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Shakespeare, William 1564-1616

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Most widely held works by William Shakespeare
... The tragedy of King Lear by William Shakespeare( Book )
4,118 editions published between 1606 and 2018 in 56 languages and held by 30,490 libraries worldwide
Lear, the King of Britain, has three daughters. Wishing to ease himself of the burden of rule, he determines to divide his kingdom between them, giving the largest share to she who can say she loves him the best
A midsummer night's dream by William Shakespeare( Book )
4,055 editions published between 1594 and 2018 in 41 languages and held by 30,018 libraries worldwide
An enchanted wood is the setting for a hilarious night of confusion when four young lovers try to resolve their passions despite some meddling from the mischievous forest spirits
The tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare( Book )
4,315 editions published between 1599 and 2018 in 62 languages and held by 29,395 libraries worldwide
Presents the original text of Shakespeare's play side by side with a modern version, discusses the author and the theater of his time, and provides quizzes and other study activities
The tempest by William Shakespeare( Book )
3,418 editions published between 1611 and 2017 in 36 languages and held by 27,512 libraries worldwide
Prospero, wise Duke of Milan, has been deposed by Antonio, his wicked brother and exiled with his daughter Miranda to a mysterious island. But Prospero possesses supernatural powers
The tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice by William Shakespeare( Book )
3,680 editions published between 1603 and 2018 in 60 languages and held by 25,750 libraries worldwide
Othello, a Moorish general in the service of Venice, has married Desdemona, beautiful daughter of a Venetian Senator. But Iago, Othello's malignant ensign, is determined to destroy their happiness
As you like it by William Shakespeare( Book )
2,808 editions published between 1000 and 2017 in 34 languages and held by 22,828 libraries worldwide
This play has two principal settings: the court that Frederick has usurped from his brother, the rightful Duke, and the Forest of Arden, where the Duke and his followers (including the disgruntled Lord Jaques and the jester Touchstone) are living
Twelfth night; or, What you will by William Shakespeare( Book )
2,317 editions published between 1601 and 2017 in 33 languages and held by 22,027 libraries worldwide
Presents the original text of Shakespeare's play side by side with a modern version, discusses the author and theater of his time, and provides quizzes and other study activities
The taming of the shrew by William Shakespeare( Book )
1,883 editions published between 1594 and 2017 in 28 languages and held by 20,100 libraries worldwide
Presents an adaptation of Shakespeare's play The taming of the shrew. With captions
Much ado about nothing by William Shakespeare( Book )
1,831 editions published between 1598 and 2017 in 9 languages and held by 18,867 libraries worldwide
"Young Claudio has fallen for the lovely heiress Hero. The path to the alter seems smooth until the evil Don John decides to intervene."
The life of Henry the Fifth by William Shakespeare( Book )
1,736 editions published between 1599 and 2017 in 21 languages and held by 15,222 libraries worldwide
Young King Henry of England asserts a hereditary claim to the throne of France, gathering an army and embarking on a course that will lead to one of England's greatest battlefield triumphs and forever change the face of Europe. Follows King Henry V as he unites his people, deals justly with traitors, leads his soldiers to victory, and ensures peace by marrying a French princess
Measure for measure by William Shakespeare( Book )
1,429 editions published between 1604 and 2017 in 21 languages and held by 14,853 libraries worldwide
This play examines the nature of mercy and justice, proposing that a good government is one that is flexible and based on common sense
The comedy of errors by William Shakespeare( Book )
1,309 editions published between 1594 and 2018 in 22 languages and held by 13,271 libraries worldwide
Farce about two pairs of twins involved in an elaborate series of mistaken identities
The tragedy of Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare( Book )
1,055 editions published between 1590 and 2018 in 23 languages and held by 12,132 libraries worldwide
"Titus Andronicus is still regarded by many as a bad play of dubious authorship. Its adversaries have abhorred the violence of the action and the apparent lapses in the quality of the verse. Since 1945, however, the play has been taken increasingly seriously in both the theatre and the study: the violence and cruelty it depicts were disconcertingly matched by the events of two World Wars. Alan Hughes joins those critics who take the play seriously, arguing for its unity of theme and its grim humour, and demonstrates that it is the work of a brilliant stage craftsman, confident in his mastery of space, movement and verse." "The text is based on the first quarto, supplemented by crucial additions and stage directions from the Folio. The critical account of the play's fortunes is integrated within a description of major modern productions, including those directed by Peter Brook, Brian Bedford and Deborah Warner. In addition there is a complete stage history which includes the eighteenth-century adaptation by Edward Ravenscroft and a reconstruction of the version performed by the nineteenth-century black American actor Ira Aldridge. For this updated edition, a new section is included on recent stage, film and critical interpretations by Sue Hall-Smith. There are also sections on text, authorship and the relevance of the famous Longleat drawing of the play. Appendices explore how the play might have been performed at the Rose playhouse in London, and how it could be adapted for a touring company of fourteen men and boys. An updated reading list completes the edition."--Jacket
Macbeth : modern English version side-by-side with full original text by William Shakespeare( Book )
1,127 editions published between 1674 and 2014 in 8 languages and held by 12,021 libraries worldwide
Presents the complete text of Shakespeare's classic play about Macbeth, a man who kills the king in an attempt to seize the crown of Scotland for himself, and includes an essay by Harold Bloom, introduction, and information about the Shakespearean stage
The winter's tale by William Shakespeare( Book )
1,473 editions published between 1611 and 2017 in 26 languages and held by 11,858 libraries worldwide
This romance revolves around a theme that occupied Shakespeare later in life: reconciliation. Wrongs committed by one generation, here a wife unjustly accused of adultery, are made right by the next generation
All's well that ends well by William Shakespeare( Book )
981 editions published between 1608 and 2019 in 16 languages and held by 11,376 libraries worldwide
This play concerns the efforts of Helena, daughter of a renowned physician, to make Bertram, the Count of Rousillon, her husband
Two gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare( Book )
1,011 editions published between 1598 and 2018 in 22 languages and held by 11,065 libraries worldwide
Close friends Valentine and Proteus become rivals for the hand of Silvia, daughter of the Duke of Milan, who has promised her to the foolish coward Thurio. Proteus has Valentine banished, but Silvia escapes to the forest to join him. Proteus follows with Julia, who dotes on him. After a confrontation, the Duke eventually allows Valentine and Silvia to wed, and Proteus marries Julia
William Shakespeare, the complete works by William Shakespeare( Book )
611 editions published between 1836 and 2015 in 5 languages and held by 5,203 libraries worldwide
Presents the works of William Shakespeare, along with an analysis of the nature and authority of the early documents, a list of the canon and chronological order of composition, an essay on Shakespeare's language, and a bibliography
Tales from Shakespeare by Charles Lamb( Book )
142 editions published between 1842 and 2001 in 3 languages and held by 1,313 libraries worldwide
Retells for children the stories of twenty of Shakespeare's plays
William Shakespeare's A Midsummer night's dream by William Shakespeare( visu )
154 editions published between 1968 and 2013 in 5 languages and held by 1,188 libraries worldwide
When two pairs of star-crossed lovers, a troop of inept amateur actors, a feuding pair of supernatural sprites, and a love potion gone awry all come together in an enchanted moonlit forest, the result is an unequalled mix of merriment and magic
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Alternative Names
Bacon-Shakespeare, Francis 1564-1616
Bard of Avon
Chakespear, William 1564-1616
Chekchapiyera, William 1564-1616
Gulielmus Shakesperius
Pseudo-Shakespeare 1564-1616
S., W. 1564-1616
Saixpēr 1564-1616
Saixpēr, Gouilliam 1564-1616
Saixper , Ouilliam
Saixpēr, Ouilliam, 1564-1616
Saíxpēr, Uílliam 1564-1616
Saixpēros 1564-1616
Šakasbīr, Wilyam
Šakasbīr, Wilyam, 1564-1616
Šakaspīr, Wīlīyām 1564-1616
Sakespear, William 1564-1616
Sakespeiros 1564-1616
Sakespeĩros, Uíïlliam 1564-1616
Šakisbīr, Williyam 1564-1616
Šaḳisper 1564-1616
Šaḳisper, Veilliyam 1564-1616
Šaḳisper, Veilliyem 1564-1616
Šaksbīr, Wiliyam 1564-1616
Šaksbīr, Wilyam 1564-1616
Šakspīr, Wilyam 1564-1616
Schakespear 1564-1616
Schakespear, William 1564-1616
Schakespeare W.
Schakespeare W. 1564-1616
Schakespeare, William 1564-1616
Schekspirs, Wiljams 1564-1616
S'egsi-pe-yar, Wi-li-am 1564-1616
Šeikspir Uil'jam
Šeiqspir 1564-1616
Šekesper 1564-1616
Šekesper, Wilyam 1564-1616
Sekhspír 1564-1616
S̆ekhspiri, Wiliam 1564-1616
Šeḳisper 1564-1616
Śeksper 1564-1616
Šekspir 1564-1616
Šekspir, U.
Šekspir, U. 1564-1616
Šekspir, Uil'âm.
Šekspir, Uiljam
Šekspir, Uilʹjam 1564-1616
Šekʹspir, Uilyam 1564-1616
Šekspir , V.
Šekʹspir, V. 1564-1616
Şekspir, Velyam 1564-1616
Šekspir, Vil'âm.
Šekspir, Vilém 1564-1616
Šekspir, Vilijam.
Šekspir, Vilijam 1564-1616
Šekspir, Vilijem
Šekspir, Vil'jam.
Šekspir, Vilʹjam 1564-1616
Šekspir, Viljem
Šekspir, Viljem 1564-1616
Šekspir, Villiam 1564-1616
Šek'spir, Vilyam.
Šekspir , Vilьjam
Šekspir, Wiliam.
Šekspir, Wiliam 1564-1616
Šekspir, Wiljām.
Šekspir, William 1564-1616
Šekspiras, Viljamas 1564-1616
Šekspire 1564-1616
Šekʻspiri, Uiliam 1564-1616
Sekspiri, Viliam 1564-1616
Ŝekspiro, 1564-1616
Šekspīrs, V. 1564-1616
Šekspīrs, Viljams
Šekspīrs (Viljams), 1564-1616
Ṣēkspiyar 1564-1616
Ṣēkspiyar Mahākavi 1564-1616
Ṣēkspiyar Mahākaviya 1564-1616
Ṣēkspiyar, Viliyam 1564-1616
Ṣēkspiyar, Villiyam 1564-1616
Šekspyr, Vylem
Šekspyras 1564-1616
Šekspyras, V. 1564-1616
Šekspyras, Viljamas 1564-1616
Šeqsper 1564-1616
Šeqspīr, Wīlyām 1564-1616
Šeqspiyr, Ww.
Sexpir , Uilliam
Sha-ō 1564-1616
Sha-shih-pi-ya 1564-1616
Shackespear 1564-1616
Shaekespeare, William 1564-1616
Shak-speare, William 1564-1616
Shake-Spear, William 1564-1616
Shake-speare, William 1564-1616
Shakespear 1564-1616
Shakespear, W. 1564-1616
Shakespear, Wilhelm 1564-1616
Shakespear, Willhelm 1564-1616
Shakespear, William
Shakespear William 1564-1616
Shakespeare 1564-1616
Shakespeare , Guglielmo
Shakespeare, Guglielmo 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Guillem 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Guillermo.
Shakespeare, Guillermo 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Gulielmus 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Gwilherm 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Villiam
Shakespeare W.
Shakespeare W. 1564-1616
Shakespeare, W. (William), 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Wi 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Wilhelm 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Wiljam.
Shakespeare, Will
Shakespeare Will 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Willhelm 1564-1616
Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare, William G. 1564-1616
Shakespeare, William pseud
Shakespeare'i William
Shakespearowy, W. 1564-1616
Shakesperae, William 1564-1616
Shakespere, Vilmos 1564-1616
Shakespere, William 1564-1616
Shakspear 1564-1616
Shakspear W.
Shakspear W. 1564-1616
Shakspear, Wilhelm.
Shakspear, William
Shakspear, William 1564-1616
Shakspeare 1564-1616
Shakspeare , Guglielmo
Shakspeare, Guglielmo 1564-1616
Shakspeare, Guillaume 1564-1616
Shakspeare, W.
Shakspeare, W. 1564-1616
Shakspeare, W. (William), 1564-1616
Shakspeare, Wilhelm 1564-1616
Shakspeare, Willem 1564-1616
Shakspeare , William
Shakspeare William 1564-1616
Shaksper, William 1564-1616
Shakspere 1564-1616
Shakspere, W.
Shakspere, Will.
Shakspere, Will 1564-1616
Shakspere, Will. (William), 1564-1616
Shakspere, William.
Shakspere William 1564-1616
Shakspere, Willm 1564-1616
Shakspir 1564-1616
Shaḳspir, Ṿilyam 1564-1616
Shashibi 1564-1616
Shashibiya 1564-1616
Shashibiya, William 1564-1616
Sheg-si-phi-yar 1564-1616
Sheikusupia 1564-1616
Sheikusupia, Uiriamu 1564-1616
Sheḳspier, Ṿilyam 1564-1616
Shēkʻspir 1564-1616
Shekspir, U. 1564-1616
Shekspir, U. (Uiliam), 1564-1616
Shekspir , Uiliam
Shekspir, Uiliam 1564-1616
Shekspir, Uiliem 1564-1616
Sheḳspir, Ṿ. 1564-1616
Shekspir, V. (Vilʹi︠a︡m), 1564-1616
Šhekspir, Viliam 1564-1616
Sheḳspir, Ṿiliyam 1564-1616
Shekspir, Villiam 1564-1616
Sheḳspir, Ṿilyam 1564-1616
Shēkʻspʻiyr, Vlilliam 1564-1616
Shekspyr, Vyli︠e︡m 1564-1616
Shex'pir, Wil'yam 1564-1616
Shig-si-phi-ya 1564-1616
Shikisbīr, Wilyam 1564-1616
Shikspīr, Vīlyām
Šikisbīr, Wilyam 1564-1616
Šiksbīr, Wīlīam 1564-1616
Šiksbīr, Willyam 1564-1616
Šiksbīr, Wilyam 1564-1616
Šikspīr, Wīlīam 1564-1616
Šikspīr, Wilyam 1564-1616
Sjekspir, Uiljam, 1564-1616
Swan of Avon
Sweksŭp'iŏ, Willŏm 1564-1616
Syeiksŭpʻio 1564-1616
Syeiksŭpiŏ, Willŏm 1564-1616
Szekspir W.
Szekspir W. 1564-1616
Szekspir, Wiliam.
Szekspir, Wiliam 1564-1616
Szekspir, Wiljam.
Szekspir, Wiljam 1564-1616
Szekspir, William.
Szekspir William 1564-1616
Szekspjr, Wiliam.
Tsikinya-chaka 1564-1616
Ŭi-lièng Să-sê̤ṳ-bī-ā
.uiliam. cekspir.
Uilyam Şekspir
Vėljams Šekspīrs
Vî-lièn Sâ-sṳ-pí-â
Vilijam Šekspir Engleski dramaturg i pesnik
Viljamas Šekspyras anglų rašytojas, poetas ir dramaturgas
Viljams Šekspīrs
Willelm Scacaspere Englisc scop and plegwyrhta
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare angla poeto kaj dramverkisto
William Shakespeare anglický básník a dramatik
William Shakespeare angol drámaíró, költő, színész
William Shakespeare, August Wilhelm Vo
William Shakespeare dramaturg, poet și creator de sonete englez
William Shakespeare dramaturge et comédien anglais
William Shakespeare dramaturgo e poeta inglês
William Shakespeare dramodydd a bardd Seisnig
William Shakespeare Engels dichter en toneelspelschrijver
William Shakespeare engelsk dramatiker och poet
William Shakespeare engelsk poet og skuespillforfattar
William Shakespeare engelsk poet og skuespillforfatter
William Shakespeare englantilainen näytelmäkirjailija ja runoilija
William Shakespeare englischer Dramatiker, Lyriker und Schauspieler
William Shakespeare English playwright and poet
William Shakespeare English watas ampong playwright
William Shakespeare escriptor anglès
William Shakespeare escritor inglés
William Shakespeare idazle ingelesa
William Shakespeare Inggles nga aktor ken dramaturgo
William Shakespeare inlish qillqaq
William Shakespeare poeta e dramaturgo inglés, considerado desde hai tempo por moitos como o meirande escritor en lingua inglesa
William Shakespeare poeta inglese del XVI secolo
William Szekspir angielski poeta i dramatopisarz
Ουίλλιαμ Σαίξπηρ Άγγλος ποιητής και θεατρικός συγγραφέας
Ουίλλιαμ Σαίξπηρ (Απρίλιος 1564 - 23 Απριλίου 1616) Άγγλος ποιητής και θεατρικός συγγραφέας
Σαίξπηρ, Γουίλιαμ, 1564-1616
Σαίξπηρ, Ουίλιαμ
Σαίξπηρ, Ουίλιαμ, 1564-1616
Вилиам Шекспир
Вилијам Шекспир Енглески драматург и песник
Вилям Шекспир
Вільям Шекспір
Вільям Шекспір англійський драматург і поет
Уилиям Шекспир
Уиллиам Шэкспир
Уильям Шекспир
Уильям Шекспир английский драматург и поэт
Уилям Шекспир
Уільям Шэкспір
Ўільям Шэксьпір
Шекспир В
Шекспир В. 1564-1616
Шекспир, В. (Вильям), 1564-1616
Шекспир, Вилијам
Шекспир, Вильям.
Шекспир, Вильям 1564-1616
Шекспир У
Шекспир У. 1564-1616
Шекспир, У. (Уильям), 1564-1616
Шекспир, Уильям
Шекспир (Уильям), 1564-1616
Шэкспір, У. (Уільям), 1564-1616
Шэкспір, Уільям, 1564-1616
Շեքսպիր, Ուիլյամ 1564-1616
Ուիլյամ Շեքսպիր
וויליאם שייקספיר
ויליאם שייקספיר
שייקספיר, וו 1564-1616
שייקספיר, וויליאם 1564-1616
שייקספיר, ויליאם 1564-1616
שייקספיר, וילים
שיקספיר, וויליאם
שיקספיר, ויליאם
שיקספיר, ויליאם 1564-1616
שכספיר, ו׳
שכספיר, ויליאם 1564-1616
שכספיר, וילים
שכספיר, וילים 1564-1616
שעפקספיר, וויליאם 1564-1616
שעקספיער, וו 1564-1616
שעקספיער, וויליאם
שעקספיער, וויליאם 1564-1616
שעקספיער, ווילליאם 1564-1616
שעקספיר, וו
שעקספיר, וו 1564-1616
שעקספיר, וויליאם
שעקספיר, וויליאם 1564-1616
שעקספיר, וויליאמ
שעקספיר, ווילליאם
שעקספיר, ווילליאם 1564-1616
שעקספיר, וילים 1564-1616
שעקספיר, װ 1564-1616
שעקספיר, װיליאם 1564-1616
שעקספיר, װילליאם 1564-1616
שעקספער, וויליאמ
שקספיר, וו
שקספיר, וויליאם
שקספיר, וויליאם 1564-1616
שקספיר, ווילים 1564-1616
שקספיר, וילאם
שקספיר, ויליאם
שקספיר, ויליאם 1564-1616
שקספיר, ויליים 1564-1616
שקספיר, וילים
שקספיר, וילים 1564-1616
شاكسبير، وليام
شاكسبير، وليم
شاكسپير، وليم
شقسفير، ويليام
شكسبير، و.
شكسبير، وليام
شكسبير، وليام، 1564-1616
شكسبير، وليم
شكسبير، وليم، 1564-1616
شكسبير، ويليام، 1564-1616
شكسپير، وليم
شكسپير، ويليام
شكسپير, ويليام 1564-1616
شكسپير, ویلیام.
شيكسبير، وليام
شيكسبير، وليام.، 1564-1616
شيكسبير، وليم
شيكسبير، وليم، 1564-1616
‏شيکسپيئر، وليم‏ ‏1564-1616،‏
شکسبير، وليم
شېكېسپېر, ۋىليام 1564-1616
وليم شكسبير، 1564-1616
وليم شكسبير كاتب مسرحي وشاعر انجليزي
وليم شکسبير
ولیم شیکسپیر
ولیم شیکسپیئر
ويليام شكسبير
ويليام شيكسبير
ویلیام شکسپیر
ویلیام شێکسپیر
وېليم شېکسپيير
विल्यम शेक्सपियर
विलियम सेक्सपियर
शेक्सपीयर 1564-1616
উইলিয়াম শেকসপিয়র dcds
উইলিয়াম শেকসপিয়র একজন ইংরেজ কবি ও নাট্যকার
উইলিয়াম শ্বেইকছপীয়েৰ
ਵਿਲੀਅਮ ਸ਼ੈਕਸਪੀਅਰ
વિલિયમ શેક્સપીયર
ୱିଲିଅମ ସେକ୍ସପିଅର
வில்லியம் சேக்சுபியர்
విలియం షేక్ స్పియర్
ವಿಲಿಯಂ ಷೇಕ್ಸ್ ಪಿಯರ್
ಷೇಕ್ಸ್ ಪಿಯರ್
വില്യം ഷെയ്ക്സ്പിയർ
വില്യം ഷെയ്ക്സ്പിയർ മഹാനായ എഴുത്തുകാരനും നാടകകൃത്തുമായി കണക്കാക്കപ്പെടുന്ന ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് കവി
විලියම් ෂේක්ස්පියර්
วิลเลียม เชกสเปียร์
ཞེ་ཁུ་སི་པེར །
უილიამ შექსპირი
უილიამ შექსფირი
세익스피어 1564-1616
세익스피어, W. 1564-1616
세익스피어, 윌리암 1564-1616
세익스피어, 윌리엄 1564-1616
섹스피어 1564-1616
섹스피어, W. 1564-1616
섹스피어, 윌리엄 1564-1616
셰익스피어 1564-1616
셰익스피어, W.
셰익스피어, W. 1564-1616
셰익스피어, 윌리암 1564-1616
셰익스피어, 윌리엄 1564-1616
쉐익스피어, 윌리암 1564-1616
쉐익스피어, 윌리엄 1564-1616
쉑스피어, 윌리암 1564-1616
쉑스피어, 윌리엄 1564-1616
쉑쓰피어 1564-1616
쎄익쓰피어 1564-1616
윌리엄 셰익스피어 1564-1616
윌리엄 셰익스피어 1564년에 세례받은 후 1616년에 사망한 잉글랜드의 극작가 및 시인
វីលីម ហ្សេកស្ពែរ
シェイクスピア 1564-1616
シェイクスピア, ウィリアム
威廉·莎士比亚 英国剧作家
沙士北亞威廉姆 1564-1616
沙士比亞威廉姆 1564-1616
莎士比 1564-1616
莎士比亞 1564-1616
莎士比亞威廉 1564-1616
莎士比亞威廉姆 1564-1616
English (32,340)
German (2,776)
French (1,389)
Spanish (1,160)
Chinese (954)
Japanese (835)
Italian (760)
Dutch (285)
Polish (249)
Turkish (204)
Danish (159)
Hebrew (146)
Hungarian (135)
Czech (133)
Swedish (114)
Catalan (109)
Korean (96)
Arabic (94)
Portuguese (80)
Greek, Modern [1453- ] (80)
Russian (73)
Esperanto (69)
Croatian (47)
Hindi (40)
Multiple languages (36)
Bulgarian (35)
Romanian (32)
Norwegian (28)
Serbian (27)
Finnish (25)
Slovenian (23)
Yiddish (21)
Persian (20)
Tswana (18)
Albanian (17)
Ukrainian (17)
Slovak (16)
Marathi (15)
Latin (15)
Swahili (14)
Thai (14)
Armenian (13)
Icelandic (13)
Afrikaans (13)
Frisian (10)
Swiss German (10)
Turkish, Ottoman (9)
Latvian (8)
Urdu (8)
Panjabi (7)
Nepali (6)
Bengali (6)
Indonesian (6)
Tamil (6)
Malay (6)
Tagalog (5)
Romansh (4)
Tsonga (4)
Welsh (4)
Faroese (4)
Basque (4)
Scottish Gaelic (4)
Galician (4)
Sanskrit (4)
Macedonian (4)
Scots (3)
Amharic (3)
Estonian (3)
Kurdish (3)
Bosnian (3)
Xhosa (3)
Sorbian [Other] (2)
Bokmal, Norwegian (2)
Georgian (2)
Telugu (2)
Upper Sorbian (2)
Breton (2)
Miscellaneous languages (2)
Sinhalese (2)
Kannada (2)
Germanic [Other] (1)
Kyrgyz (1)
Oriya (1)
Irish (1)
Northern Sotho (1)
Apache languages (1)
Burmese (1)
English, Middle [1100-1500] (1)
Vietnamese (1)
Belarusian (1)
Nzima (1)
English, Old [ca. 450-1100] (1)
Afroasiatic [Other] (1)
Lithuanian (1)
Greek, Ancient [to 1453] (1)
Indic [Other] (1)
Philippine [Other] (1)
Niger-Kordofanian [Other] (1)
Kashmiri (1)
Creoles and Pidgins, English (1)
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