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Shakespeare, William 1564-1616

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Most widely held works by William Shakespeare
The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare( Book )
2,049 editions published between 1597 and 2015 in 24 languages and held by 32,377 libraries worldwide
Presents the original text of Shakespeare's play side by side with a modern version
All's well that ends well by William Shakespeare( Book )
2,302 editions published between 1623 and 2015 in 22 languages and held by 27,990 libraries worldwide
The King of France gives Helena the hand of any man she wants in marriage, but the one she chooses, Bertram, flees to Tuscany, and she must use her wits to get him back. Includes an introduction, notes, and discussion of the theatrical world of Shakespeare
The tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare( Book )
2,605 editions published between 1623 and 2015 in 39 languages and held by 27,585 libraries worldwide
Presents the original text of Shakespeare's play side by side with a modern version, discusses the author and the theater of his time, and provides quizzes and other study activities
The merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare( Book )
2,746 editions published between 1600 and 2016 in 31 languages and held by 26,458 libraries worldwide
Presents the original text of Shakespeare's play side by side with a modern version, discusses the author and the theater of his time, and provides quizzes and other study activities
Twelfth night; or, What you will by William Shakespeare( Book )
1,706 editions published between 1601 and 2015 in 17 languages and held by 22,433 libraries worldwide
Struggling to survive after a shipwreck, Viola disguises herself as a young soldier, complicating numerous relationships
The tempest by William Shakespeare( Book )
1,077 editions published between 1725 and 2016 in 7 languages and held by 19,157 libraries worldwide
Prospero, wise Duke of Milan, has been deposed by Antonio, his wicked brother and exiled with his daughter Miranda to a mysterious island. But Prospero possesses supernatural powers
The taming of the shrew by William Shakespeare( Book )
1,038 editions published between 1594 and 2016 in 16 languages and held by 18,183 libraries worldwide
Presents an adaptation of Shakespeare's play The taming of the shrew. With captions
Much ado about nothing by William Shakespeare( Book )
1,219 editions published between 1600 and 2016 in 13 languages and held by 16,980 libraries worldwide
"Young Claudio has fallen for the lovely heiress Hero. The path to the alter seems smooth until the evil Don John decides to intervene."
Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare( Book )
1,105 editions published between 1623 and 2016 in 17 languages and held by 15,871 libraries worldwide
Mark Antony is supposed to be ruling the eastern Roman Empire. However, he is carrying on a torrid affair in Egypt with Cleopatra. The death of his wife, Fulvia, and the threat of a war brings him back to Rome
Measure for measure by William Shakespeare( Book )
824 editions published between 1632 and 2016 in 11 languages and held by 13,044 libraries worldwide
An annotated edition of Shakespeare's tragicomedy in which an unjust Viennese deputy offers to lift a death sentence from a young woman's brother in return for sexual favors from her; also includes essays on Shakespeare's theatrical world and his texts, and a scholarly introduction
The winter's tale by William Shakespeare( Book )
639 editions published between 1756 and 2015 in 8 languages and held by 11,526 libraries worldwide
This romance revolves around a theme that occupied Shakespeare later in life: reconciliation. Wrongs committed by one generation, here a wife unjustly accused of adultery, are made right by the next generation
The merry wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare( Book )
728 editions published between 1602 and 2016 in 10 languages and held by 11,245 libraries worldwide
Sir John Falstaff, knowing that Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Page control the money in their respective households, decides to seduce them, but they learn of his scheme and resolve to make a fool of him. A comic series of disguises and misadventures follows
The comedy of errors by William Shakespeare( Book )
680 editions published between 1714 and 2015 in 9 languages and held by 11,109 libraries worldwide
Farce about two pairs of twins involved in an elaborate series of mistaken identities
Macbeth : modern English version side-by-side with full original text by William Shakespeare( Book )
697 editions published between 1674 and 2012 in 6 languages and held by 10,554 libraries worldwide
Presents the original text of Shakespeare's play side by side with a modern version, with discussion questions, role-playing scenarios, and other study activities
The tragedy of Hamlet, prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare( Book )
526 editions published between 1676 and 2015 in 6 languages and held by 10,027 libraries worldwide
Biographical information and critical essays accompany Shakespeare's play about a prince's wavering determination to avenge his father's murder
Love's labour's lost by William Shakespeare( Book )
590 editions published between 1598 and 2015 in 7 languages and held by 10,017 libraries worldwide
Love's Labour's Lost, now recognized as one of the most delightful and stageworthy of Shakespeare's comedies, came into its own both on the stage and in critical esteem only during the 1930s and 1940s--after nearly three hundred years of neglect by the theater and misuse by critics
The tragedy of King Richard the Second by William Shakespeare( Book )
575 editions published between 1598 and 2015 in 6 languages and held by 9,507 libraries worldwide
Presents the play and discusses its poetry, structure, political details, history, and the Shakespearean staging
Troilus and Cressida by William Shakespeare( Book )
647 editions published between 1734 and 2015 in 11 languages and held by 9,334 libraries worldwide
"Troilus and Cressida, long considered one of Shakespeare's most problematic plays, is both difficult and fascinating. Largely neglected during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, it has recently proved popular and rewarding on the stage as well as in the study. This edition questions certain received ideas about the play's text, especially the relationship between Quarto and Folio, and offers several new readings of old problems. Dawson's textual choices are often surprising but at the same time carefully grounded. He views the play from a performance perspective - frequently in the Commentary as well as in the detailed section on stage history in the Introduction. The Introduction also covers the cultural context in which the play was written, probes the controversy about its early performance, and provides extensive analysis of character, language, genre, and contemporary significance."--Jacket
The sonnets by William Shakespeare( Book )
897 editions published between 1780 and 2016 in 31 languages and held by 9,324 libraries worldwide
This new edition focuses on the Sonnets as poetry - sometimes strikingly individual poems, but often subtly interlinked in thematic, imagistic and other groupings. Gwynne Evans and Anthony Hecht also address the many questions that cast a veil of mystery over the genesis of the Sonnets: to what extent are they autobiographical? What is the nature of the 'love', strongly expressed, between the 'poet', the 'youth' and the 'Dark Lady'? Can they, apart from the poet, be Identified? Who is the 'rival poet'? When were the Sonnets written and in what order? What were the circumstances surrounding their publication?
King Richard III by William Shakespeare( Book )
629 editions published between 1612 and 2016 in 20 languages and held by 7,117 libraries worldwide
"King Richard III is one of Shakespeare's most popular and frequently-performed plays. Janis Lull's introduction to this new edition, which is based on the First Folio, emphasizes the play's tragic themes - individual identity, determinism and choice - and stresses the importance of women's roles. A thorough performance history of stage and film versions shows how the text has been cut, rewritten and reshaped by directors and actors to enhance the role of Richard at the expense of other parts, especially those of the women."--Jacket
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Alternative Names
Bacon-Shakespeare, Francis 1564-1616
Bard of Avon
Chakespear, William 1564-1616
Chekchapiyera, William 1564-1616
Gulielmus Shakesperius
Pseudo-Shakespeare 1564-1616
S., W. 1564-1616
Saixpēr 1564-1616
Saixpēr, Gouilliam, 1564-1616
Saixper , Ouilliam
Saíxpēr, Uílliam 1564-1616
Saixpēros 1564-1616
Šakasbīr, Wilyam
Šakaspīr, Wīlīyām, 1564-1616
Sakespear, William 1564-1616
Sakespeiros 1564-1616
Sakespeĩros, Uíïlliam 1564-1616
Šakisbīr, Williyam 1564-1616
Šaḳisper 1564-1616
Šaḳisper, Veilliyam 1564-1616
Šaḳisper, Veilliyem 1564-1616
Šaksbīr, Wiliyam 1564-1616
Šaksbīr, Wilyam, 1564-1616
Šakspīr, Wilyam, 1564-1616
Schakespear 1564-1616
Schakespear, William 1564-1616
Schakespeare W. 1564-1616
Schakespeare, William 1564-1616
Schekspirs, Wiljams 1564-1616
S'egsi-pe-yar, Wi-li-am 1564-1616
Šeikspir Uil'jam
Šeiqspir, 1564-1616
Šekesper 1564-1616
Šekesper, Wilyam 1564-1616
Sekhspír 1564-1616
S̆ekhspiri, Wiliam 1564-1616
Šeḳisper 1564-1616
Śeksper, 1564-1616
Şekspir, 1564-1616
Šekspir, U.
Šekspir, U. 1564-1616
Šekspir, Uil'âm.
Šekspir, Uiljam
Šekspir, Uilʹjam, 1564-1616
Šekʹspir, Uilyam, 1564-1616
Šekspir, V.
Šekspir, V. 1564-1616
Şekspir, Velyam, 1564-1616
Šekspir, Vil'âm.
Šekspir, Vilém 1564-1616
Šekspir, Vilijam.
Šekspir, Vilijam 1564-1616
Šekspir, Vil'jam.
Šekspir, Vilʹjam, 1564-1616
Šekspir, Viljem
Šekspir, Viljem 1564-1616
Šekspir, Villiam 1564-1616
Šek'spir, Vilyam.
Šekspir , Vilьjam
Šekspir, Wiliam.
Šekspir, Wiliam 1564-1616
Šekspir, Wiljām.
Šekspir, William 1564-1616
Šekspiras, Viljamas 1564-1616
Šekspire 1564-1616
Šekʻspiri, Uiliam, 1564-1616
Sekspiri, Viliam 1564-1616
Šekspirs, V., 1564-1616
Šekspīrs, Viljams 1564-1616
Ṣēkspiyar, 1564-1616
Ṣēkspiyar Mahākavi, 1564-1616
Ṣēkspiyar Mahākaviya, 1564-1616
Ṣēkspiyar, Viliyam, 1564-1616
Ṣēkspiyar, Villiyam, 1564-1616
Šekspyr, Vylem
Šekspyras, 1564-1616
Šekspyras, V. 1564-1616
Šekspyras, Viljamas 1564-1616
Šeqsper, 1564-1616
Šeqspīr, Wīlyām, 1564-1616
Sexpir , Uilliam
Sha-ō, 1564-1616
Sha-shih-pi-ya, 1564-1616
Shackespear 1564-1616
Shaekespeare, William 1564-1616
Shak-speare, William 1564-1616
Shake-Spear, William 1564-1616
Shake-speare, William, 1564-1616
Shakespear 1564-1616
Shakespear, W. 1564-1616
Shakespear, Wilhelm 1564-1616
Shakespear, Willhelm 1564-1616
Shakespear, William
Shakespear William 1564-1616
Shakespeare 1564-1616
Shakespeare , Guglielmo
Shakespeare, Guglielmo 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Guillem, 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Guillermo 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Gulielmus, 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Gwilherm 1564-1616
Shakespeare, W.
Shakespeare W. 1564-1616
Shakespeare, W. (William), 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Wi., 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Wilhelm 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Wiljam.
Shakespeare Will 1564-1616
Shakespeare, Willhelm 1564-1616
Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare, William G., 1564-1616
Shakespeare'i William
Shakespearowy, W. 1564-1616
Shakesperae, William 1564-1616
Shakespere, Vilmos 1564-1616
Shakespere, William 1564-1616
Shakspear 1564-1616
Shakspear W. 1564-1616
Shakspear, Wilhelm.
Shakspear, William
Shakspear, William 1564-1616
Shakspeare 1564-1616
Shakspeare , Guglielmo
Shakspeare, Guglielmo 1564-1616
Shakspeare, Guillaume 1564-1616
Shakspeare, W.
Shakspeare, W., 1564-1616
Shakspeare, W. (William), 1564-1616
Shakspeare, Wilhelm 1564-1616
Shakspeare, Willem, 1564-1616
Shakspeare , William
Shakspeare William 1564-1616
Shaksper, William 1564-1616
Shakspere 1564-1616
Shakspere, W.
Shakspere, Will.
Shakspere, Will. (William), 1564-1616
Shakspere, William.
Shakspere William 1564-1616
Shakspere, Willm, 1564-1616
Shakspir, 1564-1616
Shaḳspir, Ṿilyam, 1564-1616
Shashibi, 1564-1616
Shashibiya 1564-1616
Shashibiya, William 1564-1616
Sheikusupia, 1564-1616
Sheikusupia, Uiriamu 1564-1616
Sheḳspier, Ṿilyam, 1564-1616
Shēkʻspir, 1564-1616
Shekspir, U. (Uiliam), 1564-1616
Shekspir , Uiliam
Shekspir, Uiliam, 1564-1616
Shekspir, Uiliem 1564-1616
Sheḳspir, Ṿ., 1564-1616
Shekspir, V. (Vilʹi︠a︡m), 1564-1616
Šhekspir, Viliam 1564-1616
Sheḳspir, Ṿiliyam 1564-1616
Shekspir, Villiam, 1564-1616
Sheḳspir, Ṿilyam, 1564-1616
Shēkʻspʻiyr, Vlilliam, 1564-1616
Shekspyr, Vyli︠e︡m, 1564-1616
Shex'pir, Wil'yam 1564-1616
Shig-si-phi-ya 1564-1616
Shikisbīr, Wilyam, 1564-1616
Šikisbīr, Wilyam, 1564-1616
Šiksbīr, Wīlīam 1564-1616
Šiksbīr, Willyam 1564-1616
Šiksbīr, Wilyam, 1564-1616
Šikspīr, Wīlīam 1564-1616
Šikspīr, Wilyam, 1564-1616
Swan of Avon
Sweksŭp'iŏ, Willŏm, 1564-1616
Syeiksŭpʻio, 1564-1616
Syeiksŭpiŏ, Willŏm, 1564-1616
Szekspir, W.
Szekspir W. 1564-1616
Szekspir, Wiliam.
Szekspir, Wiliam 1564-1616
Szekspir, Wiljam.
Szekspir, Wiljam 1564-1616
Szekspir, William.
Szekspir William 1564-1616
Szekspjr, Wiliam.
Tsikinya-chaka, 1564-1616
Ŭi-lièng Să-sê̤ṳ-bī-ā
.uiliam. cekspir.
Uilyam Şekspir
Vėljams Šekspīrs
Vî-lièn Sâ-sṳ-pí-â
Vilijam Šekspir Engleski dramaturg i pesnik
Viljamas Šekspyras anglų rašytojas, poetas ir dramaturgas
Viljams Šekspīrs
Willelm Scacaspere Englisc scop and plegwyrhta
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare anglický básník a dramatik
William Shakespeare angol drámaíró, költő, színész
William Shakespeare dramaturg, poet și creator de sonete englez
William Shakespeare dramaturge et comédien anglais
William Shakespeare dramaturgo e poeta inglês
William Shakespeare dramodydd a bardd Seisnig
William Shakespeare Engels dichter en toneelspelschrijver
William Shakespeare engelsk poet og skuespillforfatter
William Shakespeare englantilainen näytelmäkirjailija ja runoilija
William Shakespeare englischer Dramatiker, Lyriker und Schauspieler
William Shakespeare English playwright and poet
William Shakespeare English watas ampong playwright
William Shakespeare escriptor anglès
William Shakespeare escritor inglés
William Shakespeare Inggles nga aktor ken dramaturgo
William Shakespeare inlish qillqaq
William Shakespeare poeta e dramaturgo inglés, considerado desde hai tempo por moitos como o meirande escritor en lingua inglesa
William Shakespeare poeta inglese del XVI secolo
William Szekspir angielski poeta i dramatopisarz
Ουίλλιαμ Σαίξπηρ (Απρίλιος 1564 - 23 Απριλίου 1616) Άγγλος ποιητής και θεατρικός συγγραφέας.
Σαίξπηρ, Ουίλιαμ
Вилиам Шекспир
Вилијам Шекспир Енглески драматург и песник
Вилям Шекспир
Вільям Шекспір
Уилиям Шекспир
Уиллиам Шэкспир
Уильям Шекспир
Уильям Шекспир английский драматург и поэт
Уилям Шекспир
Уільям Шэкспір
Ўільям Шэксьпір
Шекспир В. 1564-1616
Шекспир, В. (Вильям), 1564-1616
Шекспир, Вильям.
Шекспир, Вильям, 1564-1616
Шекспир У. 1564-1616
Шекспир, Уильям
Шекспир, Уильям, 1564-1616
Շեքսպիր, Ուիլյամ, 1564-1616
Ուիլյամ Շեքսպիր
וויליאם שייקספיר
ויליאם שייקספיר
שייקספיר, וו., 1564-1616
שייקספיר, וויליאם, 1564-1616
שייקספיר, ויליאם, 1564-1616
שיקספיר, וויליאם
שיקספיר, ויליאם
שיקספיר, ויליאם, 1564-1616
שכספיר, ו׳
שכספיר, ויליאם, 1564-1616
שכספיר, וילים
שכספיר, וילים, 1564-1616
שעפקספיר, וויליאם, 1564-1616
שעקספיער, וו., 1564-1616
שעקספיער, וויליאם
שעקספיער, וויליאם, 1564-1616
שעקספיער, ווילליאם 1564-1616
שעקספיר, וו
שעקספיר, וו., 1564-1616
שעקספיר, וויליאם
שעקספיר, וויליאם, 1564-1616
שעקספיר, וויליאמ
שעקספיר, ווילליאם
שעקספיר, ווילליאם, 1564-1616
שעקספיר, וילים, 1564-1616
שעקספיר, װ., 1564-1616
שעקספיר, װיליאם, 1564-1616
שעקספיר, װילליאם, 1564-1616
שעקספער, וויליאמ
שקספיר, וו
שקספיר, וויליאם
שקספיר, וויליאם, 1564-1616
שקספיר, ווילים, 1564-1616
שקספיר, וילאם
שקספיר, ויליאם
שקספיר, ויליאם, 1564-1616
שקספיר, ויליים, 1564-1616
שקספיר, וילים
שקספיר, וילים, 1564-1616
شاكسبير، وليام
شاكسبير، وليم
شاكسپير، وليم
شكسبير، و.
شكسبير، وليام
شكسبير، وليام، 1564-1616
شكسبير، وليم
شكسبير، وليم، 1564-1616
شكسبير، ويليام، 1564-1616
شكسپير، وليم
شكسپير، ويليام
شكسپير, ويليام (1564-1616).
شيكسبير، وليام
شيكسبير، وليام.، 1564-1616
شيكسبير، وليم
شيكسبير، وليم، 1564-1616
‏شيکسپيئر، وليم‏ ‏1564-1616،‏
شکسبير، وليم
شېكېسپېر, ۋىليام 1564-1616
وليم شكسبير، 1564-1616
وليم شکسبير
ولیم شیکسپیر
ولیم شیکسپیئر
ويليام شكسبير
ويليام شيكسبير
ویلیام شکسپیر
ویلیام شێکسپیر
وېليم شېکسپيير
विलियम शेक्सपीयर
विलियम सेक्सपियर
शेक्सपीयर (1564-1616).
উইলিয়াম শেকসপিয়র dcds
উইলিয়াম শ্বেইকছপীয়েৰ
ਵਿਲੀਅਮ ਸ਼ੈਕਸਪੀਅਰ
વિલિયમ શેક્સપીયર
ୱିଲିଅମ ସେକ୍ସପିଅର
வில்லியம் சேக்சுபியர்
విలియం షేక్ స్పియర్
ವಿಲಿಯಂ ಷೇಕ್ಸ್ ಪಿಯರ್
വില്യം ഷെയ്ക്സ്പിയർ
විලියම් ෂේක්ස්පියර්
วิลเลียม เชกสเปียร์
ཞེ་ཁུ་སི་པེར །
უილიამ შექსპირი
უილიამ შექსფირი
세익스피어 1564-1616
세익스피어, W. 1564-1616
세익스피어, 윌리암 1564-1616
세익스피어, 윌리엄 1564-1616
섹스피어 1564-1616
섹스피어, W. 1564-1616
섹스피어, 윌리엄 1564-1616
셰익스피어 1564-1616
셰익스피어, W. 1564-1616
셰익스피어, 윌리암 1564-1616
셰익스피어, 윌리엄 1564-1616
쉐익스피어, 윌리암 1564-1616
쉐익스피어, 윌리엄 1564-1616
쉑스피어, 윌리암 1564-1616
쉑스피어, 윌리엄 1564-1616
쉑쓰피어 1564-1616
쎄익쓰피어 1564-1616
윌리엄 셰익스피어 1564년에 세례받은 후 1616년에 사망한 잉글랜드의 극작가 및 시인
វីលីម ហ្សេកស្ពែរ
シェイクスピア, 1564-1616
シェイクスピア, ウィリアム
シェークスピア 1564-1616
シェークスピヤ 1564-1616
威廉·莎士比亚 英国剧作家
沙士北亞威廉姆, 1564-1616
沙士比亞威廉姆, 1564-1616
莎士比, 1564-1616
莎士比亞 (1564-1616).
莎士比亞威廉, 1564-1616
莎士比亞威廉姆, 1564-1616
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