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Hugo, Victor 1802-1885

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Most widely held works by Victor Hugo
Les misérables by Victor Hugo( Book )
2,088 editions published between 1753 and 2015 in 14 languages and held by 24,293 libraries worldwide
Story of Valjean, the ex-convict who rises against all odds from galley slave to mayor, and the fanatical police inspector who dedicates his life to recapturing Valjean
Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo( Book )
1,056 editions published between 1800 and 2014 in 10 languages and held by 7,374 libraries worldwide
This translation of Notre-Dame de Paris offers Victor Hugo's epic view of mankind's history, which assumes even more importance than the novel's compelling story
The toilers of the sea by Victor Hugo( Book )
718 editions published between 1800 and 2013 in 8 languages and held by 5,206 libraries worldwide
A tale of high adventure on the seas, along with a touching love story
La Légende des siècles. La fin de Satan. Dieu by Victor Hugo( Book )
879 editions published between 1800 and 2012 in 3 languages and held by 3,849 libraries worldwide
Le texte reproduit est celui de l'édition définitive de 1883-1884. Préface, p. vii-xxi, dans laquelle C. Roy répond magistralement à la question: Hugo avait-il l'intelligence de son génie? Introduction, p. xxiii-xlix. Aragon a salué comme il se doit "les plus beaux vers français" liés avec "une philosophie du devenir". Dossier d'environ 140 pages. [SDM]
Hernani by Victor Hugo( Book )
693 editions published between 1829 and 2014 in 14 languages and held by 3,645 libraries worldwide
The action takes place in Spain in 1519. Here the beautiful Dona Sol de Silva is loved passionately by the exiled Hernani, who being unable to live without it breaking all social ties and meets on the Mount of the Bandidos, learns there furtive rounds of Dona Sol who is sought by Ruy Gómez uncle, who tries to submit to his will
Les misérables by Victor Hugo( Sound Recording )
159 editions published between 1959 and 2013 in 6 languages and held by 2,966 libraries worldwide
Les Miserables is a romantic novel packed with revealing incidents of slum life and poverty in 19th-century France. The core of the book deals with Jean Valjean, a criminal who serves as an example of the misery and contradictions of society with which Victor Hugo was especially concerned. Les Miserables is both a powerful social document and an extremely interesting and dramatic narrative, which is the culmination of 14 years' work and Hugo's masterpiece
Ruy Blas by Victor Hugo( Book )
561 editions published between 1828 and 2014 in 11 languages and held by 2,884 libraries worldwide
Le succès de ce drame vient d'abord de ce que Hugo y incorpore toutes les ficelles, tout l'art du mélodrame romantique ; on n'oubliera pas non plus la tragédie politique : la dénonciation des ministres corrompus, que la monarchie de Juillet a inspirée
The hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo( Sound Recording )
111 editions published between 1974 and 2012 in English and No Linguistic Content and held by 2,551 libraries worldwide
Written in 1831 before Hugo was forced to flee from Louis Napoleon's France. In this novel, Hugo paints a vivid portrait of medieval Paris. Quasimodo, the one-eyed, hunchbacked refugee; Esmeralda, the dancing gypsy girl, threatened by the gallows; and a world where chaos is in charge--Hugo captures them all in this timeless, almost Gothic, piece of literature
Les contemplations by Victor Hugo( Book )
415 editions published between 1841 and 2013 in 5 languages and held by 2,526 libraries worldwide
Texte intégral de cette oeuvre établi à partir de l'édition parisienne de 1856. Les thèmes de la mort, de la nostalgie, du temps qui passe, sont abordés
Quatrevingt-treize by Victor Hugo( Book )
353 editions published between 1800 and 2014 in 3 languages and held by 2,162 libraries worldwide
Destiné aux élèves de 3e et 2de, propose un choix de textes dans le roman de V. Hugo sur la Révolution française, accompagné d'une étude et d'un dossier pour aborder l'étude d'un roman du XIXe siècle
The hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo( Book )
27 editions published between 1898 and 2010 in English and held by 1,988 libraries worldwide
The tale of the hunchbacked bellringer of medieval Notre Dame, Quasimodo, whose love for the gypsy dancer, Esmeralda, had tragic consequences
Ninety-three by Victor Hugo( Book )
185 editions published between 1833 and 2012 in 4 languages and held by 1,875 libraries worldwide
It is the year 1793 and a new and terrible phase of the French Revolution is underway. Louis XVI has been sentenced to the scaffold and the guillotine has become an efficient agent of the Terror
Châtiments by Victor Hugo( Book )
425 editions published between 1800 and 2011 in 5 languages and held by 1,850 libraries worldwide
Recueil politique et poétique à la fois où la violence du verbe soutient l'amour de la liberté. Le dossier historique et littéraire rappelle les conditions dans lesquelles est né le recueil. Un index présente l'ensemble des personnalités politiques citées. La richesse de la versification hugolienne est mise à jour et expliquée
Notre-Dame de Paris : 1482 by Victor Hugo( Book )
352 editions published between 1831 and 2012 in 7 languages and held by 1,815 libraries worldwide
En 2 volumes. Niveau 2 : 900 à 1 500 mots
Hans of Iceland by Victor Hugo( Book )
430 editions published between 1800 and 2012 in 5 languages and held by 1,607 libraries worldwide
"a northern romance, in which the youthful writer has turned to great account the savage wilds, gloomy lakes, stormy seas, pathless caves, and ruined fortresses of Scandinavia. A savage being, and as savage as the scenery around him, - human in his birth, but more akin to the brute in his nature; diminutive, but with a giant's strength; whose hobby is assassination, who lives literally as well as metaphorically on blood, - is the hero; and around this monster are grouped some of the strangest, ghastliest, and yet not wholly unnatural beings which it is possible for the imagination to conceive"--Google Books
The man who laughs L'homme qui rit by Victor Hugo( Book )
155 editions published between 1800 and 2013 in 3 languages and held by 1,593 libraries worldwide
Moving away from the explicitly political content of his previous novels, Victor Hugo turns to social commentary in The Man Who Laughs, an 1869 work that was made into a popular film in the 1920s. The plot deals with a band of miscreants who deliberately deform children to make them more effective beggars, as well as the long-lasting emotional and social damage that this abhorrent practice inflicts upon its victims
The last day of a condemned man by Victor Hugo( Book )
305 editions published between 1800 and 2013 in 6 languages and held by 1,566 libraries worldwide
A man vilified by society and condemned to death for his crime wakes every morning knowing that this day might be his last. With the hope for release his only comfort, he spends his hours recounting his life and the time before his imprisonment. But as the hours pass, he knows that he is powerless to change his fate. He must follow the path so many have trod before him and the path that leads to the guillotine
William Shakespeare by Victor Hugo( Book )
207 editions published between 1 and 2014 in 9 languages and held by 1,564 libraries worldwide
Réflexion de V. Hugo sur l'oeuvre de Shakespeare offrant des clés de lecture pour sa propre oeuvre. A l'origine conçu comme une préface à la traduction des oeuvres de Shakespeare par son fils François-Victor, il s'agit d'un essai sur la fonction de l'art qui prolonge la célèbre préface de Cromwell mais aussi un plaidoyer pour un art engagé qui se construit autour de la théorie du génie
Odes et ballades by Victor Hugo( Book )
371 editions published between 1800 and 2008 in 5 languages and held by 1,489 libraries worldwide
History of a crime (Deposition of a witness) by Victor Hugo( Book )
283 editions published between 1638 and 2013 in 3 languages and held by 1,475 libraries worldwide
An account of the December 1852, coup d'etat that brought the usurper Hugo called "Napoleon le petit" to power, and sent Hugo into an eighteen year exile
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Alternative Names
Giġó, Viktor 1802-1885
Giugo, V., 1802-1885.
Gi︠u︡go, V. (Viktor), 1802-1885
Gi︠u︡go, Viktor, 1802-1885
Gjugo, V.
Gjugo , Viktor
Gjugo, Viktor 1802-1885
Gûgo, Viktor.
Hīğū, Fiktur, 1802-1885
Hījū, Fīktūr, 1802-1885
Hi︠u︡ho, V. (Viktor), 1802-1885
Hi︠u︡ho, Viktor, 1802-1885
Hiwgō, Viktor, 1802-1885
Hiwko, Vigt'or 1802-1885
Hiwkō, Vikʻtʻor, 1802-1885
Hiyugō, Vikṭar 1802-1885
Hīyūkō, Vikṭar, 1802-1885
Hjuho, Viktor 1802-1885
Hougkṓ Víktōr 1802-1885
Hougo, Biktor, 1802-1885
Hsiao-o, 1802-1885
Hugo, ... 1802-1885
Hugo , Carlo
Hugo, François-Victor 1802-1885
Hugo, V.
Hugo, V. (Victor)
Hugo, V. (Victor), 1802-1885.
Hugo, Vicktor 1802-1885
Hugo, Victor
Hugo, Victor M. 1802-1885
Hugo , Victor-Marie
Hugo Victor-Marie 1802-1885
Hugo, Victor Marie, Comte
Hugo, Victor Marie, comte 1802-1885
Hugo, Victor Marie, vikomt, 1802-1885
Hugo, Viktor
Hugo, Viktor 1802-1885
Hugo, Vitor
Hugo , Vittor
Hugo Vittor 1802-1885
Hugo, Vittore 1802-1885
Hugo Vittorio 1802-1885
Hugo, W.
Hugo, Wiktor.
Hugo, Wiktor, 1802-1885
Hugo, Wiqṭor, 1802-1885
Hūġū, Fīktūr, 1802-1885
Hūkū, Fīktūr, 1802-1885
Huygo, Victo, 1802-1885
Hüγo, ... 1802-1885
Hüγo, Viḳtor 1802-1885
Hüγu, Viḳtur 1802-1885
Hygo , Viktor
Hyowgo, Viktor, 1802-1885
Hyugo, Vhikṭara, 1802-1885
Hyūkō, Vikṭar, 1802-1885
Igo, Viktor
Igo, Viktor 1802-1885
Igo, Viktors, 1802-1885
I︠U︡go, Viktor, 1802-1885
Iuyiγu, Vik’tur 1802-1885
Ougkṓ Víktōr 1802-1885
Ounkō, Viktor, 1802-1885
Ugkō, Biktōr 1802-1885
Ūġū, Viqtūr
V. H.
Victor Hugo
Yu guo 1802-1885
Yü-kuo, 1802-1885
Yü-kuo, Wei-kʻo-to, 1802-1885
Yugō 1802-1885
Yūgō, Viktar 1802-1885
Yuguo 1802-1885
Yuguo, Weikeduo 1802-1885
Ουγκώ Βίκτωρ 1802-1885
Гюго, В., 1802-1885
Гюго, Виктор
Гюго, Виктор, 1802-1885
אוגו, ב'יקטור
ב'יקטור הוגו
הוגא, וויקטאר
הוגא, וויקטאר, 1802־1885
הוגא, וויקטאר, 1885־1802
הוגא, ויקטור, 1802־1885
הוגאָ, װ.
הוגא, װיקטאר
הוגא, װיקטאר, 1802־1885
הוגה, ויקטור
הוגו, ב'יקטור
הוגו, ויקטור
הוגו, ויקטור, 1802-1885
הוגו, ויקטור מארי
הוגו, ויקטור מרי, 1802-1885
הוגו, וקטור
اوغو, ویقتور
فيكتور هوجو، 1802-1885
هوجو، فيكتور، 1802-1885
هوجو، ڤكتور
هوغو، فيكتور، 1802-1885
هوغو، ويقتور
هوكو، فيكتور، 1802-1885
هوكو، ڤكتور
هوگو، ويكتور
هيجو، فيكتور، 1802-1885
هيجو، ڤكتور
هيغو، فيكتور، 1802-1885
هيكو، فكتور
ሁጎ, ቢ̄ክተር.
ユウゴオ, ビクトル
ユゴー, V
ユゴー, ヴィクトール
ユーゴー, ビクトル
雨果 1802-1885
雨果, 维克多, 1802-1885
French (6,688)
English (2,692)
Spanish (377)
German (108)
Italian (52)
Polish (35)
Romanian (12)
Turkish (11)
Russian (11)
Portuguese (8)
Czech (6)
Danish (5)
Basque (5)
Catalan (5)
Chinese (3)
Vietnamese (2)
Dutch (2)
Multiple languages (2)
Swiss German (2)
Slovenian (2)
Slovak (2)
Arabic (1)
Armenian (1)
Estonian (1)
Croatian (1)
Swedish (1)
Korean (1)
Hungarian (1)
Gujarati (1)
Serbian (1)
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