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Dostoyevsky, Fyodor 1821-1881

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Most widely held works by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The Brothers Karamazov : the Constance Garnett translation revised by Ralph E. Matlaw : backgrounds and sources, essays in criticism by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
1,741 editions published between 1880 and 2015 in 34 languages and held by 16,387 libraries worldwide
Dostoyevsky's novel recounts the story of three very different brothers following the murder of their barbaric father
The idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
1,481 editions published between 1869 and 2015 in 35 languages and held by 11,116 libraries worldwide
After fifteen years of treatment for epilepsy in a Swiss institution, Prince Mishkin returns ot St. Petersburg to find a jaded mid-19th century social world. At first the kindly, almost childlike prince is taken for an idiot. But the two most beautiful women in town are soon competing for his affections in a duel that grows increasingly dangerous
The possessed by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
1,047 editions published between 1872 and 2015 in 25 languages and held by 7,964 libraries worldwide
Third of Dostoyevsky's five major novels. It is a powerful political tract and a profound study of a theism, depicting disarray which follows the appearence of a band of modish radicals in a small provincial town. The novel is full of buffoonery and grotesque comedy
Memoirs from the house of the dead by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
455 editions published between 1861 and 2016 in 20 languages and held by 5,240 libraries worldwide
Fictionalized memoir of a man serving as ten-year prison sentence for murdering his wife. Written in 1861, following Dostoevsky's own four-year prison internment, depicts the prison coffin with considerable immediacy
The adolescent by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
620 editions published between 1111 and 2015 in 24 languages and held by 4,859 libraries worldwide
The story of a nineteen-year-old searching for identity amidst the disorder of Russian society in the 1870s
Notes from underground : and the grand inquisitor by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
124 editions published between 1959 and 2014 in English and Undetermined and held by 3,724 libraries worldwide
In both works, Dostoevsky confronts the reader with the tragic grandeur of man, with a whole philosophy of tragedy: the tragedy of the individual and freedom, the tragedy of the historical process, the tragedy of universal evil
Crime and punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Sound Recording )
116 editions published between 1967 and 2015 in 3 languages and held by 3,082 libraries worldwide
Raskolnikov, a nihilistic young man in the midst of a spiritual crisis, makes the fateful decision to murder a cruel pawnbroker, justifying his actions by relying on science and reason, and creating his own morality system. The aftermath of his crime and Petrovich's murder investigation result in an utterly compelling, truly unforgettable cat-and-mouse game
The gambler, Bobok [and] A nasty story by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
821 editions published between 1867 and 2015 in 22 languages and held by 2,657 libraries worldwide
"In this short novel, Fyodor Dostoevsky tells the story of Alexey Ivanovitch, a young tutor working in the household of an imperious Russian general. Alexey tries to break through the wall of the established order in Russia, but instead becomes mired in the endless downward spiral of betting and loss. His intense and inescapable addiction is accentuated by his affair with the General's cruel yet seductive niece, Polina. In The Gambler, Dostoevsky reaches the heights of drama with this psychological portrait."--Jacket
The insulted and injured by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
492 editions published between 1861 and 2015 in 18 languages and held by 2,365 libraries worldwide
"The Insulted and Injured, which came out in 1861, was Fyodor Dostoevsky's first major work of fiction after his Siberian exile and the first of the long novels that made him famous. Set in nineteenth-century Petersburg, this gripping novel features a vividly drawn set of characters - including Vanya (Dostoevsky's semi-autobiographical hero), Natasha (the woman he loves), and Alyosha (Natasha's aristocratic lover) - all suffering from the cruelly selfish machinations of Alyosha's father, the dark and powerful Prince Valkovsky. Boris Jakim's fresh English-language rendering of this gem in the Doestoevsky canon is both more colorful and more accurate than any earlier translation."--Back cover
Crime and punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
64 editions published between 1992 and 2008 in 7 languages and held by 2,239 libraries worldwide
Determined to overreach his humanity and assert his untrammeled individual will, Raskolnikov, and impoverished student living in the St. Petersburg of the Tsars, commits an act of murder and theft and sets into motion a story which, for its excruciating suspense, its atmospheric vividness, and its profundity of characterization and vision, is almost unequaled in the literatures of the world
The village of Stepanchikovo and its inhabitants : from the notes of an unknown by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
233 editions published between 1887 and 2015 in 15 languages and held by 2,103 libraries worldwide
Par une lettre, le narrateur est invité à rejoindre son oncle de toute urgence dans le village de Stépantchikovo, où il devra épouser une jeune gouvernante qu'il n'a pourtant jamais vu
Notes from the underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
388 editions published between 1864 and 2015 in 20 languages and held by 1,926 libraries worldwide
Darkly fascinating short novel depicts the struggles of a doubting, supremely alienated protagonist in a world of relative values. Seminal work introduced moral, religious, political and social themes that dominated Dostoyevsky's later masterworks. Constance Garnett's authoritative translation is reprinted here, with a new introduction. A minor official brutally scrutinizes himself and decides to go "underground," away from society. This is a strange account of a man relentless in his examination of the world and his own soul, but it is also occasionally comical
Crime and punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
43 editions published between 1922 and 1989 in 11 languages and held by 1,679 libraries worldwide
Raskolnikov commits murder. He then must deal both with the police, and his own guilty conscience. Determined to overreach his humanity and assert his untrammelled individual will, Raskolnikov, an impoverished student living in the St. Petersburg of the Tsars, commits an act of murder and theft and sets into motion a story which, for its excrutiating suspense, its atmospheric vividness, and its profundity of characterization and vision, is almost unequaled in the literatures of the world. The best known of Dostoevsky's masterpieces, Crime and Punishment can bear any amount of rereading without losing a drop of its power over our imagination
The double : a poem of St. Petersburg by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
286 editions published between 1846 and 2015 in 17 languages and held by 1,665 libraries worldwide
Most significant of the Russian novelist's early stories (1846) offers straight-faced treatment of hallucinatory theme. Golyadkin senior is ruthlessly persecuted by Golyadkin junior, his double in almost every respect
Netochka Nezvanova by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
187 editions published between 1889 and 2013 in 19 languages and held by 1,643 libraries worldwide
A poverty-stricken Russian girl tries to survive, which depends on the largesse of others
The brothers Karamazov : a novel in four parts and an epilogue by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
42 editions published between 1912 and 2011 in English and German and held by 1,566 libraries worldwide
The violent and vengeful lives of three sons are exposed when their despicable father is murdered, and each man struggles to come to terms with the guilt over his involvement in the crime
Crime and punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
98 editions published between 1932 and 2009 in 7 languages and held by 1,559 libraries worldwide
Raskolnikov, a nihilistic young man in the midst of a spiritual crisis, makes the fateful decision to murder a cruel pawnbroker, justifying his actions by relying on science and reason, and creating his own morality system. The aftermath of his crime and Petrovich's murder investigation result in an utterly compelling, truly unforgettable cat-and-mouse game
The brothers Karamazov : a novel in four parts with epilogue by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
22 editions published between 1990 and 2011 in English and held by 1,529 libraries worldwide
The Brothers Karamazov, his last and greatest novel, published just before his death in 1881, chronicles the bitter love-hate struggle between the outsized Fyodor Karamazov and his three very different sons. It is above all the story of a murder, told with hair-raising intellectual clarity and a feeling for the human condition unsurpassed in world literature
The grand inquisitor by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
57 editions published between 1881 and 2015 in 3 languages and held by 1,238 libraries worldwide
The Grand Inquisitor is a parable told by Ivan to Alyosha in Feodor Dostoevsky's novel, The Brothers Karamazov
A writer's diary by Fyodor Dostoyevsky( Book )
183 editions published between 1904 and 2012 in 9 languages and held by 954 libraries worldwide
This book contains a variety of essays about Pushkin and his place in the world of literature. Discover what his famous Russian contemporary, Fyodor Dostoevsky, thought about him and his work
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Alternative Names
Dastaeŭski, Fëdar.
Dāstājewski, Fe'odor.
Dāstavaskī, 1821-1881
Dāstavaskī, F. M. 1821-1881
Dāstāyivskī, 1821-1881
Dāstāyiwskī 1821-1881
Dāstāyuwskī, Fiʹūdūr, 1821-1881
Dastoyaveski, Fiyodar, 1821-1881
Dostoêvs´kij, F. M.
Dostoevski, F., 1821-1881
Dostoevski, F. M.
Dostoevski , Fëdor
Dostoevski, Fedor M. 1821-1881
Dostoevski, Fedor Michailowitsch, 1821-1881
Dostoevski, Fedor Mikhailovitch.
Dostoevski Fedor Mikhailovitch 1821-1881
Dostoevski, Fyodor, 1821-1881
Dostoevski, Fyodor Mixaylovičʹ, 1821-1881
Dostoevskiĭ, F.M., 1821-1881
Dostoevskiĭ, F. M. (Fedor Mikhaĭlovich), 1821-1881
Dostoevskiĭ, Fedor, 1821-1881
Dostoevskii, Fedor M. 1821-1881
Dostoevskii, Fedor Mikhailovich
Dostoevskiĭ, Fedor Mikhaĭlovich, 1821-1881
Dostoevskiï, Fédor Mikhaïlovitch, 1821-1881
Dostoevskii Fédore Mikhailovitch 1821-1881
Dostoevskiï, Fiodor Mijaïlovich, 1821-1881
Dostoevskij, F.
Dostoevskij , F. M.
Dostoevskij F.M. 1821-1881
Dostoevskij, F.M. (Fedor Michajlovič), 1821-1881
Dostoevskij , Fëdor
Dostoevskij, Fe͏̈dor, 1821-1881
Dostoevskij , Fëdor M.
Dostoevskij, Fedor M. 1821-1881
Dostoevskij , Fëdor Michailovič
Dostoevskij , Fëdor Michajlovič
Dostoevskij, Fe͏̈dor Michajlovič, 1821-1881
Dostoevskij, Fedor Michajlovič. [t]
Dostoevskij, Fëdor Mihailovič
Dostoevskij, Fedor Mihailovič, 1821-1881
Dostoevskìj, Fedor" Mihajlovič
Dostoevskij Fedor Mikhailovitch 1821-1881
Dostoevskij , Fëdor N.
Dostoevskij, Feodor
Dostoevskij , Fiodor
Dostoevskij, Fjodor M.
Dostoevsky F. M. 1821-1881
Dostoevsky, F. M. (Fyodor Mikhailovich), 1821-1881
Dostoevsky, Fedor, 1821-1881
Dostoevsky, Feodor, 1821-1881
Dostoevsky Fyodor
Dostoevsky Fyodor 1821-1881
Dostoevsky, Fyodor M. 1821-1881
Dostoevsky, Fyodor Mikhailovich.
Dostoevsky, Fyodor Mikhailovich 1821-1881
Dostoewski, Feodor, 1821-1881
Dostoewskij, ..., 1821-1881
Dostoewskij, F.M., 1821-1881
Dostogephskē, Th., 1821-1881
D̲ostogephski, 1821-1881
Dostogéphski, PH.
D̲ostogiephski, Ph. M., 1821-1881
D̲ostogiephsky, Phiontor Michaēlovits, 1821-1881
D̲ostogievskē, Phiontor, 1821-1881
Dostoïeffsky, Fedor.
Dostoi͏̈effsky, Fedor, 1821-1881
Dostoievski, F. (Fiodor), 1821-1881
Dostoievski, F. M.
Dostoi͏̈evski, F.M., 1821-1881
Dostoievski, F. M. (Fiodor Mikhàilovitx), 1821-1881
Dostoïevski, Fédor.
Dostoïevski, Fédor, 1821-1881
Dostoievski, Fedor M. 1821-1881
Dostoïevski, Fedor Mikhaïlovitch
Dostoïevski Fedor Mikhaïlovitch 1821-1881
Dostoievski, Féodor 1821-1881
Dostoïevski, Fiodor
Dostoïevski Fiodor 1821-1881
Dostoievski, Fiodor M.
Dostoievski, Fiodor M. 1821-1881
Dostoievski, Fiodor Mijaïlovich 1821-1881
Dostoïevski, Fiodor Mikhaïlovitch
Dostoievski, Fiodor Mikhàilovitx, 1821-1881
Dostoïevski, Th.
Dostoievskiï, Fiodor Mijaïlovich 1821-1881
Dostoievskij, Fedor Mihajlovitch
Dostoievsky, F., 1821-1881
Dostoi͏̈evsky, F. M.
Dostoi͏̈evsky, F.M., 1821-1881
Dostoievsky, Fedor
Dostoïevsky, Fédor, 1821-1881
Dostoievsky, Fedor M. 1821-1881
Dostoïevsky Fedor Mikhailovich 1821-1881
Dostoievsky, Fedor Mikhailovitch
Dostoïevsky, Fédor Mikhaïlovitch, 1821-1881
Dostoievsky, Fiòdor, 1821-1881
Dostoievsky, Fiodor Mijaïlovich 1821-1881
Dostoievsky, Fiodor Mikhailovitch
Dostoievsky, Th.
Dostoi͏̈evsky, Th., 1821-1881
Dostoievsky, Th. M.
Dostoïevsky, Th. M., 1821-1881
Dostoievsky, Theodoro Fedor
Dostoiewesky, F.
Dostoiewski, Fedor 1821-1881
Dostoiewski, Fedor M., 1821-1881
Dostoiewski, Feodor M. 1821-1881
Dostoiewski, Fiodor Mikhailovitch
Dostoiewskij, 1821-1881
Dostoi͏̈ewsky, Fédor, 1821-1881
Dostoiewsky, Fedor M. 1821-1881
Dostoiewsky, F'odor M., 1821-1881
Dostoi͏̈ewsky, Th
Dostoïewsky Th. 1821-1881
Dostojeffsky, F. M. 1821-1881
Dostojeffsky, Fedor M. 1821-1881
Dostojefski, F.M., 1821-1881
Dostojefskiej, F.M., 1821-1881
Dostojefsky, F.M., 1821-1881
Dostojevkij, Fjodor, 1821-1881
Dostojevky, Fjodor M.
Dostojevski, ..., 1821-1881
Dostojevski, F., 1821-1881
Dostojevski , F. M.
Dostojevski, F.M., 1821-1881
Dostojevskï, Fedor M. 1821-1881
Dostojevski , Fëdor Mihajlovič
Dostojevski Fjodor
Dostojevski, Fjodor 1821-1881
Dostojevski, Fjodor M.
Dostojevski, Fjodor M., 1821-1881
Dostojevski, Fjodor Mihailovič.
Dostojevski, Fjodor Mihajlovič
Dostojevski, Fodor, 1821-1881
Dostojevskii Födor
Dostojevskij F. M. 1821-1881
Dostojevskij, Fedor, 1821-1881
Dostojevskij, Fedor Michajlovič, 1821-1881
Dostojevskij, Fedor Mihajlovič 1821-1881
Dostojevskij, Fedor Mikhajlovic
Dostojevskij , Feodor
Dostojevskij , Fjodor
Dostojevskij, Fjodor, 1821-1881
Dostojevskij, Fjodor M.
Dostojevskij, Fjodor M., 1821-1881
Dostojevskij, Fjodor Michajlovič, 1821-1881
Dostojevskij, F'odor M., 1821-1881
Dostojevskij, F'odor Mikhajlovic
Dostojevskij, F'odor Mikhajlovič, 1821-1881
Dostojevskis, F., 1821-1881
Dostojevskis, F.M., 1821-1881
Dostojevskis, Fjodors, 1821-1881
Dostojevsky, ..., 1821-1881
Dostojevsky, F. M., 1821-1881
Dostojewski, 1821-1881
Dostojewski F. 1821-1881
Dostojewski, F. M.
Dostojewski F. M. 1821-1881
Dostojewski, F.M. (Fjodor Michailowitsch), 1821-1881
Dostojewski, Fedor 1821-1881
Dostojewski, Fedor M. 1821-1881
Dostojewski, Fedor Michailowic 1821-1881
Dostojewski, Fedor Michailowitch
Dostojewski, Fedor Michajlovič 1821-1881
Dostojewski, Feodor 1821-1881
Dostojewski, Fiedor.
Dostojewski, Fiodor.
Dostojewski, Fiodor 1821-1881
Dostojewski, Fiodor M.
Dostojewski, Fiodor Michajłowicz
Dostojewski Fiodor Michajłowicz 1821-1881
Dostojewski, Fjedor Michailowitsch, 1821-1881
Dostojewski, Fjodor.
Dostojewski, Fjodor 1821-1881
Dostojewski, Fjodor M.
Dostojewski, Fjodor M. 1821-1881
Dostojewski, Fjodor Michailowitsch 1821-1881
Dostojewski, Fjodr Michailowitsch 1821-1881
Dostojewski, M. F. 1821-1881
Dostojewski, T.
Dostojewski, T. M.
Dostojewski, Teodor.
Dostojewski, Teodor, 1821-1881
Dostojewskij, ... 1821-1881
Dostojewskij, F. 1821-1881
Dostojewskij , F. M.
Dostojewskij, F.M., 1821-1881
Dostojewskij, F. M. (Fjodor Michajlowitsch), 1821-1881
Dostojewskij, Fedor 1821-1881
Dostojewskij, Fedor M. 1821-1881
Dostojewskij, Fedor Michailovic 1821-1881
Dostojewskij, Fedor Michailowitsch 1821-1881
Dostojewskij, Fedor Michajlovič 1821-1881
Dostojewskij, Fedor Michajlowitsch 1821-1881
Dostojewskij, Feodor 1821-1881
Dostojewskij, Fjodor 1821-1881
Dostojewskij, Fjodor M.
Dostojewskij, Fjodor M. 1821-1881
Dostojewskij, Fjodor Michailowitsch 1821-1881
Dostojewskij, Fjodor Michajlowitsch 1821-1881
Dostojewsky, 1821-1881
Dostojewsky, F. M. 1821-1881
Dostojewsky, F.M.I., 1821-1881
Dostojewsky, Fedor M. 1821-1881
Dostojewsky, Fjodor M., 1821-1881
Dostoyeffsky, Fedor 1821-1881
Dosṭoyeṿsḳi, F. M., 1821-1881
Dostoyevski, Fedor, 1821-1881
Dostoyevski, Fiódor 1821-1881
Dostoyevski, Fiodor Mijailovich 1821-1881
Dostoyevski, Fiyodor
Dosṭoyevsḳi, Fyodor, 1821-1881
Dosṭoyevsḳi, Fyodor Mikhailovits', 1821-1881
Dostoyevski, Fyodor Mikhaylovich
Dostoyevskij, F'odor, 1821-1881
Dostoyevsky, F. 1821-1881
Dostoyevsky, Fedor, 1821-1881
Dostoyevsky, Feodor 1821-1881
Dostoyevsky , Fyodor
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor 1821-1881
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor Mikhailovich, 1821-1881
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor Mikhaylovich
Dostoyewisiki, ... 1821-1881
Dostoyewiskiy, F. M. 1821-1881
Dostoyewiskiy, Fedor Mixaylowič 1821-1881
Dostoyewski, Fedor, 1821-1881
Dostoyewskiy, ... 1821-1881
Dostoyewskiy, Fedor Mixaylowič 1821-1881
Dosutoefusukī, F. M. 1821-1881
Dosztojevszkij F. M. 1821-1881
Dosztojevszkij, F. M. (Fjodor Mihajlovics), 1821-1881
Dosztojevszkij, Fjodor Mihajlovics, 1821-1881
Duosituiyefusiji, 1821-1881
Dusituoyefusiji, 1821-1881
Dustūyafskī, Fīdūr, 1821-1881
Dūstūyivskī, ..., 1821-1881
Dūstūyufskī, ..., 1821-1881
Dūstūyuwskī, Fiyūdūr, 1821-1881
F. ドストエフスキー, 1821-1881
Fëdor Dostoevskij
Fëdor Dostoevskij scrittore e filosofo russo
Fedor Dostoievski
Fëdor Michajlovič Dostoevskij
Fëdor Mikhailovič Dostoevskij
Feodor Dostoievski
Fiodor Dostoïevski écrivain russe
Fiódor Dostoievski Escritor de Rusia
Fiódor Dostoiévski escritor russo
Fiódor Dostoiévski escritor russo do século 19
Fiodor Dostoievskii
Fiodor Dostojewski pisarz rosyjski
Fiódor Dostoyevski
Fiódor Dostoyevski escritor ruso
Fiódor Dostoyevski escritor rusu del sieglu XIX
Fiodor Michajlovič Dostojevskij
Fiodor Mikhaïlovitch Dostoïevski
Fiodoras Dostojevskis
Fiuoduors Duostuojėvskis
Fjodor Dostojefski
Fjodor Dostojevski
Fjodor Dostojevski venäläinen kirjailija
Fjodor Dostojevskij
Fjodor Dostojevskij russisk forfatter i det 19. århundret
Fjodor Michailowitsch Dostojewski
Fjodor Michailowitsch Dostojewski russischa Schriftstäia
Fjodor Michailowitsch Dostojewski Russischer Schriftsteller des 19. Jahrhunderts
Fjodor Michajlovič Dostojevskij
Fjodor Michajlovitsj Dostojevski
Fjodor Michajlowič Dostojewskij
Fjodor Mihajlovič Dostojevski
Fjodor Mihajlovič Dostojevski ruski pisatelj
Fjodor Mihajlovics Dosztojevszkij orosz író
Fjodors Dostojevskis
Fyodor Dostoevskiy
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Fyodor Dostoievski
Fyodor Dostoyevski
Fyodor Dostoyevskiy
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Fyodor Dostoyevsky Ruso a mannurat ti maika-19 a siglo
Fyodor Dostoyevsky Russian 19th century author
Fýodor Dostoýewskiý
Fyodor Mihailovic Dostoyevskiy
Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky
Fyodor Mixhaylovitch Dostoyevskiy
Ntostogiebskē, Fiontor, 1821-1881
Ntostogiephski, Phiontor Michaïlobits 1821-1881
Tāstayēvski, K̲apiyōtar, 1821-1881
Theodorus Dostoevskij
Tʻo-ssu-tʻo-yeh-fu-ssu-chi, 1821-1881
Tosthojēwskhi, Th. 1821-1881
Tu-ssu-tʻo-yeh-fu-ssu-chi, 1821-1881
Tuosituijuesiji, 1821-1881
Tuosituoyefusiji, 1821-1881
Zuboskal, 1821-1881
Δοστογέφσκι, Φ.
Φιοντόρ Ντοστογιέφσκι Ρώσος συγγραφέας του 19ου αιώνα
Достоjевски Ф. М. 1821-1881
Достоевскай Федор Михайлович
Достоевский Ф. М. 1821-1881
Достоевский, Ф. М. (Фёдор Михайлович), 1821-1881
Достоевский, Ф. (Фёдор), 1821-1881
Достоевский, Федор, 1821-1881
Достоевский, Фёдор Михаил улы
Достоевский, Федор Михайлови.
Достоевский, Фёдор Михайлович
Достоевский, Фёдор Михайлович 1821-1881
Достоевский, Фёдор Михаилы фырт
Достоєвський Федір Михайлович
Фёдар Дастаеўскі
Фёдар Міхайлавіч Дастаеўскі
Фёдор Достоевский
Федор Достоєвскый
Фьодор Достоевски
Фјодор Достојевски
Фјодор Михајлович Достоевски
Դոստոեվսկի, Ֆյոդոր Միխայլովիչ, 1821-1881
Ֆեոդոր Դոստոևսկի
דאםטאיעווםקי, פ.
דאסטאיעווסקי, פ.
דאסטאיעווסקי, פ. מ.
דאסטאיעווסקי, פ. מ., 1821־1881
דאסטאיעווסקי, פיודור מיכאילוביץ', 1821-1881
דאסטאיעוועסקי, פ.
דאסטאיעװסקי, פ., 1821-1881
דאסטאיעװסקי, פ.מ
דוסטויבסקי, פ. מ.
דוסטויבסקי, פ. מ., 1821-1881
דוסטויבסקי, פדור מיכאילוביץ
דוסטויבסקי, פי., 1821-1881
דוסטויבסקי, פיודור, 1821-1881
דוסטויבסקי, פיודור מיכאילוביץ, 1821-1881
דוסטויבסקי, פיודור ניכילוביץ’
דוסטויבסקי, ת. ד.
דוסטוייבסקי, פיודור
דוסטוייבסקי, פיודור, 1821-1881
דוסטוייבסקי, פיודור מיכאילוביץ'
דוסטולייבסקי, טיאודור
פיאדאר דאסטאיעווסקי
פיודור דוסטויבסקי
داستايوسكى، فيودور ميخيلوڤتش
دستويفسكي، فيدرو ميخائيلوفتش، 1821-1881
دوستوفسكي، ‏فيودور، 1821-1881
دوستويفسكى، فيدور ميخيلوڤتش
دوستويفسكي, فيدور ميخايلوفيتش.
دوستويفسكي, فيدور ميخائيلويتش.
دوستيفسكي، فيدور ميخيلوڤتش
فئودور داستایوسکی
فيودور دوستويفسكى
فيودور دوستويفسكي
فيودور دوستويفسكي، 1821-1881
فيودور ميخايلوويچ داستاېفسکي
فیودر دوستوئیفسکی
فیودور داستایفسکی
فیۆدۆر دەستۆیێڤسکی
फिदूर दोस्तोवस्की
फ्योडोर दोस्तोएभ्स्की
फ़्योद्र दोस्तोयेव्स्की
ফিওদোর দস্তয়েভ্‌স্কি
ਫਿਉਦਰ ਦੋਸਤੋਵਸਕੀ
பியோதர் தஸ்தயெவ்ஸ்கி
ഫിയോദർ ദസ്തയേവ്‌സ്കി
ฟิโอดอร์ ดอสโตเยฟสกี
ဖရိုဒါ ဒါစတာယဲဗ်စကီး
თედორე დოსტოევსკი
თეოდორ დოსტოევსკი
도스토예프스키, 표도르 미하일로비치 1821-1881
도스토옙스키, 표도르 미하일로비치 1821-1881
표도르 도스토옙스키
표도르 미하일로비치 도스토옙스키 1821-1881
ፍዮዶር ዶስቶየቭስኪ
ドストエフスキー, フョードル
フョードル・ミハイロヴィチ・ドストエフスキー (1821-1881).
妥斯退决斯基, 1821-1881
朵斯退也夫斯基, 1821-1881
費奧多爾·陀思妥耶夫斯基 Russian writer
陀司妥也夫斯基, 1821-1881
陀思妥也夫斯基, 1821-1881
陀思妥耶夫斯基, 1821-1881
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