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Engels, Friedrich 1820-1895

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Most widely held works by Friedrich Engels
Capital, the Communist manifesto, and other writings by Karl Marx( Book )
2,490 editions published between 1848 and 2016 in 51 languages and held by 18,552 libraries worldwide
The political tract in which Marx presented the core of his philosophy and revolutionary program, with an introduction analyzing its significance to the realities of today and to Marx's own times
Capital by Karl Marx( Book )
910 editions published between 1867 and 2013 in 11 languages and held by 8,360 libraries worldwide
One of the most notorious works of modern times, as well as one of the most influential, Capital is an incisive critique of private property and the social relations it generates. Living in exile in England, where this work was largely written, Marx drew on a wide-ranging knowledge of its society to support his analysis and generate fresh insights. Arguing that capitalism would create an ever-increasing division in wealth and welfare, he predicted its abolition and replacement by a system with common ownership of the means of production. Capital rapidly acquired readership among the leaders of social democratic parties, particularly in Russia and Germany, and ultimately throughout the world, to become a work described by Marx's friend and collaborator Friedrich Engels as 'the Bible of the Working Class'
Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels Gesamtausgabe (MEGA) by Karl Marx( Book )
1,665 editions published between 1972 and 2015 in 5 languages and held by 7,867 libraries worldwide
Der erste Teil dieses Bandes enthält zehn bisher unveröffentlichte Exzerpthefte, die im Kontext der Korrespondententätigkeit von Marx und Engels für eine der grössten und einflussreichsten Zeitungen ihrer Zeit, die "New York Tribune", entstanden sind. Sie dokumentieren die Lektüren von Marx am Vorabend und während des Krimkriegs. Fünf davon sind der Geschichte der Diplomatie, verschiedenen Aspekten der Orientalischen Frage und der Aussenpolitik von Lord Palmerston gewidmet. Sie vereinen hauptsächlich Auszüge aus Werken von César Famin, George Henry Francis, Georg Friedrich von Martens, David Urquhart sowie der "Correspondance relative to the Affairs of the Levant" und "Hansard's Parliamentary Debates". In einem anderen Heft notierte Marx Auszüge zur Geschichte Griechenlands, Frankreichs und Spaniens. Besonderes wissenschaftsgeschichtliches Interesse gebührt den in diesem Kontext entstandenen Exzerpten aus Augustin Thierrys berühmten "Essai sur l'histoire de la formation et des progrés du tiers état". Vier weitere Hefte mit Auszügen aus Werken von François-René de Chateaubriand, Victor Du-Hamel, Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos, Evaristo San Miguel, Manuel de Marliani, Dominique de Pradt, Robert Southey, José María de Toreno, Pedro de Urquinaona, William Walton und anderer Autoren widerspiegeln, mit welcher Intensität und welchen Resultaten Marx die Herausbildung der bürgerlichen Gesellschaft in Spanien studiert hat. Im zweiten Teil des Bandes werden eine umfangreiche Bibliographie von Engels zur Revolution 1848/49 sowie Exzerpte zum Ungarischen Revolutionskrieg (Auszüge aus Werken von Friedrich Heller von Hellwald und Arthur Görgey) sowie Notizen zum Verlauf des Krimkriegs (unter anderem über russische Militärorganisation und Heeresstärke, Belagerungen der Donaufestung Silistria und den "Todesritt" der leichten britischen Kavalleriebrigade bei Balaklava) dargeboten
The origin of the family, private property, and the state, in the light of the researches of Lewis H. Morgan by Friedrich Engels( Book )
812 editions published between 1884 and 2013 in 17 languages and held by 4,772 libraries worldwide
The German socialist's controversial work on the structure of primitive society and early civilization, which posited the subjugation of women as the first step in an historical process that led to the rise of social classes and the creation of the state
The condition of the working class in England by Friedrich Engels( Book )
361 editions published between 1845 and 2014 in 9 languages and held by 3,653 libraries worldwide
"This forceful polemic explores the staggering human cost of the Industrial Revolution in Victorian England. Engels paints an unforgettable picture of daily life in the new industrial towns, and for miners and agricultural workers in a savage indictment of the greed of the bourgeoisie. His later preface, written for the first English edition of 1892 and included here, brought the story up to date in the light of forty years' further reflection." from (Jan.31, 2011)
Herr Eugen Dühring's revolution in science (Anti-Dühring) by Friedrich Engels( Book )
458 editions published between 1877 and 2015 in 21 languages and held by 2,822 libraries worldwide
"Translated of Herrn Eugen Dühring's Umwälzung der Wissenschaft. from the third German edition (1894), revised and extended by the author " Contents: pt 1 Philosophy -- pt 2 Political economy -- pt 3 Socialism
The German ideology by Karl Marx( Book )
158 editions published between 1938 and 2011 in 4 languages and held by 2,294 libraries worldwide
This edition makes easily accessible the most important parts of Marx's and Engels's major early philosophical work, "The German Ideology", a text of key importance for students
The peasant war in Germany by Friedrich Engels( Book )
235 editions published between 1870 and 2012 in 10 languages and held by 1,958 libraries worldwide
Russisk udgivet engelsk version af Friedrich Engels (1820-95) værk "Der deutsche Bauernkrieg" fra 1850 (haves på tysk) - oversættelsen after 3. tyske udgave 1875 - med appendix af Engels skrifter "The Mark", "On the History af the Prussian Peasantry" , korrespondance med K. Marx, F. Lassalle, Mehring, Kautsky - og fra Engels manuskripter
Basic writings on politics and philosophy by Karl Marx( Book )
54 editions published between 1959 and 1989 in 3 languages and held by 1,832 libraries worldwide
Ludwig Feuerbach and the outcome of classical German philosophy by Friedrich Engels( Book )
248 editions published between 1886 and 2009 in 6 languages and held by 1,639 libraries worldwide
One of the fundamental works of Marxism. It reveals the relationship between Marxism and its philosophical predecessors as represented by Hegel and Feurbach
On religion by Karl Marx( Book )
52 editions published between 1955 and 2008 in 3 languages and held by 1,568 libraries worldwide
In this single volume is the best collection of writings on Religion by the two founding fathers of Communism. In it the reader will find the entire arsenal of ideas with which Marx and Engels hoped to explode the religious foundations of all previous societies. Yet also, in these writings - as Reinhold Niebuhr shows in his introduction- "are clues to that remarkable development of which many students have been made aware, of an irreligion transmuted into a new political religion, canonized precisely in the writings of Marx (and the later Lenin) as sacred scripture, and preached ... as the principles for a revolutionary reformation of the social order according to an immutable dogma
Dialectics of nature by Friedrich Engels( Book )
137 editions published between 1930 and 2015 in 9 languages and held by 1,325 libraries worldwide
Friedrich Engels' treatise about dialectical materialism and the socialist philosophy of nature and work
The Civil War in the United States by Karl Marx( Book )
33 editions published between 1937 and 1974 in English and German and held by 1,034 libraries worldwide
The German revolutions: The Peasant War in Germany, and Germany: revolution and counter-revolution by Friedrich Engels( Book )
15 editions published in 1967 in English and German and held by 1,013 libraries worldwide
Critique of the Gotha programme by Karl Marx( Book )
54 editions published between 1922 and 2001 in 4 languages and held by 836 libraries worldwide
Critical comments on the 1875 draft programme of a united workers party of Germany
The civil war in France by Karl Marx( Book )
29 editions published between 1900 and 2014 in 3 languages and held by 615 libraries worldwide
"The complete edition of Marx's three addresses dealing with the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, and with the heroic defense of Paris by the Commune. The Appendix includes Marx's famous letters to Dr. Kugelmann on the Paris Commune"--Front wrapper
The part played by labour in the transition from ape to man by Friedrich Engels( Book )
115 editions published between 1896 and 2009 in 6 languages and held by 421 libraries worldwide
Dialectical materialism and evolution
The life of Friedrich Engels by W. O Henderson( Book )
1 edition published in 1976 in English and held by 14 libraries worldwide
Engels by Terrell Carver( Book )
7 editions published between 1955 and 2005 in Japanese and Undetermined and held by 6 libraries worldwide
From the Publisher: It is by no means absurd to say that Engels invented Marxism. His work did more than Marx's to attract and make converts to the most influential political movement of modern times. He was not only the father of dialectical and historical materialism-the official philosophies of history and science in many communist countries-but was also the first Marxist historian, anthropologist, philosopher, and commentator on early Marx. In his later years Engels developed his materialist interpretation of history, his chief intellectual legacy, which has had revolutionary effects on the arts and social sciences. Terrell Carver traces its source and its effect on the development of Marxist theory and practice, assesses its utility, and discusses the difficulties which Marxists have encountered in defending it
Marx, Engels, Marxism by Vladimir Ilʹich Lenin( Book )
3 editions published between 1949 and 1951 in English and Hungarian and held by 4 libraries worldwide
Ben shu shou you ka erMa ke si,Fu li de li xiEn ge si,Ma ke si en ge si tong xin ji,Zai ma ke si en ge si ji nian bei jie mu dian li shang de jiang hua,Ma ke si zhu yi de san ge lai yuan he san ge zu cheng bu fen deng nei rong
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Alternative Names
Ăng-Ghen, Ph. 1820-1895
Ang-ghên, Phriđrich 1820-1895
Ăngghen, PH., 1820-1895
Ēṃgals, ... 1820-1895
Eṃgelsa, Phreḍarika 1820-1895
En ge si 1820-1895
En-ke-szu, ... 1820-1895
En-ko-ssŭ, 1820-1895
En-ko-szū, ... 1820-1895
Eṅgālasa, Pḥreḍarika 1820-1895
Eṅgalsa, Phreḍrika 1820-1895
Eṅgelacha, Phriḍarikha 1820-1895
Eṅgelas, Phreḍerika 1820-1895
Engels 1820-1895
Engels, B. (Bedřich)
Engels, Bedřich
Engels, Bedřich 1820-1895
Ėngelʹs, F.
Ėngelʹs, F. 1820-1895
Ėngelʹs, F. (Fridrikh), 1820-1895
Engels, F. (Friedrich), 1820-1895
Engels , Federico
Engels Federico 1820-1895
Engels, Federiko, 1820-1895
Engels, Fr.
Ėngelʹs, Fr. (Fridrikh), 1820-1895
Engels, Frédéric.
Engels Frédéric 1820-1895
Engels , Frederick
Engels Frederick 1820-1895
Engels, Frederico 1820-1895
Engels, Frederiko.
Engels, Frederiko 1820-1895
Engels, Fredrich 1820-1895
Engels, Freḑrik 1820-1895
Engels, Friderik 1820-1895
Ėngelʹs, Fridrich 1820-1895
Èngel's, Fridrih.
Engels, Fridrih 1820-1895
Ėngelʹs, Fridrikh
Ėngelʹs, Fridrikh, 1820-1895
Engels Fridrix
Ēngels, Fridrix, 1820-1895
Engels, Friederich 1820-1895
Engels, Friedrich
Ėngelʹs, Friedrich 1820-1895
Ēngels, Fritrix, 1820-1895
Engels, Fryderyk.
Engels, Fryderyk 1820-1895
Engels, von Friedrich
Eṅgelsa, Phreḍārika 1820-1895
Engelsas, F. 1820-1895
Engelsi Friedrich
Engelsi, Pʹ. 1820-1895
Engelss, F., 1820-1895
Engelss, Fr., 1820-1895
Engelss, Frīdrihs 1820-1895
Engerusu 1820-1895
Engesi 1820-1895
Engesi, Friedrich, 1820-1895
Engesi, Fulidelixi, 1820-1895
Enggels 1820-1895
Enggels, F. 1820-1895
Enggels, Fridriγ 1820-1895
Enggelsŭ, P'ŭridŭrihi 1820-1895
Engkels 1820-1895
Engkels, F. 1820-1895
Engkels, Fridriγ 1820-1895
Engkles, Phrintrich 1820-1895
Enhel’s, F., 1820-1895
Enhel's, F.
Enhel's, F., 1820-1895
Eṅkals, Pireṭarik, 1820-1895
Eṅkels, 1820-1895
Eṅkels, Pireṭerik 1820-1895
Eṅkels, Pirīṭric, 1820-1895
Ennkels, Ph. 1820-1895
Ennkels, Phrintrich 1820-1895
F. E. 1820-1895
Fǭ. Angkǣn
Fridericus Engels
Frīdrihs Engelss
Fridrix Engels
Friedrich Engels
Friedrich Engels Cientista social alemão , autor, teórico político e filósofo
Friedrich Engels Duits econoom (1820-1895)
Friedrich Engels economista, filosofo e politico tedesco
Friedrich Engels German social scientist, author, political theorist, and philosopher
Friedrich Engels pensador y economista
Fryderyk Engels niemiecki filozof i rewolucjonista
Īngēłs, Frīdrīk 1820-1895
Inǧils, Frīdrīk 1820-1895
Ingils, Frīdrīš 1820-1895
Inǧilz, F., 1820-1895
Inǧilz, Fridirīk, 1820-1895
Inǧilz, Fridrīk, 1820-1895
Injils, Frīdrīk
Oswald, F. 1820-1895
Oswald, Friedrich 1820-1895
Φρίντριχ Ένγκελς
Енгельс, Ф..
Енгельс, Фридрих, 1820-1895.
Фридрих Енгелс
Фридрих Энгелс
Фридрих Энгельс немецкий философ, политический журналист
Фрыдрых Энгельс
Фрідріх Енгельс Німецький філософ, підприємець, політичний журналіст, письменник
Энгелсъ, Ф..
Энгельс, Ф..
Энгельс Ф. 1820-1895
Энгельс, Ф. (Фридрих), 1820-1895
Энгельс, Фридрих
Энгельс Фридрих 1820-1895
Энгельсъ, Фридрихъ.
Էնգելս, Ֆրիդրիխ, 1820-1895
Ֆրիդրիխ Էնգելս
אנגאלס, פ.
אנגלס, פרידריך
אנגלס, פרידריך, 1820־1895
ענגעלס, כ.
ענגעלס, פ.
ענגעלס, פ. 1895־1820
ענגעלס, פרידריך
ענגעלס, פרידריך, 1820־1895
ענגעלס, פרידריך, 1895־1820
ענגעלס, פריעדריך
ענגעלס, פריריך
פרידריך אנגלס
إنجلز، فريدريش، 1820-1895
إنجلز، فريدريك، 1820-1895
انجلس, فريدريخ, ١٨٢٠-١٨٩٥
إنجلس، فريدريش، 1820-1895
أنجلس, فريدريك.
إنجلس، فريدريك، 1820-1895
إنغلز، فريدرخ، 1820-1895
انگلس، فردريك
فردريش إنجلز، 1820-1895
فريدرخ انغلز
فريدريش إنجلس، 1820-1895
فريدريك انجلز
فریدریش انگلس
فریڈرش اینگلز
فریڈرک اینگلز
فرێدریش ئەنگەڵس
फ्रेडरिक एंगेल्स
फ्रीडरीश एंजेल्स
ফ্রিডরিখ এঙ্গেলস
ਫਰੈਡਰਿਕ ਏਂਗਲਜ਼
பிரெட்ரிக் எங்கெல்சு
ఫ్రెడరిక్ ఎంగెల్స్
ഫ്രെഡറിക് ഏംഗൽസ്
ฟรีดริช เองเงิลส์
ფრიდრიხ ენგელსი
엥겔스, F. 1820-1895
엥겔스, 에프.
엥겔스, 프리드리히
엥겔스, 프리드리히 1820-1895
엥겔쓰 1820-1895
프리드리히 엥겔스
エンゲルス, F
エンゲルス, F. 1820-1895
エンゲルス, エフ 1820-1895
エンゲルス, フリードリッヒ
エンゲルス, フリードリヒ
恩格斯, 1820-1895
恩格斯, 弗里德里希, 1820-1895
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