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Voltaire 1694-1778

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Most widely held works by Voltaire
Candide, or, Optimism : a new translation, backgrounds, criticism by Voltaire( Book )
1,378 editions published between 1759 and 2017 in 24 languages and held by 14,000 libraries worldwide
The absurd satire in which Candide's teacher and his philosophy of all being right with the world are refuted
Philosophical letters by Voltaire( Book )
433 editions published between 1733 and 2014 in 11 languages and held by 3,817 libraries worldwide
To remind them that there is hope for men because they have it in their power to be reasonable. Voltaire was on the trail of principals
Lion of the North, Charles XII of Sweden by Voltaire( Book )
839 editions published between 1 and 2015 in 12 languages and held by 2,664 libraries worldwide
Extrait : ""La Suède et la Finlande composent un royaume large d'environ deux cents de nos lieues, et long de trois cents. Il s'étend du midi au nord depuis le cinquante-cinquième degré; ou à peu près, jusqu'au soixante et dixième, sous un climat rigoureux, qui n'a presque ni printemps ni automne.""À PROPOS DES ÉDITIONS LIGARANLes éditions LIGARAN proposent des versions numériques de qualité de grands livres de la littérature classique mais également des livres rares en partenariat avec la BNF. Beaucoup de soins sont apportés à ces versions ebook pour éviter les fautes que l'on trouve trop so
Romans et contes by Voltaire( Book )
317 editions published between 1778 and 2015 in 4 languages and held by 2,605 libraries worldwide
18th century-26 novels & short stories. Imaginative themes of destiny and optimism
Candide by Voltaire( file )
124 editions published between 1958 and 2013 in 5 languages and held by 2,363 libraries worldwide
In this witty political satire, a gentleman plagued by misfortune clings to the belief that all is for the best. Voltaire mocks the eternal optimist philosophy of his day that proclaimed human and natural disasters part of a larger cosmic plan
Philosophical dictionary by Voltaire( Book )
278 editions published between 1756 and 2013 in 6 languages and held by 2,269 libraries worldwide
"A masterpiece of Enlightenment-era literature, this collection of brief, incisive essays constitutes a thought-provoking analysis of eighteenth-century social and religious conventions. Volaire intended to entertain asw well as to enlighten, and his sardonic wit lends a strikingly modern feeling to these writings."--Cover
The age of Louis XIV, and other selected writings by Voltaire( Book )
699 editions published between 1740 and 2016 in 8 languages and held by 2,226 libraries worldwide
Ben shu zhe zhong miao hui le lu yi shi si shi dai ren men de jing shen mian mao he wen hua ji yi,Nei rong bao kuo:da zhan qian ye de ou zhou,San shi nian zhan zheng zhong de fa guo,Fa guo nei zhan,Hou ma zha ran shi dai deng
Dictionnaire philosophique : comprenant des 118 articles parus sous ce titre du vivant de Voltaire avec leurs suppléments parus dans les Questions sur l'Encyclopédie by Voltaire( Book )
140 editions published between 1900 and 2010 in 3 languages and held by 1,309 libraries worldwide
Zaïre by Voltaire( Book )
437 editions published between 1733 and 2016 in 10 languages and held by 1,193 libraries worldwide
Item no. 1993 in Two centuries of French drama, 1760-1960, a collection of 2,014 French dramas housed in the Department of Special Collections, University of Florida Libraries
The age of Louis XIV by Voltaire( Book )
22 editions published between 1926 and 1978 in English and held by 1,161 libraries worldwide
About France during the reign of Louis XIV from 1643 to his death in 1715
Treatise on tolerance by Voltaire( Book )
160 editions published between 1763 and 2016 in 7 languages and held by 1,129 libraries worldwide
On March 10, 1762, Jean Calas, a Protestant merchant, was publicly executed in Toulouse, France. This punishment had been prescribed by the regional parliament, with hopes that Calas would confess to murdering his adult son in order to prevent his conversion to Catholicism. Steadfastly declaring his innocence, the elderly Huguenot expired after hours of suffering, his limbs broken one by one before the executioner strangled him and burned his corpse. These were the events that inspired Voltaire's Treatise on Tolerance. Even today the Treatise on Tolerance stands as one of the most important milestones in the acceptance of religious tolerance in the Western world
Candide, Zadig, and selected stories by Voltaire( Book )
222 editions published between 1747 and 2014 in 15 languages and held by 1,120 libraries worldwide
A gentle man is pummeled and slapped in every direction by fate, but clings desperately to the belief that he lives in "the best of all possible worlds."
An essay on crimes and punishments by Cesare Beccaria( Book )
129 editions published between 1767 and 2008 in English and German and held by 1,056 libraries worldwide
The philosophy of history by Voltaire( Book )
102 editions published between 1765 and 2008 in 5 languages and held by 1,026 libraries worldwide
With a preface by Thomas Kiernan
Henriade by Voltaire( Book )
396 editions published between 1728 and 2011 in 10 languages and held by 896 libraries worldwide
L'ingénu by Voltaire( Book )
233 editions published between 1761 and 2015 in 7 languages and held by 788 libraries worldwide
Un Huron découvre les moeurs et coutumes des Français sous Louis XIV. Par l'intermédiaire de ce personnage, Voltaire s'interroge sur les idées de nature et de civilisation, cible les dysfonctionnements des institutions et dénonce les excès et les injustices des gouvernants et des religieux. Le texte intégral est accompagné d'un appareil pédagogique
Candide and other stories by Voltaire( Book )
28 editions published between 1966 and 2009 in English and French and held by 570 libraries worldwide
The spirit of satire flourished during the Enlightenment as in no other period, and the crowning achievement of that caustic, brilliantly learned age was Voltaire's Candide, published in 1759, at the height of its author's enormous European fame. Following the worldwide encounters - with shipwrecks, earthquakes, pestilence, and human insanity - of its hero and his incomparably absurd tutor, Dr. Pangloss, Candide is the most entertaining of all philosophical novels and the most philosophical of entertainments
The man worth forty crowns of M. de Voltaire by Voltaire( Book )
127 editions published between 1768 and 2005 in French and English and held by 393 libraries worldwide
Satirical response to Le Mercier de la Rivière's L'ordre naturel et essentiel des sociétés politiques, Roussel de la Tour's La richesse de l'état and other works of the physiocrats. Cf. Quérard, X, p. 324 (Bib. voltairienne, no. 1590); introd. by B.M. Bloesch to the ed. in Voltaire. Works, 1968-, v. 66, p. 213-264
The history of Charles XII, King of Sweden by Voltaire( Book )
161 editions published between 1732 and 1832 in English and Irish and held by 377 libraries worldwide
Letters concerning the English nation. by Voltaire( Book )
58 editions published between 1733 and 2011 in English and Undetermined and held by 331 libraries worldwide
Noted as the most influential event of his career, Voltaire's living in England between 1726 and 1729 inspired his famous Letters on the English (or Letters Concerning the English Nation), published in 1733. These were not letters, but actually a series of essays about the author's experiences of events, places and people. Letters on the English consists of 24 essays on subjects including the Quakers, Church of England, Presbyterians, Socinains, Parliament, government, trade, inoculation, Lord Bacon, Locke, Descartes, Isaac Newton, attraction, tragedy, comedy, geometry, the Earl of Rochester, Alexander Pope and more. Although the portrayal of English people and government was largely positive, Voltaire had no problem finding people and institutions to satirize, including the Presbyterians and the House of Commons. He first published the essays in English, and upon seeing the success of the papers, published them in French the following year. The letters were immediately suppressed and banned in France as they were seen as an attack on the French government. Today, the letters are translated from the controversial French versions rather than the original English ones
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WorldCat IdentitiesRelated Identities
Alternative Names
A....T de V****
A...t de V**** 1694-1778
Académicien de Londres, de Boulogne 1694-1778 de Petersbourg, de Berlin, &c.
Académicien de Londres, de Boulogne, de Petersbourg, de Berlin & c., 1694-1778
Académicien de Londres, de Boulogne, de Petersbourg, de Berlin, &c., 1694-1778
Académicien de Londres, de Petersbourg, de Berlin, &c., de Boulogne, 1694-1778
Age of Lewis XIV, Author of The, 1694-1778
Aimon , Jacques
Aimon, Jaques, 1694-1778
Aléthès, Irenée 1694-1778
Aléthès, Irenée, 1694-1778 professeur en droit dans le canton suisse d'Uri
Aléthès, Irenée, professeur en droit dans le canton suisse d'Uri, 1694-1778
Alexis 1694-1778 archevêque de Novogorode la Grande
Alexis 1694-1778 Novgorode, Archevêque
Alexis, archevêque de Novogorode la Grande, 1694-1778
Alexis Novgorode, Archevêque 1694-1778
Amateur des belles-lettres 1694-1778
Ami de l'auteur de la Henriade
Apuleius Risorius
Arouet de Voltaire 1694-1778
Arouet de Voltaire, Francois
Arouet de Voltaire, François-Marie
Arouet de Voltaire François-Marie 1694-1778
Arouet de Voltaire, François Marie d' 1694-1778
Arouet de Voltaire, Marie d' 1694-1778
Arouet, F.M.
Arouet , François Marie
Arouet François-Marie 1694-1778
Arouet, François Marie d' 1694-1778
Arouet, François Marie dit Voltaire.
Arouet, François-Marie Wirkl. Name von Voltaire 1694-1778
Auteur de la Tragédie de Sémiramis, l', 1694-1778
Auteur de l'Histoire de Charles XII L' 1694-1778
Auteur de L'homme aux quarante écus 1694-1778
Auteur du Compère Matthieu, L' 1694-1778
Auteur du siècle de Louis XIV
Auteur du siècle de Louis XIV, L'
Auteur du Siècle de Louis XIV, L' 1694-1778
Author of The age of Lewis XIV 1694-1778
Avocat de Province 1694-1778
B académicien
B. Académicien 1694-1778
Bazin 1694-1778
Bazin, .. 1694-1778 Abbé
Bazin abbé
Bazin Abbé 1694-1778
Bazin L'abbé 1694-1778
Beaudinet 1694-1778
Beaudinet, M
Belleguier avocat
Bénédictin 1694-1778
Big 1694-1778
Big.. 1694-1778 Abbé
Big--- 1694-1778 Mr. l'abbé
Big abbé
Big Abbé 1694-1778
Big---, Mr. l'abbé, 1694-1778
Bolteros 1694-1778
Bourdillon, Joseph.
Bourdillon Joseph 1694-1778
Bourdillon, Joseph, 1694-1778 professeur en droit public
Bourdillon, Joseph, professeur en droit public, 1694-1778
Bourn 1694-1778 pasteur
Bourn, pasteur, 1694-1778
Caille 1694-1778 Mr. l'abbé
Caille, ... de la 1694-1778 Monsieur
Caille, Mr. l'abbé, 1694-1778
Calmet 1694-1778
Calmet 1694-1778 Dom
Calmet, Dom, 1694-1778
Carre , Jerome
Carré, Jérôme, 1694-1778
Cass, ... 1694-1778
Cass++, Avocat Au Conseil Du Roi
Cassen, ... 1694-1778
Collibradoz, F. C. de 1694-1778
Covelle, M
Covelle, Robert
Covelle, Robert 1694-1778
D 1694-1778
D ** M.
D, Mr ****
De la Caille, .. 1694-1778 Monsieur
De la Caille Monsieur 1694-1778
De Montmolin 1694-1778
De Voltaire.
De Voltaire 1694-1778
DeLaCaille, .. 1694-1778 Monsieur
DeLaCaille Monsieur 1694-1778
Démad 1694-1778
Docteur Goodheart 1694-1778
Docteur Ralph.
Dom Calmet 1694-1778
Escarbotier 1694-1778 reverend père
Escarbotier, reverend père, 1694-1778
Étallonde de Morival, Dr 1694-1778
Évhémère 1694-1778
Fatéma 1694-1778
Fatema 1694-1778 Mr.
Fatema, Mr., 1694-1778
Formey, Monsieur 1694-1778 auteur prétendu
Formey Monsieur auteur prétendu 1694-1778
Francois Marie Arouet
Fu er tai 1694-1778
Fu-erh-tʻai 1694-1778
Fu, Ertai 1694-1778
Fu'erde 1694-1778
Fuertai 1694-1778
Fūltīr 1694-1778
Good-Natur'd Vellvisher 1694-1778
Goodheart 1694-1778 Docteur
Goodheart Docteur 1694-1778
Gouju Charles 1694-1778
Grasset Gabriel 1694-1778
Homme aux quarante écus, Auteur de L', 1694-1778
Huet 1694-1778
Huet 1694-1778 Monsieur
Huet, M
Huet, M, 1694-1778
Huet Monsieur 1694-1778
Hume, .. 1694-1778 Monsieur
Hume , Joseph
Hume Monsieur 1694-1778
Jeune abbé 1694-1778
Kaiserling 1694-1778
La Caille 1694-1778 M. de
La Caille Abbé de 1694-1778
La Caille, ... de 1694-1778 Monsieur
La Caille M. de
La Caille, M. de, 1694-1778
La Lindelle 1694-1778
La Roupiliere 1694-1778
La Visclède 1694-1778
LaCaille, ... de 1694-1778 Monsieur
Lantin 1694-1778
LaVisclède 1694-1778
Le Kain 1694-1778 M.
Le Kain, M., 1694-1778
le Sieur Tamponet
L'Écluse, De 1694-1778
L'Escarbotier 1694-1778 reverend père
L'Escarbotier Le P. 1694-1778
L'Escarbotier, reverend père, 1694-1778
M.D.V 1694-1778
M. de V
M. le chevalier de, 1694-1778, M. le chevalier de, 1694-1778
Mamaki 1694-1778
Mauduit 1694-1778 l'Abbé
Mauduit l'Abbé 1694-1778
Membre des nouveaux conseils souverains 1694-1778
Molmire, M. le chevalier de, 1694-1778
Mont-Molin, M. de
Montmolin, ... de 1694-1778
Montmolin, de, pasteur de Motiers-Travers
Morza 1694-1778 Mr. de
Morza De 1694-1778
Morza, ... de 1694-1778 Monsieur
Morza de Monsieur 1694-1778
Morza Monsieur de
Morza, Mr. de, 1694-1778
Mr. de +++
Mr. de V+++
Mr. Feu Thomson 1694-1778
Mr. St. Hiacinte 1694-1778
Néedham, .. 1694-1778
Néedham, M
Obern 1694-1778 docteur
Obern docteur
Obern, docteur, 1694-1778
Obern, le docteur
Passeran 1694-1778 comte
Passeran, comte, 1694-1778
Passeran Cte 1694-1778
Passeran, le comte
Plokof, Jean 1694-1778
Poete philosophe
Poète philosophe 1694-1778
Poete Philosophique 1694-1778
Proposant Thiro
Proposant, Un
Proposant Un 1694-1778
Quesnel 1694-1778 Père
Quesnel Père 1694-1778
Ralph 1694-1778 Docteur
Ralph 1694-1778 Doktor
Ralph 1694-1778 M.
Ralph 1694-1778 M. le docteur
Ralph, ..., 1694-1778 Mr. le docteur
Ralph docteur
Ralph Docteur 1694-1778
Ralph Doktor 1694-1778
Ralph, Johann A. 1694-1778
Ralph Le docteur 1694-1778
Ralph, M., 1694-1778
Ralph, M. le docteur
Ralph, M. le docteur 1694-1778
Ralph, ..., Mr. le docteur, 1694-1778
Risorius, Apuleius 1694-1778
Risorius, Don Apuleius
Rossette, Josias
Rossette Josias 1694-1778
Rossette , Josias <pseud.>
Saint-Didier 1694-1778
Saint-Hiacinte 1694-1778
Saint-Hyacinte 1694-1778
San Giacinto
San Giacinto Signor
Scarmentado 1694-1778
Scherloc Mr
Sherloc 1694-1778
Sherloc 1694-1778 M.
Sherloc, .. 1694-1778 Monsieur
Sherloc, M., 1694-1778
Sherloc Monsieur 1694-1778
Sherloc Mr
St. Hiacinte
St. Hiacinte 1694-1778 Mr.
St. Hiacinte, Mr., 1694-1778
Tamponet 1694-1778 Abbé
Tamponet 1694-1778 le sieur
Tamponet 1694-1778 Mr
Tamponet Abbé 1694-1778
Tamponet, le sieur, 1694-1778
Tamponet, Mr. 1694-1778
Thompson 1694-1778 Mr.
Thompson, Mr., 1694-1778
Thomson 1694-1778
Thomson Feu Mr 1694-1778
Tilladet, Abbé de
Tilladet Abbé de 1694-1778
Tompson 1694-1778 Mr.
Tompson, Mr., 1694-1778
Tournay Cte de 1694-1778
Un ami de l'auteur de la Henriade
V*** 1694-1778 M. de
V, A....T de ****
V****, A...t de, 1694-1778
V., D., 1694-1778
V, De, 1694-1778
V, ... de, M., *
V, M. de .......
V M. de 1694-1778
V+++, Monsieur
V+++, Mr. de
Vadé, Antoine 1694-1778
Vadé, Catherine
Vadé, Catherine 1694-1778
Vadé, Guillaume
Vadé, Guillaume 1694-1778
Vālṭʼair 1694-1778
Vālteyara 1694-1778
Volt, de, Mr., *
Voltair 1694-1778
Voltaire 1694-1778
Voltaire 1694-1778 M.
Voltaire, A. de, 1694-1778
Voltaire, Arouet de 1694-1778
Voltaire Autor der französischen und europäischen Aufklärung
Voltaire, de.
Voltaire, ... de 1694-1778
Voltaire, ... de, 1694-1778 Monsieur
Voltaire, ... de, 1694-1778 Mr.
Voltaire, ... de, Monsieur, 1694-1778
Voltaire, ... de, Mr., 1694-1778
Voltaire écrivain et philosophe français
Voltaire escritor, historiador, filósofo e abogado francés
Voltaire escritor, historiador, filósofo y abogado francés
Voltaire, F. de, 1694-1778
Voltaire F.-M. 1694-1778
Voltaire F.-M. A. de 1694-1778
Voltaire, F. M. A. von 1694-1778
Voltaire filosofo, drammaturgo, storico, scrittore, poeta, aforista, enciclopedista, autore di fiabe, romanziere e saggista francese
Voltaire, Franciscus de 1694-1778
Voltaire, Franciszek de.
Voltaire, François de, 1694-1778
Voltaire, François Marie, 1694-1778
Voltaire, François-Marie Arouet
Voltaire, François-Marie Arouet 1694-1778
Voltaire , François Marie Arouet : de
Voltaire François-Marie Arouet de 1694-1778
Voltaire, François Marie de 1694-1778
Voltaire, Françoise Marie Arouet de, 1694-1778
Voltaire francoski pisatelj, zgodovinar in filozof
Voltaire francouzský spisovatel a filozof
Voltaire francuski pisarz epoki Oświecenia, filozof, dramaturg i historyk
Voltaire Frans schrijver, historicus en filosoof uit de 18e eeiw
Voltaire, Franz Maria Arouet von 1694-1778
Voltaire French writer, historian, and philosopher
Voltaire, J. F. M. A. de 1694-1778
Voltaire, J.F.M. Arouet de, 1694-1778
Voltaire, Jean François Marie Arouet
Voltaire, M., 1694-1778
Voltaire, M. de
Voltaire, Marie Arouet de 1694-1778
Voltaire Pranses a mannurat, historiador, ken pilosopo
Voltaire pseud
Voltaire scriitor și filozof al Iluminismului francez
Voltaire skrivagner gallek
Voltär 1694-1778
Voltarius 1694-1778
Voltarius auctor Francogallicus
Volʹter 1694-1778
Volter, 1694-1798
Volʹter, Fransua Mari, 1694-1778
Voltēr, Frānswā Māryā Aruwē da 1694-1778
Volʹter, Mari Fransua, 1694-1778
Volʹtera 1694-1778
Voltērs 1694-1778
Vultir, 1694-1778
Wellwisher Good Natur'd 1694-1778
Wolter 1694-1778
Woltērs 1694-1778
Zapata , Domenico
Βολταίρος Γάλλος φιλόσοφος, συγγραφέας και ευθυμογράφος
Аруэ Ф. М. 1694-1778
Аруэ, Франсуа Мари, 1694-1778
Бурдиллион И. 1694-1778
Бурдильлион И. 1694-1778
В... 1694-1778
В*** псевдоним 1694-1778
Волтер 1694-1778
Вольтер 1694-1778
Вольтер Ф. М. 1694-1778
Вольтер, Франсуа Мари, 1694-1778
Вольтер, Франсуа Мари Аруэ, 1694-1778
Вольтер, Франсуа Мари Аруэ Де, 1694-1778
Вольтер французский философ-просветитель XVIII века, поэт, прозаик, сатирик, историк, публицист, правозащитник
Вольтер французький письменник і філософ-деїст.
Гум 1694-1778
Гум псевдоним 1694-1778
Плокгоф И. 1694-1778
Томпсон псевдоним 1694-1778
Франсоа Волтер
וואלטער 1694־1778
וואלטער, פרנסוא מרי ארואה דה, 1694-1778
וולטייר 1694-1778
וולטיר, פרנסוא
וולטר, פראנסוא מארי ארוא דה, 1694־1778
וולטר, פראנסואה מארי
וולטר, פרנסוא מירדה ארואה
וולטר, פרנסוא מרי ארואה דה, 1694-1778
أرويه، فرانسوا ماري، 1694-1778
فولتير، 1694-1778
فولتير، فرنسوا مارى ارويه دى
ولتر فیلسوف و نویسنده فرانسوی عصر روشنگری
ڤولتير، فرانسوا مارى اوريه دى
ವೊಲ್ಟೇರ್ ಫ್ರೆಂಚ್ ಲೇಖಕ, ಇತಿಹಾಸಕಾರ ಮತ್ತು ತತ್ವಜ್ಞಾನಿ
വോൾട്ടയർ Enlightenment philosopher
볼테르 1694-1778
아루에, 프랑스와 마리 1694-1778
ፍራንሷ ማሪያ አሩዌ ደ ቦልቴር.
ヴォルテール フランスの哲学者、作家、文学者、歴史家
伏爾泰 1694-1778
伏爾泰 法蘭西啟蒙時代思想家、哲學家、文學家,是公認的啟蒙運動領袖和導師
服尔德 1694-1778
French (3,951)
English (2,049)
German (280)
Spanish (149)
Italian (95)
Chinese (44)
Danish (29)
Dutch (24)
Portuguese (16)
Hungarian (14)
Swedish (11)
Turkish (10)
Japanese (8)
Polish (7)
Catalan (7)
Hebrew (6)
Multiple languages (6)
Urdu (6)
Russian (5)
Finnish (5)
Czech (4)
Swahili (4)
Norwegian (3)
Basque (3)
Amharic (2)
Indonesian (2)
Greek, Modern [1453- ] (2)
Irish (2)
Slovak (2)
Arabic (1)
Vietnamese (1)
Persian (1)
Hindi (1)
Korean (1)
Faroese (1)
Bulgarian (1)
Thai (1)
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