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Gorky, Maksim 1868-1936

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Publications by Maksim Gorky, published posthumously.
Most widely held works about Maksim Gorky
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Most widely held works by Maksim Gorky
Mother by Maksim Gorky( Book )
1,266 editions published between 1865 and 2017 in 37 languages and held by 3,663 libraries worldwide
A novel of Tsarist Russia in upheaval
Foma Gordeyev by Maksim Gorky( Book )
243 editions published between 1900 and 2013 in 19 languages and held by 1,483 libraries worldwide
Classic novel by the popular and influential Russian author, a founder of the socialist realism literary method and arguably the greatest Russian literary figure of the 20th century. He wrote stories, plays, memoirs and novels which touched the imagination of the Russian people, and was the first Russian author to write sympathetically of such characters as tramps and thieves, emphasizing their daily struggles against overwhelming odds
Decadence by Maksim Gorky( Book )
267 editions published between 1900 and 2013 in 14 languages and held by 1,405 libraries worldwide
Tre generationer af en fabrikantfamilies liv belyser det russiske bourgeoisis opkomst
Autobiography of Maxim Gorky: My childhood. In the world. My universities by Maksim Gorky( Book )
742 editions published between 1905 and 2017 in 19 languages and held by 1,266 libraries worldwide
Ben shu zhen shi di miao shu le a liao sha ku nan de tong nian sheng huo,Zhan xian le zuo zhe dui guang ming yu zhen li de bu xie zhui qiu,Bing qie shen ke di gou le le 19 shi ji e luo si xing xing se se de ren wu,You wei zhan xian le yi xie xia ceng lao dong ren min de zheng zhi,Chun po,Qin lao.Qi zhong wai zu mu de xing xiang shi e luo si wen xue zhong zui guang hui,Zui fu you shi yi de xing xiang zhi yi
The life of a useless man by Maksim Gorky( Book )
80 editions published between 1908 and 2012 in 5 languages and held by 1,131 libraries worldwide
Written in 1907, less than two years after the unsuccessful rebellion on Bloody Sunday, this novel tells of Yevsey Klimkow who spies for the military in support of the Tsar. He makes friends who are capable of defying oppression, but this association brings a terrible crisis upon him
Bystander by Maksim Gorky( Book )
20 editions published between 1930 and 2001 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,053 libraries worldwide
First volume of a tetralogy "Forty years: the life of Clim Samghin."
Reminiscences of Tolstoy, Chekhov, & Andreyev by Maksim Gorky( Book )
33 editions published between 1934 and 1968 in English and held by 857 libraries worldwide
Chaliapin, an autobiography as told to Maxim Gorky; with supplementary correspondence and notes by Fyodor Ivanovich Chaliapin( Book )
38 editions published between 1967 and 1988 in English and Undetermined and held by 828 libraries worldwide
Through Russia by Maksim Gorky( Book )
50 editions published between 1906 and 2006 in English and Undetermined and held by 691 libraries worldwide
Stories of vagabond life, with their wealth of incident, variety and character
On literature by Maksim Gorky( Book )
30 editions published between 1930 and 1978 in 4 languages and held by 458 libraries worldwide
My apprenticeship by Maksim Gorky( Book )
119 editions published between 1900 and 2017 in 10 languages and held by 437 libraries worldwide
Creatures that once were men by Maksim Gorky( Book )
45 editions published between 1900 and 2016 in English and Undetermined and held by 408 libraries worldwide
Maxim Gorky continues to be regarded as the greatest literary representative of revolutionary Russia. Born of the people, and having experienced in his own person their sufferings and their misery, he was enabled by his extraordinary genius to voice their grievances and their aspirations for a better life. This collection includes his benchmark masterpieces "Creatures That Once Were Men" and "Twenty-Six Men and a Girl" as well as "Chelkash" and "My Fellow-Traveller", and represents the very best of Gorky's genius
Selected short stories by Maksim Gorky( Book )
37 editions published between 1901 and 2008 in 3 languages and held by 340 libraries worldwide
Fragments from my diary by Maksim Gorky( Book )
29 editions published between 1924 and 1986 in English and Undetermined and held by 140 libraries worldwide
Gorky by Maksim Gorky( Book )
23 editions published between 1954 and 1978 in 3 languages and held by 88 libraries worldwide
Reminiscences of Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy by Maksim Gorky( Book )
29 editions published between 1919 and 2017 in 3 languages and held by 74 libraries worldwide
This book contains a first-person memoir of the author's relationship with the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. The author of this book was a famous Russian writer in his own right
Song of the storm-petrel by Maksim Gorky( file )
9 editions published between 1936 and 1996 in English and held by 20 libraries worldwide
The march of man by Maksim Gorky( file )
8 editions published between 1937 and 1996 in English and held by 18 libraries worldwide
The heart of a beggar by Maksim Gorky( file )
9 editions published between 1996 and 2002 in English and held by 17 libraries worldwide
Confronting life by Maksim Gorky( file )
7 editions published in 1996 in English and Undetermined and held by 16 libraries worldwide
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Alternative Names
Aleksej Maksimovič Peškov ruski pisatelj
Gao er ji 1868-1936
Gaoʹerji 1868-1936
Garkhi, Meksima 1868-1936
Garki, Meksima 1868-1936
Ghūrkī, Maksīm 1868-1936
Gkorky,Maxim, 1868-1936
Gor′kiĭ, Maksim
Gor′kiĭ Maksim 1868-1936
Gor’kij, A. M. 1868-1936
Gorchi M.
Gorchi M. 1868-1936
Gorchi, Maxim
Gorgi, Maxim 1868-1936
Gōrikī 1868-1936
Gorikii, Maxsim
Gorikki 1868-1936
Gorikki, Maksim
Gorjki, Maxim 1868-1936
Gorjkij, M.
Gorjkij, Maksim 1868-1936
Gorj̕kij, Maxim 1868-1936
Gorka, Maksim
Gorkaĭ, M. 1868-1936
Gor'kano, Maksim 1868-1936
Gorkē, M. 1868-1936
Gorki 1868-1936
Gorki, A. M. 1868-1936
Gorki, Aleksei Maksimovitš
Gorki, Aleksei, pseud.
Gorki, Aleksej Maksimovitsj 1868-1936
Gorki, Alexej Maximowitsch 1868-1936
Gorki M.
Gorḳi, M. 1868-1936
Gorkī, Maiksima 1868-1936
Gorki, Makisim 1868-1936
Gorki, Maksim.
Gorḳi, Maḳsim 1868-1936
Gorki, Maksim, pseud.
Gorki, Maksin 1868-1936
Gorki, Maksym.
Gorki, Maksym 1868-1936
Gorki, Massimo
Gorki, Massimo 1868-1936
Gorki, Maxim.
Gorki, Máxim 1868-1936
Gorki, Maxim, pseud.
Gorki, Maxime.
Gorki Maxime 1868-1936
Gorki, Máximo
Gorki, Máximo 1868-1936
Gorki, Máximo, pseud.
Gorkī, Meksim 1868-1936
Gorki, Mẏāksima
Gorki pseud
Gorki-Wekwerth, .. 1868-1936
Gorʹkiĭ, A. M. 1868-1936
Gorʹkiĭ, A. M. (Alekseĭ Maksimovich)
Gorʹkiĭ, A. M. (Alekseĭ Maksimovich), 1868-1936
Gorʹkiĭ, Alekseĭ Maksimovich 1868-1936
Gorʹkiĭ, M.
Gorʹkiĭ, M. 1868-1936
Gorʹkiĭ, M. (Maksim), 1868-1936
Gorʹkiĭ, Maksim
Gorʹkiĭ, Maksim 1868-1936
Gorkii, Maksim pseud
Gorkii, Maxim
Gorʹkiĭ, Maxim 1868-1936
Gorkii, Maxime
Gorkii Maxime 1868-1936
Gorkii, Máximo, pseud.
Gorkii pseud
Gor'kij, A. M.
Gorʹkij, A.M. 1868-1936
Gorʹkij, A. Maksim 1868-1936
Gorʹkij, Aleksej M. 1868-1936
Gor'kij, Aleksej Maksimovič.
Gorʹkỉj, Aleksej Maksimovič 1868-1936
Gorkij M.
Gorʹkij, M. 1868-1936
Gorʹkìj, Maksim
Gorʹkij, Maksim 1868-1936
Gorkij, Maksym.
Gorkij, Makszim 1868-1936
Gorkij, Maxim.
Gorʹkij, Maxim 1868-1936
Gorķijs, M. 1868-1936
Gorkijs, Maksims 1868-1936
Gorkis, Maksimas
Gorkis, Maksimas 1868-1936
Gorkiy, M. 1868-1936
Gorkiy, Maksim 1868-1936
Gorkiy Maksim Rus shoiri
Gor'kogo, M. 1868-1936
Gorky M.
Gorky M. 1868-1936
Gorky, M., pseud.
Gorky, Maksim
Gorky, Maksim 1868-1936
Gorky, Maxim.
Gorky Maxim 1868-1936
Gorky, Maxim, pseud.
Gorky, Maxime
Gorky Maxime 1868-1936
Gorky, Máximo 1868-1936
Gorky pseud
Gôrqî, M. 1868-1936
Gôrqî, Maqsîm 1868-1936
Gorukī 1868-1936
Gūrkī, Māksīm
Ġūrkī, Maksīm 1868-1936
Horʹkyĭ, M. 1868-1936
Hor'kyj, Maksym 1868-1936
Jūrkī, Maksīm 1868-1936
Kao-erh-chi 1868-1936
Kārkki 1868-1936
Kārkki, Makcīm 1868-1936
Kārkki, Māksim 1868-1936
Kō̜kkī, Māksim 1868-1936
Korikki 1868-1936
Korikki, Em 1868-1936
Korkʻi, Makʻsim 1868-1936
Ḳorkī, Miksim 1868-1936
Kor'kki, Makśǎmě 1868-1936
Maiksima Gorkī 1868-1936
Maksim Gorki
Maksim Gorki escriptor i dramaturg rus
Maksim Gorki pisarz rosyjski
Maksim Gorki schrijver uit Keizerrijk Rusland (1868-1936)
Maksim Gorkij
Maksim Gorkij Rusa verkisto (1868-1936)
Maksim Gor'kij scrittore e drammaturgo russo
Maksim Gorkiy
Maksim Gorky
Maksim Qorki
Maksimas Gorkis
Maksimas Gorkis rusų rašytojas.
Maksims Gorkijs
Makszim Gorkij
Maxim Gorki escritor e político ruso identificado co movemento revolucionario soviético
Maxim Gorki russischer Schriftsteller
Maxim Gorki scriitor rus/socialist, fondator al realismului socialist în literatură și activist politic
Maxim Gorki scriitor rus/sovietic, fondator al realismului socialist în literatură și activist politic
Maxim Gorkij ruský spisovateľ
Maxim Gorky
Maxim Gorky qillqa wan pulitiku
Maxim Gorky Russian and Soviet writer
Maxime Gorki écrivain russe
Maxime Gorki romancier et dramaturge russe
Máximo Gorki
Máximo Gorki escritor y político ruso identificado con el movimiento revolucionario soviético
Maximus Gor'kij
Pechkov, Alekseï Maksimovitch
Pechkov, Aleksei Maksimovitch, 1868-1936
Pechkov, Alekseï Maximovitch
Peschkow, Aleksej M. 1868-1936
Peschkow, Alexei M. 1868-1936
Peschkow, Alexei Maximowitsch 1868-1936
Pešcov, Aleksej Maksimovič 1868-1936
Peshkov, Alekseĭ Maksimovich 1868-1936
Peshkov, Aleksei Maksimovitx 1868-1936
Peshkov, Aleksey
Peshkov, Aleksey Maksimovich
Peshkov, Aleksey Maksimovich 1868-1936
Peshkov, Aleksey Mijalovich 1868-1936
Peshkov Alexei Maximovich
Peshkov, Alexei Maximovich, 1868-1936
Peshov, Aleksej dit Maksim Gorkij 1868-1936
Pesjkov, Aleksej Maksimovitj
Pesjkov, Aleksej Maksimovitj 1868-1936
Pesjkov, Aleksej Maksimovitsj 1868-1936
Peškov A. M.
Peškov, A. M. 1868-1936
Peškov, Aleksei Maksimovitš
Peškov, Aleksěj 1868-1936
Peškov, Aleksej M. 1868-1936
Peškov, Aleksej Maksimovič.
Peškov, Aleksej Maksimovič 1868-1936
Peškov, Aleksej Maksimovič 1868-1936 wirkl. Name
Peškov, Aleksej Maksimovič wirkl. Name 1868-1936
Piechkov, Aleksiei Maksimovitch 1868-1936
Pi︠e︡shkov, Aleksi︠e︡ĭ Maksimovich 1868-1936
Pieszkow, Aleksiej M.
Pieszkow, Aleksiej Maksimowicz.
Pieszkow, Aleksiej Maksymowicz.
Pjeschkow, Alexei 1868-1936
Pjesjkow, A.M.
Pyeshkoff, Alexei Maximovich 1868-1936
γorḳi 1868-1936
Μαξίμ Γκόρκι
Μαξίμ Γκόρκι 1868-1936
Алексей Максимович Горкий
Алексей Максимович Пешков 1868-1936
Гoрbkий, A. M. 1868-1936
Горки М
Горки М. 1868-1936
Горкы, Максим 1868-1936
Горькiй, Максим
Горькiй, Максим 1868-1936
Горький А. М
Горький, А. М 1868-1936
Горький, А. М. (Алексей Максимович)
Горький, А. М. (Алексей Максимович), 1868-1936
Горький, Алексей Максимович
Горький, Алексей Максимович 1868-1936
Горький М
Горький, М 1868-1936
Горький, М. (Максим), 1868-1936
Горький, Максим
Горький, Максим 1868-1936
Горькій, Максимъ
Иегудиил Хламида
Максим Ал-сеев
Максим Горки
Максим Горки 1868-1936
Максим Горькай
Максим Горьки
Максим Горький 1868-1936
Максім Горкі
Пешков А. М
Пешков А. М. 1868-1936
Пешков, Алексей Максимович
Пешков, Алексей Максимович 1868-1936
Пѣшков, Алексѣй Максимович 1868-1936
Մաքսիմ Գորկի
גארקי, א. מ.
‏גארקי, מ.
גארקי, מ 1868־1936
גארקי, מאקסים
גארקי, מאקסימ
גארקי, מאקסימ 1868־1936
גארקי, מקסים 1868-1936
גורקי, מ.
גורקי, מ 1868־1936
גורקי, מאקסים
גורקי, מכסים 1868־1936
גורקי, מקסים
גורקי, מקסים 1868־1936
דארקי, מאקסים
מקסים גורקי
פישקוב, אלכסי מקסימוביץ'
بيشكوف، أليكسي مكسيموفيتش، 1868-1936
جوركى، مكسيم
جوركي، ماكسيم، 1868-1936
جوركي، مكسيم
غوركى، مكسيم
غوركي، ماكسيم، 1868-1936
غوركي، مكسيم، 1868-1936
ماکسیم قورکی
ماکسیم گورکی
مكسيم جوركى
مكسيم جوركي، 1868-1936
مكسيم غوركي
میکسم گورکی
مەکسیم گۆرکی
گوركى، ميكسم
मॅक्झिम गॉर्की
मैक्सिम गोर्की
म्याक्सिम गोर्की
গোর্কি, ম্যাক্সিম
মাক্সিম গোর্কি
মেক্সিম গৰ্কী Russian writer, playwright, essayist and journalist
ਮੈਕਸਿਮ ਗੋਰਕੀ
மாக்சிம் கார்கி
మాక్సిం గోర్కీ
మాక్సిం గోర్కీ రష్యా మరియు శొవిఎట రచయిత
ಮ್ಯಾಕ್ಸಿಂ ಗಾರ್ಕಿ
മാക്സിം ഗോർക്കി
මැක්සිම් ගෝර්කි
แมกซิม กอร์กี
ມາກຊິມ ກັອກກີ.
ဂေါ်ကီ၊ မက္ကဇင်
მაქსიმ გორკი
가오얼지 1868-1936
고르키, 막심 1868-1936
고리끼, A. M. 1868-1936
고리끼, M. 1868-1936
고리끼, 막심 1868-1936
고리끼, 엠.
고리키 1868-1936
고리키, 막심 1868-1936
고이기 1868-1936
골키, 막심 1868-1936
막심 고리키
페슈코프, 알렉세이 막시모비치 1868-1936
ማክሲም ጎርኪ
ゴーリキー, マクシム
ゴーリキイ, マクシム
高爾基 1868-1936
高尓基, 马克西姆
English (1,007)
Chinese (619)
Russian (532)
Spanish (315)
German (281)
French (237)
Turkish (64)
Polish (54)
Yiddish (37)
Japanese (36)
Italian (27)
Czech (27)
Korean (17)
Portuguese (15)
Croatian (11)
Serbian (10)
Vietnamese (9)
Ukrainian (9)
Finnish (8)
Hungarian (8)
Hebrew (7)
Slovak (7)
Thai (7)
Panjabi (5)
Romanian (5)
Urdu (5)
Arabic (4)
Telugu (3)
Armenian (3)
Lithuanian (3)
Lao (3)
Hindi (3)
Bengali (3)
Slovenian (3)
Tatar (2)
Swahili (2)
Persian (2)
Slavic [Other] (2)
Uighur (1)
Swedish (1)
Greek, Ancient [to 1453] (1)
Rundi (1)
Burmese (1)
Altaic [Other] (1)
Latvian (1)
Dutch (1)
Azerbaijani (1)
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