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在新的敎育道路上 : 和一位中國農村敎師的談話 /
Zai xin de jiao yu dao lu shang : he yi wei Zhongguo nong cun jiao shi de tan hua

by 林志剛. Zhigang Lin

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On the new road to education in new China   (2011-08-10)

Very Good

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by jmcgough

This is the story of the educational experiences of a female middle-school physics teacher in the People's Republic of China who started college in 1954.  
Titles of sections: University in the 50s -- dancing, talk of love; The divide between "putting on shoes and socks" and "trampling barefoot in the mud"; Educational philosophy will naturally reveal itself in the classroom; The teacher's heavy burden -- some say "down with the teachers, up with the workers"; Running into trouble, how can I stay passive?; Learning from the workers with an open mind; A concrete example of holding class in a factory; A new breakthrough -- building our own hydroelectric station; Exhortation from a solicitous poor peasant; The more everyone took it seriously, the more scared I got; Testing the hydroelectric generator -- the nail-biting time arrives; The tears gush forth; A new task quickly presents itself; Is the headmaster's idea right or wrong?; Taking the students to the village to build the hydroelectric station; How can I take this step, and how can the students follow?; Those intellectuals who can take us seriously are truly treasures; A "grannie" asks us what we're up to; Struggling in a 12-force typhoon; Society's views of the schools basically change; The change in the teachers' thought is quite marked; In the factories, and in the fields, how to foster a Hua Luogeng [China's best-known mathematician];  Teacher Wang's negative opposition, his devotion instead to raising his barnyard animals; Fervor in the school-run factory; Electroplating nose-rings for cattle, saving on brass; As soon as results are achieved, contradictions arise; Should the small factories continue? A question that leads to controversy; Enabling each student to get practical experience in the small factories; Mishap in the nail factory; Passing repeated tests, the school factories stand firm; Some say that the students turned out after the cultural revolution lack in quality; Gathering up the courage to step into the leech pit; In traveling the new road of education, one must traverse three passes; One can't become expert at new things all at once; In herding cattle and catching pigs, one must begin at the beginning; In learning acupuncture, try the needle on yourself; The educational reolution is still ongoing, and may repeat itself again and again.

A copy of this book is held in the Governor Gary Locke Library, Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, Seattle, Washington State, USA.

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