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Greene, Graham 1904-1991

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Most widely held works by Graham Greene
The power and the glory by Graham Greene( Book )
966 editions published between 1940 and 2018 in 25 languages and held by 8,958 libraries worldwide
In a poor, remote section of southern Mexico, the Red Shirts have taken control. God has been outlawed, and the priests have been systematically hunted down and killed. Now, the last priest strives to overcome physical and moral cowardice in order to find redemption
The quiet American by Graham Greene( Book )
512 editions published between 1955 and 2018 in 26 languages and held by 7,289 libraries worldwide
Fowler, a seasoned foreign correspondent, intervenes as the young Pyle begins to channel economic aid to a 'Third Force, ' "but Fowler's motives for intervening are suspect, both to the police and to himself: for Pyle has robbed him of his Vietnamese mistress."--Penguin pbk. cover
The heart of the matter by Graham Greene( Book )
699 editions published between 1 and 2018 in 22 languages and held by 6,678 libraries worldwide
Set in West Africa, this is the story of Scobie, an assistant police commissioner, and his personal and professional corruption
The end of the affair by Graham Greene( Book )
501 editions published between 1951 and 2016 in 20 languages and held by 5,689 libraries worldwide
Account of a hate bred of a passion that ultimately lost out to God
Brighton rock : an entertainment by Graham Greene( Book )
624 editions published between 1937 and 2018 in 22 languages and held by 5,595 libraries worldwide
This novel is a chilling exposé of violence and gang warfare in the pre-WWII underworld. Pinkie, the teenage gangster, is devoid of compassion or human feeling, despising weakness of the spirit or of the flesh. Responsible for the razor slashes that killed Kite and also for the death of Hale, he is the embodiment of calculated evil. As a Catholic, however, he is convinced that his retribution does not lie in human hands. He is therefore not prepared for Ida Arnold, Hale's avenging angel. Ida, whose allegiance is with life, the here and now, has her own ideas about the circumstances surrounding Hale's death. For the sheer joy of it she takes up the challenge of bringing the infernal Pinkie to an earthly kind of justice
The human factor by Graham Greene( Book )
336 editions published between 1954 and 2017 in 20 languages and held by 5,230 libraries worldwide
Officials of a British intelligence agency decide to kill an agent they suspect has been betraying them, unaware that another agent is a more likely suspect
Travels with my aunt; a novel by Graham Greene( Book )
364 editions published between 1969 and 2018 in 18 languages and held by 5,058 libraries worldwide
Aunt Augusta, in her late 70's embroils her bachelor nephew, an utterly respectable, dahlia-growing, retired bank manager, in a series of wild escapades. The action moves from London, across the European continent to Istanbul, and ends in Paraguay. Most of the characters are from Aunt Augusta's somewhat murky past, although there are contemporary figures as a CIA agent and his hippie daughter, and Wordsworth from Sierra Leone, who lives with Aunt Augusta as her valet
The comedians by Graham Greene( Book )
360 editions published between 1965 and 2018 in 28 languages and held by 4,903 libraries worldwide
"'The Comedians' is set in Haiti, where terror rides and death comes frequently and swiftly in the night. It is a story of passion and adventure, hope and disillusion. With alternating comedy, irony, and grim violence, Greene weaves these lives [of the characters] in a pattern of mounting suspense."
The honorary consul by Graham Greene( Book )
322 editions published between 1973 and 2016 in 22 languages and held by 4,683 libraries worldwide
Relates the story of the politically motivated kidnapping of Charlie Fortnum, a minor British functionary in Argentina
Our man in Havana : an entertainment by Graham Greene( Book )
264 editions published between 1958 and 2017 in 4 languages and held by 4,169 libraries worldwide
Nonsense-suspense story about a middle-aged Englishman, a mousey shopkeeper in Cuba, who is recruited for the secret service without quite knowing what it's all about
A burnt-out case by Graham Greene( Book )
179 editions published between 1941 and 2018 in 3 languages and held by 3,815 libraries worldwide
Querry is assigned to a leper colony on the upper reaches of the Congo, run by a doctor as lacking in faith as he is himself
Monsignor Quixote by Graham Greene( Book )
176 editions published between 1982 and 2016 in 19 languages and held by 3,561 libraries worldwide
"A direct descendant of his famous namesake, Father Quixote is a humble parish priest. By chance he is advanced to Monsignor, resulting in furor in the bishopric. Quixote and his friend Sancho Zancas, the Communist ex-mayor of the village, leave for a pilgrimage across Spain."--Container
The tenth man by Graham Greene( Book )
165 editions published between 1985 and 2010 in 16 languages and held by 3,173 libraries worldwide
In the drive the gravel was obscured by weeds: a tree had fallen right across the way, and though someone had lopped the branches for firewood, the trunk still lay there to prove that for many seasonsno car had driven up to the house. Every step was familiar to the bearded man who came cautiously round every bend like a stranger
The captain and the enemy by Graham Greene( Book )
142 editions published between 1986 and 2018 in 17 languages and held by 2,815 libraries worldwide
This novel centers on a young boy growing up in odd and touching circumstances and on his relationaships with various odd and touching people
The ministry of fear : an entertainment by Graham Greene( Book )
285 editions published between 1942 and 2018 in 18 languages and held by 2,780 libraries worldwide
Arthur Rowe, on an aimless afternoon stroll through wartime London, drops into a charity bazaar, has his fortune told, guesses the weight of a prize cake, and finds himself groping his way down the obscure and unmarked corridors of the Ministry of Fear. As it happens, Mr. Rowe has for some time been incapable of being frightened, and the Ministry staff has shown bad judgment in admitting him. It is their only diplomatic blunder, and it proves to be fatal
Doctor Fischer of Geneva, or, The bomb party by Graham Greene( Book )
85 editions published between 1980 and 1999 in 3 languages and held by 2,649 libraries worldwide
The enigmatic Dr. Fischer is a millionaire, student of human nature, practical joker, and party giver. His parties are famous or perhaps nortorious for they are part of his experiment to see how far the very, very rich will go to satisfy their greed. His guest risk not only humiliation at his hands, but death
The shipwrecked : a novel by Graham Greene( Book )
301 editions published between 1935 and 2010 in 13 languages and held by 2,610 libraries worldwide
Murder story involving Stockholm financier, and a brother and a sister
The man within by Graham Greene( Book )
287 editions published between 1000 and 2018 in 11 languages and held by 2,297 libraries worldwide
Graham Greene's first published novel represented for the author "one sentimental gesture towards his own past, the period of ambition and hope." It tells the story of Andrews, a young man who has betrayed his fellow smugglers and fears their vengeance. "The Man Within" offers a foretaste of Greene's recurring theme of religion and the individual's struggles against cynicism and the indifferent forces of a hostile world
It's a battlefield by Graham Greene( Book )
223 editions published between 1934 and 2018 in 7 languages and held by 2,268 libraries worldwide
"It's a Battlefield is both a suspense story and a serious novel, tense and probing. the keynote is set in a quotation from Kinglake at the beginning of the volume: 'In so far as the battlefield presented itself to the bare eyesight of men, it...was made up of nothing except small numberless circlets...each separate gathering...went on fighting it's own little battle in a happy and advantageous ignorance of the general state of the action....' these 'circlets' began with the killing of a policeman at a political rally in Hyde Park. Drover, a bus driver with Communist leanings, had struck the blow when he thought the policeman was going to injure his wife. The Minister would like to grant a reprieve, but thousands of laborers were on the verge of a crippling strike; a reprieve would indicate weakness on the part of the Minister. On the other hand, if Drover were executed and the workers retaliated it would cost the country millions of pounds--and the Minister would probably lose the next election. Then in one way or another Drover's family and dozens of figures on the outside became involved in the drama; in one way or another each life was changed."--
The third man by Graham Greene( Book )
382 editions published between 1949 and 2018 in 22 languages and held by 2,096 libraries worldwide
The setting is post-war Vienna, a once-beautiful city that was now nothing but war rubble. It's administered by the four victorious nations, Russia, France, Great Britain and the United States, and they all communicate with each other in the language of their former enemy. There's a somber mood, a feeling of decay and destruction throughout. And, of course there's a mystery, and lots of suspense, as the reader is swept into a story of intrigue, betrayal and constantly changing alliances. --Linda Linguvic at
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Alternative Names
Graham Greene angielski powieściopisarz i dramaturg
Graham Greene angol író, drámaíró, kritikus, újságíró, forgatókönyvíró
Graham Greene brita verkisto
Graham Greene britischer Schriftsteller
Graham Greene écrivain britannique
Graham Greene englantilainen romaani-, novelli-, ja näytelmäkirjailija
Graham Greene escritor inglês
Graham Greene schrijver
Graham Greene scrittore, drammaturgo e sceneggiatore inglese
Green, Graham 1904-1991
Greene, G. 1904-1991
Greene, G. (Graham), 1904-1991
Greene, Graham
Greene, Graham, 1904-
Greene, Henry Graham
Greene, Henry Graham 1904-1991
Greiems Grīns
Greihamas Grinas
Grejam Grin
Grém Grïn
Grin , Graham
Ğrīn, Ğrāhām 1904-1991
Grin, Gream
Grin, Grėchem 1904-1991
Grin, Greham 1904-1991
Grin, Grehem
Grin, Grèm.
Grin, Grėm 1904-1991
Grīna, Grāhama 1904-1991
Grinas, Greihamas
Grinas, Greihamas, 1904-1991
Grīns, G. 1904-1991
Grīns, G. (Greiems), 1904-1991
Grīns, Grehems 1904-1991
Grīns, Greiems 1904-1991
Gurīn, Gureamu, 1904-1991
Gǔrin, Gǔreǒm
Gŭrin, Gŭreŏm 1904-1991
Qrem Qrin
Γκράχαμ Γκρην Άγγλος συγγραφέας, θεατρικός συγγραφέας και κριτικός λογοτεχνίας
Греъм Грийн
Грин, Генри Грэм 1904 -1991
Грин, Грэм.
Грин, Грэм 1904-1991
Грин, Грэхем 1904 -1991
Грэм Грин
Грэм Грин английский писатель
Грэм Грын
Ґрем Ґрін
Գրեհեմ Գրին
גרהם גרין סופר בריטי
גרין, גרהם 1904-1991
جراهام جرين، 1904-1991
جرين، جراهام، 1904-1991
غراهام غرين
غراهام غرين، 1904-1991
غرين، غراهام، 1904-1991
قراهام قرین
گراهام گرین نویسندۀ انگلیسی
گراهام گرەەنە
گرەم گرىين
ग्रॅहम ग्रीन
গ্রাহাম গ্রিন
ਗ੍ਰਾਹਮ ਗ੍ਰੀਨ
கிரஃகாம் கிரீன்
ഗ്രേയം ഗ്രീൻ
გრაამ გრინი
그레이엄 그린
그리인 1904-1991
그리인, 그레엄 1904-1991
그리인, 그레이엄 1904-1991
그린, 그라함 1904-1991
그린, 그래엄 1904-1991
그린, 그레엄 1904-1991
그린, 그레이엄 1904-1991
グリーン, グレアム
グリーン, グレアム, 1904-1991
格拉姆・葛林 1904-1991
格雷厄姆·格林 英国作家,剧作家和文学评论家
English (4,480)
French (603)
German (603)
Spanish (602)
Italian (210)
Swedish (137)
Dutch (136)
Polish (114)
Danish (109)
Hungarian (94)
Japanese (75)
Portuguese (68)
Catalan (46)
Chinese (37)
Czech (33)
Finnish (31)
Russian (27)
Bokmal, Norwegian (24)
Norwegian (21)
Croatian (18)
Hebrew (14)
Persian (12)
Korean (11)
Slovenian (10)
Turkish (8)
Vietnamese (7)
Romanian (6)
Basque (5)
Lithuanian (4)
Greek, Modern [1453- ] (4)
Afrikaans (4)
Slovak (4)
Icelandic (3)
Estonian (3)
Bulgarian (3)
Armenian (2)
Esperanto (2)
Serbian (2)
Kazakh (1)
Hindi (1)
Multiple languages (1)
Miscellaneous languages (1)
Burmese (1)
Albanian (1)
Latvian (1)
Bosnian (1)
Duala (1)
Slavic [Other] (1)
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