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Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich 1770-1831

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Most widely held works by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
The philosophy of history by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
1,292 editions published between 1821 and 2016 in 13 languages and held by 13,815 libraries worldwide
This book is a translation of a classic work of modern social and political thought. Elements of the Philosophy of Right, Hegel's last major published work, is an attempt to systematize ethical theory, natural right, the philosophy of law, political theory, and the sociology of the modern state into the framework of Hegel's philosophy of history. Hegel's work has been interpreted in radically different ways, influencing many political movements from far right to far left, and is widely perceived as central to the communitarian tradition in modern ethical, social, and political thought. This edition includes extensive editorial material informing the reader of the historical background of Hegel's text, and explaining his allusions to Roman law and other sources, making use of lecture materials which have only recently become available. The new translation is literal, readable, and consistent, and will be informative and scholarly enough to serve the needs of students and specialists alike
Phenomenology of spirit by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
905 editions published between 1807 and 2016 in 17 languages and held by 7,161 libraries worldwide
Hegel's Phenomenology was written, so the story goes, on the eve of Napoleon's destruction of the Holy Roman Empire and at the beginning of the German 'Wars of Liberation.' The book itself is no less dramatic and revolutionary. It is Hegel's grandest experiment, changing our vision of the world and the very nature of the philosophical enterprise. Hegel puts into harmony ethics and autonomy, ancient philosophy and tragedy, Byronic Romanticism, German poetry, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, the concept of virtue, the history of religion (including an ambiguous defense and critique of modern Christianity), the beginnings of a new philosophy of science and Kant's moral philosophy. All are tied together with the dazzling if sometimes bewildering leaps in logic that have come to be known as 'Hegel's dialectic.'
Hegel's Science of logic by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
917 editions published between 1812 and 2015 in 14 languages and held by 6,577 libraries worldwide
"The purpose of the Cambridge Hegel Translations is to offer translations of the best modern German editions of Hegel's work in a uniform format suitable for Hegel scholars, together with philosophical introductions and full editorial apparatus. This new translation of The Science of Logic by G.W.F. Hegel (also known as his Greater Logic) includes the revised Book One (1832), Book Two (1813), and Book Three (1816). Recent research has given us a detailed picture of the process that led Hegel to his final conception of the System of Philosophy and of the place of the Logic within it. We now understand how and why Hegel distanced himself from Schelling, how radical this break with his early mentor was, and to what extent it entailed a return (but with a difference) to Fichte and Kant. In the introduction to the volume, George di Giovanni presents in synoptic form the results of recent scholarship on the subject, and, while recognizing the fault lines in Hegel's System that allow opposite interpretations, argues that the Logic marks the end of classical metaphysics. The translation is accompanied by a full apparatus of historical and explanatory notes"--
Gesammelte Werke by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
341 editions published between 1968 and 2016 in 4 languages and held by 2,053 libraries worldwide
Sämtliche Werke by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
519 editions published between 1926 and 1990 in 4 languages and held by 1,603 libraries worldwide
Hegel's political writings by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
65 editions published between 1964 and 2007 in 3 languages and held by 1,509 libraries worldwide
This major addition to the series of Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought seeks to give students with no specialist knowledge access to both the practical and metaphysical aspects of Hegel's political thought. A full chronology, explanatory annotation, glossary and bibliography are appended to aid the student reader
Reason in history : a general introduction to the philosophy of history by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
35 editions published between 1953 and 1997 in English and German and held by 1,457 libraries worldwide
Hegel's Philosophy of mind: being part three of the 'Encyclopaedia of the philosophical sciences' (1830) by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
90 editions published between 1894 and 2014 in 4 languages and held by 1,409 libraries worldwide
"In this book Michael Inwood presents Hegel's work to the modern reader in an intelligible and accurate new translation - the first into English since 1894 - that loses nothing of the style of Hegel's thought. In his editorial introduction, Inwood offers a philosophically sophisticated evaluation of Hegel's ideas which includes a survey of the whole of Hegel's thought and detailed analysis of the terminology he used. Extensive commentary notes enhance an edition that makes Hegel interesting to the modern reader."--Jacket
The difference between Fichte's and Schelling's system of philosophy by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
93 editions published between 1801 and 2012 in 6 languages and held by 1,243 libraries worldwide
Ben shu shi hei ge mi de di yi bu zhe xue zhu zuo, qiang diao dan ge ming ti bu biao da zhen li, er lü bei fan yu ren shi de xi tong xing, bu neng ba zhe xue shi kan zuo fen ran za chen de yi jian deng
Lectures on the history of philosophy by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
52 editions published between 1892 and 2013 in English and German and held by 1,198 libraries worldwide
Lectures on the philosophy of religion : together with a work on the proofs of the existence of God by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
33 editions published between 1895 and 1999 in English and held by 1,140 libraries worldwide
Hegel's "Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion" represent the final and in some ways the decisive element of his entire philosophical system. His conception and execution of these crucial lectures differed so significantly on each of the occasions he delivered them - in 1821, 1824, 1827 and 1831 - that it is impossible, without destroying the structural integrity of the lectures, to conflate material from different years onto an editorially constructed text. These volumes aim to establish a critical edition, separating the series of lectures and publishing them as autonomous units on the basis of a complete re-editing of the sources. This volume contains Hegel's philosophical interpretation of Christianity
Introduction to the Lectures on the history of philosophy by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
66 editions published between 1940 and 2006 in 3 languages and held by 1,061 libraries worldwide
Early theological writings by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
28 editions published between 1944 and 1996 in English and Undetermined and held by 979 libraries worldwide
Although this volume does not comprise all the material collected and published by Nohl, it includes all Hegel's most important early theological writings
The philosophical propaedeutic by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
105 editions published between 1835 and 1997 in 8 languages and held by 948 libraries worldwide
"Cet ouvrage posthume offre un condensé de la philosophie hégélienne à partir des cours de Hegel aux élèves du lycée de Nüremberg de 1809 à 1811
Natural law : the scientific ways of treating natural law, its place in moral philosophy, and its relation to the positive sciences of law by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
14 editions published between 1975 and 2000 in English and held by 625 libraries worldwide
La philosophie de la nature by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
29 editions published between 1929 and 2011 in 3 languages and held by 124 libraries worldwide
Ben shu jiang le san ge wen ti,Ru he kan dai zi ran?Ru he kao cha zi ran?Ru he hua fen zi ran.Ta dui zhei san ge wen ti de hui da,Gou cheng le ta de zheng ge zi ran guan de gang yao
Werke by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
8 editions published between 1971 and 2003 in German and held by 45 libraries worldwide
Hegel, the letters by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
7 editions published in 1984 in English and Undetermined and held by 17 libraries worldwide
G. W. F. Hegel; an introduction to the science of wisdom by Stanley Rosen( Book )
7 editions published between 1958 and 2015 in 3 languages and held by 17 libraries worldwide
Philosophy, and other areas. Kainz forgoes customary paragraph-by-paragraph or section-by-section analysis in order to focus on Hegel's system as a whole and its seminal ideas, making generous use of representative texts. Kainz gives special attention to the interrelationship between dialectical methodology and paradoxical propositions; the prevalence of metaphor in the philosophy of nature; and the close interrelationship between Christian doctrine and Hegelian
Introducción a la historia de la filosofía by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel( Book )
1 edition published in 1975 in Spanish and held by 8 libraries worldwide
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WorldCat IdentitiesRelated Identities
Alternative Names
Chegel, .. 1770-1831
Chegel, G. V. Fr 1770-1831
Chegel, Georg Vilchelm Fridrich 1770-1831
Chenkel 1770-1831
Chenkel, Gkeornk 1770-1831
Egelos, .. 1770-1831
Friedrich Hegel
G.W.F.ヘーゲル 1770-1831
Gegel, .. 1770-1831
Gegelʹ, Fridrich 1770-1831
Gegel, G. V.
Gegel', G.V. F.
Gegelʹ, G. V. F. 1770-1831
Gegelʹ, Georg 1770-1831
Gegelʹ, Georg Vilʹgelm 1770-1831
Gegelʹ, Georg Vilʹgelʹm Fridrich 1770-1831
Gegel', Georg Vil'gel'm Fridrih.
Gegelʹ, Georg Vilʹgelʹm Fridrikh
Gegel Georg Vilgelm Fridrix
Gegel', Vil'gel'm Fridrich
Gegelj, Georg Vilʹgelʹm Fridrich 1770-1831
Georg Hegel
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Aleman a pilosopo
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Duits filosoof
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Duutsje filosoof
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel filósofo alemán
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel filosofo tedesco
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel filozof niemiecki
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel German philosopher
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel philosophe allemand
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel tysk filosof
Georg Wilhem Friedrich Hegel
Georg Wilhem Friedrich Hegel 1770-1831
George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Georgius Wilhelmus Fridericus Hegel
Georgs Vilhelms Frīdrihs Hēgelis
Georq Vilhelm Fridrix Hegel
Geuorgs Vėlhelms Frīdrėks Hegelės
Gueguel' 1770-1831
Hegel 1770-1831
Hegel, F. 1770-1831
Hegel , Federico Guillermo
Hegel, Federico Guillermo 1770-1831
Hegel, Friedrich
Hegel, Friedrich 1770-1831
Hegel, G. 1770-1831
Hegel, G. F. W. 1770-1831
Hegel, G. Fr. W. 1770-1831
Hegel , G. G. F.
Hegel, G. V. F. 1770-1831
Hegel , G. W. F.
Hegel G. W. F. 1770-1831
Hegel, G.W.F. (Georg Wilhelm Friedrich), 1770-1831
Hegel, G.W. Friedrich
Hegel, G. W. Friedrich 1770-1831
Hegel, Ge. Wilh. Fr.
Hegel, Ge. Wilhelm Fr 1770-1831
Hegel, Georg
Hegel, Georg 1770-1831
Hegel , Georg F. W.
Hegel, Georg Friedrich 1770-1831
Hegel, Georg Friedrich Wilhelm
Hegel, Georg Friedrich Wilhelm 1770-1831
Heġel', Ġeorġ Vil'hel'm Fridrich 1770-1831
Hegel, Georg Vilhelm Fridrih
Hegel, Georg Vilhelm Fridrih 1770-1831
Hegel, Geʾorg Ṿilhelm Fridrikh 1770-1831
Hegel, Georg Vilhelm-Fridrix 1770-1831
Hegel, Georg W. 1770-1831
Hegel , Georg W. F.
Hegel, Georg W. F. 1770-1831
Hegel, Georg Wilh. Friedr.
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm F. 1770-1831
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Fridrich
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friederich 1770-1831
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich
Hegel Georg Wilhelm Friedrich 1770-1831
Hegel, George Wilhelm Friedrich 1770-1831
Hegel, Georgius Guilelmus Fridericus 1770-1831
Hegel, Georgius W. 1770-1831
Hegel, Georgius Wilhelmus 1770-1831
Hegel, Georgius Wilhelmus Fridericus 1770-1831
Hegel, Giorgio 1770-1831
Hegel , Giorgio G. F.
Hegel, Giorgio G. F. 1770-1831
Hegel , Giorgio Guglielmo Federico
Hegel, Giorgio Guglielmo Frederico
Hegel, Guillermo Federico 1770-1831
Hegel, György Vilmos Frigyes 1770-1831
Hegel, J. W. F.
Hegel , Jorge Guillermo Federico
Hegel, Jorge Guillermo Federico 1770-1831
Hegel, P'ŭridŭrihi 1770-1831
Hegel, P'µuridµurihi 1770-1831
Hegel, W. Friedrich
Hegel, Wilhelm F. 1770-1831
Hegel, Wilhelm Friedrich 1770-1831
Hegel, Wilhelm Friedrich Georg 1770-1831
Hegeli, Georg Vilhelm Pʹridrix 1770-1831
Hėgelis, Georgas 1770-1831
Hēgelis, Georgs Vilhelms Frīdrihs 1770-1831
Hegelos, .. 1770-1831
Hēgeru 1700-1831
Hēgeru 1770-1831
Hēgeru, G. W. F. 1770-1831
Hei ge er 1770-1831
Hei-ko-erh 1770-1831
Heigeer 1770-1831
Ḥīǧal, .. 1770-1831
Hīghil 1770-1831
Hīǧil, .. 1770-1831
Higil, G. W. F. 1770-1831
Hīġil, Ġiyūrġ Filhilm Fridrīš 1770-1831
Hījil 1770-1831
Hγegelis, Georgas 1770-1831
Khegel 1770-1831
Γκέοργκ Βίλχελμ Φρήντριχ Χέγκελ
Χέγκελ, Γ. 1770-1831
Гегел, Георг Вилгелм Фридрих
Гегель 1770-1831
Гегель Г. В. Ф. 1770-1831
Гегель, Г. В. Ф. (Георг Вильгельм Фридрих), 1770-1831
Гегель, Георг Вильгельм Фридрих
Гегель, Георг Вильгельм Фридрих 1770-1831
Георг Вилхелм Фридрих Хегел
Георг Вильгельм Фридрих Гегель немецкий философ
Георг Вильһельм Фридрих Гегель
Георг Вільгельм Фрыдрых Гегель
Георг Вільгельм Фрыдрых Гэгель
Георг Вільгельм Фрідріх Гегель
Георг Хегель
Георг Һегель
Ґеорґ Вілгелм Фрідріх Геґел
Գեորգ Վիլհելմ Ֆրիդրիխ Հեգել
גיאורג וילהלם פרידריך הגל
געארג ווילהעלם פרידריך העגל
הגל, ג.ו.פ 1770-1831
הגל, גאורג וילהלם פרידריך 1770-1831
הגל, גאורג וילהלם פרידריך 1831-1770
הגל, גיאורג וילהלם פרידריך 1770־1831
הגל, גיאורג וילהלם פרידריך 1778־1831
היגל, גאורג וילהלם פרידריך 1770-1831
היגל, גורג ווילהלם פרדריך 1770־1831
היגל, גיורג וילהלם פרידריך.
היגל, גיורג וילהלם פרידריך 1831-1770
جورج فلهلم فريدريش هيجل، 1770-1831
جورج هيغل، 1770-1831
غيورغ فيلهلم فريدريش هيغل
فرێدریش ھێگێل
هيجل، جورج، 1770-1831
هيجل، جورج ويلهيلم فريدريك، ١٧٧٠-١٨٣١
هيجل، فريدريش، 1770-1831
هيجل، فريدريك، 1770-1831
هيغل, 1770-1831
هيغل، جورج فلهلم فريدريش، 1770-1831
هيغل، غيورغ فلهلم فريدريش، 1770-1831
هيغل، فريدريك، ١٧٧٠-١٨٣١
ه‍گ‍ل, گ‍ئ‍ورگ‌ وی‍ل‍ه‍ل‍م‌ ف‍ری‍دری‍ش.
گورگ ویلہم فریدریچ ہیگل
گيورگ ويلهېلم فرېدرېش هېگل
گئورگ ویلهلم فریدریش هگل فیلسوف آلمانی
गेओर्ग विल्हेल्म फ्रीडरीश हेगल
जर्ज विल्हेम फ्रेडरिक् हिगल
जोर्ज विल्हेम फ्रेडरिच हेगेल
গেয়র্গ ভিলহেল্ম হেগল
ਜਾਰਜ ਵਿਲਹੇਮ ਫਰੈਡਰਿਕ ਹੀਗਲ
จอร์จ วิลเฮล์ม ฟรีดริช เฮเกิล
გეორგ ვილჰელმ ფრიდრიხ ჰეგელი
게오르크 빌헬름 프리드리히 헤겔
헤겔 1770-1831
헤겔, F. 1770-1831
헤겔, G. W. F 1770-1831
헤겔, 게오르그 빌헬름 프리드리히 1770-1831
헤겔, 게오르크 1770-1831
헤겔, 게오르크 W. F. 1770-1831
헤겔, 게오르크 빌헬름 프리드리히 1770-1831
헤겔, 프리드리히 1770-1831
ፍሬዴሪክ ሄግል
ゲオルク・ヴィルヘルム・フリードリヒ, ヘーゲル 1770-1831
ヘ-ゲル, G. W. F. 1770-1831
ヘーゲル 1770-1831
ヘーゲル, G. W. F
ヘーゲル, G.W.F. 1770-1831
ヘーゲル, ヴィリヘルム・フリードリッヒ
ヘーゲル, ゲオルク・ヴィルヘルム・フリードリヒ
黑格爾 1770-1831
黒格尓, 乔・威・弗
黑格尔, 乔治·威廉·弗里德里希 1770-1831
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