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Thomas Aquinas, Saint 1225?-1274

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Most widely held works by Thomas
On law, morality, and politics by Thomas( Book )
515 editions published between 1467 and 2016 in 12 languages and held by 4,715 libraries worldwide
Saint Thomas Aquinas is universally recognized as one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived. His writings combine the two fundamental ideals of philosophical writing: clarity and profundity. He is a master of metaphysics and technical terminology, yet so full of both theoretical and practical wisdom. He is the master of common sense. His major work, the Summa Theologica, is timeless, but particularly important today because of his synthesis of faith and reason, revelation and philosophy, and the Biblical and the classical Greco-Roman heritages. This unique book combines selected essential philosophical passages from Thomas' Summa with footnotes and explanations by Kreeft, a popular Thomist teacher and writer. Kreeft selected those passages from Thomas that are intrinsically important, non-technical enough to be intelligible to modern readers, and most likely to be used in a class or by independent readers who want to study the Summa on their own. Kreeft's detailed footnotes explain difficult or technical passages and call attention to points of particular significance for the modern reader. This book is the most intelligent, clear, and useful access to Saint Thomas in print. Includes a glossary and an index. - Publisher
Summa contra gentiles by Thomas( Book )
283 editions published between 1472 and 2013 in 7 languages and held by 2,792 libraries worldwide
"The Summa Contra Gentiles is not merely the only complete summary of Christian doctrine that St. Thomas has written, but also a creative and even revolutionary work of Christian apologetics composed at the precise moment when Christian thought needed to be intellectually creative in order to master and assimilate the intelligence and wisdom of the Greeks and the Arabs. In the Summa Aquinas works to save and purify the thought of the Greeks and the Arabs in the higher light of Christian Revolution, confident that all that had been rational in the ancient philosophers and their followers would become more rational within Christianity." -- Back cover
Basic Writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas by Thomas( Book )
5 editions published between 1944 and 1997 in English and held by 2,112 libraries worldwide
For contents, see Author Catalog
Introduction to Saint Thomas Aquinas by Thomas( Book )
16 editions published between 1948 and 2007 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,944 libraries worldwide
The Summa theologica by Thomas( Book )
39 editions published between 1952 and 1987 in English and held by 1,845 libraries worldwide
Selected writings by Thomas( Book )
65 editions published between 1900 and 1998 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,509 libraries worldwide
Brings together sermons, commentary responses to criticism, and substantial extracts from the "Summa Theologiae," arranged chronologically
Concerning being and essence = (De ente et essentia) by Thomas( Book )
252 editions published between 1475 and 2013 in 9 languages and held by 1,505 libraries worldwide
Composto a Parigi tra il 1252 e il 1256, "Ente ed Essenza" verte fondamentalmente sul rapporto tra l'ordine metafisico e quello logico proseguendo e approfondendo la problematica tracciata da Porfirio nell'"Isagoge". Tuttavia, affronta anche una serie di questioni centrali nel pensiero tomista: il principio di individuazione, il problema degli universali, il rifiuto dell'ilemorfismo universale, l'indefinibilità formale di Dio. Il commento al testo è articolato su due livelli, in modo da offrire da una parte un approccio semplice e immediato al testo (introduzione, parole chiave) e dall'altra uno strumento di consultazione anche per gli specialisti (note all'introduzione, note alla traduzione)
Selected political writings by Thomas( Book )
63 editions published between 1948 and 1987 in 4 languages and held by 1,328 libraries worldwide
The political ideas of St. Thomas Aquinas; representative selections by Thomas( Book )
30 editions published between 1953 and 1997 in English and held by 1,214 libraries worldwide
A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader
Nature and grace; selections from the Summa theologica of Thomas Aquinas by Thomas( Book )
15 editions published between 1954 and 2003 in English and held by 1,149 libraries worldwide
In this volume we have sought to present the view taken by Thomas Aquinas of the moral and spiritual world in which we live, and of the conditions of man's self-realization which are consequent upon it. The final end of man lies in God, through whom alone he is and lives, and by whose help alone he can attain his end. The teaching of Aquinas concerning the moral and spiritual order stands in sharp contrast to all views, ancient or modern, which cannot do justice to the difference between the divine and the creaturely without appearing to regard them as essentially antagonistic as well as discontinuous. For Aquinas, no such opposition obtains between God and the world which he has made. - General introduction
On evil by Thomas( Book )
27 editions published between 1993 and 2003 in English and Undetermined and held by 980 libraries worldwide
The De Malo represents some of Aquinas' most mature thinking on goodness, badness, and human agency. In it he examines the full range of questions associated with evil: its origin, its nature, its relation to good, and its compatibility with the existence of an omnipotent, benevolent God. This edition offers Richard Regan's new, clear readable English translation, based on the Leonine Commission's authoritative edition of the Latin text. Brian Davies has provided an extensive introduction and notes. (Please note: this edition does not include the Latin text)
An Aquinas reader by Thomas( Book )
28 editions published between 1972 and 2008 in English and held by 968 libraries worldwide
This new edition of An Aquinas Reader contains in one closely knit volume representative selections that reflect every aspect of Aquinas's philosophy. Divided into three sections- Reality, God, and Man- this anthology ofers an unrivaled perspective of the full scope and rich variety of Aquinas's thought. It provides the general reader with an overall survey of one of the most outstanding thinkers of all time and reveals the major influence he has had on many of the world's great thinkers. This revised third edition of Clark's perennial still has all of the exceptional qualities that made An Aquinas Reader a classic, but contains a new introduction, improved format, and an updated bibliography
A commentary on Aristotle's De anima by Thomas( Book )
24 editions published between 1994 and 2010 in English and Undetermined and held by 585 libraries worldwide
Political writings by Thomas( Book )
17 editions published between 2002 and 2014 in English and held by 417 libraries worldwide
"St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) is a massively influential figure in the history of western thought and of the Catholic Church. In this major addition to the Cambridge Texts series R.W. Dyson (whose modern rendition of Augustine's City of God has already been widely acclaimed) has chosen texts by Aquinas that show his development of a Christian version of the philosophy of Aristotle, its contrast with the Augustinian thought that had coloured so much political thinking in the previous eight centuries, and St. Thomas's views as to the purpose of government, constitutions, and the relations between secular and ecclesiastical power. Property, slavery and usury are fully covered, as are St. Thomas's celebrated and influential writings on law. The translations are extremely accessible and the whole is supported by all of the usual series features designed to assist the reader, including brief biographies, notes for further reading and a concise critical introduction."--Jacket
Commentary on the Book of causes by Thomas( Book )
8 editions published in 1996 in English and held by 350 libraries worldwide
"The Book of Causes, highly influential in the medieval university, was commonly but incorrectly understood to be the completion of Aristotle's metaphysics. It was Thomas Aquinas who first judged it to have been abstracted from Proclus's Elements of Theology, presumably by an unknown Arabic author, who added to it ideas of his own." "The Book of Causes is of particular interest because themes that appear in it are echoed in the metaphysics of Aquinas: its treatment of being (esse) as proceeding from the First Creating Cause; the triadic scheme of being, living, and knowing; and the general scheme of participation in which "all is in all." Thus, the Book of Causes provides a historical backdrop for understanding and appreciating Aquinas's development of these themes in his metaphysics." "Thomas's Commentary on the Book of Causes, composed during the first half of 1272, offers an extended view of his approach to Neoplatonic thought and functions as a guide to his metaphysics. Though long neglected and, until now, never translated into English, it deserves an equal place alongside his commentaries on Aristotle and Boethius." "In addition to the extensive annotation, bibliography, and thorough introduction, this translation is accompanied by two valuable appendices. The first provides a translation of another version of proposition 29 of the Book of Causes, which was not known to St. Thomas. The second lists citations of the Book of Causes found in the works of St. Thomas and cross-references these to a list showing the works, and the exact location within them, where the citations can be found."--Jacket
The academic sermons by Thomas( Book )
11 editions published in 2010 in English and held by 283 libraries worldwide
"The philosophical and theological works of St. Thomas Aquinas are held in universal esteem. His commentaries on Scripture and the role of Scripture in his theological works have garnered considerable attention. Yet Thomas's academic sermons delivered on Sundays and special occasions have been widely overlooked. Considering that Thomas was a Dominican, a member of the Order of Preachers, and that he held the position of Magister in Sacra Pagina at the University of Paris--wherein preaching was a required task--the oversight is remarkable. Though hundreds of medieval sermons are attributed to Thomas Aquinas, the Leonine Commission has identified only 20 as his. This book features all 20 sermons, and one whose authenticity has been debated, translated from the original Latin texts, five of which have never been published before. An introduction and notes accompany the first-ever English translation. Readers will gain insight into the way in which Thomas translated his exegesis and thoughts into his sermons. The sermons cover an array of topics, among them Advent, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, the Exaltation of the Cross, Mary, other Saints, and ordinary Sundays. Thus, from different angles readers will have a better view of Thomas's spirituality and also of the way in which he translated his theological and spiritual thoughts into consequences for an authentic Christian life, the religious life, doing good to one's neighbor, and pastoral work. The Academic Sermons will fascinate readers as it presents Thomas's unique style of preaching and how he skillfully communicated the things he contemplated. With this book, Thomas the preacher comes to the fore."--Publisher's description
An exposition of the On the hebdomads of Boethius by Thomas( Book )
10 editions published in 2001 in English and Latin and held by 279 libraries worldwide
Commentaries on Aristotle's "On sense and what is sensed" and "On memory and recollection" by Thomas( Book )
9 editions published in 2005 in English and held by 264 libraries worldwide
On love and charity : readings from the Commentary on the sentences of Peter Lombard by Thomas( Book )
9 editions published between 1900 and 2008 in English and held by 203 libraries worldwide
"Among the great works of Thomas Aquinas, the Commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lombard has suffered almost total neglect among translators. Such neglect is surprising, when one considers that the massive Commentary - more than 4,000 pages in the last printed edition - is not only Aquinas's first systematic engagement with all the philosophical and theological topics on which he expended his energy over the span of a short career but is also characterized by an exuberance and elaborateness seldom found in his subsequent writings. Although M.-D. Chenu had already drawn attention decades ago to the importance of studying this youthful tour de force for a fuller understanding of Thomas's later work, the Commentary on the Sentences has remained a closed book for many modern students of Thomistic and medieval thought because of its relative inaccessibility in English or in Latin." "The present volume, containing all the major texts on love and charity, makes available what is by far the most extensive translation ever to be made from the Commentary with the added benefit that the better part of the translation is based on the (as yet unpublished) critical edition of the Leonine Commission. The collection of texts from all four books has a tight thematic coherence that makes it invaluable to students of Thomas's moral philosophy, moral theology, and philosophical theology. In addition, the inclusion of both of the author's commentaries on Distinction 17 of Book 1, the original (Parisian) version and the second (Roman) version from the recently rediscovered Lectura romana, makes this edition all the more valuable for those who wish to track the internal development of Thomas's thinking."--Jacket
On creation : Quaestiones disputatae de potentia Dei, Q. 3 by Thomas( Book )
7 editions published in 2011 in English and held by 186 libraries worldwide
This volume includes a new English translation of Question 3, in which Thomas takes up questions and ideas about divine and human freedom, whether or not the world is created, the problem of evil, the efficacy of creatures, and the status of the developing human embryo. It offers a comprehensive treatment of creation and the metaphysics and anthropology Thomas employs in considering the general creation of the universe and the particular creation of each human being
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Alternative Names
Akinolu Thomas
Akvīnas Toms
Akvīnas Toms 1225?-1274 Svētais
Akvīnas Toms, Svētais, 1225?-1274
Akʻvineli, Tʻoma
Akʻvineli, Tʻoma 1225?-1274 Saint
Akʻvineli, Tʻoma, Saint, 1225?-1274
Akvinietis, Tomas
Akvinietis, Tomas, Saint, 1225?-1274
Akvinolainen, Tuomas
Akvinskiĭ, Foma
Akvinskiĭ, Foma 1225?-1274 Saint
Akvinskiĭ, Foma, Saint, 1225?-1274
Akvinskij, Foma
Akvinskij, Foma 1225-1274
Akvinskij, Foma Heiliger 1225-1274
Akvinský, Tomáš
Akwīnī, Tūmā al-
Akwīnī, Tūmā al- 1225-1274
Akwīnī, Tūmā al- 1225-1274 Heiliger
Akwīnī, Tūmā al- Heiliger 1225-1274
Akwinu, Thomasz Z
Akwinu, Tomasz z
Akwinu, Tomasz z 1225?-1274 sant
Akwinu, Tomasz z, sant, 1225?-1274
al-Akwīnī, Tūmā
Aquin, Thomas d'
Aquin, Thomas d' 1225-1274
Aquin, Thomas d' 1225?-1274 saint
Aquin, Thomas d' saint
Aquin, Thomas d', saint, 1225?-1274
Aquin, Thomas von
Aquin, Thomas von 1225-1274
Aquin, Thomas von 1225-1274 Heiliger
Aquin, Thomas von 1225-1274 Theologe, Philosoph
Aquin, Thomas von 1225-1274 Théologien, Philosophe
Aquin, Thomas von 1225-1274 Theologist, Philosopher
Aquin, Thomas von Heiliger
Aquin, Thomas von Heiliger 1225-1274
Aquinas 1225?-1274
Aquinas 1225-1274 Heiliger
Aquinas Heiliger 1225-1274
Aquinas, saint
Aquinas, Saint Thomas 1225-1274
Aquinas., Thomas
Aquinas, Thomas 1225?-1274
Aquinas, Thomas 1225-1274 Heiliger
Aquinas, Thomas 1225?-1274 saint
Aquinas, Thomas 1225?-1274 sant
Aquinas, Thomas 1225?-1274 Svētais
Aquinas, Thomas c. 1225-1274 s
Aquinas, Thomas ca 1225-1274 Saint
Aquinas, Thomas de
Aquinas, Thomas de 1225-1274
Aquinas, Thomas de 1225-1274 Heiliger
Aquinas, Thomas de Heiliger 1225-1274
Aquinas, Thomas Heiliger 1225-1274
Aquinas, Thomas, s., c. 1225-1274
Aquinas, Thomas saint
Aquinas, Thomas Saint 1225-1274
Aquinas, Thomas, Saint, ca 1225-1274
Aquinas, Thomas, sant, 1225?-1274
Aquinas, Thomas, Svētais, 1225?-1274
Aquinatis, S. Thomae 1225?-1274
Aquinatis, Thomae
Aquinatis, Thomae 1225?-1274
Aquinatus, Thomas
Aquinatus, Thomas 1225-1274
Aquinatus, Thomas 1225-1274 Heiliger
Aquinatus, Thomas Heiliger 1225-1274
Aquino, Santo Tomás de 1225-1274
Aquino São Tomás de 1225?-1274
Aquino, Th. de
Aquino, Thomas.
Aquino, Thomas ab
Aquino, Thomas af
Aquino, Thomas av
Aquino, Thomas av 1225?-1274 saint
Aquino, Thomas av, saint, 1225?-1274
Aquino Thomas de
Aquino, Thomas de 1225-1274
Aquino, Thomas de 1225-1274 Heiliger
Aquino, Thomas de 1225-1274 Theologe, Philosoph
Aquino, Thomas de 1225-1274 Théologien, Philosophe
Aquino, Thomas de 1225-1274 Theologist, Philosopher
Aquino, Thomas de Heiliger 1225-1274
Aquino, Thomas de saint
Aquino, Thomas fra
Aquino, Thomas van, 1225-1274
Aquino, Thomas von
Aquino, Thomas von 1225-1274
Aquino, Thomas von 1225-1274 Heiliger
Aquino, Thomas von Heiliger 1225-1274
Aquino, Tomàs d' 1225?-1274 sant
Aquino, Tomàs d', sant, 1225?-1274
Aquino, Tomás de
Aquino, Tomás de 1225?-1274
Aquino, Tomás de 1225-1274 Heiliger
Aquino, Tomas de 1225?-1274 saint
Aquino, Tomás de 1225?-1274 sant
Aquino, Tomás de 1225-1274 Theologe, Philosoph
Aquino, Tomás de 1225-1274 Théologien, Philosophe
Aquino, Tomás de 1225-1274 Theologist, Philosopher
Aquino, Tomás de Heiliger 1225-1274
Aquino, Tomas de, saint, 1225?-1274
Aquino, Tomás de, sant, 1225?-1274
Aquino, Tomás de Santo
Aquino, Tomás de, Santo, 1225?-1274
Aquino, Tomas från
Aquino, Tommaso
Aquino, Tommaso d'
Aquino, Tommaso d' 1225?-1274 saint
Aquino, Tommaso d' Heiliger 1225-1274
Aquino, Tommaso D', Saint
Aquino, Tommaso d', saint, 1225?-1274
Aquino, Tommaso d' santo
Aquino, Tommaso N. d'
Aquino, Tommaso N. d' 1225-1274
Aquino, Tommaso N. d' 1225-1274 Heiliger
Aquino, Tommaso N. d' Heiliger 1225-1274
Aquino, Tommaso Niccolò d'
Aquino, Tommaso Niccolò d' 1225-1274
Aquino, Tommaso Niccolò d' 1225-1274 Heiliger
Aquino, Tommaso Niccolò d' Heiliger 1225-1274
Aquinói Szent Tamás
Aqvinas, Thomas
Aqvinatis, D. Thomae
Aqvinatis., Thomae
Daqui, Thomas 1225-1274 Seut
Daqui, Thomas Seut 1225-1274
d'Aquin, Saint Thomas
d'Aquin., Thomas
D'Aquin, Thomas 1225-1274 Heiliger
D'Aquin, Thomas saint
d'Aquino, Thommaso
d'Aquino, Tommaso
D'Aquino, Tommaso 1225-1274 Heiliger
D'Aquino, Tommaso 1225-1274 Theologe, Philosoph
D'Aquino, Tommaso 1225-1274 Théologien, Philosophe
D'Aquino, Tommaso 1225-1274 Theologist, Philosopher
D'Aquino, Tommaso santo
De Aquino, Thomas
De Aquino, Thomas 1225-1274 Heiliger
De Aquino, Thomas saint
Duomasi, 1225-1274
Foma 1225?-1274 Akvinskiĭ, Saint
Foma 1225-1274 Akvinskij
Foma 1225-1274 Heiliger
Foma Akvinalı
Foma, Akvinskiĭ, Saint, 1225?-1274
Foma Akvinskij Heiliger 1225-1274
Foma Akvinskiy
Pseudo-Thomas 1225-1274 Aquinas
Pseudo-Thomas 1225-1274 Aquinas, Theologe, Philosoph
Pseudo-Thomas 1225-1274 de Aquino
Pseudo-Thomas 1225-1274 von Aquin
Pseudo-Thomas Aquinas 1225-1274
Pseudo Thomas Aquinas, saint
Pseudo-Thomas de Aquino 1225-1274
Pseudo-Thomas von Aquin 1225-1274
S. Thomae Aquinatis 1225?-1274
S. Thomas Aquinas 1225?-1274
S. Thomas Aqvinas.
Saint Aquinas, Thomas 1225-1274
Saint Thomas
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Saint Thomas Aquinas 1225?-1274
Saint Thomas ca 1225-1274
Saint Thomas d'Aquin.
Saint Thomas d'Aquin ca 1225-1274
San Tommaso
Sancti Thomae Aquinatis.
Sanctus Thomas.
Sanctus Thomas Aqvinas.
Sant Tomas Aquinas
Santo Tomas de Aquino
Sei Tomasu Akuinasu
Sheng Duomasi, 1225-1274
St. Thomas Aquinas.
Sveti Toma Akvinski
Sveti Tomaž Akvinski
Tamas Akwainas
Thomae Aquinatis
Thomae Aquinatis 1225?-1274
Thomae Aqvinatis
Thomas 1225-1274
Thomas 1225-1274 ab Aquino
Thomas 1225-1274 ab Aquino, Heiliger
Thomas 1225-1274 ab Aquino, Theologe, Philosoph
Thomas 1225-1274 Akinatos
Thōmas 1225-1274 Akinatos, Heiliger
Thomas 1225-1274 Akinatos, Theologe, Philosoph
Thomas 1225-1274 Akuinatos
Thomas 1225-1274 Akuinatos, Heiliger
Thomas 1225-1274 Akuinatos, Theologe, Philosoph
Thomas 1225-1274 Aquinas
Thomas 1225-1274 Aquinas, Heiliger
Thomas 1225?-1274 Aquinas, Saint
Thomas 1225?-1274 Aquinas, sant
Thomas 1225?-1274 Aquinas, Svētais
Thomas 1225-1274 Aquinas, Theologe, Philosoph
Thomas 1225-1274 Aquinas, Théologien, Philosophe
Thomas 1225-1274 Aquinas, Theologist, Philosopher
Thomas 1225-1274 Aquinatis
Thomas 1225-1274 Aquinatis, Heiliger
Thomas 1225-1274 Aquinatis, Theologe, Philosoph
Thomas 1225-1274 Aquinatus, Heiliger
Thomas 1225-1274 Aquinatus, Sanctus
Thomas 1225-1274 Aquino
Thomas 1225-1274 Aquinus
Thomas 1225-1274 Aquinus, Heiliger
Thomas 1225-1274 Aquinus, Theologe, Philosoph
Thomas 1225?-1274 av Aquino, saint
Thomas 1225-1274 Beatus
Thomas 1225-1274 Beatus, Theologe, Philosoph
Thomas 1225-1274 Camisensis
Thomas 1225-1274 Camisensis, Heiliger
Thomas 1225-1274 Camisensis, Theologe, Philosoph
Thomas 1225-1274 Camisensis, Théologien, Philosophe
Thomas 1225-1274 Camisensis, Theologist, Philosopher
Thomas 1225-1274 Daqui
Thomas 1225-1274 d'Aquin
Thomas 1225-1274 d'Aquin, Heiliger
Thomas 1225?-1274 d'Aquin, saint
Thomas 1225?-1274 d'Aquin, sant
Thomas 1225-1274 d'Aquin, Theologe, Philosoph
Thomas 1225-1274 d'Aquin, Théologien, Philosophe
Thomas 1225-1274 d'Aquin, Theologist, Philosopher
Thomas 1225-1274 de Aquinas
Thomas 1225-1274 de Aquinas, Heiliger
Thomas 1225-1274 de Aquinas, Theologe, Philosoph
Thomas 1225-1274 de Aquino
Thomas 1225-1274 de Aquino, Heiliger
Thomas 1225?-1274 de Aquino, saint
Thomas 1225-1274 de Aquino, Theologe, Philosoph
Thomas 1225-1274 de Aquino, Théologien, Philosophe
Thomas 1225-1274 de Aquino, Theologist, Philosopher
Thomas 1225-1274 de Aquinus
Thomas 1225-1274 ho Akinatas
Thomas 1225-1274 ho Akinatas, Heiliger
Thomas 1225-1274 ho Akinatas, Theologe, Philosoph
Thomas 1225-1274 Saint
Thomas 1225-1274 Saint, Theologe, Philosoph
Thomas 1225-1274 Sanctus
Thomas 1225-1274 Sanctus, Theologe, Philosoph
Thomas 1225-1274 Sanctus, Théologien, Philosophe
Thomas 1225-1274 Sanctus, Theologist, Philosopher
Thomas 1225-1274 Sankt
Thomás 1225-1274 Santo
Thomas 1225-1274 von Aquin
Thomas 1225?-1274 von Aquin, Saint
Thomas 1225?-1274 von Aquin, sant
Thomas 1225?-1274 von Aquin, Svētais
Thomas 1225-1274 von Aquin, Theologe, Philosoph
Thomas 1225-1274 von Aquin, Théologien, Philosophe
Thomas 1225-1274 von Aquin, Theologist, Philosopher
Thomas 1225-1274 von Aquino
Thomas 1225-1274 von Aquino, Heiliger
Thomas ab Aquino
Thomas ab Aquino ca 1225-1274
Thomas ab Aquino, Heiliger 1225-1274
thomas,,ab aquinos
Thomas af Aquino
Thomas af Aquino ca 1225-1274 helgon
Thomas af Aquino, helgon, ca 1225-1274
Thomas Akinatos
Thōmas Akinatos, Heiliger 1225-1274
Thomas Akuinatos
Thomas Akuinatos, Heiliger 1225-1274
Thomas Aquinas.
Thomas, Aquinas, 1225-1274
Thomas Aquinas 1225?-1274 saint
Thomas Aquinas c. 1225-1274 s
Thomas Aquinas ca 1225-1274 helgon
Thomas Aquinas, Heiliger 1225-1274
Thomas Aquinas, helgon, ca 1225-1274
Thomas Aquinas Italian Dominican scholastic philosopher of the Roman Catholic Church
Thomas Aquinas Mtakatifu
Thomas Aquinas Philosopher and theologian
Thomas Aquinas, saint
Thomas Aquinas, Saint 1225-1274
Thomas Aquinas sanctus
Thomas, Aquinas, sant, 1225?-1274
Thomas Aquinas Santo
Thomas, Aquinas, Svētais, 1225?-1274
Thomas Aquinatis
Thomas Aquinatis, Heiliger 1225-1274
Thomas Aquinatus.
Thomas Aquinatus, Heiliger 1225-1274
Thomas Aquinatus, Sanctus 1225-1274
Thomas Aquino
Thomas Aquinus
Thomas Aquinus 1225?-1274 saint
Thomas Aquinus, Heiliger 1225-1274
Thomas Aquinus saint
Thomas Aquinus, saint, 1225?-1274
Thomas Aqvinas.
Thomas,,av Aquino
Thomas av Aquino ca 1225-1274 helgon
Thomas, av Aquino, saint, 1225?-1274
Thomas, B.
Thomas, B. 1225-1274
Thomas, beatus
Thomas Beatus 1225-1274
Thomas ca. 1225-1274 sanctus
Thomas Camisensis
Thomas Camisensis, Heiliger 1225-1274
Thomas d’Aquin religieux de l’ordre dominicain, théologien, philosophe, docteur de l'Église
Thomas Daqui, Heiliger 1225-1274
Thomas d'Aquin.
Thomas d'Aquin, 1225-1274
Thomas d'Aquin 1225-1274 saint
Thomas d'Aquin ca 1225-1274 saint
Thomas d'Aquin, Heiliger 1225-1274
Thomas d'Aquin, saint
Thomas d'Aquin, Saint 1225-1274
Thomas d'Aquin, saint, ca 1225-1274
Thomas, d'Aquin, sant, 1225?-1274
Thomas d'Aquino
Thomas de Aquinas, Heiliger 1225-1274
Thomas de Aquine 1225-1274
Thomas de Aquino.
Thomas de Aquino, 1225-1274
Thomas de Aquino 1225-1274). [m] (s. ;
Thomas de Aquino ca 1225-1274 helgon
Thomas de Aquino, Heiliger 1225-1274
Thomas de Aquino, helgon, ca 1225-1274
Thomas de Aquino S.
Thomas de Aquino (s. ; 1225-1274). [m]
Thomas de Aquino, saint
Thomas, de Aquino, saint, 1225?-1274
Thomas de Aquino, sanctus
Thomas fra Aquino
Thomas ho Akinatas, Heiliger 1225-1274
Thōmas 'o Akinatēs saint
Thōmas 'o Akinatos saint
Thōmas 'o Akuinatēs saint
Thōmas 'o Akuinatos saint
Thomas, saint
Thomas, sanctus, ca. 1225-1274
Thomas santo
Thomas van Aquino
Thomas van Aquino Dominikaanse filosoof
Thomas van Aquino Italiaans filosoof
Thomas vo Aquin
Thomas von Aquin.
Thomas von Aquin, 1225-1274
Thomas von Aquin ca 1225-1274 helgon
Thomas von Aquin dominikanischer Philosoph und Theologe
Thomas von Aquin, Heiliger
Thomas von Aquin, helgon, ca 1225-1274
Thomas von Aquin saint
Thomas, von Aquin, Saint, 1225?-1274
Thomas von Aquin, Sankt
Thomas, von Aquin, sant, 1225?-1274
Thomas von Aquin Santo
Thomas, von Aquin, Svētais, 1225?-1274
Thomas von Aquino
Thomas von Aquino 1225-1274
Thomas von Aquino, Heiliger 1225-1274
Thomas vun Aquin
Thomasz Z Akwinu
Thome, Sankti, 1225-1274
Thommaso d'Aquino
Thommaso d'Aquino 1225-1274 santo
Thommaso d'Aquino, santo, 1225-1274
Tʻoma 1225?-1274 Akʻvineli, Saint
Toma 1225?-1274 Akvinski, Saint
Toma 1225?-1274 Akvinskiĭ, Saint
Toma 1225?-1274 Akvinsʹkyĭ, Saint
Toma 1225?-1274 ot Akvino, Saint
Tʻoma, Akʻvineli, Saint, 1225?-1274
Toma Akvinski
Toma, Akvinski, Saint, 1225?-1274
Toma Akvinski, sveti
Toma, Akvinskiĭ, Saint, 1225?-1274
Toma, Akvinsʹkyĭ, Saint, 1225?-1274
Tomà d'Aquin
Toma de Aquino
Toma iz Akvina, sveti
Toma, ot Akvino, Saint, 1225?-1274
Toma ya Aquin
Tomàs 1225?-1274 d'Aquino, sant
Tomás 1225-1274 de Aquino
Tomás 1225-1274 de Aquino, Heiliger
Tomas 1225?-1274 de Aquino, saint
Tomás 1225?-1274 de Aquino, sant
Tomás 1225-1274 de Aquino, Theologe, Philosoph
Tomás 1225-1274 de Aquino, Théologien, Philosophe
Tomás 1225-1274 de Aquino, Theologist, Philosopher
Tomás 1225-1274 de Aquiono
Tomás 1225-1274 Santo
Tomás 1225-1274 Santo, Theologe, Philosoph
Tómas af Aquino
Tomas Akinokoa
Tomas Akuinas
Tomas Akvinietis.
Tomas, Akvinietis, Saint, 1225?-1274
Tomáš Akvinský.
Tomas Aquinas
Tomas Aquinas, saint
Tomas Aquino Italiano Dominikano a padi ti Romano Katoliko a Simbaan
Tomàs d'Aquin
Tomàs d'Aquino
Tomàs d'Aquino 1225?-1274
Tomàs d'Aquino, sant
Tomàs d'Aquino, St
Tomás de Aquino
Tomás de Aquino 1225-1274
Tomas de Aquino c. 1225-1274 s
Tomás de Aquino ca 1225-1274 Santo
Tomás de Aquino filósofo y teólogo medieval
Tomás de Aquino, Heiliger 1225-1274
Tomas de Aquino, s., c. 1225-1274
Tomás de Aquino saint
Tomas, de Aquino, saint, 1225?-1274
Tomás, de Aquino, sant, 1225?-1274
Tomás de Aquino, santo
Tómas de Aquino Santo 1225?-1274
Tomás de Aquino, Santo, ca 1225-1274
Tomas fan Akwino
Tomas från Aquino
Tomas från Aquino ca 1225-1274 helgon
Tomas från Aquino, helgon, ca 1225-1274
Tomás han Aquino
Tomas ng Aquino
Tomás ó Aquino
Tomas, Santo
Tomás, Santo, 1225-1274
Tomaso d'Aquino, santo
Tomaso de Akvino
Tomasu 1225?-1274 Akuinasu, Saint
Tomasu, Akuinasu, Saint, 1225?-1274
Tomasu, Akwinasu
Tomasu, Akwinasu 1225?-1274 Saint
Tomasu, Akwinasu, Saint, 1225?-1274
Tomasz 1225?-1274 Akwinu, Saint
Tomasz 1225-1274 z Akwinu
Tomasz 1225-1274 z Akwinu, Heiliger
Tomasz 1225?-1274 z Akwinu, sant
Tomasz 1225-1274 z Akwinu, Theologe, Philosoph
Tomasz 1225-1274 z Akwinu, Théologien, Philosophe
Tomasz 1225-1274 z Akwinu, Theologist, Philosopher
Tomasz, Akwinu, Saint, 1225?-1274
Tomasz z Akwinu
Tomasz z Akwinu 1225-1274 św
Tomasz z Akwinu, Heiliger 1225-1274
Tomasz, z Akwinu, Saint, 1225?-1274
Tomasz, z Akwinu, sant, 1225?-1274
Tomasz z Akwinu, św., 1225-1274
Tomasz z Akwinu, święty
Tomasza 1225-1274 z Akwinu
Tomasza 1225-1274 z Akwinu, Heiliger
Tomé de Aquino filósofo e teólogo medieval italiano
Tommaso 1225-1274 d'Aquino
Tommaso 1225-1274 d'Aquino, Heiliger
Tommaso 1225?-1274 d'Aquino, saint
Tommaso 1225?-1274 d'Aquino, sant
Tommaso 1225-1274 d'Aquino, Theologe, Philosoph
Tommaso 1225-1274 d'Aquino, Théologien, Philosophe
Tommaso 1225-1274 d'Aquino, Theologist, Philosopher
Tommaso 1225-1274 San
Tommaso 1225-1274 San, Theologe, Philosoph
Tommaso 1582-1650 d'Aquino
Tommaso Aquino
Tommaso Aquino 1225-1274 svatý
Tommaso Aquino, svatý, 1225-1274
Tommaso d'Aquino.
Tommaso d'Aquino 1225?-1274
Tommaso d'Aquino c. 1225-1274 s
Tommaso d'Aquino ca 1225-1274 helgon
Tommaso d'Aquino frate domenicano
Tommaso d'Aquino, Heiliger 1225-1274
Tommaso d'Aquino, helgon, ca 1225-1274
Tommaso D'Aquino, S.
Tommaso d'Aquino, s., c. 1225-1274
Tommaso d'Aquino saint
Tommaso, d'Aquino, saint, 1225?-1274
Tommaso D'aquino, San
Tommaso d'Aquino, San 1225-1274
Tommaso, d'Aquino, sant, 1225?-1274
Tommaso d'Aquino, santo
Tommaso santo
Tommasso 1225-1274 d'Aquino
Tommasso D'aquino, San
Toms 1225?-1274 Akvīnas, Svētais
Tʻovma 1225?-1274 Akʻuinatsʻi, Saint
Tʻovma, Akʻuinatsʻi, Saint, 1225?-1274
Tūmā al-Akwīnī
Tūmā al-Akwīnī 1225-1274
Tūmā al-Akwīnī 1225-1274 Heiliger
Tūmā al-Akwīnī Heiliger 1225-1274
Tumasch d'Aquino
Tummasu d'Aquinu
Tuomas Akvinolainen.
Tuoms Akvėnėitis
Von Aquin, Thomas
Von Aquin, Thomas 1225-1274 Heiliger
Von Aquin, Thomas Heiliger
Θωμάς Ακινάτης
Аквинский, Фома
Аквинский, Фома 1225?-1274 Svētais
Аквинский, Фома, Svētais, 1225?-1274
Аквины Фома
Тамаш Аквінскі
Тома Аквински
Тома, Аквінський 1225?-1274 Saint
Тома, Аквінський, Saint, 1225?-1274
Тома Аквінський один з найвизначніших та найвпливовіших філософів і теологів в історії, засновник теологічної і філософської школи томізму, святий католицької церкви
Томас Аквинский
Томаш Аквіньскый
Фама Аквінскі
Фома 1225?-1274 Аквинский, Svētais
Фома Аквинат
Фома Аквинлы
Фома Аквинский
Фома Аквинский 1225-1274
Фома, Аквинский, Svētais, 1225?-1274
Фома Аквинский философ и теолог, систематизатор ортодоксальной схоластики, учитель церкви
Թովմա Աքվինացի
אקווינאס, תומאס
אקוינו, תומס די
אקוינס, תומס
אקינא, תומס די
טאמאס פון אקווינא
טומאס די אקינו.
תומאס אקווינאס
תומאס אקווינס
תומאס מאקווינו
תומאס מאקינו
תומס 1225?-1274 די אקוינו
תומס אקווינס
תומס אקוינס
اكويني ، توما
<<ال>>اكوپنى، توما
الأكويني، توما، القديس، 1225-1274
الأكويني، توماس، القديس، 1225-1274
الاكوپنى، توما
القديس توما اللاهوتي، 1225-1274
ایکویناس سینٹ
تامس آکویناس نویسنده و فیلسوف ایتالیایی
توما الاكوينى
توما الأكويني
توما الإكويني 1225?-1274) (القديس ;
توما، الأكويني، القديس، 1225-1274
توماس اكوبناس
توماس اكويناس
تھامس ایکویناس
تۆماس ئەکویناس
थॉमस अ‍ॅक्विनास
थामस एक्विनास
টমাস আকুইনাস Philosopher and theologian
ਥੌਮਸ ਐਕੂਆਈਨਸ
தாமஸ் அக்குவைனஸ்
തോമസ് അക്വീനാസ്
ทอมัส อไควนัส
თომა აკვინარი
თომა აკვინელი
성 토마스 아퀴나스 1225?-1274
아퀴나스, S. 토마스 1225?-1274
아퀴나스, 토마스 1225?-1274
토마스 아퀴나스
토마스 아퀴나스 1225?-1274
ቶማስ አኳይናስ
アクィナス, トマス
アクイナス, トマス
セイ トーマス アクィナス
圣多玛斯, 1225-1274
多玛斯, 1225-1274
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