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Ignatius of Loyola, Saint 1491-1556

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Most widely held works by Ignatius
The spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius : a literal translation and a contemporary reading by Ignatius( Book )
1,044 editions published between 1548 and 2017 in 12 languages and held by 3,577 libraries worldwide
"Exercises for the spiritual life in a well ordered and logically connected system for general use, and especially for retreatants."
The constitutions of the Society of Jesus by Jesuits( Book )
12 editions published between 1970 and 1996 in English and held by 444 libraries worldwide
Ignatius de Loyola, powers of imagining : a philosophical hermeneutic of imagining through the collected works of Ignatius de Loyola, with a translation of these works by Antonio T De Nicolás( Book )
9 editions published in 1986 in English and Undetermined and held by 391 libraries worldwide
The spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola by Ignatius( Book )
33 editions published between 1875 and 2012 in English and held by 380 libraries worldwide
In this unique handbook of Christian literature, the founder of the Jesuits offers a way of "raising the mind and heart to God." Saint Ignatius of Loyola avoids setting a formula for prayer, providing readers with an extensive variety of meditative themes. Although originally intended for those making a retreat under the direction of an experienced master, the spiritual exercises have since become much more widely known and used, and they offer an excellent resource for private devotions
The autobiography of St. Ignatius Loyola : with related documents by Ignatius( Book )
108 editions published between 1900 and 2015 in 8 languages and held by 336 libraries worldwide
This account of the life of St. Ignatius, dictated by himself, is considered by the Bollandists the most valuable record of the great Founder of the Society of Jesus. The editors of the Stimmen Aus Maria Laach, the German review, as well as those of the English magazine, The Month, tell us that it, more than any other work, gives an insight into the spiritual life of St. Ignatius. Few works in ascetical literature, except the writings of St. Teresa and St. Augustine, impart such a knowledge of the soul. To understand fully the Spiritual Exercises, we should know something of the man who wrote them. In this life of St. Ignatius, told in his own words, we acquire an intimate knowledge of the author of the Exercises. We discern the Saint's natural disposition, which was the foundation of his spiritual character. We learn of his conversion, his trials, the obstacles in his way, the heroism with which he accomplished his great mission
Obras completas. Ed. manual by Ignatius( Book )
49 editions published between 1947 and 1982 in 4 languages and held by 266 libraries worldwide
The spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius : a translation and commentary by Ignatius( Book )
8 editions published between 1992 and 2011 in English and Chinese and held by 252 libraries worldwide
This new edition, with its accompanying introduction and commentary, is intended for use as a manual by those making, directing or studying the "Exercises". In the case of retreatants, their chief aim is to foster the experience of prayer, prayerful deliberation and cooperation with God's graces which St. Ignatius intended his Exercises to induce in those who are making them. A retreat, therefore, is a time predominantly of prayer rather than of study
The text of the spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius by Ignatius( Book )
26 editions published between 1880 and 2015 in English and held by 239 libraries worldwide
Exercitia spiritualia S.P. Ignatii de Loyola : cum versione literali : ex autographo hispanico notis illustrata by Ignatius( Book )
115 editions published between 1582 and 1953 in 4 languages and held by 234 libraries worldwide
The spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola; Spanish and English by Ignatius( Book )
22 editions published between 1883 and 1989 in English and Undetermined and held by 223 libraries worldwide
Exercitia spiritualia S.P. Ignatii Loyolae by Ignatius( Book )
92 editions published between 1606 and 1845 in Latin and Undetermined and held by 206 libraries worldwide
Obras Completas de San Ignacio de Loyola by Ignatius( Book )
72 editions published between 1947 and 1991 in 3 languages and held by 202 libraries worldwide
Historiografía ignaciana. La figura de San Ignacio a través de los siglos - Autobiografía - Ejercicios - Forma de la compañía y oblación (1541) - Deliberación sobre la pobreza (1544) - Diario espiritual (1544-1545) - Constituciones - Reglas de San Ignacio - Cartas e instrucciones
Manresa; or, the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius, for general use by Ignatius( Book )
29 editions published between 1800 and 1924 in English and held by 190 libraries worldwide
Regulae Societatis Iesu : ad usum nostrorum tantum by Jesuits( Book )
81 editions published between 1580 and 1963 in 3 languages and held by 179 libraries worldwide
Under 39 headings, the rules deal with : master of novices; modesty; travel; writing; spirituality; priests; preachers; procurators; prefects; scholastics; temporalities; sleeping, etc. It concludes with the letter of St. Ignatius Loyola: "De virtute obedientiae" (p.260-276)
Saint Ignatius' idea of a Jesuit university; a study in the history of Catholic education, including part four of the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus by George E Ganss( Book )
5 editions published between 1954 and 1956 in English and held by 169 libraries worldwide
Constitutiones Societatis Iesu : cum earum declarationibus by Jesuits( Book )
35 editions published between 1559 and 1937 in 5 languages and held by 139 libraries worldwide
The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth : addressed to the Rev. Cave Jones ; and recommended to the consideration of all whom it may concern by Ignatius( Book )
7 editions published between 1812 and 1979 in English and held by 98 libraries worldwide
Thoughts of St. Ignatius Loyola for every day of the year : from the Scintillae Ignatianae by Ignatius( Book )
2 editions published in 2006 in English and held by 48 libraries worldwide
Ignatius of Loyola : the psychology of a saint by W. W Meissner( Book )
2 editions published between 1992 and 1997 in German and English and held by 16 libraries worldwide
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Alternative Names
De Loyola I. 1491-1556
De Loyola, Íñigo López
Gnazziu di Loyola
Guipuscoa, Inigo de
Guipuscoa, Iñigo de 1491-1556
Ignác z Loyoly
Ignacas Lojola
Ignace 1491-1556
Ignace 1491-1556 de Loyola
Ignace 1491-1556 de Loyola, Saint
Ignace 1491-1556 de Loyola, sant
Ignace 1491-1556 Saint
Ignace 1491-1556 St
Ignace de Loyola.
Ignace de Loyola 1491-1556
Ignace de Loyola 1491-1556 saint
Ignace de Loyola saint
Ignace, de Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556
Ignace de Loyola saint catholique, fondateur de la Compagnie de Jésus
Ignace, de Loyola, sant, 1491-1556
Ignace saint
Ignace saint 1491-1556
Ignace St. 1491-1556
Ignacij Lojolski
Ignacij Loyolski sveti
Ignacije Lojolski
Ignacije Loyola
Ignacije Loyola sveti
Ignacije sveti
Ignācijs no Lojolas
Ignacio 1491-1556 de Loyola, Saint
Ignacio 1491-1556 de Loyola, sant
Ignacio 1491-1556 San
Ignacio de Loiola
Ignacio de Loyola.
Ignacio de Loyola 1491-1556
Ignacio de Loyola 1491-1556 Santo
Ignacio de Loyola Fundador de la orden Jesuita
Ignacio, de Loyola i Manresa 1491-1556 San
Ignacio, de Loyola i Manresa 1491-1556 Santo
Ignacio, de Loyola i Manresa, San, 1491-1556
Ignacio, de Loyola i Manresa, Santo, 1491-1556
Ignacio de Loyola Ispaña jacha marka kathuliku santu
Ignacio de Loyola Ispaña mama llaqtayuq kathuliku santu
Ignacio de Loyola, Saint
Ignacio, de Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556
Ignacio, de Loyola, San
Ignacio de Loyola San 1491-1556
Ignacio, de Loyola, sant, 1491-1556
Ignacio de Loyola, Santo, 1491-1556
Ignacio de Loyola святой 1491-1556
Ignacio han Loyola
Ignacio ng Loyola
Ignacio San 1491-1556
Ignaco Lojola
Ignacy Loyola założyciel jezuitów, święty Kościoła Katolickiego
Ignas Loyola Sent ha saver ar c'hKompagnunezh Jezuz
Ignas wa Loyola
Ignasi 1491-1556 de Loyola, sant
Ignasi de Loiola
Ignasi, de Loiola i Manresa 1491-1556 Sant
Ignasi, de Loiola i Manresa, Sant, 1491-1556
Ignasi de Loiola Noble i religiós basc, fundador de la Companyia de Jesús
Ignasi de Loiola, sant
Ignasi, de Loyola, sant, 1491-1556
Ignassi ëd Loyola
Ignatij Lojola
Ignatij Lojola saint
Ignatij Lojola saint 1491-1556
Ignatij Loyola sv.
Ìgnatìj z L'ojolì sv.
Ignațiu de Loyola
Ignatius 1491-1556
Ignatius 1491-1556 de Loiola
Ignatius 1491-1556 de Loyola
Ignatius 1491-1556 de Loyola, Saint
Ignatius 1491-1556 Loiola
Ignatius 1491-1556 Lojola
Ignatius 1491-1556 Loyola
Ignatius 1491-1556 Loyolae
Ignatius 1491-1556 of Loyola
Ignatius 1491-1556 of Loyola, Saint
Ignatius 1491-1556 of Loyola, sant
Ignatius 1491-1556 of Loyola, Svētais
Ignatius 1491-1556 Sanctus
Ignatius 1491-1556 St
Ignatius 1491-1556 van Loyola
Ignatius 1491-1556 von Loyola
Ignatius 1491-1556 von Loyola, Saint
Ignatius 1491-1556 von Loyola, sant
Ignatius av Loyola
Ignatius av Loyola 1491-1556
Ignatius de Loiola 1491-1556
Ignatius de Lojola.
Ignatius de Loyola.
Ignatius de Loyola 1491-1556
Ignatius de Loyola 1491-1556 s
Ignatius de Loyola 1491-1556 sanctus
Ignatius de Loyola 1491-1556 Santo
Ignatius de Loyola, s., 1491-1556
Ignatius de Loyola saint
Ignatius de Loyola, Saint 1491-1556
Ignatius de Loyola, sanctus, 1491-1556
Ignatius de Loyola, Santo 1491-1556
Ignatius fan Loyola
Ignatius Loiola 1491-1556
Ignatius Lojola 1491-1556
Ignatius Loyola
Ignatius, Loyola, 1491-1556
Ignatius Loyola 1491-1556 Saint
Ignatius Loyola 1491-1556 Svētais
Ignatius, Loyola and Manresa 1491-1556 Saint
Ignatius, Loyola and Manresa, Saint, 1491-1556
Ignatius Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556
Ignatius Loyola sanctus
Ignatius Loyola, Santo 1491-1556
Ignatius Loyola, Svētais, 1491-1556
Ignatius, Loyolae, 1491-1556
Ignatius o Loyola
Ignatius of Loyola 1491-1556
Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Saint, founder of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)
Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint
Ignatius of Loyola, Saint 1491-1556
Ignatius, of Loyola, sant, 1491-1556
Ignatius of Loyola Spanish knight from a local Basque noble family, hermit, priest since 1537, and theologian, who founded the Society of Jesus
Ignatius, of Loyola, Svētais, 1491-1556
Ignatius of Loyola святой 1491-1556
Ignatius, S. P.
Ignatius Saint
Ignatius Sanctus 1491-1556
Ignatius, St., 1491-1556
Ignatius, van Loyola, 1491-1556
Ignatius van Loyola Spaans priester (1491-1556)
Ignatius vo Loyola
Ignatius von Loyola.
Ignatius von Loyola 1491-1556
Ignatius von Loyola Gründer der später auch als Jesuitenorden bezeichneten Gesellschaft Jesu
Ignatius von Loyola saint
Ignatius von Loyola, Saint 1491-1556
Ignatius, von Loyola, sant, 1491-1556
Ignatius von Loyola святой 1491-1556
Ignatius святой
Ignatius святой 1491-1556
Iġnātiyūs 1491-1556
Ignats 1491-1556 no Lojolas, Svētais
Ignats, no Lojolas, Svētais, 1491-1556
Ignatziu de Loyola
Ignaz 1491-1556 von Loyola
Ignaz von Loyola 1491-1556
Ignazio 1491-1556
Ignazio 1491-1556 di Lojola
Ignazio 1491-1556 di Loyola, Saint
Ignazio 1491-1556 di Loyola, sant
Ignazio 1491-1556 di Loyola, Santo
Ignazio di Loiola.
Ignazio, di Lojola, 1491-1556
Ignazio di Loyola 1491-1556 s
Ignazio di Loyola gesuita e santo spagnolo
Ignazio di Loyola, s., 1491-1556
Ignazio, di Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556
Ignazio, di Loyola, sant, 1491-1556
Ignazio, di Loyola, Santo, 1491-1556
Ignazio Loiolakoa
Ignazio Loyola.
Inácio 1491-1556 de Loyola
Inácio de Loyola
Inácio, de Loyola, 1491-1556
Inácio de Loyola, Santo 1491-1556
Inhaxiô thành Loyola
Inias Loyola
Iñigo 1491-1556
Iñigo 1491-1556 de Guipuscoa
Iñigo 1491-1556 de Loyola
Iñigo 1491-1556 de Loyola, Saint
Íñigo 1491-1556 de Loyola, sant
Iñigo 1491-1556 de Loyola, Santo
Iñigo de Guipuscoa 1491-1556
Iñigo de Loyola 1491-1556
Iñigo de Loyola 1491-1556 s
Íñigo de Loyola 1491-1556 Santo
Iñigo de Loyola, s., 1491-1556
Iñigo de Loyola, Saint
Iñigo, de Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556
Íñigo, de Loyola, sant, 1491-1556
Íñigo de Loyola, Santo 1491-1556
Iñigo López 1491-1556
Iñigo López de Loyola 1491-1556
Íñigo López de Loyola 1491-1556 Santo
Íñigo López de Loyola, Santo 1491-1556
Inigo López Loyola
Iñigo Loyola.
Iognáid Loyola
İqnati Loyola
Jgnacio 1491-1556
Jgnatius 1491-1556 de Loyola
Jgnatius, de Loyola, 1491-1556
Loiola Ignácio de
Loiola, Ignasi de 1491-1556 sant
Loiola, Ignasi de, sant, 1491-1556
Loĭola, Ignatiĭ 1491-1556 Saint
Loĭola, Ignatiĭ, Saint, 1491-1556
Loiola, Ignatio di 1491-1556
Loiola, Ignatius 1491-1556
Loiola Inácio de
Lojola, Ignācijs 1491-1556
Lojola, Ignatij
Lojola Ignatij 1491-1556
Lojola, Ignatius 1491-1556
Lojola, Ignatius 1491-1556 sant
Lojola, Ignatius, sant, 1491-1556
Lojola, Ignatz von 1491-1556
Lojola, Ignazio di 1491-1556
Lojola, Iniggo de 1491-1556
Lojolski, Ignacije sveti
Lopez de Becalde Inigo
López de Loiola, Íñigo 1491-1556 sant
López de Loiola, Íñigo, sant, 1491-1556
López de Loyola, Ignacio 1491-1556
López de Loyola, Íñigo.
López de Loyola, Íñigo 1491-1556
López de Loyola, Iñigo 1491-1556 saint
López de Loyola, Iñigo 1491-1556 Santo
López de Loyola, Iñigo, saint, 1491-1556
López de Loyola, Iñigo, Santo, 1491-1556
Lopez de Recalde, Inigo
López de Recalde, Iñigo 1491-1556
López, Iñigo 1491-1556
López Oñaz y Loyola, Iñigo
López Oñaz y Loyola, Iñigo 1491-1556
Loyola 1491-1556
Loyola I.
Loyola I. 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignace de
Loyola Ignace de 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignace de 1491-1556 saint
Loyola, Ignace de, saint, 1491-1556
Loyola Ignácio de
Loyola Ignacio de 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignacio de 1491-1556 saint
Loyola, Ignacio de 1491-1556 sant
Loyola, Ignacio de 1491-1556 Santo
Loyola, Ignacio de Saint
Loyola, Ignacio de, saint, 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignacio de, sant, 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignacio de, Santo, 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignacy.
Loyola, Ignatius
Loyola, Ignatius 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignatius av 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignatius av 1491-1556 helgon
Loyola, Ignatius av, helgon, 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignatius de
Loyola, Ignatius de 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignatius of 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignatius of 1491-1556 Saint
Loyola, Ignatius of 1491-1556 Svētais
Loyola, Ignatius of Saint
Loyola, Ignatius of Saint 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignatius of, Svētais, 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignatius van 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignatius von 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignatius von 1491-1556 Svētais
Loyola, Ignatius von, Svētais, 1491-1556
Loyola, Ignazio di saint
Loyola Inácio de
Loyola, Inácio de Santo
Loyola, Iñigo.
Loyola, Iñigo de
Loyola Iñigo de 1491-1556
Loyola, Inigo de 1491-1556 saint
Loyola, Inigo de, saint, 1491-1556
Loyola, Iñigo L. 1491-1556
Loyola Íñigo López de
Loyola, Inigo Lopez de 1491-1556 saint
Loyola, Inigo Lopez de Onez
Loyola, Inigo Lopez de, saint, 1491-1556
Loyola, San Ignacio de
Loyola, San Ignacio de 1491-1556
Loyola, Yñigo de 1491-1556 Saint
Loyola, Yñigo de, Saint, 1491-1556
Loyolai, Ignáo 1491-1556 Saint
Loyolai, Ignáo, Saint, 1491-1556
Loyolai Szent Ignác
Loyolai Szent Ignác A Jezsuita rend alapítója
Loyolalı Ignatius
Loyolski, Ignacije sveti
Onar y Loyola, Inigo L.
Oñar y Loyola, Iñigo L. 1491-1556
Oyciec Ignacy.
Recalde, Inigo L. de
Recalde, Iñigo L. de 1491-1556
Saint Ignace
Saint-Ignace de Loyola
Saint Ignatius of Loyola
San Ignacio de Loyola
Sant Ignasio de Loyola
Sant Inacio de Loyola
Św. Ignacy
Von Loyola, Ignatius 1491-1556
Yi na jue
Yñigo 1491-1556 de Loyola, Saint
Yñigo, de Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556
z Loyoly, Ignác 1491-1556 svatý
<<z >>Loyoly, Ignác, svatý, 1491-1556
Ιγνάτιος Λογιόλα Ισπανός Θεολόγος
Игнасио де Лојола
Игнатий 1491-1556 no Lojolas, Svētais
Игнатий, no Lojolas, Svētais, 1491-1556
Игнатий де Лойола
Игнатий де Лойола католический святой, основатель Ордена Иезуитов
Игнатий Лойола
Игнатий Лойола 1491-1556
Игнаций Лойола
Игнаций Лойола 1491-1556
Игнациј Лојолски
Лойола 1491-1556
Лойола 1491-1556 И
Лойола И
Лойола, И 1491-1556
Лойола И. 1491-1556 1491-1556
Лойола, Игнатий 1491-1556 Svētais
Лойола, Игнатий, Svētais, 1491-1556
Лопес де Рекальдо И
Лопес де Рекальдо И. 1491-1556
Лопес де Рекальдо Л. И
Лопес де Рекальдо Л. И. 1491-1556
Лопец де Рекальдо И
Лопец де Рекальдо И. 1491-1556
Ігнатій Лойола
Ігнатій Лойола християнський святий, наварський шляхтич, засновник католицького ордену освітян і місіонерів Товариства Ісуса, члени якого відомі як єзуїти
Ігнацы Ляёля
Ігнацій Лаёла
Իգնատիոս դե Լոյոլա
איגנטיוס מלויולה
إغناطيوس دي لويولا
إغناطيوس دي لويولا، 1491-1556 القديس،
ایگناتیوس لویولا
دي لويولا، إغناطيوس، 1491-1556 القديس،
லொயோலா இஞ்ஞாசி
ഇഗ്നേഷ്യസ് ലൊയോള
იგნატი ლოიოლა
로욜라의 성 이냐시오 1491-1556
로욜라의 이냐시오 1491-1556
로욜라의 이냐시오 스페인 바스크 귀족 가문의 기사이자 로마 가톨릭교회의 은수자, 사제, 신학자이다.
이냐시오 데 로욜라 1491-1556
이냐시오 로욜라 1491-1556
イグナチウス ロヨラ
イグナチオ ロヨラ
イグナチオデ・ロヨラ 1491-1556
ロヨラ, イグナチオ
ロヨラ, イグナチオ・デ
English (564)
Latin (452)
Spanish (375)
French (241)
German (238)
Italian (111)
Catalan (12)
Polish (6)
Finnish (4)
Portuguese (3)
Multiple languages (2)
Korean (1)
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