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Simenon, Georges 1903-1989

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Most widely held works by Georges Simenon
Maigret and the yellow dog by Georges Simenon( Book )
258 editions published between 1931 and 2015 in 22 languages and held by 2,042 libraries worldwide
In the tense crime story The Yellow Dog, Simenon moves beyond the genre, creating a richly evocative psychological landscape with haunting insights into the dark corners of human nature
Maigret and the man on the bench by Georges Simenon( Book )
139 editions published between 1953 and 2014 in 11 languages and held by 1,816 libraries worldwide
"Louis Thouret is found stabbed in an alleyway off the Boulevard Saint-Martin. His wife seems unperturbed when she comes to indentify the body, but is perplexed to see that he is waring clothes she has never seen before. When Maigret begins to reconstruct the dead man's last days, he discovers that for three years Louis had lived a secret life while his wife believed he was at work. But what was his mysterious new source of income? And why did he spend his days sitting on a bench, watching the world go by?"--Back cover
Maigret and the gangsters by Georges Simenon( Book )
115 editions published between 1952 and 2014 in 12 languages and held by 1,683 libraries worldwide
A body that vanishes after it's tossed from a speeding car arouses Maigret's suspicions that mobsters from America are in Paris. Beginning his careful investigation, the detective relentlessly questions a shady restaurateur but gets no solid leads to the imported criminals or their presumed victim. Maigret gradually realizes that friends from the FBI are working behind his back and pride insists that he compete with them to solve the case. Simenon gives a larky twist to his seriocomic police procedural, as riveting as his graver works
Maigret and the apparition by Georges Simenon( Book )
141 editions published between 1957 and 2010 in 14 languages and held by 1,649 libraries worldwide
Detective Maigret, escaping death and lying speechless in a hospital, still manages to solve the mystery
Maigret and the madwoman by Georges Simenon( Book )
84 editions published between 1965 and 2015 in 9 languages and held by 1,587 libraries worldwide
An elderly woman who has repeatedly sought Chief Superintendent Maigret's help over an intruder in her apartment is mysteriously murdered
Maigret sets a trap by Georges Simenon( Book )
202 editions published between 1955 and 2015 in 15 languages and held by 1,544 libraries worldwide
A series of murders in Paris force Chief Inspector Maigret to set a trap at the risk of causing another crime
Maigret and the bum by Georges Simenon( Book )
135 editions published between 1963 and 2015 in 12 languages and held by 1,438 libraries worldwide
The famed inspector must protect the life of a vagrant who refuses to obey society's rules
Maigret and the burglar's wife by Georges Simenon( Book )
147 editions published between 1951 and 2014 in 13 languages and held by 1,407 libraries worldwide
Une femme, surnommée la Grande Perche à cause de sa grande taille, et qui, dans le passé, a été arrêtée par Maigret, vient trouver le célèbre commissaire pour lui demander de l'aide car son mari se trouve mêlé à une étrange affaire
Maigret's rival by Georges Simenon( Book )
63 editions published between 1951 and 2014 in 7 languages and held by 1,364 libraries worldwide
General Adult. While investigating a crime in provincial France, the inimitable Inspector Maigret encounters a rival detective from his own past
Maigret and the Hotel Majestic by Georges Simenon( Book )
84 editions published between 1942 and 2011 in 8 languages and held by 1,335 libraries worldwide
Inspector Maigret investigates the past of the wife of a wealthy American industrialist, who is found dead in the basement of the Hotel Majestic, discovering she was once a hostess at La Belle Étoile nightclub in Cannes, and is led into a world of prostitution, drug addiction, and blackmail
Maigret and the killer by Georges Simenon( Book )
89 editions published between 1962 and 2014 in 12 languages and held by 1,320 libraries worldwide
V detektivním, psychologicky laděném románě, dokončeném v r. 1969, umožňuje kazetový magnetofon ubodaného studenta, vášnivého lovce zvuku, analyzovat zvyky a záliby oběti a seznámit s prostředím vraždy na pařížském předměstí
Maigret in Holland by Georges Simenon( Book )
149 editions published between 1931 and 2014 in 12 languages and held by 1,308 libraries worldwide
Inspector Maigret is in the town of Delfzijl to investigate the murder of a local teacher, and he encounters two clues, several suspects, and a nearby path which is lit every fifteen seconds by a lighthouse beam
Maigret's revolver by Georges Simenon( Book )
132 editions published between 1952 and 2015 in 13 languages and held by 1,288 libraries worldwide
The macabre discovery of a corpse in a railway trunk leads the Inspector to the realization that his gun will be used as a vengeance weapon unless he can find his mysterious visitor. The chase sends Maigret across the channel to London to investigate one killing and prevent another
Maigret and the black sheep by Georges Simenon( Book )
73 editions published between 1962 and 2012 in 5 languages and held by 1,272 libraries worldwide
Maigret bides his time by Georges Simenon( Book )
88 editions published between 1965 and 2012 in 9 languages and held by 1,254 libraries worldwide
The chief suspect in the murder of master jewel thief Manuel Palmari is Palmari's young mistress, but Inspector Maigret suspects others as well, including the mysterious and gross Monsieur Louis
The bells of Bicêtre by Georges Simenon( Book )
101 editions published between 1953 and 2013 in 13 languages and held by 1,225 libraries worldwide
Paralyzed and unable to speak, a newspaper publisher reviews his life from a hospital bed and is able to find a new understanding
Maigret and the toy village by Georges Simenon( Book )
51 editions published between 1967 and 2008 in 5 languages and held by 1,210 libraries worldwide
Maigret just could not understand why anyone should murder an old man with a mania for keeping himself to himself and the enquiry was not made easier by Félicie the housekeeper to whom lying came as naturally as breathing
Maigret and the headless corpse by Georges Simenon( Book )
132 editions published between 1928 and 2013 in 12 languages and held by 1,194 libraries worldwide
Maigret on the Riviera by Georges Simenon( Book )
112 editions published between 1931 and 2015 in 12 languages and held by 1,150 libraries worldwide
Inspector Jules Maigret takes to the streets and bars of Cannes searching for clues to the apparently motiveless murder of a poor, middle-aged Australian named William Brown, a retired Australian sheep rancher. Maigret must resist the beguiling vistas of the resort paradise of Antibes to concentrate on the murder. For 10 years after deserting his wife and children, Brown had lived with his mistress Gina Martini and her meddlesome mother
Maigret at the Gai-Moulin by Georges Simenon( Book )
113 editions published between 1931 and 2015 in 14 languages and held by 1,140 libraries worldwide
Two teenaged boys, bent on stealing money from the cash register after hours at the Gai-Moulin--a nightclub in Belgium--stumble upon a body, a discovery that has Inspector Maigret of Paris sorting through suspects
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Alternative Names

controlled identity Antibes, Germain d', 1903-1989

controlled identity Bobette, 1903-1989

controlled identity Brulls, Christian, 1903-1989

controlled identity Dersonne, Jacques, 1903-1989

controlled identity Dorsage, Jean, 1903-1989

controlled identity Dorsan, Luc, 1903-1989

controlled identity Du Perry, Jean, 1903-1989

controlled identity Georges, Georges-Martin, 1903-1989

controlled identity Gom Gut (Writer), 1903-1989

controlled identity Isly, Georges d', 1903-1989

controlled identity Kim, 1903-1989

controlled identity Plick et Plock (Writer), 1903-1989

controlled identity Poum et Zette (Writer), 1903-1989

controlled identity Sim, Georges, 1903-1989

controlled identity Vialis, Gaston, 1903-1989

Antibes, Germain d'.
Antibes Germain d' 1903-1989
Aramis 1903-1989
Bobette 1903-1989
Brulls , Christian
Brulls Christian 1903-1989
Brulls, Christian, pseud. de Georges Simenon
Brulls, Christisan.
Caraman, Georges
Caraman Georges 1903-1989
Charles, J.-K
Charles J.-K. 1903-1989
Christian, Joseph, 1903-1989
D’Antibes, Germain, 1903-1989
D’Isly, Georges, 1903-1989
D'Antibes, Germain.
D'Antibes, Germain 1903-1989
Dersonne, Jacques.
Dersonne Jacques 1903-1989
Dersonne Jacques, pseud. de Georges Simenon
Dersonnes, jacques, 1903-1989
D'Isly, Georges.
D'Isly, Georges 1903-1989
Dorsage, Jean.
Dorsage Jean 1903-1989
Dorsan , Luc
Dorsan Luc 1903-1989
Dorsan, Luc, pseud. de Georges Simenon
Dorsange, jean, 1903-1989
Dorssage, Jean 1903-1989
Dossage, Jean.
Dossage Jean 1903-1989
Du Peny, Jean, pseud. de Georges Simenon
Du Perry, Jean.
Du Perry Jean 1903-1989
Georges, Georges 1903-1989
Georges, Georges Martin.
Georges, Georges-Martin 1903-1989
Georges, Georges-Martin, pseud. de Georges Simenon
Georges Martin-Georges 1903-1989
Georges Simenon Belgian writer
Georges Simenon belgijski pisarz
Georges Simenon Belgisch schrijver
Georges Simenon belgischer Schriftsteller
Georges Simenon scrittore belga
Georges Simenon un walon de belgique
Georgius Simenon
Germain d'Antibes
Germain d'Antibes 1903-1989
Gom Gut
Gom Gut 1903-1989
Gut, Gom 1903-1989
Isly, Georges d'.
Isly Georges d' 1903-1989
Jorj Simenon
Kim 1903-1989
Kosta, Victor.
Kosta, Victor 1903-1989
La Deshabilleuse, 1903-1989
Martin-George, George
Martin-George George 1903-1989
Martin-Georges, Georges
Martin-Georges Georges 1903-1989
Monsieur Le Coq, 1903-1989
Perry, Jean Du.
Perry, Jean du 1903-1989
Pertius, Maurice 1903-1989
Pertuis, Maurice
Pertuis Maurice 1903-1989
Plick et Plock
Plick et Plock 1903-1989
Poum et Zette
Poum et Zette 1903-1989
Rome, Jacques 1903-1989
Sandor, Jean.
Sandor Jean 1903-1989
Sim, G. 1903-1989
Sim , Georges
Sim Georges 1903-1989
Sim, Georges, pseud. de Georges Simenon
Simenon, ..., 1903-1989
Simenon, George 1903-1989
Simenon, Georges
Simenon, Georges Joseph
Simenon, Georges Joseph Chrétien, 1903-1989
Simenon , Georges Joseph Christian
Simenon, Georges Joseph Christian 1903-1989
Simenon, G'orz' 1903-1989
Simenon, Ž. 1903-1989
Simenon, Zh. 1903-1989
Simenon, Zh. (Zhorzh,), 1903-1989
Simenon, Zhorzh.
Simenon, Zhorzh 1903-1989
Simenon, Žorž.
Simenon, Žorž, 1903-1989
Simenons, Žoržs, 1903-1989
Simeon, ... 1903-1989
Sīmūnūn, Ǧūrǧ, 1903-1989
Vaillis, Gaston 1903-1989
Vialis, Gaston.
Vialis Gaston 1903-1989
Vialis, Gaston, pseud. de Georges Simenon
Viallis, Gaston
Viallis Gaston 1903-1989
Violis, G.
Violis G. 1903-1989
Žorž Simenon
Žoržs Simenons
Ƶorƶ Simenon
Ζωρζ Σιμενόν
Жорж Сименон
Жорж Сымэнон
Жорж Сіменон
Сименон, Ж. (Жорж), 1903-1989
Сименон, Жорж, 1903-1989
Сименон, Жорж Жозэ Кристиан, 1903-1989
Сименон, Жорж франкоязычный писатель
Ժորժ Սիմենոն
ז'ורז' סימנון
جورج سيمنون
جورج سيمنون، 1903-1989
جورج سيمونون، 1903-1989
ژرژ سیمنون نویسنده بلژیکی
ژرژو سیمنۆ
জর্জ সিম্ নোন
ჟორჟ სიმენონი
조르주 심농
シムノン, ジョルジュ
西姆農, (比利時), 1903-1989
French (1,170)
English (539)
German (313)
Italian (209)
Spanish (152)
Dutch (82)
Finnish (41)
Danish (40)
Catalan (33)
Hungarian (20)
Polish (19)
Portuguese (13)
Czech (13)
Japanese (9)
Swedish (8)
Greek, Modern [1453- ] (7)
Russian (7)
Arabic (6)
Turkish (6)
Croatian (4)
Chinese (4)
Hebrew (3)
Afrikaans (3)
Romanian (3)
Persian (2)
Multiple languages (2)
Slovenian (2)
Serbian (2)
Vietnamese (1)
Armenian (1)
Estonian (1)
Lithuanian (1)
Korean (1)
Bulgarian (1)
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