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Dick, Philip K.

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Do androids dream of electric sheep? by Philip K Dick( Book )
276 editions published between 1968 and 2015 in 18 languages and held by 3,539 libraries worldwide
THE INSPIRATION FOR BLADERUNNER. . . Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? was published in 1968. Grim and foreboding, even today it is a masterpiece ahead of its time. By 2021, the World War had killed millions, driving entire species into extinction and sending mankind off-planet. Those who remained coveted any living creature, and for people who couldn't afford one, companies built incredibly realistic simulacrae: horses, birds, cats, sheep. . . They even built humans. Emigrees to Mars received androids so sophisticated it was impossible to tell them from true men or women. Fearful of the havoc these artificial humans could wreak, the government banned them from Earth. But when androids didn't want to be identified, they just blended in. Rick Deckard was an officially sanctioned bounty hunter whose job was to find rogue androids, and to retire them. But cornered, androids tended to fight back, with deadly results
The man in the high castle by Philip K Dick( Book )
215 editions published between 1962 and 2015 in 18 languages and held by 2,740 libraries worldwide
"It's America in 1962. Slavery is legal once again. The few Jews who still survive hide under assumed names. In San Francisco the I Ching is as coommon as the Yellow Pages. All because some 20 years earlier the United States lost a war and is now occupied jointly by Nazi Germany and Japan." -- Back cover
A scanner darkly by Philip K Dick( Book )
127 editions published between 1977 and 2014 in 17 languages and held by 2,156 libraries worldwide
A drug dealer of the future periodically moves away from his spaced-out world to become an informer for narcotics agents until he becomes unable to separate his two personalities
The minority report by Philip K Dick( Book )
83 editions published between 1956 and 2016 in 13 languages and held by 1,774 libraries worldwide
In the world of The Minority Report, Commissioner John Anderton is the one to thank for the lack of crime. He is the originator of the Precrime System, which uses "precogs"--People with the power to see into the future--to identify criminals before they can do any harm. Unfortunately for Anderton, his precogs perceive him as the next criminal. But Anderton knows he has never contemplated such a thing, and this knowledge proves the precogs are fallible. Now, whichever way he turns, Anderton is doomed--unless he can find the precogs's "minority report"--the dissenting voice that represents his one hope of getting at the truth in time to save himself from his own system
The three stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K Dick( Book )
123 editions published between 1964 and 2015 in 12 languages and held by 1,539 libraries worldwide
In the overcrowded world and cramped space colonies of the late 21st century, tedium can be endured through the use of the drug Can-D, which enables the user to inhabit a shared illusory world. When industrialist Palmer Eldritch returns from an interstellar trip, he brings with him a new drug, Chew-Z, which is far more potent than Can-D, but threatens to plunge the world into a permanent state of drugged illusion controlled by the mysterious Eldritch. THE THREE STIGMATA OF PALMER ELDRITCH is, by universal consent, one of his three key novels, and the book in which he first took his perennial interest in the fragile nature of reality to a new level of imaginative intensity
Four novels of the 1960s by Philip K Dick( Book )
20 editions published in 2007 in English and held by 1,513 libraries worldwide
This Library of America volume brings together four of Dick's most original novels. The Man in the High Castle (1962), which won the Hugo Award, describes an alternate world in which Japan and Germany have won World War II and America is divided into separate occupation zones. The dizzying The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (1965) posits a future in which competing hallucinogens proffer different brands of virtual reality, and an interplanetary drug tycoon can transform himself into a godlike figure transcending even physical death
Flow my tears, the policeman said by Philip K Dick( Book )
87 editions published between 1974 and 2015 in 14 languages and held by 1,273 libraries worldwide
A TV celebrity suddenly finds that he has no identity. He is in a world which appears to contain all his friends, lovers, addresses and telephone numbers, but not himself
Five novels of the 1960s & 70s by Philip K Dick( Book )
12 editions published in 2008 in English and held by 1,215 libraries worldwide
"Philip K. Dick: (1928-1982) was a writer of incandescent originality and astonishing fertility, who made and unmade fictional world-systems with ferocious rapidity and unbridled speculative daring. The five novels collected in this volume - a successor to Philip K. Dick: Four Novels of the 1960s - Offer an overview of the range of this science-fiction master." "Martian Time-Slip (1964) unfolds on a parched and thinly colonized Red Planet where the unscrupulous seek to profit from a troubled child's time-fracturing visions. Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb (1965) chronicles the interwoven stories of a multiracial community of survivors, including the scientist who may have been responsible for World War III. Into this apocalyptic framework Dick weaves observations of daily life in the California of his own moment. Famous, among other reasons, for a therapy session involving a talking taxicab, Now Wait for Last Year (1966) explores the effects of JJ-180, a hallucinogen that alters not only perception, but reality." "In Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said (1974), a television star seeks to unravel a mystery that has left him stripped of his identity. A Scanner Darkly (1977), the basis for the 2006 film, envisions a drug-addled world in which a narcotics officer's tenuous hold on sanity is strained by his new surveillance assignment: himself. Regarded by some as Dick's most powerful novel, A Scanner Darkly mixes futuristic fantasy with an all-too-real evocation of the culture of addiction in 1970s America. Mixing metaphysics and madness, Dick's work remains exhilarating and unsettling in equal measure."--Jacket
Radio Free Albemuth by Philip K Dick( Book )
23 editions published between 1985 and 2009 in 4 languages and held by 1,074 libraries worldwide
It is 1969, and a paranoid president has convulsed America in a vicious war against imaginary internal enemies. As the country slides into fascism, a struggling science-fiction writer named Philip K. Dick is trying to keep from becoming one of that war's casualties. Meanwhile, Dick's best friend, a record executive named Nicholas Brady, is receiving transmissions from a God-like extraterrestrial intelligence, which he dubs Valis, who apparently wants him to overthrow the president
VALIS and later novels by Philip K Dick( Book )
14 editions published in 2009 in English and held by 1,068 libraries worldwide
The third and final volume of an overview of the author's work features novels written during his later years, including "A Maze of Death" and "The Divine Invasion, " when the themes of religious revelation became predominant.--Résumé de l'éditeur
The divine invasion by Philip K Dick( Book )
46 editions published between 1980 and 2011 in 8 languages and held by 1,052 libraries worldwide
God is not dead, he has merely been exiled to an extraterrestrial planet. And it is on this planet that God meets Herb Asher and convinces him to help retake Earth from the demonic Belial. Featuring virtual reality, parallel worlds, and interstellar travel, The Divine Invasion blends philosophy and adventure in a way few authors can achieve
Time out of joint by Philip K Dick( Book )
98 editions published between 1959 and 2014 in 12 languages and held by 992 libraries worldwide
Ragle Gumm thinks that it is 1959, that he lives in a small town, and that he is a whiz at newspaper puzzle contests. A series of hallucinations make him begin to doubt all of these things
VALIS by Philip K Dick( Book )
69 editions published between 1981 and 2015 in 11 languages and held by 958 libraries worldwide
Horselover Fat begins receiving what he considers to be divine revelations that imply extraterrestrial forces are interfering in the affairs of the Earth
Eye in the sky by Philip K Dick( Book )
74 editions published between 1957 and 2015 in 11 languages and held by 949 libraries worldwide
Caught in a laboratory accident at the Belmont Bevatron, Jack Hamiliton and his seven companions awaken to find themselves trapped in a bizarre fantasy world dominated by instant plagues, immediate damnation, and death to all perceived infidels, and must make their way through the perils of this world and three other fantastical universes to make their way home. While sightseeing at the Belmont Bevatron, Jack Hamilton, along with seven others, is caught in a lab accident. When he regains consciousness, he is in a fantasy world of Old Testament morality gone awry, a place of instant plagues, immediate damnations, and death to all perceived infidels. Hamilton figures out how he and his compatriots can escape this world and return to their own, but first they must pass through three other vividly fantastical worlds, each more perilous and hilarious than the one before. Winner of both the Hugo and John W. Campbell awards for best novel, widely regarded as the premiere science fiction writer of his day, and the object of cult-like adoration from his legions of fans, Philip K. Dick has come to be seen in a literary light that defies classification in much the same way as Borges and Calvino. With breathtaking insight, he utilizes vividly unfamiliar worlds to evoke the hauntingly and hilariously familiar in our society and ourselves
Selected stories of Philip K. Dick by Philip K Dick( Book )
14 editions published between 2001 and 2013 in English and held by 931 libraries worldwide
"Philip K. Dick was a master of science fiction, but he was also a writer whose work transcended genre to examine the nature of reality and what it means to be human. A writer of great complexity and subtle humor, his work belongs on the shelf of great twentieth-century literature, next to Kafka and Vonnegut. Collected here are twenty-one of Dick's most dazzling and resonant stories, which span his entire career and show a world-class writer working at the peak of his powers." "In "The Davis of Perky Pat," people spend their time playing with dolls who manage to live an idyllic life no longer available to the Earth's real inhabitants. "Adjustment Team" looks at the fate of a man who by mistake has stepped out of his own time. In "Autofac," one community must battle benign machines to take back control of their lives. And in "I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon," we follow the story of one man whose very reality may be nothing more than a nightmare. The collection also includes such classic stories as "The Minority Report," the basis for the Steven Spielberg movie, and "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale," the basis for the film Total Recall. Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick is a magnificent distillation of one of American literature's most searching imaginations."--Jacket
Martian time-slip by Philip K Dick( Book )
80 editions published between 1964 and 2014 in 11 languages and held by 898 libraries worldwide
On the arid colony of Mars the only thing more precious than water may be a ten-year-old schizophrenic boy named Manfred Steiner. For although the UN has slated "anomalous" children for deportation and destruction, other people--especially Supreme Goodmember Arnie Kott of the Water Worker's union--suspect that Manfred's disorder may be a window into the future
Voices from the street by Philip K Dick( Book )
18 editions published between 2007 and 2014 in 5 languages and held by 889 libraries worldwide
In 1950s Oakland, California, Stuart Hadley, a young radio electronics salesman, puts his perfect life at risk as his growing anger, anxiety, and fear results in a quest to fill the void with drinking, sex, and religious fanaticism
The transmigration of Timothy Archer by Philip K Dick( Book )
34 editions published between 1982 and 2014 in 7 languages and held by 878 libraries worldwide
Bishop Timothy Archer, formerly a lawyer, searches for God by means of mysticism, seances, and a quest for the source of records--written earlier than the Bible--of Christ's life on earth
Deus irae by Philip K Dick( Book )
44 editions published between 1976 and 2014 in 8 languages and held by 823 libraries worldwide
In the years following World War III, a new and powerful faith has arisen from a scorched and poisoned Earth, a faith that embraces the architect of world wide devastation. The Servants of Wrath have deified Carlton Lufteufel and re-christened him the Deus Irae. In the small community of Charlottesville, Utah, Tibor McMasters, born without arms or legs, has, through an array of prostheses, established a far-reaching reputation as an inspired painter. When the new church commissions a grand mural depicting the Deus Irae, it falls upon Tibor to make a treacherous journey to find the man, to find the god, and capture his terrible visage for posterity
Blade runner by Ridley Scott( visu )
70 editions published between 1982 and 2012 in 7 languages and held by 778 libraries worldwide
En l'an 2019, un détective privé fait la chasse à des androïdes qui se sont échappés d'un chantier cosmique. Il les abat un par un mais le dernier, Batty, se révèle plus coriace que les autres
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Alternative Names
Dick, Philip
Dick, Philip H 1928-1982
Dick, Philip K.
Dick Philip K. 1928-1982
Dick, Philip K. (Philip Kindred), 1928-1982
Dick, Philip Kendred 1928-1982
Dick , Philip Kindred
Dick, Philip Kindred 1928-1982
Dick, Phillip K. 1928-1982
Dik, Filip K.
Dik, Filip K. 1928-1982
Dikas, Filipas K.
Dowland, Jack 1928-1982
Filip Dik
Filip K. Dik
Filipas Kindredas Dikas
Kindred Dick, Philip.
Kindred Dick, Philip 1928-1982
Philip K. Dick
Philip K. Dick Amerikaans auteur
Philip K. Dick écrivain américain
Philip K. Dick escritor estadounidense
Philip K. Dick scrittore di Fantascienza statunitense
Philip K. Dick US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller
Philip Kindred Dick amerykański pisarz
Philippus Kindred Dick
Phillips, Richard 1928-1982
Φίλιπ Ντικ
Дик Ф.К. 1928-1982
Дик, Филип
Филип Дик американский писатель
Филип К. Дик
Філіп Дзік
Філіп Дік
דיק, פיליפ ק.
דיק, פיליפ קינדרד 1928-1982
פיליפ ק. דיק
فيليب ك. ديك
فیلیپ کیندرد دیک
अ सर्फेस राइड
ฟิลิป เค. ดิก
필립 K. 딕
ディック, P. K
ディック, フィリップ・K
ディック, フィリップ・キンドレッド
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Catalan (11)
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Danish (10)
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