/ On Woman's Right to Suffrage --
Robert Green Ingersoll/ Blaine-The Plumed Knight --
Oration at His Brother's Grave --
James Gillespie Blaine/ On the Death of Garfield --
Grover Cleveland/ First Inaugural Address --
Chauncey Mitchell Depew/ The Columbian Oration --
Booker T. Washington/ The American Standard --
William Jennings Bryan/ The Cross of Gold --
Albert J. Beveridge/ The Republic That Never Retreats --
Henry Cabot Lodge/ The Retention of the Philippines --
William McKinley/ Address at Buffalo --
Robert Marion La Follette/ Manhood or Money --
Theodore Roosevelt/ The Strenuous Life --
Jane Addams/ Washington's Birthday --
Stephen S. Wise/ Lincoln, Man and American --
Woodrow Wilson/ Peace Without Victory --
Declaration of War --
The Fourteen Points --
The League of Nations --
William Edgar Borah/ The League of Nations --
Eugene Victor Debs/ On Receiving Sentence --
Elihu Root/ A Plea for the League of Nations --
Oliver Wendell Holmes (Justice)/ "Live-I Am Coming!" V. Canada --
Sir John A. MacDonald/ On Canadian Federation --
Sir Wilfrid Laurier/ Canada, England, and the United States --
Sir Robert Laird Borden/ The Voice of the Empire. VI. South America, South Africa, India, and China --
Simon Bolivar/ Address at Angostura --
Jan C. Smuts/ Peace and Empire --
Rabindranath Tagore/ Nationalism in India --
Mohandas K. Gandhi/ Non-Cooperation --
Sun Yat-Sen/ National Morale and World Tranquillity. Part II Great Speeches of Recent Times --
VII. Domestic Affairs in the United States --
William Green/ Modern Trade Unionism --
Alfred E. Smith/ Religious Prejudice and Politics --
Fiorello H. LaGuardia/ American Labor --
Clarence S. Darrow/ A Plea for Mercy --
John L. Lewis/ The Rights of Labor --
William Allen White/ Speaking for the Consumer --
Thomas E. Dewey/ Rendezvous with Despair --
Herbert Hoover/ The Bill of Rights --
Charles Evans Hughes/ Our Government. VIII. World Affairs and the Second World War --
Anthony Eden/ A Firm Policy --
Neville Chamberlain/ The Munich Agreement --
Winston Churchill/ "Blood, Sweat and Tears" --
Dunkirk --
"Their Finest Hour" --
The War on Russia --
Address before the United States Congress --
Clement R. Attlee/ The Atlantic Charter --
W.L. MacKenzie King/ Canada and the War --
Edouard Daladier/ Nazis' Aim Is Slavery --
Paul Reynaud/ France Will Live Again! --
Henri Philippe Pétain/ "I Need Your Confidence!" --
Eamon de Valera/ Ireland Among the Nations --
Maxim Litvinov/ The League of Nations --
Haile Selassie/ The Position of Ethiopia --
Frederico Laredo Bru/ United Hemisphere Defense --
Adolf Hitler/ Germany's Claims --
No More Territorial Demands --
German Conquests --
Benito Mussolini/ A Call to Arms --
Anniversary of Italy's Entry in the War --
Vyacheslav M. Molotov/ The Nazi War on Russia --
Joseph Stalin/ "Defend Every Inch of Soviet Soil!" --
Fumimaro Konoye/ The Triple Alliance --
Chiang Kai-shek/ War Between Justice and Force --
Pius XII/ Appeal for Peace. IX. The United States and The Second World War --
Franklin Delano Roosevelt/ First Inaugural Address --
Hemisphere Defense For Democracy --
"The Arsenal of Democracy" --
Freedom of the Seas --
For a Declaration of War Against Japan --
America's Answer to Japan's Challenge --
First War Address Before Congress --
Wendell L. Willkie/ "Loyal Opposition" --
American Liberty --
Cordell Hull/ The Pillars of Enduring Peace --
James Bryant Conant/ What Are We Arming To Defend? --
Charles A. Lindbergh/ An Independent Policy --
Henry L. Stimson/ A Grave Situation --
Harold L. Ickes/ What Constitutes an American --
Frank Knox/ We Must Fight for Our Liberties --
Fulton J. Sheen/ The Cross and the Double Cross --
Dorothy Thompson/ Hitler's Plans for Canada and the United States --
Henry A. Wallace/ America's Second Chance --
Norman Thomas/ America and the War. Part III Great Speeches Of The Modern Period --
X. United States Government --
Bernard Mannes Baruch/ Control of Atomic Weapons --
Harry S. Truman/ Inaugural Address --
Powers of the President --
Douglas MacArthur/ Old Soldiers Never Die --
Adlai Ewing Stevenson/ Acceptance of Nomination --
United States Far Eastern Policy --
Dwight David Eisenhower/ Inaugural Address --
Peaceful Use of Atomic Energy --
The Spirit of Geneva --
Earl Warren/ A Home for American Jurisprudence. XI. International Affairs and the United Nations --
Winston Churchill/ An Iron Curtain Has Descended --
Jawaharlal Nehru/ Asia Finds Herself Again --
A Glory Has Departed --
Oswaldo Aranha/ A New Order Through the United Nations --
Pierre Mendès-France/ The Search for International Cooperation --
Dag Hammarskjold/ Values of Nationalism and Internationalism --
Nickolai Aleksandrovich Bulganin/ The Lessening of International Tension --
Frank Lloyd Wright/ On Architecture --
Albert Einstein/ Peace in the Atomic Age --
William Faulkner/ Acceptance of the Nobel Prize --
Dylan Thomas/ A Visit to America --
Eleanor Roosevelt/ The United Nations as a Bridge --
J. Robert Oppenheimer/ Prospect in the Arts and Sciences --
Walter Philip Reuther/ A Historical Agreement --
Adlai Ewing Stevenson/ To the Graduating Class at Smith College. Part IV Informal Speeches --
XII. Informal Speeches --
Ralph Waldo Emerson/ The Memory of Burns --
Charles Dickens/ English Friendship for America --
Julia Ward Howe/ A Tribute to Oliver Wendell Holmes --
James Russell Lowell/ After-Dinner Oratory --
Oliver Wendell Holmes/ Dorothy Q. --
Henry Morton Stanley/ Through the Dark Continent --
Henry Ward Beecher/ Merchants and Mininsters --
Chauncey Mitchell Depew/ Woman --
Joseph Hodges Choate/ The Bench and the Bar --
George Graham Vest/ A Tribute to the Dog --
Horace Porter/ Woman! --
Thomas Henry Huxley/ Science and Art --
Carl Schurz/ The Old World and the New --
William Schwenck Gilbert/ "Pinafore" --
Sir Arthur Sullivan/ Music --
Edward Everett Hale/ Boston --
Ulysses Simpson Grant/ The New Englanders --
Samuel L. Clemens ("Mark Twain")/ New England Weather --
The Babies --
Woman, God Bless Her! --
Charles William Eliot/ Harvard and Yale --
Henry Watterson/ The Puritan and the Cavalier --
John Hay/ Omar Khayyam --
Sir Henry Irving/ The Drama --
Robert Edwin Peary/ Farthest North --
Andrew Carnegie/ General Goethals and the Panama Canal --
Lord Cecil/ Englishmen and Americans --
Sir James Matthew Barrie/ Literature and the Press --
Irvin S. Cobb/ The Lost Tribes of the Irish in the South --
Will Rogers/ Wealth and Education --
William Lyon Phelps/ Owning Books --
Edward VIII/ Farewell Address --
Owen D. Young/ Culture --
John D. Rockefeller, Jr./ Our Family Creed. Part V Important Speeches Of The Sixties --
XIII. United States --
John Fitzgerald Kennedy/ Inaugural Address --
The Strategy of Peace --
Poetry and Power --
Martin Luther King, Jr./ I Have a Dream --
Dwight David Eisenhower/ Farewell Address --
Robert S. McNamara/ War and Poverty --
Lyndon Baines Johnson/ On Vietnam and on the Decision Not to Seek Reelection --
John W. Gardner/ Uncritical Lovers, Unloving Critics --
George Wald/ A Generation in Search of a Future --
Richard Milhous Nixon/ Inaugural Address --
To the Astronauts on the Moon --
John Vliet Lindsay/ Second Inaugural Address as Mayor. XIV. World Affairs --
Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev/ The Personality Cult and Its Cosequences --
Lord Snow/ Recent Thoughts on the Two Cultures --
Charles de Gaulle/ Independence for Algeria --
Pope John XXIII/ The Opening of the Ecumenical Council --
Pope Paul VI/ No More War. Supplement: Survey of Speeches By Black Americans--Compiled by Philip S. Foner --
Henry Highland Garnet/ An Address to the Slaves of the United States of America --
Frederick Douglass/ The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro --
Oration in Memory of Abraham Lincoln --
Booker T. Washington/ Atlanta Exposition Address --
(See also page 331) --
W.E.B. Du Bois/ Behold the Land --
Martin Luther King, Jr./ (See page 751) --
Malcolm X/ The Black Revolution.
Responsibility: edited by Lewis Copeland and Lawrence W. Lamm.


278 speeches from ancient Greece to 1970, some of the included are: Napoleon's farewell; Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty, or give me death" speech; Washington's farewell; John C. Calhoun's last speech in the Senate; William Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech; Churchill's "Blood, sweat, and tears", "Finest hour", and "Iron curtain" speeches; MacArthur's "Old soldiers never die" speech; Kennedy's inaugural address; Eisenhower's farewell address.


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