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Voltaire 1694-1778

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Most widely held works by Voltaire
Candide by Voltaire( Book )
615 editions published between 1759 and 2014 in 20 languages and held by 8,273 libraries worldwide
The story of a gentle man who, though pummeled and slapped in every direction by fate, clings desperately to the belief that he lives in "the best of all possible worlds." On the surface a witty, bantering tale, this eighteenth-century classic is actually a savage, satiric thrust at the philosophical optimism that proclaims that all disaster and human suffering is part of a benevolent cosmic plan
Candide, or, Optimism : a new translation, backgrounds, criticism by Voltaire( Book )
127 editions published between 1896 and 2011 in English and French and held by 5,481 libraries worldwide
Candide and his tutor Pangloss travel the globe trying to follow the philosophy 'All is for the best in this, the best of all possible worlds'. However, they are stung and let down at every turn, being robbed, tortured and ridiculed, amongst other trials. On hearing about their often disastrous travels, a listener feels unfortunately less than empathetic, and can't help themselves laughing out loud at this very funny account of the trail our optimistic travelers take, and at their eternal and endearing joy at the world and its potential discoveries
The history of Charles XII. of Sweden by Voltaire( file )
321 editions published between 1732 and 2005 in 3 languages and held by 3,806 libraries worldwide
Candide; ou, L'optimisme by Voltaire( Book )
659 editions published between 1759 and 2013 in 6 languages and held by 3,590 libraries worldwide
On the surface a witty, bantering tale of advneture (or misadventure), Candide is actually a savage, satiric thrust at the philosophical optimism which proclaims that nation-wide disasters and individual suffering are both just part of a cosmic plan which is essentially good. Voltaire was not prepared to excuse the world's evil quite so easily, now would he encourage man to accept evil as fate without trying to prevent it or fight it. Candide is the story of a man who, though pummeled and slapped in every direction by fate, tries desperately to cling to his optimism
Lettres philosophiques by Voltaire( Book )
312 editions published between 1733 and 2011 in 3 languages and held by 3,128 libraries worldwide
Recueil d'essais Philosophiques où Voltaire dénonce les abus des pouvoirs religieux et royal
Histoire de Charles XII roi de Suede. Nouvelle edition, revuë, corrigée & augmentée. Par M. de Voltaire by Voltaire( Book )
1,082 editions published between 1731 and 2005 in 8 languages and held by 3,042 libraries worldwide
Romans et contes by Voltaire( Book )
377 editions published between 1778 and 2011 in 3 languages and held by 2,802 libraries worldwide
18th century-26 novels & short stories. Imaginative themes of destiny and optimism
Le Siècle de Louis XIV by Voltaire( Book )
733 editions published between 1740 and 2007 in 6 languages and held by 2,640 libraries worldwide
Philosophical dictionary by Voltaire( Book )
129 editions published between 1766 and 2012 in 4 languages and held by 2,504 libraries worldwide
"A masterpiece of Enlightenment-era literature, this collection of brief, incisive essays constitutes a thought-provoking analysis of eighteenth-century social and religious conventions. Volaire intended to entertain asw well as to enlighten, and his sardonic wit lends a strikingly modern feeling to these writings." -- cover
Candide by Voltaire( Sound Recording )
102 editions published between 1958 and 2013 in 5 languages and held by 2,190 libraries worldwide
In this witty political satire, a gentle man plagued by misfortune who clings to the belief that "all is for the best", Voltaire mocks the "eternal optimist" philosophy of his day that proclaimed human and natural disasters are a part of a larger cosmic plan
An essay on crimes and punishments by Cesare Beccaria( file )
119 editions published between 1767 and 2008 in English and German and held by 2,050 libraries worldwide
The tragedy of Zara As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, by His Majesty's servants by Voltaire( file )
102 editions published between 1736 and 2005 in English and held by 1,779 libraries worldwide
Zadig, or, The book of fate by Voltaire( file )
96 editions published between 1749 and 2012 in 4 languages and held by 1,648 libraries worldwide
One of Voltaire's earliest tales, "Zadig" is set in the exotic East and is told in the comic spirit of Candide.
Letters on England by Voltaire( file )
26 editions published between 1778 and 2013 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,394 libraries worldwide
Letters on England gathers together Voltaire's essays about his time in England between 1726 and 1728. Comparable to Alexis De Tocqueville's Democracy in America, Voltaire looks at English culture as an outsider, giving its culture, society and governing institutions a favorable comparison to their French counterparts
La henriade by Voltaire( Book )
429 editions published between 1728 and 2005 in 5 languages and held by 1,354 libraries worldwide
The age of Louis XIV by Voltaire( Book )
44 editions published between 1752 and 1986 in English and held by 1,246 libraries worldwide
About France during the reign of Louis XIV from 1643 to his death in 1715
Letters on the English, or lettres philosophiques by Voltaire( file )
5 editions published in 2000 in English and held by 1,244 libraries worldwide
The age of Louis XIV, and other selected writings by Voltaire( file )
88 editions published between 1752 and 2005 in English and held by 1,198 libraries worldwide
Œuvres complètes de Voltaire by Voltaire( Book )
465 editions published between 1732 and 2014 in 4 languages and held by 1,191 libraries worldwide
Contenido : Volumen 1-6 teatro
L'Ingénu : histoire véritable by Voltaire( file )
106 editions published between 1761 and 1997 in French and Undetermined and held by 1,080 libraries worldwide
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WorldCat IdentitiesRelated Identities
Alternative Names
A....T de V****
A...t de V**** 1694-1778
Académicien de Londres, de Boulogne 1694-1778 de Petersbourg, de Berlin, &c.
Académicien de Londres, de Boulogne, de Petersbourg, de Berlin & c., 1694-1778
Académicien de Londres, de Boulogne, de Petersbourg, de Berlin, &c., 1694-1778
Age of Lewis XIV, Author of The, 1694-1778
Aimon , Jacques
Aimon, Jaques, 1694-1778
Aléthès, Irenée 1694-1778
Aléthès, Irenée, 1694-1778 professeur en droit dans le canton suisse d'Uri
Aléthès, Irenée, professeur en droit dans le canton suisse d'Uri, 1694-1778
Alexis 1694-1778 archevêque de Novogorode la Grande
Alexis 1694-1778 Novgorode, Archevêque
Alexis, archevêque de Novogorode la Grande, 1694-1778
Alexis Novgorode, Archevêque 1694-1778
Amateur des belles-lettres 1694-1778
Ami de l'auteur de la Henriade
Apuleius Risorius
Arouet de Voltaire 1694-1778
Arouet de Voltaire, Francois
Arouet de Voltaire, François-Marie
Arouet de Voltaire François-Marie 1694-1778
Arouet de Voltaire, François Marie d' 1694-1778
Arouet de Voltaire, Marie d' 1694-1778
Arouet, F.M.
Arouet , François Marie
Arouet François-Marie 1694-1778
Arouet, François Marie d' 1694-1778
Arouet, François Marie dit Voltaire.
Auteur de l'Histoire de Charles XII L' 1694-1778
Auteur de L'homme aux quarante écus 1694-1778
Auteur du Compère Matthieu L' 1694-1778
Auteur du siècle de Louis XIV
Auteur du siècle de Louis XIV, L'
Auteur du Siècle de Louis XIV L' 1694-1778
Author of The age of Lewis XIV 1694-1778
Avocat de Province 1694-1778
B académicien
B. Académicien 1694-1778
Bazin 1694-1778
Bazin, .. 1694-1778 Abbé
Bazin abbé
Bazin, ... Abbé 1694-1778
Bazin L'abbé 1694-1778
Beaudinet, .. 1694-1778
Beaudinet, M
Belleguier avocat
Bénédictin 1694-1778
Big.. 1694-1778 Abbé
Big--- 1694-1778 Mr. l'abbé
Big abbé
Big... Abbé 1694-1778
Big---, Mr. l'abbé, 1694-1778
Bolteros 1694-1778
Bourdillon, Joseph.
Bourdillon Joseph 1694-1778
Bourdillon, Joseph, 1694-1778 professeur en droit public
Bourdillon, Joseph, professeur en droit public, 1694-1778
Bourn 1694-1778 pasteur
Bourn, pasteur, 1694-1778
Caille 1694-1778 Mr. l'abbé
Caille, ... de la 1694-1778 Monsieur
Caille, ... de la Monsieur 1694-1778
Caille, Mr. l'abbé, 1694-1778
Calmet, .. 1694-1778
Calmet 1694-1778 Dom
Calmet, Dom, 1694-1778
Carre , Jerome
Carré, Jérôme, 1694-1778
Cass++, Avocat Au Conseil Du Roi
Collibradoz, F. C. de 1694-1778
Covelle, M
Covelle, Robert
Covelle, Robert 1694-1778
D 1694-1778
D ** M.
D, Mr ****
De la Caille, .. 1694-1778 Monsieur
De la Caille, ... Monsieur 1694-1778
DeLaCaille, .. 1694-1778 Monsieur
DeLaCaille, ... Monsieur 1694-1778
Démad 1694-1778
Docteur Goodheart 1694-1778
Dom Calmet 1694-1778
Escarbotier 1694-1778 reverend père
Escarbotier, reverend père, 1694-1778
Étallonde de Morival, Dr 1694-1778
Évhémère 1694-1778
Fatéma 1694-1778
Fatema 1694-1778 Mr.
Fatema, Mr., 1694-1778
Formey, Monsieur 1694-1778 auteur prétendu
Formey Monsieur auteur prétendu 1694-1778
Fu-erh-tʻai 1694-1778
Fu'erde 1694-1778
Fuertai 1694-1778
Fūltīr 1694-1778
Good-Natur'd Vellvisher 1694-1778
Goodheart 1694-1778 Docteur
Goodheart Docteur 1694-1778
Gouju Charles 1694-1778
Grasset Gabriel 1694-1778
Homme aux quarante écus, Auteur de L', 1694-1778
Huet 1694-1778
Huet 1694-1778 Monsieur
Huet, M
Huet, M, 1694-1778
Huet, Monsieur, 1694-1778
Hume, .. 1694-1778 Monsieur
Hume , Joseph
Hume, ... Monsieur 1694-1778
Jeune abbé 1694-1778
Kaiserling 1694-1778
La Caille 1694-1778 M. de
La Caille Abbé de 1694-1778
La Caille, ... de 1694-1778 Monsieur
La Caille, ... de Monsieur 1694-1778
La Caille M. de
La Caille, M. de, 1694-1778
La Lindelle 1694-1778
La Visclède 1694-1778
LaCaille, ... de 1694-1778 Monsieur
LaCaille, ... de Monsieur 1694-1778
Lantin 1694-1778
LaVisclède 1694-1778
Le Kain 1694-1778 M.
Le Kain, M., 1694-1778
le Sieur Tamponet
L'Écluse De 1694-1778
L'Escarbotier 1694-1778 reverend père
L'Escarbotier Le P. 1694-1778
L'Escarbotier, reverend père, 1694-1778
M.D.V 1694-1778
M. de V
Mamaki 1694-1778
Mauduit 1694-1778 l'Abbé
Mauduit l'Abbé 1694-1778
Membre des nouveaux conseils souverains 1694-1778
Mont-Molin, M. de
Montmolin, ... de 1694-1778
Montmolin, de, pasteur de Motiers-Travers
Morza 1694-1778 Mr. de
Morza De 1694-1778
Morza, ... de 1694-1778 Monsieur
Morza, ... de Monsieur 1694-1778
Morza Monsieur de
Morza, Mr. de, 1694-1778
Mr. de +++
Mr. de V+++
Mr. Feu Thomson 1694-1778
Mr. St. Hiacinte 1694-1778
Néedham, .. 1694-1778
Néedham, M
Obern 1694-1778 docteur
Obern docteur
Obern, docteur, 1694-1778
Passeran 1694-1778 comte
Passeran, comte, 1694-1778
Passeran Cte 1694-1778
Plokof, Jean 1694-1778
Poete philosophe 1694-1778
Poete Philosophique 1694-1778
Proposant Thiro
Proposant, Un
Proposant Un 1694-1778
Quesnel 1694-1778 Père
Quesnel Père 1694-1778
Ralph 1694-1778 Docteur
Ralph 1694-1778 Doktor
Ralph 1694-1778 M.
Ralph 1694-1778 M. le docteur
Ralph, ..., 1694-1778 Mr. le docteur
Ralph docteur
Ralph Docteur 1694-1778
Ralph Doktor 1694-1778
Ralph, Johann A. 1694-1778
Ralph Le docteur 1694-1778
Ralph, M., 1694-1778
Ralph, M. le docteur 1694-1778
Ralph, ..., Mr. le docteur, 1694-1778
Risorius, Apuleius 1694-1778
Rossette Josias 1694-1778
Rossette , Josias <pseud.>
Saint-Didier 1694-1778
Saint-Hiacinte 1694-1778
Saint-Hyacinte 1694-1778
San Giacinto
San Giacinto Signor
Scarmentado 1694-1778
Scherloc Mr
Sherloc 1694-1778
Sherloc 1694-1778 M.
Sherloc, .. 1694-1778 Monsieur
Sherloc, M., 1694-1778
Sherloc, ... Monsieur 1694-1778
Sherloc Mr
St. Hiacinte 1694-1778 Mr.
St. Hiacinte, Mr., 1694-1778
Tamponet 1694-1778 Abbé
Tamponet 1694-1778 le sieur
Tamponet 1694-1778 Mr
Tamponet Abbé 1694-1778
Tamponet, le sieur, 1694-1778
Tamponet, Mr. 1694-1778
Thompson 1694-1778 Mr.
Thompson, Mr., 1694-1778
Thomson 1694-1778
Thomson Feu Mr 1694-1778
Tilladet, Abbé de
Tilladet Abbé de 1694-1778
Tompson 1694-1778 Mr.
Tompson, Mr., 1694-1778
Tournay Cte de 1694-1778
Un ami de l'auteur de la Henriade
V*** 1694-1778 M. de
V, A....T de ****
V****, A...t de, 1694-1778
V., D., 1694-1778
V, De, 1694-1778
V, ... de, * M.
V, M. de ......
V *** M de 1694-1778
V+++, Monsieur
V+++, Mr. de
Vadé Antoine 1694-1778
Vadé Catherine 1694-1778
Vadé, Guillaume
Vadé, Guillaume 1694-1778
Vālṭʼair 1694-1778
Vālteyara 1694-1778
Volt, de, * Mr.
Voltair 1694-1778
Voltaire 1694-1778
Voltaire 1694-1778 M.
Voltaire, A. de, 1694-1778
Voltaire, Arouet de 1694-1778
Voltaire, ... de 1694-1778
Voltaire, ... de, 1694-1778 Monsieur
Voltaire, ... de, 1694-1778 Mr.
Voltaire, ... de, Monsieur, 1694-1778
Voltaire, ... de, Mr., 1694-1778
Voltaire, F. de, 1694-1778
Voltaire, Franciscus de 1694-1778
Voltaire, Franciszek de.
Voltaire, François de, 1694-1778
Voltaire, François Marie, 1694-1778
Voltaire, François-Marie Arouet
Voltaire, François-Marie Arouet 1694-1778
Voltaire , François Marie Arouet : de
Voltaire François-Marie Arouet de 1694-1778
Voltaire, François Marie de 1694-1778
Voltaire, Françoise Marie Arouet de, 1694-1778
Voltaire, J. F. M. A. de 1694-1778
Voltaire, J. F. M. Arouet de, 1694-1778
Voltaire, Jean François Marie Arouet
Voltaire, M., 1694-1778
Voltaire, M. de
Voltaire, Marie Arouet de 1694-1778
Voltär 1694-1778
Voltarius 1694-1778
Volter 1694-1778
Volʹter, Fransua Mari, 1694-1778
Voltēr, Frānswā Māryā Aruwē da 1694-1778
Volʹter, Mari Fransua, 1694-1778
Volʹtera 1694-1778
Voltērs 1694-1778
Wellwisher Good Natur'd 1694-1778
Wolter 1694-1778
Woltērs 1694-1778
Zapata , Domenico
Аруэ, Франсуа Мари, 1694-1778
Вольтер 1694-1778
Вольтер, Франсуа Мари, 1694-1778
Вольтер, Франсуа Мари Аруэ, 1694-1778
Вольтер, Франсуа Мари Аруэ Де, 1694-1778
Гум 1694-1778
וואלטער 1694־1778
וואלטער, פרנסוא מרי ארואה דה, 1694-1778
וולטייר 1694-1778
וולטיר, פרנסוא
וולטר, פראנסוא מארי ארוא דה, 1694־1778
וולטר, פרנסוא מירדה ארואה
וולטר, פרנסוא מרי ארואה דה, 1694-1778
أرويه، فرانسوا ماري، 1694-1778
فولتير، 1694-1778
فولتير، فرنسوا مارى ارويه دى
ڤولتير، فرانسوا مارى اوريه دى
ፍራንሷ ማሪያ አሩዌ ደ ቦልቴር.
伏爾泰 1694-1778
服尔德 1694-1778
French (4,202)
English (1,914)
German (78)
Swedish (16)
Italian (13)
Danish (11)
Spanish (10)
Czech (7)
Finnish (5)
Norwegian (4)
Hungarian (3)
Urdu (3)
Slovak (3)
Indonesian (2)
Japanese (2)
Turkish (2)
Irish (2)
Vietnamese (1)
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