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Arendt, Hannah 1906-1975

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Most widely held works by Hannah Arendt
The origins of totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt( Book )
409 editions published between 1951 and 2014 in 18 languages and held by 5,722 libraries worldwide
Antisemitism -- Imperialism -- Totalitarianism
Eichmann in Jerusalem; a report on the banality of evil by Hannah Arendt( Book )
350 editions published between 1963 and 2015 in 18 languages and held by 4,813 libraries worldwide
Hannah Arendt's authoritative report on the trial of Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann includes further factual material that came to light after the trial, as well as Arendt's postscript directly addressing the controversy that arose over her account
The human condition by Hannah Arendt( Book )
338 editions published between 1958 and 2015 in 19 languages and held by 4,464 libraries worldwide
A work of striking originality bursting with unexpected insights, The Human condition is in many respects more relevant now than when it first appeared in 1958. In her study of the state of modern humanity, Hannah Arendt considers humankind from the perspective of the actions of which it is capable. The problems Arendt identified then--diminishing human agency and political freedom, the paradox that as human powers increase through technological and humanistic inquiry, we are less equipped to control the consequences of our actions--continue to confront us today. This new edition, published to coincide with the fortieth anniversary of its original publication, contains an improved and expanded index and a new introduction by noted Arendt scholar Margaret Canovan which incisively analyzes the book's argument and examines its present relevance. A classic in political and social theory, The Human condition is a work that has proved both timeless and perpetually timely
On revolution by Hannah Arendt( Book )
225 editions published between 1955 and 2014 in 12 languages and held by 3,764 libraries worldwide
Tracing the gradual evolution of revolutions, Arendt predicts the changing relationship between war and revolution and the crucial role such combustive movements will play in the future of international relations. She looks at the principles which underlie all revolutions, starting with the first great examples in America and France, and showing how both the theory and practice of revolution have since developed. Finally, she foresees the changing relationship between war and revolution and the crucial changes in international relations, with revolution becoming the key tactic
On violence by Hannah Arendt( Book )
151 editions published between 1969 and 2014 in 16 languages and held by 2,444 libraries worldwide
Based on an article in the "New York Review of Books" devoted mainly to refutation of the ideas of Sorel, Pareto, Fanon and others on the use of violence in a democratic system
Illuminations by Walter Benjamin( Book )
68 editions published between 1968 and 2013 in English and held by 2,279 libraries worldwide
This book contains studies on contemporary art and culture by one of the most original, critical and analytical minds of this century. Illuminations includes Benjamin's views on Kafka, with whom he felt the closest personal affinity, his studies on Baudelaire and Proust (both of whom he translated), his essays on Leskov and on Brecht's Epic Theater. Also included are his penetrating study on "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction," an illuminating discussion of translation as a literary mode, and his thesis on the philosophy of history. Hannah Arendt selected the essays for this volume and prefaces them with a substantial, admirably informed introduction that presents Benjamin's personality and intellectual development, as well as his work and his life in dark times. - Publisher
Between past and future; eight exercises in political thought by Hannah Arendt( Book )
176 editions published between 1961 and 2014 in 15 languages and held by 2,225 libraries worldwide
Arendt describes the loss of meaning of the traditional key words of politics: justice, reason, responsibility, virtue, glory. Through a series of eight exercises, she shows how we can redistill once more the vital essence of these concepts
The life of the mind by Hannah Arendt( Book )
124 editions published between 1971 and 2014 in 8 languages and held by 2,129 libraries worldwide
Includes chapters on Plato, Socrates, Thomas Aquinas, and Nietzsche
Men in dark times by Hannah Arendt( Book )
95 editions published between 1900 and 2014 in 11 languages and held by 2,013 libraries worldwide
Collection of essays which present portraits of individuals ranging from Rosa Luxemburg to Pope John XXIII who the author believes have illuminated "dark times."
Rahel Varnhagen, the life of a Jewish woman by Hannah Arendt( Book )
142 editions published between 1957 and 2014 in 7 languages and held by 1,779 libraries worldwide
The life of a Jewish intellectual and romantic, in Germany, 1771-1833
Crises of the Republic : Lying in politics ; Civil disobedience ; On violence ; Thoughts on politics and revolution by Hannah Arendt( Book )
78 editions published between 1969 and 2014 in 5 languages and held by 1,718 libraries worldwide
In this stimulating collection of studies, Dr. Arendt, from the standpoint of a political philosopher, views the crises of the 1960s and early '70s as challenges to the American form of government. The book begins with "Lying in Politics," a penetrating analysis of the Pentagon Papers that deals with the role of image-making and public relations in politics. "Civil Disobedience" examines the various opposition movements from the Freedom Riders to the war resisters and the segregationists. "Thoughts on Politics and Revolution," cast in the form of an interview, contains a commentary to the author's theses in "On Violence." Through the connected essays, Dr. Arendt examines, defines, and clarifies the concerns of the American citizen of the time.--From publisher description
Responsibility and judgment by Hannah Arendt( Book )
64 editions published between 2003 and 2014 in 10 languages and held by 1,433 libraries worldwide
"At the heart of this book is a profound ethical investigation. "Some Questions of Moral Philosophy": in it Arendt confronts the inadequacy of traditional moral "truths" as standards to judge what we are capable of doing, and she examines anew our ability to distinguish good from evil and right from wrong. We see how Arendt comes to understand that alongside the radical evil she had addressed in earlier analyses of totalitarianism, there exists a more pernicious evil, independent of political ideology, whose execution is limitless when the perpetrator feels no remorse and can forget his acts as soon as they are committed." "Responsibility and Judgment is an essential work for understanding Arendt's conception of morality: it is also an indispensable investigation into some of the most troubling and important issues of our time."--Jacket
Lectures on Kant's political philosophy by Hannah Arendt( Book )
80 editions published between 1982 and 2013 in 11 languages and held by 1,278 libraries worldwide
"La última obra filosófica de Hannah Arendt era un proyecto en tres partes titulado La vida del espíritu. Por desgracia, Arendt sólo vivió para completar las dos primeras, El pensamiento y La voluntad. De la tercera, El juicio, se encontró una página con el título y dos citas, de Catón y de Goethe. El título sugiere que Arendt concibió la obra de forma bastante paralela a las tres Críticas kantianas. De hecho, durante la época de redacción de La vida del espíritu, pronunció un ciclo de conferencias sobre "la filosofía política de Kant" en las que la Crítica del juicio era el texto central. El presente volumen recoge las notas de Arendt para dichas conferencias, junto a otros textos suyos sobre el tema del juicio que aportan claves interpretativas sobre la posible dirección del pensamiento arendtiano en este ámbito." --Contratapa
Between past and future, six exercises in political thought by Hannah Arendt( Book )
33 editions published between 1961 and 1969 in 3 languages and held by 995 libraries worldwide
Essays examining the effect on political and social thought of the western world's break with the Graeco-Roman tradition
Essays in understanding, 1930-1954 by Hannah Arendt( Book )
22 editions published between 1993 and 2005 in 3 languages and held by 907 libraries worldwide
Few thinkers have tackled the political horrors and complexities of this century with the insight and passionate intellectual integrity of Hannah Arendt. A philosophic champion of human freedom, she was among the first to draw the now-evident parallel between Nazism and Bolshevism and to identify totalitarianism as a threat inherent to the modern world. Jerome Kohn, Arendt's longtime assistant, has compiled, edited, and annotated her manuscripts for publication, beginning with some of her earliest published work and including essays on Augustine, Rilke, Kierkegaard, and figures of the nineteenth-century "Berlin Salon"; the loyalties of immigrant groups within the United States; the unification or "federation" of Europe; "the German problem"; religion, politics, and intellectual life; the dangers of isolation and careerism in American society; the logical consequences of "scientific" theories of Nature and History; the terror that was the organizing principle of both the Nazi and the Communist states. Two seminal essays have never before been published in complete form: "On the Nature of Totalitarianism: An Essay in Understanding" (1953) and "Concern with Politics in Recent European Philosophical Thought" (1954)
Love and Saint Augustine by Hannah Arendt( Book )
23 editions published between 1928 and 2011 in 3 languages and held by 888 libraries worldwide
"Hannah Arendt began her scholarly career with an exploration of Saint Augustine's concept of caritas, or neighborly love, written under the direction of Karl Jaspers and the influence of Martin Heidegger. After her German academic life came to a halt in 1933, Arendt carried her dissertation into exile in France, and years later took the same battered and stained copy to New York. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, as she was completing or reworking her most influential studies of political life, Arendt was simultaneously annotating and revising her dissertation on Augustine, amplifying its argument with terms and concepts she was using in her political works of the same period. The dissertation became a bridge over which Arendt traveled back and forth between 1929 Heidelberg and 1960s New York, carrying with her Augustine's question about the possibility of social life in an age of rapid political and moral change."--Jacket
Hannah Arendt, the recovery of the public world ( Book )
3 editions published in 1979 in English and held by 869 libraries worldwide
The Jew as pariah : Jewish identity and politics in the modern age by Hannah Arendt( Book )
19 editions published between 1978 and 2005 in 3 languages and held by 811 libraries worldwide
Thinking by Hannah Arendt( Book )
17 editions published between 1977 and 2014 in 5 languages and held by 740 libraries worldwide
Beschouwingen van de Duitse filosofe en politicologe (1906-1975) waarin zij het denken en het gebrek aan denken tracht te verklaren
Willing by Hannah Arendt( Book )
15 editions published between 1977 and 2014 in 4 languages and held by 699 libraries worldwide
Beschouwingen van de Duitse filosofe en politicologe (1906-1975) over de vrije wil in de filosofie en politicologie
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Alternative Names
Anna Arendt
Arend, Chana 1906-1975
Arendt-Blücher, Hannah 1906-1975
Arendt, Channa 1906-1975
Arendt, H.
Arendt, H. 1906-1975
Arendt, H. (Hannah), 1906-1975.
Arendṭ, Ḥanah 1906-1975
Arendt , Hanna
Arendt, Hanna 1906-1975
Arendt, Hannah
Arendt, Heinrich 1906-1975
Arendt, ... Herr 1906-1975
Arendt, Johanna 1906-1975
Arendt, Khanna
Arendt, Khanna 1906-1975
Arent, Chana 1906-1975
Arent, Hana
Arent, Hana 1906-1975
Ārente, Hanna, 1906-1975
Arento, Hanna
Ārento, Hanna 1906-1975
Ārint, Hānā 1906-1975
Blücher, Hannah 1906-1975
Blücher, Hannah Arendt
Blücher, Hannah Arendt 1906-1975
Blücher, Johanna 1906-1975
Bluecher, Hannah Arendt, 1906-1975
Hanna Arendt
Hanna Ārente
Hannah Arendt
Hannah Arendt amerykańska teoretyk polityki, filozof i publicystka
Hannah Arendt Duits filosoof
Hannah Arendt filósofa política alemana y posteriormente estadounidense
Hannah Arendt filosofa, storica e scrittrice tedesca
Hannah Arendt heichmann à jérusalem
Hannah Arendt Jewish-American political theorist
Hannah Arendt tysk-amerikansk statsviter og filosof
Hannah Arendtová
Schlemihl, Peter 1906-1975
Χάνα Άρεντ
Арендт Ханна
Арендт, Ханна, 1906-1975
Ганна Арендт
Хана Аренд
Хана Арент
Ханна Арендт
ארנדט, חנה
ארנדט, חנה 1906-1975
ארנט, חנה, 1906-1975
חנה ארנדט
أرندت، حنة، 1906-1975
حنا أرندت، 1906-1975
حنة آرندت
حنّة أرندت، 1906-1975
هانا آرنت
हाना आरेंट
한나 아렌트
アレント, H
アーレント, ハナ
アーレント, ハナ 1906-1975
アーレント, ハンナ
アーレント, ハンナ 1906-1975
English (1,013)
German (574)
French (258)
Spanish (207)
Italian (142)
Portuguese (97)
Polish (48)
Dutch (33)
Chinese (20)
Czech (14)
Swedish (12)
Hebrew (11)
Turkish (11)
Danish (10)
Greek, Modern [1453- ] (8)
Catalan (8)
Slovenian (7)
Russian (6)
Norwegian (5)
Persian (4)
Serbian (4)
Basque (3)
Japanese (2)
Korean (2)
Latin (2)
Arabic (1)
Indonesian (1)
Croatian (1)
Ukrainian (1)
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