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Heidegger, Martin 1889-1976

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Most widely held works by Martin Heidegger
Being and time by Martin Heidegger( Book )
572 editions published between 1927 and 2015 in 15 languages and held by 6,720 libraries worldwide
What is the meaning of being?" This is the central question of Martin Heidegger's profoundly important work, in which the great philosopher seeks to explain the basic problems of existence. A central influence on later philosophy, literature, art, and criticism -- as well as existentialism and much of postmodern though
An introduction to metaphysics by Martin Heidegger( Book )
237 editions published between 1953 and 2014 in 11 languages and held by 3,738 libraries worldwide
"Introduction to Metaphysics includes a reinterpretation of Greek thought, a vision of Western history, and a glimpse of the reasons behind Heidegger's support of the Nazi Party in the 1930s. Heidegger tries to reawaken the "question of Being" by challenging some of the most enduring prejudices embedded in Western philosophy and in our everyday practices and langauge. Furthermore, be relates this question to the insights of Greek tragedy into the human condition and to the political and cultural crises of modernity." "This new translation makes this work more accessible than ever before. It combines smoothness with accuracy and provides conventional translations of Greek passages that Heidegger translated unconventionally. There are also extensive notes, a German-English glossary, and an introduction that discusses the history of the text, its basic themes, and its place in Heidegger's oeuvre."--Jacket
Kant and the problem of metaphysics by Martin Heidegger( Book )
173 editions published between 1900 and 2015 in 7 languages and held by 3,392 libraries worldwide
Heideggers ""Kant-Buch"" gehört mit zu den bedeutendsten Auseinandersetzungen des 20. Jahrhunderts mit dem Philosophen aus Königsberg. Der Band enthält die zahlreichen Randbemerkungen aus Heideggers Handexemplar. Der Anhang bringt Heideggers Aufzeichnungen zum Kantbuch sowie mehrere Texte, die Heideggers philosophische Auseinandersetzung mit Ernst Cassirer und dem Marburger Neukantianismus dokumentieren, darunter auch den Bericht über die Davoser Disputation Heideggers mit Cassirer im Frühjahr 1929 sowie den Aufsatz Zur Geschichte des philosophischen Lehrstuhles seit 1866, in dem Heidegger ein
Basic writings : from Being and time (1927) to The task of thinking (1964) by Martin Heidegger( Book )
54 editions published between 1976 and 2011 in English and Undetermined and held by 2,221 libraries worldwide
This book offers a selection from the writings of the German thinker Martin Heidegger, born September 26, 1889, in Messkirch, died May 26, 1976, in Freiburg. Its dual purpose is to provide English speaking students of philosophy and of the arts and sciences with (1) an introduction to Heidegger's thought, and (2) essays particularly thought provoking for students' own area of interest
On time and being by Martin Heidegger( Book )
98 editions published between 1969 and 2014 in 6 languages and held by 1,970 libraries worldwide
Time and being.--Summary of a seminar on the lecture "Time and being."--The end of philosophy and the task of thinking.--My way to phenomenology
What is philosophy? by Martin Heidegger( Book )
156 editions published between 1947 and 2013 in 7 languages and held by 1,966 libraries worldwide
The writings of Martin Heidegger are fundamental to any understanding of contemporary philosophic problems and movements. Heidegger is considered the most original and profound philosopher of our age. He addresses himself to the contemporary world, attempting to interpret it and telling us what our place in the world is. He calls for a new awareness of freedom and he searches for the uniqueness of the human reality. Heidegger speaks of a new humanism; his philosophy is a fundamental re-evaluation of the relation of man to the world
Discourse on thinking by Martin Heidegger( Book )
105 editions published between 1959 and 2014 in 7 languages and held by 1,953 libraries worldwide
Martin Heidegger's Discourse on Thinking, which is translate here, was published in 1959. It comprises a statement of the point of view of his later thought. Since Heidegger's later though has evoked so much interest among philosophers and, in the last few years, theologians, it seems important to have significant examples of it available in English. Discourse on Thinking is a particularly good example for this purpose not only because it is so recent, but because of its format and style
Poetry, language, thought by Martin Heidegger( Book )
44 editions published between 1971 and 2013 in 3 languages and held by 1,807 libraries worldwide
Existence and being by Martin Heidegger( Book )
62 editions published between 1949 and 2010 in 3 languages and held by 1,769 libraries worldwide
On the way to language by Martin Heidegger( Book )
75 editions published between 1959 and 2013 in 6 languages and held by 1,499 libraries worldwide
"In this volume Martin Heidegger confronts the philosophical problems of language and begins to unfold the meaning behind his famous and little understood phrase "Language is the House of Being." The "Dialogue on Language," between Heidegger and a Japanese friend, together with the four lectures that follow, present Heidegger's central ideas on the origin, nature, and significance of language. These essays reveal how one of the most profound philosophers of our century relates language to his earlier and continuing preoccupation with the nature of Being and human being. On the Way to Language enable readers to understand how central language became to Heidegger's analysis of the nature of Being. On the Way to Language demonstrates that an interest in the meaning of language is one of the strongest bonds between analytic philosophy and Heidegger. It is an ideal source for studying his sustained interest in the problems and possibilities of human language and brilliantly underscores the originality and range of his thinking."--Publisher description
What is called thinking? by Martin Heidegger( Book )
31 editions published between 1954 and 2004 in English and German and held by 1,494 libraries worldwide
What is called thinking? Martin Heidegger, perhaps the most influential existentialist philosopher of our time, seeks out the essential nature of the process of thinking. The theme of this book is that we learn to think only as we inquire into those matters that normally remain unquestioned concerning our everyday existence and our traditions. Heidegger begins by pointing out that we come to know what it means to think when we ourselves try to think. Heidegger's aim is to make his readers more thoughtful, to teach them to do their own thinking. Informal and readable, this is one of the most lucid of the eminent philosopher's works
The basic problems of phenomenology by Martin Heidegger( Book )
33 editions published between 1975 and 2013 in English and German and held by 1,429 libraries worldwide
Continues and extends explorations begun in Being and Time
The essence of truth : on Plato's cave allegory and Theaetetus by Martin Heidegger( Book )
118 editions published between 1943 and 2015 in 6 languages and held by 1,425 libraries worldwide
"Two breakthrough lectures from one of the most important and influential philosophers of the 20th Century introduce key themes in the thought of Martin Heidegger"--
History of the concept of time : prolegomena by Martin Heidegger( Book )
68 editions published between 1979 and 2010 in 6 languages and held by 1,223 libraries worldwide
The phenomenology of religious life by Martin Heidegger( Book )
39 editions published between 1997 and 2014 in 4 languages and held by 722 libraries worldwide
Publisher's description: The Phenomenology of Religious Life presents the text of Heidegger's important 1920₆21 lectures on religion. First published in 1995 as volume 60 of the Gesamtausgabe, the work reveals a young Heidegger searching for the striking language that eventually formed the mature expression of his thought. The volume consists of the famous lecture course "Introduction to the Phenomenology of Religion," a course on "Augustine and Neoplatonism," and notes for a course on "The Philosophical Foundations of Medieval Mysticism" that was never delivered. Heidegger's engagements with Aristotle, St. Paul, Augustine, and Luther give readers a sense of what phenomenology would come to mean in his later works. Here, Heidegger reveals an impressive display of theological knowledge, protecting Christian life experience from Greek philosophy and defending Paul against Nietzsche. The appearance of this first English translation marks a significant event in Heidegger scholarship and affords a unique look into his phenomenology
Being and truth by Martin Heidegger( Book )
27 editions published between 2001 and 2016 in German and English and held by 504 libraries worldwide
"In these lectures, delivered in 1933-1934 while he was Rector of the University of Freiburg and an active supporter of the National Socialist regime, Martin Heidegger addresses the history of metaphysics and the notion of truth from Heraclitus to Hegel. First published in German in 2001, these two lecture courses offer a sustained encounter with Heidegger's thinking during a period when he attempted to give expression to his highest ambitions for a philosophy engaged with politics and the world. While the lectures are strongly nationalistic and celebrate the revolutionary spirit of the time, they also attack theories of racial supremacy in an attempt to stake out a distinctively Heideggerian understanding of what it means to be a people. This careful translation offers valuable insight into Heidegger's views on language, truth, animality, and life, as well as his political thought and activity."--Pub. desc
Four seminars by Martin Heidegger( Book )
18 editions published between 2003 and 2012 in English and held by 464 libraries worldwide
While providing important insights into how Heidegger conducted his lectures, these seminars show him in his maturity reflecting back on his philosophical path."--Jacket
Ontology : the hermeneutics of facticity by Martin Heidegger( Book )
18 editions published between 1999 and 2010 in English and Undetermined and held by 418 libraries worldwide
Ontology - The Hermeneutics of Facticity, first published in 1988 as volume 63 of Martin Heidegger's Collected Works, is the first English translation of a lecture course given during his legendary early Freiburg period (1915-1923). Anticipating both the phenomenological hermeneutical analysis of factical Dasein in Being and Time (1927) and the poetic thinking in Heidegger's writings after 1930, the experimental theme of these renowned lecture course notes from the summer semester of 1923 is the "be-ing there" of facticity in "the awhileness of its temporal particularity." The 33-year-old Heidegger illustrates this theme with an ingenious interpretation of the table in his home and the activities of his young family around it
Supplements : from the earliest essays to Being and time and beyond by Martin Heidegger( Book )
12 editions published in 2002 in English and held by 298 libraries worldwide
A modern anthology of Heidegger's early essays, written betwen 1910 and 1925, surveys the first contributions of this great philosophical mind. Simultaneous. (Philosophy)
Country path conversations by Martin Heidegger( Book )
12 editions published between 2010 and 2016 in English and held by 240 libraries worldwide
First published in German in 1995, volume 77 of Heidegger's Complete Works consists of three imaginary conversations written as World War II was coming to an end. Composed at a crucial moment in history and in Heidegger's own thinking, these conversations present meditations on science and technology; the devastation of nature, the war, and evil; and the possibility of release from representational thinking into a more authentic relation with being and the world. The first conversation involves a scientist, a scholar, and a guide walking together on a country path; the second takes place betwe
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Alternative Names
Chaintenger, Martin 1889-1976
Chaintenker, Martin 1889-1976
Chaitenger, Martinos 1889-1976
Chaitenker, Martinos 1889-1976
Chajdeger, Martin 1889-1976
Chajdegger, M. 1889-1976
Chajdegger, Martin
Chajdegger, Martin 1889-1976
Gajdegger, Martìn.
H-idajar, M-artin, 1889-1976
Haaeidegger, Martin, 1889-1976
Hai de ge er 1889-1976
Hai-te-ko 1889-1976
Hai-te-ko-erch, 1889-1976
Hai-te-ko-erh 1889-1976
Haidegā, M. 1889-1976
Haidegā, Marutein 1889-1976
Haidegaeo, 1889-1976
Haidege, Mading 1889-1976
Haidegeer 1889-1976
Haidege'er, M. 1889-1976
Haidegeer, Mading 1889-1976
Haidegeo, Maleutin 1889-1976
Haideger, Marotinn, 1889-1976
Haideger, Martin 1889-1976
Haideger, Marṭinn 1889-1976
Haidegeri, Martin 1889-1976
Haideggā, .. 1889-1976
Haideggā, Marutein 1889-1976
Haideggā, Marutin 1889-1976
Haĭdegger, Martin 1889-1976
Haidegŏ 1889-1976
Haidegŏ, M. 1889-1976
Haidegŏ, Marŭt'in 1889-1976
Haidetugā, Marutein 1889-1976
Haidiǧir, Mārtin 1889-1976
Hajdeger, Martin
Hajdeger, Martin 1889-1976
Hajdegger, Martin 1889-1976
Hāydigir, Mārtīn 1889-1976
Heidegeris, Martynas 1889-1976
Heidegers, Martins 1889-1976
Heidegger 1889-1976
Heidegger, M.
Heidegger M. 1889-1976
Heidegger, M. (Martin), 1889-1976
Heidegger, Martin
Heidegger Martin 1889-1976
Heydeger 1889-1976
Hīdajar, Mārtin 1889-1976
Khaaeideger, Martin, 1889-1976
Khaaeidegger, Martin, 1889-1976
Khaĭdeger, Martin 1889-1976
Khaĭdegger, Martin 1889-1976
Ma ding Hai de ge er 1889-1976
Ma leu tin Ha i de geo 1889-1976
Mading-Haidege 1889-1976
Mading-Haidegeer 1889-1976
Mading-Heidege'er 1889-1976
Maleutin-Haidegeo 1889-1976
Martin Haidegger
Martin Hajdeger
Martin Haydegger
Martin Haydeqqer
Martin Heidegger
Martin Heidegger deutscher Philosoph
Martin Heidegger Duits filosoof
Martin Heidegger en tysk filosof
Martin Heidegger filósofo alemán
Martin Heidegger filosofo tedesco
Martin Heidegger filozof niemiecki
Martin Heidegger filsuf Jerman
Martin Heidegger German philosopher
Martin Heidegger německý filozof
Martin Heidegger philosophe allemand
Martin Heidegger saksalainen filosofi
Martīns Heidegers
Martinus Heidegger
Μάρτιν Χάιντεγκερ
Гайдеггер М. 1889-1976
Мартин Хайдеггер
Мартин Хайдегер
Мартин Хајдегер
Мартин Хајдегер германски филозоф
Мартин Һайдеггер
Мартін Гайдеггер
Марцін Хайдэгер
Хайдеггер М. 1889-1976
Хайдеггер, Мартин, 1889-1960.
Хайдеггер, Мартин 1889-1976
Хайдеггер, Мартин немецкий философ
Մարթին Հայտըկէր
Մարտին Հայդեգեր
הידגר, מרטין 1889-1976
הייגדר, מרתין
היידגר, מרטין
היידגר, מרטין 1889־1976
מרטין היידגר
مارتن هايدغر
مارتن هيدجر، 1889-1976
مارتين هيدغر، 1889-1976
مارتین هایدگر شاعر و فیلسوف آلمانی
مارتین ھایدگەر
هايدجر، مارتن، 1889-1976
هايدغر، مارتن، ١٨٨٩-١٩٧٦
هيدجر مارتن 1889-1976
هيدغر، مارتن، ١٨٨٩-١٩٧٦
هيدگر, مارتين 1889-1976
मार्टिन हाइडेगर
মার্টিন হাইডেগার
ਮਾਰਟਿਨ ਹੈਡੇਗਰ
მარტინ ჰაიდეგერი
마르틴 하이데거
하이데거, M.
하이데거, M. 1889-1976
하이데거, 마르틴 1889-1976
하이데거, 마틴 1889-1976
하이데거, 말틴 1889-1976
하이덱가 1889-1976
하이덱거 1889-1976
하이덱거, 마틴 1889-1976
하이뎃가 1889-1976
ማርቲን ሄድጋ
ハイデガー 1889-1976
ハイデガー, マルティン
ハイデガー, マルティン 1889-1976
ハイデッガー, M.
ハイデッガー, マルティン
ハイデッガー, マルティン 1889-1976
マルティン・ハイデッガー 1889-1976
マルティン・ハイデッガー ドイツの哲学者
海徳格, 马丁
海德格尔 1889-1976
海德格尔, 马丁 1889-1976
马丁·海德格尔 德国哲学家
English (774)
German (605)
Spanish (214)
French (200)
Chinese (81)
Japanese (76)
Italian (71)
Dutch (7)
Slovenian (6)
Croatian (5)
Korean (5)
Portuguese (3)
Russian (3)
Turkish (3)
Germanic [Other] (2)
Arabic (1)
Serbian (1)
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